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  1. loaderXI

    This file is in his "zone" folder
  2. loaderXI

    It is stock and the file must come from someone as you can not download it...I tried to upload here but it did not work so here is a sharable link from google drive Here is the link for it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cGYq7pj4mdsOeQ_pJjvRomMb20ncQzUN/view?usp=sharing
  3. loaderXI

    Open your Cod4 folder and search mp.carentan.ff ...Mine is located in the "zone" folder...I would just right click and rename OLDmp.carentan.ff temporary then download... this is the location of mine but I use Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4\zone\english I attached the one I have to this thread download it and you can put it in there
  4. https://www.amd.com/en/support?utm_source=pardot&utm_content=&utm_campaign=2021-10-25_Driver_Alert-Radeon_Software-Release21.10.3-oct-en-email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=btn
  5. Yeah Toyota has been having some issues...Our last Rav4 (2020) had some issues with excessive engine noise and the stupid air pressure light killing the battery...Then the trans would act like it was faulty during low speed shifting...Needless to say 43k miles later and one accident (rear) we replaced it with the 2021...Seems most of the bugs were worked out with this one so far... I have never been a turbo guy but rather either straight economy or straight power and with the current climate we will be needing power for heavy pulling Who knows we may have to consider something outside of Toyota
  6. We have been in the market for the right Tundra with price and options but they are hard to come by now a days...Found the last 2 2021's in white (yuck) and if you smashed them together it may have been what we wanted outside of the color...Not even considering used at all...We want 4x4 in silver or blue with all the other bells and whistles...Going to need it to pull at least 10.000lbs over hill and dale :)... Congrats !
  7. @Stayalive this is where you tell everyone about yourself like how long you been gaming and hanging with us and hobbies and such...Just general idea of who you are and what you do with your time
  8. Welcome to forums @Stayalive It has been a longgggggggg time coming I simply love the Cod2 guys and gals Getting them here is half the battle , the other half is directing them around modern day forums lmao
  9. This is something I have been doing since my mother passed and it is time to bring it all home here...We have lost some of the best people in the world here and in their name and that of this community I would like to encourage whom ever can to give where you can and how you can and above all else share it with us...We can not change the world but we can change some ones world if even for a day... Tonight we met David all the way from Italy with his dear mother...The sweetest sound ringing across the parking lot with a sign asking for help...So we recorded a little ,Took a snap shot with Mrs. loADER (she was wearing her shirt) and gifted them some needed funds So lets give a lil and share to encourage others and give for the ones who can not...After all the Holidays are approaching fast and there are 365 days in a year I am not in any way asking for you all to help them (they got lots of help tonight by many)...I am asking to help others where you can video-1635030894.mp4
  10. loaderXI

    They held up fairly well lol
  11. loaderXI

    Lifting up some Prayers for him and his family and friends...May God wrap his loving healing arms around him and lift him out of this illness and restore him in Jesus name we ask
  12. loaderXI

    It is also the members responsibility to police servers when Admins are not present and yes video proof is very helpful and a must in the end so all evidence can be used to make a decision...You could simply send a DM to a server Admin to keep a eye out for said player/players... Also game tracker is some cases will record a players stats which will in effect show their shooting habits... I noticed many of the things you mention with the mod but I just chose to try to adapt...Like poison not working As far as players tweaking their video cards and such it is difficult to nail that down but not impossible and would require a Admin to spec a player for a amount of time to record impossible shots and I know there are plenty that fall in the area...Key binds are out there as well... I think the problem is what is cheating and what is hacking...In my own opinion any modifications to a config that is outside of the intended game spectrum and gives a player a advantage over the playing field could be and has been considered both cheating and hacking by PunkBuster and leads to a global ban of ones guid and is even frowned on by Pro Mods as such... In the end it has been a topic for years and will continue to be as newer graphic capabilities come available...Cheaters and hackers are weak players that need to win with out working for it
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