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  1. Made it ! Never lost power even though over 80% of Pinellas County lost it....I was evacuated twice and finally with no where to go we hunker down at my nieces house (she left it ) boarded up the best we could and road it out...Thank God that storm went east of me and it fell apart like it did because things would have been different there is no doubt...I still have a home (no surge) my nieces house got banged up a lil mostly fencing and my daughter lost part of her car port...Starfire is still with out power (central Florida) but had very little damage Leadpoison (East coast) lost a few tree,s and made out ok...Being the nut job I am I did some video,s live on facebook and some recorded when the shit hit the fan...Many places still with out power..They have some generators working street lights so we could be a few more days or maybe weeks....WE GOT LUCKY !
  2. Thanks man there are a few of us East coast and West..
  3. Well effective tomorrow at 6 am we must start to evacuate so I am moving valuables and such to zone D (U-Haul) We live in zone "A"... We have a Hotel room for the weekend and there are shelters coming online tomorrow for zone "A" residents...There are people near me that will not leave so I may have to stay here with them once the rest of the family is safe....Just keep Praying that we do not get the storm surge...It is all about timing for us here if the tide is out we may fare well if it is in there will be no doubt heavy flooding...Also the last time the Bay (Tampa) drained then came back in so again its a tide thing/timing...I will be offline until further notice I do have discord on my phone
  4. Yeah win10 updated and shredded his cod2 to the point it may be easier to uninstall and reinstall because the files/folders he is missing are huge...No players folder no mod dat files missing all his map files and who knows what else...When he launches the game from any where he gets the spin icon and then nothing over and over nothing
  6. We can try to restore it ....Do you have a restore point on your computer if so can you try that
  7. My last build was blue and this one is red now but blue I think I liked better with all the cables hidden makes it look empty. What did you end up putting in it as far as specs go ?
  8. Haha thats great !
  9. First off sorry you had to deal with one of our outstanding players im sure lol....Truth is it has always been about the fun and comradery we all share but you should never have to get abused or have hackusations thrown at you... Perhaps the offender will read this and come to terms with them self if not by all means shoot me or anyone of our Admins a pm and it will be dealt with with out any recourse on your part...We are here to be friends and escape the real life drama for some fun win lose or draw .. By the way man you have been a fantastic player over the many years and I know you have laughed yourself to death with out ever hearing you I just hope you never muted me and I was talking to myself ya fooker
  10. Rest in Peace brother
  11. Very nice man . Dont look like it hurt your pocket to bad
  12. Damn sorry to hear mate but yeah glad your still with us...Hope everything works out for ya ! Looking forward to you recovering fully and seeing you on the servers All the Best loADER>XI<
  13. Im sure you will cherish forever the stories here shared with you Thoughts and Prayers for family and friends Rest in Peace Great American Warrior !
  14. Welcome my friend ! Very nice to see you in the forums here you will find many things and bunches of idiots Oh yeah and that Bds1961 guy is full of B ig D onkey S hit