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  1. I could help ya Johnny that will suck not having you there ...PM me the problem please I have a few work arounds for ya
  2. Give me a call if need be brother
  3. EVENT WILL BE THE WEEKEND OF THE 16TH OF DECEMBER ---12/16-12/17 Hello Everyone, As many here know every year around Dec 18 we have our Fallen Member Memorial on our COD2 server in remembrance of those who have passed on whilst still a active member...Just a little back story this all started with our dear friend Killa>XI< whom passed away 12/18/2008... I wish in every year since that if at all possible hop in to our COD2 server to show a little Love and Respect for those who have departed...Its a time to reflect on what all has brought us together to this amazing family of Idiots that we are...To have fun/To leave our real life worries behind for a few moments and do what we all do best (or not )... This year as in all of them will host a variety of game types focusing on liberation and team play.. Server ip >XI< Fallen Member Memorial... (Which will be set up in the next few days) I will announce when the server is ready to download the map packs... (If anyone needs any help please contact me via pm) Thank you in Advance ! loADER>XI< Below is the Names of Our Fallen -- May they Rest in Peace ! AH1>XI< - Passed Away: 19/07/2017 CobraBites>XI< - Passed Away: 13/07/2017 2CuteSue>XI< - Passed Away: 17/03/2017 Bubbles>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/'2016 Afroman>XI< - Passed Away: 08/11/2016 Dolphin>XI< - Passed Away: 29/11/2014 RustyRifle>XI< - Passed Away: 10/04/2014 Casper>XI< - Passed Away: 12/01/2013 Killa>XI< - Passed Away: 18/12/2008
  4. Happy Birthday to you !
  5. Happy Birthday Bro ! Hope you had a fantastic day
  6. Its been a long time pops you have gave so much to the clan here and just so you know the fookers miss you a lot...You do you and what needs to be done we hope the best for you in the new role you will be taking on with the job...As everyone has stated we will be here if you need us... Thank you for your dedicated service Pops loADER>XI<
  7. It is alot of read but thought to share the link https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release Let me know what you find
  8. Of course unmanned not unwomened But really there planes were all grounded some years back and ever since they had to become the best safest airlines...Been flying with them ever since
  9. If you know there history it is remarkable to be where they are today....Just got a flight from Philly to Tampa for $37
  10. He did great and that was his first one damn...The band was great as well ! You know I will share it
  11. Happy Birthday Bds !
  12. We all love and Pray for you my brother...Glad to hear you have some good health now... God only knows the suffering there we need his intervention...May God Bless you and the people there !
  13. Made it ! Never lost power even though over 80% of Pinellas County lost it....I was evacuated twice and finally with no where to go we hunker down at my nieces house (she left it ) boarded up the best we could and road it out...Thank God that storm went east of me and it fell apart like it did because things would have been different there is no doubt...I still have a home (no surge) my nieces house got banged up a lil mostly fencing and my daughter lost part of her car port...Starfire is still with out power (central Florida) but had very little damage Leadpoison (East coast) lost a few tree,s and made out ok...Being the nut job I am I did some video,s live on facebook and some recorded when the shit hit the fan...Many places still with out power..They have some generators working street lights so we could be a few more days or maybe weeks....WE GOT LUCKY !
  14. Thanks man there are a few of us East coast and West..
  15. Well effective tomorrow at 6 am we must start to evacuate so I am moving valuables and such to zone D (U-Haul) We live in zone "A"... We have a Hotel room for the weekend and there are shelters coming online tomorrow for zone "A" residents...There are people near me that will not leave so I may have to stay here with them once the rest of the family is safe....Just keep Praying that we do not get the storm surge...It is all about timing for us here if the tide is out we may fare well if it is in there will be no doubt heavy flooding...Also the last time the Bay (Tampa) drained then came back in so again its a tide thing/timing...I will be offline until further notice I do have discord on my phone