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  1. During hurricane Irma in 2017 Hxtr was on the phone with me through the entire storm updating me on where it was centered...I was evacuated 2x once from my house and once from hotel at one point our final location was given to emergency 1st responders..... He stayed online as it came to bear down on us during the night and at 1 point My grand daughters (3) were placed in a padded hall closet that we fortified for them as things were getting ripped apart all around the area....In the morning we learned that it cracked the house (block) front and back where a addition had been done (I heard the roof lifting during the storm on that side).... Hxtr is Hxtr you either like him or you dont as for myself I always have and will as he is a good dude....We all have our own issues
  2. loaderXI

    As said above may have little to no problems also there is away to have Win10 run like Win7 in settings....Drivers are key as Win10 will try to change often but you can manage it by veiwing device manager when you feel a problem or notice one...I went Win7 to Win10 on the free upgrade and run mostly old software/games and made out ok and you always have the roll back option should you not like...Document what you have now as far as drivers are concerned that way you know what you have/need when you get there Best of Luck loADER>XI<
  3. loaderXI

    Wowzers then you spill out this....(Anglo-Saxon) Words/Meanings are different to many some based on facts some on fiction....Now if you would have said W.A.S.P that would have been another story to tell....We are made up of every "ethnic" group known to man and are a family in such way....We never judge anyone from their location or beliefs because we are all human and are here sharing a common bond that binds us together as >XI< The largest Pc gaming Clan in the world loADER>XI<
  4. loaderXI

    Angelz Thank you so very much ! I know its always said but what you do and who you are is very special to us all .. These major life events as they stack up should never make us numb and these video,s bring it to light for us here as a family Thank you loADER>XI<
  5. It is all of them.....I/We are even running a pure stock Cod2 Dm server as I hoped that would help to no avail
  6. Im not sure how you set up the rotation on Cod4 but for it to just disconnect while a maps is still playing would seem the problem is on host side and it should be broadcasting a message in the event log...Currently we have been having problems with Cod2 servers where as I did a tracert everyday over a 10 day period and found a problem just at the door of the host....They were under the impression that it was resolved but it is not...I am not sure if this falls inline but maybe someone could do tracerts as well or let me know and I will....In Cod2 right now anything is possible with how glitchy it is...Shoot a tree and kill someone in a house or shoot someone 50 times in the face and they shoot you once and your dead
  7. loaderXI

    Lmao the TwitShit saga returns....Its been fun playing with you for all these years....Three post in a entire decade ? Come on tell us more and get your ass back in Cod2 ya bloody wanker
  8. loaderXI

    Keep your nose hairs crossed for all our in the "Dorian" path peeps ! I know many of us will be hunkering down....Leadpoison is right on the east coast....Starfire is in mid central and me and a few others are on west coast (Bay area)...Im in a mandatory evac but will be staying this time so hope this thing takes a hard eastern turn and stays out at sea... Peace loADER>XI<
  9. loaderXI

    Awesome photo my fine fellow idiots ! Now dont be dishonoring our name and tear some shit up....Dont forget to toss one down for our not forgotten
  10. loaderXI

    She is great with this kinda thing and yes always looking out for others...There are many of us sporting her work :) like myself
  11. loaderXI

    Fooking flooded day in and day out....Did you see the gator that traveled up Gandy to the Wawa lmao...My daughter was working there when it happened https://www.facebook.com/BrianMcclureBayNews9/videos/1336425469866460/
  12. loaderXI

    @Angelz Very Nice video ! Thank you for putting it together
  13. loaderXI

    Yeah I get what you say here and that is why I gave names of products cause some tubes are thick paper (dont like) and some tobacco to stringy (like mine chopped up)...I have not gone the way of tobacco and tubes in sometime now just using ecig...My son is paying $3.50 a pack for Korean made smokes called "This" here in Florida
  14. loaderXI

    T2 rolling machine (1 time purchase $50) + $15 a pound (good stuff) tobacco + $2.50 (smoker friendly) per carton of tubes = about $1 a pack or $0.99 x 2 for (NJoy ecig) $10 for 2 cartridges ( 4 days) then $20 for bottle of oil to refill will last well over a month
  15. loaderXI

    Thanks for the shout and heads up my brother ! Hope Sherm has a full recovery and not sure of his problem but you heard the same news I would guess... He is stable after surgery and will be in a sub-acute care facility...After that he will be sent to a intensive physical therapy... By all means do keep him and his family in your thoughts and Prayers !
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