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  1. sanzika


    Version 1.0


    Map name : mp_vacant Vacant Creator : SanZika Created date : 27/03/2017 Version : 1.0.0 Email : Game Types : DM,TDM,DOM,HQ Map Size : SMALL Map compatible mods: Extreme Mod 2.6 - Call of Duty 2 Extreme Mod 2.7 - Call of Duty 2 Extreme Mod 2.8 - Call of Duty 2 *Map coverted from COD4 to Cod2* Cod 4 Vacant in Cod 2 Created by Sanzika
  2. sanzika

    or what is the soultion? refresh the xmodel folder maybe? i get another fatal error xd
  3. sanzika

    Wow bro awesome .. yeah get some brush error..but the last error drop me out the program.. 30 cal weapon bug..and freeze..can u help me delete this weapon and send again the map file ? :D..the weapon at the end of the street. i click no exit but the radiant freeze out.
  4. sanzika

    Wow this is madness caulk version
  5. sanzika

    anybody can make and upload the map file? idk how to work these exactly. i need theeses? https://www.xtremeidiots.com/messenger/192842/#comment-291174 i cant download this
  6. sanzika

    Ty nice of you :D..this is one real place in my city. https://www.google.hu/maps/place/Pásztó,+Régi+Vásártér+u.+27,+3060/@47.9266179,19.7073804,380m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4740408d8e8a164d:0x595d2168c1f97f69!8m2!3d47.9266179!4d19.7085176 Really the map is complited,but i want to continue the build. i have 10 other maps,but this is my favorite because this is the place where i live.
  7. Hi everybody i make one Cod2 map (6 years ago) with radiant,but i lose map file.. ( i have only iwd,d3dbps) Now.Who can decomplite my map for i can edit again and complete. I send my map file, anybody can decomplite back? who can please help! BEE my hero !!! mp_jatszoter.d3dbsp mp_jatszoter.iwd
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