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  1. loaderXI

    Great turn out lots of fun ! Thank you to all who made it happen Sunday CTF seems to work great 👨‍🌾
  2. loaderXI

    TvZion but you aint heard it from me 😜 Its very good and free
  3. loaderXI

    Happy Birthday Browski !
  4. We will be doing this on Sunday evenings as well same time
  5. >XI< DM www.xtremeidiots.com
  6. Im in cod2 teamspeak
  7. Do you use HLSW ? If not download it and install it then contact me...We can get together on teamspeak or perhaps ring my cell...If your not good at directions hehe download teamviewer14 as well...You probly left a ghost in the server
  8. Got it sorted had to delete the first dl and do it two more times...Seems it was a dl failure each time
  9. Error - Couldnt load image seeker ......Any help ? I can play on other servers
  10. Hey guys and gals as some of you may know we are going to be starting CTF Thursday on July 11 from 5pmish on... In hopes of getting a fair turn out with hopes of moving towards scrims with in our group and leaning outward towards other clans Thursday seem to be the choice for now and may move to a weekend evening should it be better to do so For now we will meet up on our Ctf server - >XI< CTF www.xtremeidiots.com and go from there If anyone wishes to have any direct input in this please inbox me with a Pm...I/We will be open to any and all suggestions Auto assign is still shitty so we will at some point have to select teams Hope we can get this going and see you all there loADER>XI<
  11. loaderXI

    Send him to the south he will change his mind or sweat to death besides the mosquitoes need fresh new blood samples/snacks and they too like beer
  12. WWII - As a American Historian I have found that what is written every where in this world is written towards the reader and their location...I myself was born and raised in a small city of 35k and with in the confines of that city was very huge industial complexes that help end all wars up to WWII and Supplied Canada the means to enter early.... I can a test through my own family and that city that we as Americans were secretly in WWII in the very early days of the war by producing supplies and smuggling them to Europe (my grandfather born 1898) in the late 30,s sailed on the "MS East Indian"...In fact even til this day the wolds largest shipyard ever was there...The model M1917 was massed produced there and would serve in WWI and WWII as well because of the M1 Grand shortages and later in Korea....The anchor for the USS Arizona was made there as was most of all others...My Grandfather served in 3 Wars as a Engineer and as WWII came in full swing he would do only Sea trials to keep them going out...His last travel passport had him being pulled from the MS East Indian on 4 /4/1942 and Uboat U-181 would sink her on 11/3/1942 off of the Cape of Good Hope Africa with a cargo of 3500 tons of manganese ore / 500 tons of tea and 560 tons of "general cargo".... "That City" - Chester Pennsylvania was named so by William Penn in 1682 and is the Resting place of John Morton who is buried at the Old Swedes Cemetery and was one of the founding Fathers of the United States (a signer)... The worlds first and only ocean crossing ship built entirely by black folks was the SS Marine Eagle and it was built there in the #4 yard....She was built with 6200 workers and launched 5/1943 by March 1945, Yard 4 would go on to launch fifteen ships and thirty-five car floats.....Johnny that my friend is a City of a mere 6 square miles/15.6 km imagine all the others here in America....Love ya my friend ! God Bless Canada
  13. loaderXI

    Do you have Win10 ? Disable game mode and see if that works plus you can make a exception there to the games but I turned mine off because of a similar problem - right click windows icon bottom left of screen then settings then gaming then game mode
  14. Could always hit the tilde key and type reconnect if you see your waiting to long
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