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  1. loaderXI

    Well bite me and call me stupid but yeah got notice of the update and instead of "update and restart" I clicked "update and turn off"...Yeah not sure how why or if related buttttttttttt my Pc went to shit....Would not turn back on no matter what I did....2 days later and having took it apart and checked all connections internally...Hook it up turn on and we got power and she starts-----Then no keyboard so we restart and here we are update complete now just to find what they gutted What was wrong is beyond my mental capacity but it acted like everything had power but the power button and I could not use my Win10 hotkey (win icon on keyboard) either 🤓
  2. loaderXI

    Two handsome blokes 😎 errr a idiots I tell ya
  3. loaderXI

    Lol my son is using his cell phone atm (1yr or more) for his speed in his Merc and he does uber eats late night...So download a app and dank there ya go
  4. loaderXI

    No worries I filled in for ya We won 🧐
  5. loaderXI

    Great game all ! It was a good get together and glad I was on on the winning team
  6. loaderXI

    Do you all have or need a stand by if so holla and I will try to make myself available..shoot me the password on teamspeak thats where I will be Have fun everyone !
  7. loaderXI

    AMD for me always have and always will top to bottom
  8. loaderXI

    As am I banned for years now...Fuckem we are now sitting on the largest COD2 map repository on the web They have been gone in my mind
  9. loaderXI

    Uh ok now to get my config figged lol I have never set key binds 🤣
  10. If the above do not work drop game to task bar and bring it right back up
  11. loaderXI

    I would give a guess its the resolution trying to toggle between desktop and game....Try right clicking on windows icon(bottom left of screen) then settings/gaming/game mode then turn it off if its on or make a exception to prevent windows from attempting to change... If you have any more problems pm me and we can get you sorted on teamspeak or you can call me....Let me know
  12. loaderXI

    If you are running Win10 have you tried turning gaming mode off or at least make a exception right click windows icon(botom left desktop)/settings/gaming/game mode/off Windows may be conflicting the resolution during the swich from desktop to game
  13. loaderXI

    Try using HLSW for the servers you play...Master server has been broken for years and gametracker has been having hicups....No need to register and always login offline DL HLSW Link P.s you may have to get your post count up to 10 before having access you are at 4 right now
  14. loaderXI

    Was thinking that very same thing...I am all most tapped out now
  15. loaderXI

    Keep on posting you are at 3
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