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  1. X-RayXI

    I don't understand, he holds the cat and shoot? VR? Crazy shit right there!
  2. X-RayXI

    I fucking love Rats maps. Also thinking of the COD2 Rats map back in the day. I hope we can use those, but anyways: Thank you so much for sharing that with us!
  3. X-RayXI

    Try this? https://www.nu.nl/282578/video/motoren-stuiteren-over-asfalt-bij-zware-motogp-crash-rossi-ontsnapt.html?redirect=1
  4. I mean, my heart skipped a beat https://www.eurosport.nl/motogp/motogp-oostenrijk-gigantische-crash-zarco-morbidelli.-rossi-ontsnapt_vid1336694/video.shtml
  5. X-RayXI

    Love ya Mule! Still remember that phone call in 2011, but yo don't put all problems/issues in one bag with you every day. Relax and click on a game and try to gain energy. At least what I read, you are coming out of the closet? Be good buddy he he he
  6. X-RayXI

    Asszah a reader of your meals, I mean posts followed by email, can you please warn to not to check your posts out when hungry? Thank you.
  7. X-RayXI

    Conclusion; Always have a dead snake in the back. ;)
  8. X-RayXI

    Video was not loading for me:
  9. X-RayXI

  10. X-RayXI

    We are not your "mom" and have our system in place. You do have a VAC record and I am not sure to change name and steam account, we as >XI< are happy with. We take a VAC ban very serious and that is for a reason. We advice you to ask Steam support(good luck with that) to lift it or on grounds.
  11. X-RayXI

    The most part I enjoy of >XI< is, they are there. To have a second PC and load up our games and hear ""Hey [NAME] is that you?" , who doesn't smile to hear that. Edit; I forgot: !FU Have fun.
  12. X-RayXI

    See, we in >XI< we don't do quick removal for our friends in >XI<. We ask for one thing, log in to our website once per 30 days. Leaving can be personal and lives can be a bumb on a road. I personally never understood, or will, that people are leaving to quit the clan. Lives matters and the time they want to spend. There is and are so much to do with >XI< members that are on Teamspeak or Discord or even hit up a PM with "hey, up for a game?" and that can be anything. You have made a choice and understandable. I wish you well Randall and be always welcome to play on
  13. X-RayXI

    GTA5 and modding, goes back and NoPIxel is still the famous Mod of GTA5 like what you see on TwitchTV. NoPixel, goes back to SOE, the mod for Arma3 RP. More servers will be popping up with FiveM and working on RedM. Twicth Koil and streamers like; Lirik Buddha Summit1G Forsen MoonMoon DasMedhi and more Also, a lot of Russian servers, who are the best at coding on top of FiveM. Some people thought that Rockstar killed modding and to shut servers down, as far as I know, TC, didn't care. Talking about a HUGE game company.
  14. -as an experiment ........? okay,why then? Some things needs to be mod(ified). -what was the purpose? To see how things going and the modded server files maybe? -because I have never seen betty's or marty or last stand etc....ever removed.....so what was the experiment? Maybe yes or maybe not. We do like to change and also to make some settings to if that makes more fun for the people. -and the last time I played earlier, it was still off......guess I'll check....Uhm, take time. After time.
  15. It's just 'funny' that we try things and no one is getting paid within XI but only the servers and around it? And leaves as the Starter Post. Sad, sad. What if we close our door for you?



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