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  1. loaderXI

    Every Saturday and Sunday morning on TDM and every evening on DM P.S we all suck with age, eyeballs and hand eye coordination we are just happy to play lol PPSH is modded for that reason haha
  2. loaderXI

    Glad to see you in the forums my friend...Sure been a long time and I hope all is well in your world !
  3. This is on Epic games https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/borderlands-3 Enjoy folks
  4. loaderXI

    That only ever happened once because I was dragging it behind me
  5. You can check sound drivers and make sure everything is Realtek as the game is parcel to it...Also steam version will work fine as long as you replace the iw3mp with a 1.7 version (link below)...If you can not get it sorted give me a call and I can either help you via cell or I can remote you...727-288-3527
  6. loaderXI

    I am sorry the info was delayed but was done so on behalf of his family... We lost a member and long time friend to many of us in the clan and the COD2 players Starfire>XI< aka John Menzel was 74yrs old and Served Honorably 24yrs in The USA Army and retired as a Sergeant First Class in 1991... https://veteransfuneralcare.com/obituary/john-charles-menzel-sr-sfc-us-army-ret Please keep his family in your Thoughts and Prayers
  7. loaderXI

    Need to look and add a in game warning on being kicked if idle to long in spectate or vocalize it in game so everyone knows
  8. I have to say you nerding out on it makes it that much better...As a fishermen (past) in Pennsylvania streams, rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes raising our own worms were a plus...Always had a garden of something growing too...Dabbled in raising my own on the outside of the house...Time moved on and the old electric wand poked in the wet ground would force them all to the surface real fast ...Electric cord plugged in hot on one pole and negative on the other about a good foot apart would push the probes in the ground and instant worms for fishing...Fook digging just don not forget to remove the hot before reaching down to grab one lmao
  9. Just you mate and no need to advertise it Kinda sound like your bragging
  10. loaderXI

    I used to work with a bunch of sailors who attempted to teach me some rope/knot types as to which I did learned some and as a kid we would tinker at summer camp
  11. I have peanut butter !
  12. loaderXI

  13. loaderXI

    Could have it porcelain coated which is a common practice so long as the outside is in good shape
  14. loaderXI

    @Milky good hearing from ya...You could always record and upload links here of you singing @TBB you tellin fibs man, you know damn right well they tossed yo arse out
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