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  1. I nailed it! https://youtu.be/jLj4uqnvig4
  2. Hahaha, you sure he is not surrounded? I am sure he is picky on more subject of religions and politics or the believes a human can have or addicted too. I believe or have my thoughts or feelings, but wtf.
  3. This post should be almost in Politics forum. Really, I saw a pancake surrounded with Ice rocks and that is why it is flat. I mean, go west only west and you only have the west? When you find your own floating marker again? What the fuck is next, there is no East! Seriously, don't look at your wife that much, she likes the money though? HASH/tag:InSaNe
  4. My ass is flat, or is it? Next time on, Make your own rocket and raise money.
  5. Yes, people were and are skipping Arma 3. Most people bought Arma 2 because of Rocket and the standalone later. And Arma 3 is/was more famous of the Arma 3 BR and RP Life Mods by streaming channels f.e. on Twitch. Anyways, we like to help out people as always. Or else >XI< was stuck at COD2, which isn't bad, but we like to have a lot of options that our group play or can play.
  6. I saw that Arma 2 population is going down fast for the last 8 months. let @Ruggerxi know what we can do or what I can do.
  7. Arma 2 or Arma 3? Or, can you check out the Standalone server files for DayZ? Ive seen some servers that are worth it a bit before 0.6x to 1.0.
  8. Yeap, love it. The funny shit is. Got it by email and checked out his links. So I went to his Twitch channel and checked out his VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222106381 While I was watching he Hosted Lirik and that was weird. Because I watch Lirik (and such group) for over 5/6+ years now while being sick and all. But by that, yeah, would like to meet him and if someone knows him and get him on >XI< or not, let me know. That is a great 2018 intro we could use that for promoting us. We are getting uptight and I'd like to change to our changes and ideas. Good shit.
  9. Copy the files to a other harddrive. Tell me what files you need. Or PM me.
  10. Am I the only one that had a thin fishing line to the street and to see if someone stops to try to grab it? OMG, you should see the faces when it was a trap! See, what if someone needs 1000bucks from you tomorrow. Or you know someone who needs the cash? Or, you have a lot of stuff on the bank, but you can't spend it? So many etic questions? Karma? Live happens. Honesty? Lay it down again where you've found it and for the next 'good' person? I mean, I give away old hardware, but that is because I care about that person. Not a thank you is needed. I just walk away.
  11. Yeap, losing members of our Family of >XI< isn't great. Especially when they die. I have known or met AH1 during the games. A humble guy and glad that I can still post here. Old >XI< like 2Cutesue passing away. It just breaks my heart to see them go, I still watch once per year those Killa Youtubes. With 10+ years at >XI< I still like to reach 20+ with >XI<. Just promise me all of you, you can be naughty, but don't go over the line and always be honest and loyal.
  12. Dude, been there done that. Been around but no that much. Ive been in and out the hospital and well, internet issues when they had to break open my street for that lol. I got my game-pc running and thanks to @JohnnyNashville So yeah, got it stable https://valid.x86.fr/h4w43l Getting some games installed and restore my RAID0 to one 2TB drive and Imm gooooooood
  13. Mule, if you need help wit a fresh new Windows 7 copy plus KEY, hit me up buddy
  14. I'd never ever use programs like these. I use CCleaner sometimes to check "auto startup" items in those three tabs. Wise Auto Shutdown can be handy, but you have to have a third party Firewall. The amount of traffic goes through all kinds in Startup, well you don't control your Software and your own PC anymore. Be carefull what you install, even AMD or NVidia tools.