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  1. loaderXI

    He definitely move the music industry and those who followed in his wake...Come along and ride on the "fantastic voyage" slide slide who ride...His music will with no doubt live forever and inspire future generations...59yrs old seems way to young...RIP Artis Leon Ivey Jr. aka Coolio
  2. loaderXI

    NW off of SR27 / NW of I-75
  3. loaderXI

    Whelp had all my kids and Grandkids (that live in Florida) show up tonight here in Ocala from St. Pete...So full house to ride out the storm... Just hoping the flooding is minimal so they have something to go back too...They are in "Zone A" a flood zone and a area with lots of canals, lakes and ponds...Looks like they still can not decide where it will make land fall... Only thing we have to worry about here is tornadoes and some wayward horses or cattle...So over all not too worried but hoping for the best for everyone that has and will be effected by Ian...We rode Irma (2017) and managed fairly good... We are keeping our fingers crossed and lifting up some Prayer... All eyeballs on the weatherman
  4. Yeah make sure you have a ledge of sorts close by so they can turn into a chrysalis...Next faze will be your butterfly...
  5. loaderXI

    Very nice ! Have a great trip
  6. The last conversation I had with him was via PM and was in mid June... Hoping all is well with him too
  7. loaderXI

    That is exactly how we played football when I was a youngin....Lmao and the winning team took the keg home
  8. loaderXI

    Same to you bro !
  9. Hell to da yeah we gonna eat fo sho Very nice ! Always great to fill a cooler up like that
  10. loaderXI

  11. loaderXI

    He doesn't appear to have a profile on the website which would give us some help...That is the very reason we try to get folks to at least visit us here...So we have a way of checking on our friends and family members...I hope he is ok and just busy in real life
  12. loaderXI

    Welcome back to our forums @Totty500 ! Looking forward to shooting you some more in the server @X-RayXI Glad you found him that fast...
  13. loaderXI

    All of it is a money cow and in some cases (many) there is no explanation that can be given so they make one up...Entire time lines have been shifted to meet someone's "theory"...History is merely his-story where some truth sits but is shadowed by muddy water...They can never settle on any of it being facts or state the facts because the funds would stop flowing... I remember a young man who challenged the process in which coal was created and was shunned by his professor whom later allowed him to do so in writing...Mt. Saint Helens would later prove him right and the entire Science community wrong...They had thousands of years in combined knowledge that was garbage...
  14. loaderXI

    Damn bro looks like your hard drive is having it hard...Now you know after the last cold beer anything can swallow
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