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  1. X-RayXI

    A "pet" is a Hat in Dutch, but won't post hats, don't worry. My old friend, I will:
  2. X-RayXI

    Extended Perm ban for 24 hours. And website.
  3. X-RayXI

    Appeal, denied by me. Heard that you went on in the Shoutbox and not just patiently wait.
  4. X-RayXI

    We do the research and you wait. Join other servers and chill. Understand one thing or a few things; We host our servers, >XI< Members pays for it.
  5. X-RayXI

    Do not ever hide comments, approval is fine.
  6. X-RayXI

    And you can leave our door, with your attitude. He was looking for the data and well, that is what he found for now. Well, there you go!
  7. X-RayXI

    Google the hardware Id, check screenshot. Rugger asked me almost the same. Right click in Device manager and go to the Details tab.
  8. X-RayXI

    Let me explain. I have one ITX Z68 Motherboard for the Ivy Bridge, up to i7-3770k by BIOS support. But I have a i7-3770T(45 Watt TDP BS) at home in there; With that and my motherboard, I can do 4,1GHz on the non-k OC ITX motherboard and 2x4GB 2266Ghz OC. Who would you think would against, 3000Mhz 17-20-20-X, CPU at 3.0Ghz, Equal.; 8600k. Tested with a 1080 No winner, marketing Conclusion Rock, if that is on XMP 1,35v, at 3000, you got fooled. Unless the price was ok (65 pounds for 2x16GB at 1,2v! at 3000Mhz?) second handed market. 9700k is 250 euro's 4x8GB at 2800 1.2v is 60 euro's. Professorial build are, they need profit.
  9. X-RayXI

    @ROCKAPE Do not tell me, that those are at 1.35v. How much did you pay for: 17-20-20-+ Those are cheap 2400 at 1.2v OC'd at that Cas17.
  10. X-RayXI

    ^can demonstrate that with a video recording with a cam this week. And I have a Watts meter.
  11. X-RayXI

    He will not hit, 450Watts total. I bet not even 400. He is fine. I can power up a 2011 system with a i7-3930k(130W TDP) with a GTX1080 or a power-hungry Zotac GTX970 (dual 2x8pins needed) and overclocked, I get 450W. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/63697/intel-core-i7-3930k-processor-12m-cache-up-to-3-80-ghz.html When 6 core and 12 threads was already there in 2011 LMAO, Intel wakes up and AMD beats them.
  12. X-RayXI

    1 = 4x4GB 2 = 2x8GB taking the wrong slots, like Slot A and B 3 = 2x4GB 4 =1x8GB 5 = 1x4GB What I am missing in his test, 2x4GB and 2 slots open, but he shows 2x8GB in his start video and 2x4GB. Or, he has done with number 3. Anyways, test it yourself with f.e. 3DMark06
  13. X-RayXI

    He, @Oster is actually right, but performance you might not notice. When all slots, even with a 2 slots motherboard out there(the BIOS controls that), it is benefiting 100% of the Chipset lanes to the CPU. All 4 slots filled, the CPU is longing for all lanes to work slightly better. True, you still have DUAL channel, but depending on the BIOS. Even not DUAL channel mode, hence JayzTwoCents tested that
  14. X-RayXI

    And, thank you very much!
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