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  1. Happy Birthday Hexe ! https://www.jibjab.com/view/make/sign_spinner_birthday_1/0a4f2e8c-0a4c-475a-b65a-152a8df6e9b5
  2. Such sad news May he Rest in Peace Thoughts and Prayers
  3. Try G-Skill as it is recommended for Asus boards as far as I know used it on mine and never had a problem
  4. Happy Birthday LaBob !
  5. Thank you Schenk for all the work put in making all the ne Cod2 maps....Much respect from us all !

  6. Happy Birthday you Idiot
  7. Bds perhaps we need to over your config settings....can you email me your config file in your players folder under your name sent you a pm with my email addy Let me know
  8. Sad news man....There are so many whom have went to soon May She Rest in Peace
  9. A Great man with the wisom of a thousand...He went to Seminary School in my home town and visited many Churches there and even held Sermons in many... Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  10. Yeah it has fooked a few of us.....BASTARDS
  11. Turns out I made a few exceptions in my antivirus (AVG) then disabled hardware acceleration then undisabled it..Seems to be working better now...Win10. Google chrome and in there I had to enable/use hardware acceleration when available... Messed up part was win10 did a major forced update on me just before this happened as did AVG.. Thank you everyone for all your input
  12. Has anyone ever had a problem when lets say you are on youtube and you click to go to full screen and it freezes(stops responding) ? This happens with anything that can go to full screen and I cant get it figured out I have search on the webby and tried the things I found to no avail Everything is up to date on drivers Any ideas would be very helpful thanks in advance
  13. Got it and played a little will have to hook up together and give it a go
  14. Not sure this will help but it is worth looking into https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-fix-binkw32-dll-is-missing-errors-2623103 In here it will offer some how to do and will mention the Rad video tool replecement Best of luck
  15. I lost my mother unexpectedly over 1 year ago the day after my birthday and still find myself in the same condition it may never pass but I find comfort in knowing my mother passesd in peace but I wish I had more time to cherish her even more...She would have been 71...The only thing I can say is I am very sorry for your loss and your personal pain I Pray you find comfort...