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  1. X-RayXI

    But, you have to have that socket type And this 13th Gen can be the last chip to it. If you are planning for a brand-new system, take the AMD 7000 series with a AM5 motherboard (2025+ socket support for AM5). I suggest to wait on both for Intel and AMD; For AMD, the cheaper B series for AM5 comes out soon. Or next year, the 3D version of a 7000 series processor comes out. For Intel, if they come with the 14th Gen or not, for that socket. (The 13th Gen was planned to be the last one) Or else your motherboard will be EOL*, right away. (*EOL=End of Life) I just saw PCWorld today with the ECO turned on, 7950x, beating the 12the Gen and at lower energy costs. The 7950X is an awesome chip. The 7900X a nice all-rounder. Still have a AM4 socket? Take a 5800X3D one, right away! (415 USD).
  2. X-RayXI

    Wait, you have the 5800X, not the latest 5800X3D? I hope you have the 3D version. Even though you can overclock a 5800X, it never reaches the thrust that the 5800X3D does. Right now, that is still in the top 3 charts, because of the cache it has. Below, the screenshot, is from the video I posted. You would enjoy the 5800X3D for many years to come, before it gets too 'slow';
  3. X-RayXI

    I for sure look forward to that. Looks good, very good. Next year, they add the 3D cache back on some models again. Btw @Daxx68 for only shipment costs, you can borrow a motherboard from me. Just DM/PM me and we handle that. Your budget is enough that you could even wait a bit. By that you don't have to rush anything and can look around. EZ.
  4. X-RayXI

    I was always having Intel, till 9th GEN. 10th and 11th, was not a big gain in games. I managed to get my 5900X cheap. Could go for a 5800X3D later. That chip is a huge step. The new AM5 motherboards comes out this month if you can wait a bit. ......anything else getting EOL this year. Meaning, no upgrade for the future. 100% for the AM4 motherboards and when the 13th GEN of Intel comes out. Those boards are done too. Go look for a cheap second hand AM4 motherboard and grab a 5800X3D new. You will thank me later. Check out Gamers Nexus review or Jay2cents or Hardware Unboxed about that chip. Please watch this: Price and Performance.
  5. X-RayXI

    Oh yeah btw, you could also do a 5800X3D (not a 5800X). That added 3D cache, works like a charm. I would not get an Intel platform this year.
  6. X-RayXI

    Ok, start with what you got. Power supply, keyboard and mouse and a case, right? Sad you can't wait for the newest AMD. I suggest a CPU that will do work for you. The price is great right now. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X, Motherboard: X570 for sure. Asus X570 is a great option. RAM: What do you have as left over, 2x8GB 3200MHz? Anything lower or 4x4GB, get an upgrade and 3600 C17 Videocard: Also, what do you have. Feed the info
  7. X-RayXI

  8. X-RayXI

    Lol. Damn I found this! How can you explain this Totty!?
  9. X-RayXI

    At your service, sir. Yeah, I don't know what server ground I had to dig. Totty was laying next to my old gun? Don't ask, I don't remember that much,... Yeah @Totty500 Lots of family friends are to the forever battlefields. It is always unexpected and sad of course plus the info handed over to us. We still do the event and thinking about them in December to have fun. I can't believe that Killa died almost 14 years ago. Just insane how time flies.
  10. X-RayXI

    Yes, we had some website hosts moved and at times, we had a 2.com in the end, lol. I found out that your old link did not work and wanted to do some website info's digging going. I hardly throw away stuff and there it was You are correct that some members, or visitors, had to have the passwords reset. You are always looking for fun and looking forward to that. From now on, just shoot the ones with >XI< in their names, these are Idiots anyways he-he.
  11. X-RayXI

    Hey Totty, Good to see you. I hope that farming is treating you well, Anyway, I do have records personally of yours. That you were back in >XI<2010. As our Server Admin Reference, says; "Totty>XI<; now re-instated as Clan Member having now visited the website,all records updated. On Date: 8/17/2010 23:01"
  12. X-RayXI

    I suggest, you to contact a Head Admin of that game. This way, the communication/problem would be brought to light faster. You can find, in the game group above on our website. Give him/her this post-link to look into. And I expect, and at least, that a new Admin forum post, would be made in our Admin section. Find an admin you like to contact, by a PM/DM please.
  13. X-RayXI

    Check here, and see if that helps
  14. X-RayXI

    Why the heck is it normal for you guys in the US, to have a loan on a car? Let alone to have a 'credit'-card. This is what, I never understood.
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