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  1. Fooking Awesome Peeps !
  2. Haha just look at her place of education that will tell you everything... Oh thats right "Trust no Man" @ #Gamergate
  3. Thread needs locked and archived
  4. Miss Courtney has really had it horrible the last week....She has not been able to eat or drink and has been to the ER 3 times for fluids...Today she is back im just waiting for mom to call and tending to the things here at home...Today they may be keeping her at the Doctors request...I have seen many things in my life that should never be seen and to sit and watch this once vibriant beautiful young lady who has goals and been self sustaining waste away is by far the hardest thing ever...Its all still hard to grasp for the fact her birthday was in May and with in a week she is diagnosed with cancer... Thank you to everyone for your heart felt support and by all means continue to Pray for her and her Mother they both need it All I can do is be here and support them as best as possible Thank you
  5. Microsoft is replacing hardware drivers during these "updates" so far they got my sound messed up twice and video one time ... I had to get the correct updated drivers for both and install them to correct the problems last one was sound.. Locate your drivers make sure they are from manufacturers website install and back them up some where on your pc
  6. This is just a warmer upper so to speak so maybe you can catch the real deal :)...Hope you a have a great vacation
  7. Correct ... This way we can gather more input on teams/size and also the mod
  8. No need to register or login.....Always use it OFFLINE BUTTON
  9. Hello everyone we will be holding a CTF get together on our COD2 CTF server...This will lead up to a CTF event in the very near future I know alot of folks have not played since along time so thought to give everyone a fresher course Any who join us for some fun on 6/30 late afternoon into the evening EST The server has had the mod tweeked (old school) and all stock maps Hope to see you all there >XI< CTF www.xtremeidiots.com
  10. Great to see you in game Pman ! Do yourself a favor and download HLSW and drop our server info in it >XI< Team Death Match >XI< CTF www.xtremeidiots.com >XI< DM www.xtremeidiots.com also let me know if you need the rcons See you in the servers
  11. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH ! Have a wonderful timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Thanks for the heads up ! I will give it a go for sure looks like it could be interesting
  13. No can view with out the app
  14. Hello all I have a request for some much needed Prayers. My Stepdaughter whom just turned 27 has been diagnosed with stage 4 nasopharyngeal cancer...She has started chemo and radiation today...Treatment will consist of both the chemo and radiation and then surgery then chemo over many months.. So sad to just be starting life and then to get hit with this...Please Pray for her and the family we are all going to need it Thank you in Advance loADER>XI< Bill Shep
  15. Wash you arse and maybe you could finally earn some and change that damn lipstick ya puke the corner awaits you