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  1. X-RayXI

    CCleaner- Options - Monitoring? It is still there and the startup section for that.
  2. X-RayXI

    Nicely documented @Timmah! Small detail is that you have to uncheck their CCleaner Monitor system. And the 'Startup' section is very nice to unmark (all these three tabs in) them that you don't need. Add some MS Visual with it and DX-Websetup up and all Motherboards Drivers with the latest BIOS and some Idiots, and you are fine
  3. X-RayXI

    We could, or at least, I could host a server from my home. I would love also the other game modes as well in COD2. We'll see and we have this going and that is indeed awesome. Ten, f***ng, YEARS that Killa died. Means that I'm in for at least 12 years next year. Holy crap the time goes fast.
  4. X-RayXI

    Count me in, I might even going to stream that on Twitch. So that people that are working can watch it and listen in.
  5. X-RayXI

    I am sure you don't want to hear what I am saying. But if you already have contact with Logitech(support), I would knock on their door again. Maybe the drivers needs to be updated or maybe you use Windows 10 that is bugging up? Check out the BF forums as I don't know if anyone is able to help you here. All I know is that Logitech support/RMA is one of the best.
  6. X-RayXI

    No Cons at all. There are several editions of them. Mainly if they require a PCIe Power cable or not. Those with, it can reach higher clocks(OC or not) and ones(second URL, I think I see) without a PCIe Power cable. Mainly used in HTPC systems/small builds. Nevertheless a great card with 4GB of VRAM at the Ti version. Still, check out if you can manage to get a GTX 1060 6GB and you won't regret it. I could do a Demo/Stream or videorecording with a (non-power cable) GTX 1050 Ti if you want. I have it at home as I had it reserved for someone.
  7. Well it says American BBQ on it,... Guess I am not getting fat and seen dogs getting that fat of it? (that is a thinker!)
  8. SPAM! Just kidding. Glad I got my Spareribs for around 6 bucks American BBQ ones, of course! (de Rode doos bij de Aldi Nederlanders )
  9. X-RayXI

    Having a MacPro from 2009 is absolutely different as they were always a bit of a step forward, when it comes to technology. And that is great. Even today they have more options, but limiting on other parts and sections of course
  10. X-RayXI

    Not really no. Maybe 2 to 4% that you are 'missing' out. if your motherboard is a OEM motherboard, it could be that you have to test it first. Some PCI-2.0 old motherboards, f.e. socket 1156(before the LGA1155) can not handle the 1080ti for example. Dell motherboards are crappy and the BIOS-es aren't updated. There is just about 5% bad luck if the card isn't recognized by an OEM motherboard. Over here, the Netherlands, we have 8 days to return something and not sure if you are able to do that?
  11. X-RayXI

    Get a sweet 7870 2GB, works pretty well and cheap.
  12. X-RayXI

    Okay so, Wildthing is holding Duc, but .... who are the guys left and right?
  13. X-RayXI

    Ps: You really want this? It has Windows 10 already Security What guarantees are there that you will not be hacked? On Shadow you remain in control of security and antivirus exactly as with your Windows personal computer. Concerning the risk of porosity from one user to another, each Shadow user has his own environment, isolated from others by recognized components, with hardware elements dedicated to him. Moreover, your system works on servers located in France and not abroad which are managed by a team dedicated 24/24 and secured with the same technologies used by banks. Effective corporate class protections against cyber-attacks are implemented (firewalls against DDOS attacks and the likes). Our Tier 3+ data centers are certified ISO 27001 (Secured Hosting of IT Infrastructure). Your data is therefore much better protected than at home. (WTF!?) Are you watching what I'm doing on Shadow? This is obviously out of the question. Only users have access to their computer and they alone know what they put in their computers. Beware however, we sell PCs, we are not a service with a moderator who will tell you that your holiday photos do not respect the group’s policy! On the other hand, our system treats data on the use of hardware components of servers by users, to monitor temperature, power consumption etc. in the data center. Where are the data stored? In a dedicated and secure Tier 3+ data centers in France. We are therefore subjected to French regulations on data protection. Can I permanently delete all my stored data? Yes, as on any conventional computer. Conversely, we are thinking about an optional service that will allow users to find the data present a little later - to avoid problem files being deleted a little too quickly that happens. But this will remain optional, since if someone wishes to permanently erase something, we will make sure such data can not be recovered.
  14. X-RayXI

    That "Only £26.95/month" strikes me. That is £323,40 per year and you don't own it. What if you break it or something breaks, and on top, what are they going to charge you like insurances? Read the FAQ and: Guarantee What guarantees do you offer in case of breakage or breakdown of my Shadow? We will replace your Shadow at no extra cost in case of a default. In the case of breakages, the replacement costs are the responsibility of the user. What do you have now?
  15. X-RayXI

    Oh gosh... this dude has his name back...... Oh Hi HXTR, how are you doin' . Still live in the woods with your Aluminium(!) Hat on? Yeah, been playing some and got to find where my TS stuff is. Using "crappy" might fit very well right now, lol. You know I'd like to hug you every ... uhm... year once at least! Nah, would be a blast to hear you my friend.