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  1. loaderXI

    mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call of Duty 2\29\players then you will need to open your config using word and you may have to give yourself rights first in order to save the change...You will also find a players folder in your main and can change that as well
  2. *****OUR ANNUAL FALLEN MEMBER MEMORIAL***** #December2Remember #Idiot4Life 2 DAY EVENT 12/12 - 12/13 start time ----> ( 2pm EST - 3pm EST ) As we approach the end of another year we must always look back to those who went before us and Celebrate the friendship of Our Fallen...While this event has been carried for over a decade Our list of Our fallen grows...In real life we have different roles we take part in but here is where we as a family come together day in and day out and share a bond that has been forged forever...It shall never rust,fade or dissolve as Our family continues to grow here and we shall never forget those who dedicated their free time to Our servers,Our community and Our family Group Photo's 4pm EST - 5pm EST depending on how many we have on server between those times...Please try to show up around then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdu8iygAG8U&feature=emb_logo (Video Compliments of Rockape>XI<) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ****OUR FALLEN**** MAY THEY REST IN PEACE Killa>XI< - Passed Away: 18/12/2008 Casper>XI< - Passed Away: 12/01/2013 RustyRifle>XI< - Passed Away: 10/04/2014 Dolphin>XI< - Passed Away: 29/11/2014 Bubbles>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/'2016 Afroman>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/2016 JohnnyQuest?>XI< - Passed Away: 09/09/2016 2CuteSue>XI< - Passed Away: 17/03/2017 CobraBites>XI< - Passed Away: 13/07/2017 AH1>XI< - Passed Away: 19/07/2017 USMale>XI< - Passed Away: 01/07/2018 MacDaddy>XI< - Passed Away: 22/02/2019 Dadda2>XI< - Passed Away: 20/12/2019 Johnny Dos>XI< - Passed Away: 18/1/2020 NumNutz>XI< - Passed Away: 11/4/2020 _Derxos_>XI< - Passed Away: 27/9/2020 Justice >XI< - Passed Away: 6/11/2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone we have lost in this world has been a reminder to us all...To have fun,live life to its fullest and above everything else love each other despite our indifference and come together day in and out as one BIG OLE IDIOT FAMILY ! This year is just a special as every last ! We will be setting up a few different gametypes such as lib,ctf,dm on a new mod 2.9... For the most parts map packs are there and can be downloaded >XI< Fallen Member Memorial Fell free to join us on Teamspeak PW. crappy (link provided if you need to downlod) COD2 Channel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***SPECIAL NOTE*** Make sure to set your seta com_hunkMegs "512" as it is default160 and may be to low for some maps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to Personally thank everyone in advance for finding if at all possible to at least join us on one of the 2 days....We will be having a said time for a group gathering (to be announced) for a moment of silence and picture taking anyone wishing to run video,s is more then welcome to do so - Just upload to youtube or you can upload to WeTransfer and provide link with header "Xtremeidiots Fallen Member Memorial 2020" MAP ROTATION HERE gametype dm map mp_downtown gametype lib map mp_snowtown_beta gametype ctf map mp_brecourt gametype lib map mp_lflnchateau_lib gametype dm map mp_xi_kastle gametype lib map mp_outpost2_lib gametype dm map mp_xi_farm gametype ctf map mp_burgundy gametype tdm map mp_rhine gametype lib map mp_winter_bocage_lib gametype dm map mp_blockarena gametype tdm map islands gametype ctf map mp_railyard gametype dm map mp_dawgy gametype ctf map mp_devils_den_beta3 gametype lib map map mp_rushtown_lib_finale gametype ctf map mtl_raiders gametype dm map mp_leningrad gametype lib map mp_lflnchateau_lib gametype tdm map mp_decoy gametype lib map mp_matmata_lib gametype lib map mp_tigertown_lib gametype dm map mp_trainstation gametype tdm map mtl_pirates gametype ctf map mp_carentan gametype lib map mp_draguignan_lib gametype dm map mtl_the_rock gametype tdm map mp_toujane gametype ctf map mp_aquadukt2 gametype tdm map mp_daba gametype dm map mp_delta_mission gametype lib map mp_ol_ramelle
  3. loaderXI

    It is the 436 one 😝
  4. I have been treating my veins with plenty of hydrogen peroxide and have no need for any vaccine 🙂
  5. loaderXI

    Liked,Subscribed and Supporting his work... Wishing him the best of luck !
  6. loaderXI

    By tag he is referring to this
  7. loaderXI

    Welcome to Our forums and by all means check out Our many servers across all of the Cod series games +many more Cod2 DM 2.8mod V1.3 is busy in the pm's EST and TDM 2.6mod V1.3 is busy on the weekends in the AM EST Happy shooting -Kill ya later
  8. loaderXI

    Very well said and I am more then sure many of us echo this....That is what makes this family strong with bonds unbroken...We all come here for the camaraderie to allow us to step away from real life events if only to bring fun for others in the game of being a idiots... As the Turtle once said Touche JoeCamel may the fleas 10 thousand strong that infest your arm pits never reach your arse ? >XI<4Life
  9. loaderXI

    May he Rest well ! Prayers for his family
  10. loaderXI

  11. loaderXI

    I am glad she is doing better and im sure she is so very greatful to have you as Mom...Funny how knowledgeable we become with age...Perhaps she could self blog her difficulties and someday share with others to maybe help them come thru their own postpartum depression...In any event Congrats to you both on the new baby !
  12. loaderXI

    Yes they are also in the download section...Patch to 1.7 and make sure you have a 3.5mm headset in...Set graphic settings to match desktop for start up then set as you wish...When you install try not to use auto installer but rather install manual from disk and run as Administrater with compatability set to win XP service pack 3...Should you need any help give a shout out here someone can help
  13. loaderXI

    Steam may come patched to 1.8 and all our servers are 1.7....If you have that problem just download and replace the iw3mp with this one when you down load it
  14. loaderXI

    I did have a brief problem with getting more ammo but outside of that everything is good...Finishing up this contract (800 miles away) and will be heading back south (Red State) with 3 of my Grandchildren who will be coming to covid vacation at my house...Got to see my Great Granddaughter and my new Grandson who was just born...Still no exposure to speak of in the current medical facility here in Denton Maryland...
  15. loaderXI

    Try replacing your iw3mp.exe ....Simply rename your old one (oldiw3mp.exe) and download and drop this one in its place (same folder) https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/file/2279-iw3mp/



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