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  1. loaderXI

    Ok Senior Grumpy I guess asking what do you call nuts on a wall is out then....I keel you later 10000 times
  2. That is super awesome...
  3. loaderXI

    Glad to hear things are going in the right direction and the big scare is over...Stay on top and get the treatment you need for the future... All the Best my friend !
  4. loaderXI

    patched up
  5. Brilliant on her part and further proof that we are all very well connected via the webby and online gaming....Well worth sharing as I will do !
  6. loaderXI

    My dear friend @Grumpy so glad to see you in the forums buddy...I hope to make you part of the family here soon just stay away from that wanker @bds1961 he might get you in trouble 🤣...
  7. loaderXI

    @Sourtap Hmmm ? First thing is disable everything except realtek then start from there - device manager/audio inputs/out puts Second if you have software installed for it you may need to un-channel all sounds being broadcasted as it is reading/recording everything it is hearing Perhaps I can help in other ways but would need system information such as OS etc and maybe we can meet up in teamspeak
  8. Not true as i'm sure dozen's would love to see tags on ya...Our diversity is what makes this a great family
  9. Y Yes she refused to bake him brownies ! The spicy ones 🤣 that one's he likes to pad his trousers with
  10. loaderXI

    (Youtube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTyN7yOJfN22jO4tQmCiDCQ?view_as=subscriber (Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/Xtremeidiots-Server-Surfing-106937580830092/?modal=admin_todo_tour As always please like,share and subscribe On a side note I will be Trog Trolling players, as of this moment they are only viewable and shareable by the players but will/may be added to their own category on the Channel and made public So if you get a pm from me saying "You have been Trog Trolled by loADER>XI<" and wish for it to be made public please respond accordingly Catcha on the servers Surfing 🏄‍♂️ and Trolling 👀 loADER>XI< uP
  11. I remember him I often think of the many over the years and it pains me to wonder...May he Rest in Peace...Sorry to hear this and Thanks Pman for the info.
  12. loaderXI

    Define "left" as in still alive ? Im here ----> ☠️
  13. I would not mind if there are people playing it and time zone/scheduled times to play...I like team play but would have to find or be given a role Count me
  14. loaderXI

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