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  1. If you cant find help or a solution send me a pm and maybe I can try with teamviewer
  2. There has not been any grief with them however I have heard there servers are run by and full of hackers...They do have a foul langauge rule be it in your name or text/speech so maybe that is there thing... As far as CTF is concerned we can do that but we need players...I have been wanting to pull a few players together with in the clan and build some solid/fair teams to hold regular scrims No takers
  3. Happy Birthday PDizzle !
  4. Traditionally we say FU to each other ! So FU and Welcome to our forums Shoot ya later
  5. Happy Birthday my Friend ! Hope you have/had a great day
  6. Happy Birthday Rugger ! Make your way over to China town for a washy washy
  7. Hi loaderXI, You just logged in from a device we haven't seen you use before. Device Windows Browser Chrome Estimated Location* St. Petersburg, Florida, 33714, United States * Locations are approximate and may include nearby towns, especially on a mobile network. In some cases, the location may be unknown or not accurate, especially if the connection was made through a VPN. If this was you, please ignore this email. Otherwise, you should secure your account immediately. Something new for me
  8. "There was a error processing your login request at one of the sites in our network." jusy now ... hit backspace and was in
  9. Thanks !
  10. Error message - "we had a error logging into one of our networks" I hit back space and it logged right in
  11. Have not updated in sometime because the battle rages on...There has been many hospital stays/lots of dehydration and a feeding tube...Down 35lbs and barely wanting to fight any more...It just tears me to shreads to see a young vibrant girl wanting to surrender...She (Courtney) is most of the way through radiation then on to chemo...I have always been able to motivate people but never this...Night and days are shook up so my new mornings are around 1pm est...On a positive note last week they scoped her and confirmed the cancer for now is no longer in her throat just in her lymph nodes and only the size of a grain of rice but inoperable because they are the ones in her neck...She needs strength more mental then physical so please keep her in your Thoughts and Prayers and let us not forget those whom continue to battle as well PimpedOutPete,s wife and MacDaddy whom I know has showed strong signs of dementia and is still struggling... Much Love loADER>XI<
  12. Not sure how upto date your win 10 is but try this---Right click on "winows icon" bottom left then go to "settings" then "gaming" then disable "gaming mode" and also what is mention above...Mic / full patches Im thinking your having a problem with your video card and monitor switching display settings from desk top to game
  13. Happy Birthday Señore Rockape !
  14. Hop Hop Hoppy Birthday Dipsy Darlin I keel you long time later
  15. I will not touch is (everyone had it) arse with anyones gun or whatever