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  1. X-RayXI

    @Ruggerxi Duc has been informed, by a link, by DM/PM yesterday.
  2. X-RayXI

    Hey you, Welcome! At least with, Nieuwerkerk aan den ijssel, you really are from Holland Another Dutch to shoot people!
  3. X-RayXI

    I have no idea, maybe @Sitting-Duc could explain, or working on our website. Good you reported it, though.
  4. X-RayXI

    Got approved, but not (re)viewed by me.
  5. Fuel Cleaners, watch this; (great guy)
  6. Yeah,.. it is sad. We(Netherlands) pay 2,50 Euro's for ... ONE freaking liter(E10). (Gallon is 3,7 Liters I believe). But, maybe I am planning to fill up my gastank just over the border in Germany. Doing groceries and tabaco. And E10 fuel, is so bad for engines and you have to buy 'Fuel Cleaner' (€14,99) too.
  7. X-RayXI

    "nice try ray" THIS! Location VRM's are in purple.
  8. X-RayXI

    Ignore picture above, and look at this
  9. X-RayXI

    You forget something very critical, like what @KaptCrunch said. Those Corsair coolers are great, but it blocks also the air cooling, that the Mosfets are needed. Those on the left of your pump, that is mounted onto your processor. If you have a fan on the top, let it blow in(down) and the air that can escape, to the back. Plus, if the air can reach it, it can blow against the backplate of your videocard. Take a look at this picture: Ignore the left blue one!
  10. X-RayXI

    Loving that blue @dawgy Also the color of my 'workstation'. Blue is a warm, nice color to have. My game-pc is black with white, though.
  11. X-RayXI

    Gotcha! Ok yeah, if the card is used that is something else. Most of the time they(SMD's) have gone through a 'phase' as they say. And the one you get is not a 3070 or higher, I think you are fine (and if the price is good). And you know, the 3060 is just a failed 3070-wannabee That's how it works. Just keep in mind that Gigabyte AND Inno3D are the worst on the market. The components used, they rather don't spend an extra dime for/on it. While others are, and we talk about a few cents here and there, and not dollars. Cheap bastards, and Inno3D makes those, that you sure can forget their support. Yes, please have your eyes on a 75Hz or 120Hz monitor at least. And what resolution you like. I bought my monitor for a good price(100) and that is an 144Hz one, but still on 1920x1080 for myself. And yeap, my eyes are getting old too. I just hate to squeeze my eyes, lol. Once you install the 3060, let us know. Besure that you run something like 3DMark(can be used for free) and with a backplate, you can feel how hot it gets. Like @KaptCrunch mentioned, keep them cool!
  12. X-RayXI

    Trust me, never buy anything that has the "Gigabyte" branding. Just don't do it. Their motherboards, videocards are the worst. Anything else they make, I have no idea.
  13. X-RayXI

    That sis very sad to hear this news. R.I.P. Starfire >XI< I know (sadly), I haven't talked/played with him that much, but was always with respect and very kind. My condolences to his family and friends.
  14. X-RayXI

    Hey and welcome. Very nice to see some Hacks, I mean, mappers here I do have seen some maps coming in from @OHMY Shartnado here on our website. Maybe the COD2 Admins could pick it up and see how it goes. Is this map meant for TDM/DM, or others too? I did download it and the structure seen with WinRAR, it does look good. Post some screenshots here if you want. Again, welcome and enjoy the stay.
  15. X-RayXI

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