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  1. Hello all I just got off the phone with Bart and he and the wife have fallen ill...I could only speak to him short as he is having a rough go He was in hospital for a few days with dbl pneumonia and was discharged today pending a visit to his primary tomorrow...His pc took a tank and he can get his lappy up as to communicate as much as possible Please keep them both in your thoughts and Prayers I will update as I can and he may to here at some point @Blackbart Get well brother we are pulling for you
  2. loaderXI

    No problem here @Sitting-Duc....Hundreds if not thousands and still no covid illness around me knock on wood Stay well and as always keep us updated on the new project
  3. loaderXI

    Touch me now im frozen hehe
  4. loaderXI

    Welcome to the Familia @Grumpy Love ya dude !
  5. loaderXI

    One big ass family of IDIOTS #Idiot4Life Geat Post !
  6. loaderXI

    I would say this is a good call but this should be a last ditch effort as in current times our servers will be packed up....There is a good chance other clans will not fauir as well and we may even see more of other clans in our servers....We can always down size and a plan should be in place but for now we need to strengthen our coffers... Keep your eye on the donations We got this and Thank you for the headsup
  7. loaderXI

    lets try this monday night bud I missed ya some how was in there and just logged out
  8. loaderXI

    Grumpy we would have to meet up in teamspeak....Make sure you have that installed on your machine you can download it here if you do not have it alread DOWNLOAD ....The we can go over the problem with AnyDesk which will let me view your pc and can download it here DOWNLOAD Let me know when we can meet up
  9. loaderXI

    Always glad to hear @Grumpy ! This set was put up for Our boy @Macdaddy and we also renamed the server MacDaddy,s Camp Ground's :) Love ya Brother !
  10. loaderXI

    Give me a call Dude !
  11. loaderXI

    Such as a heavy loss...Pete has requested renaming Our server on behalf of Mac at this time and we will be doing that
  12. loaderXI

    NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! AMD has been my choice forever betcha can't wait to wake that beast up 😎
  13. loaderXI

    Ok Senior Grumpy I guess asking what do you call nuts on a wall is out then....I keel you later 10000 times
  14. That is super awesome...
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