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    This program is used to clear your Call of Duty 2 "main" folder to its pure state.. As always make a back up of your main 1st and keep in a safe location on your PC
  2. Happy Birthday Pimp !
  3. Looks great !
  4. Brilliant Markoff ! There are a few map makers still out there for Cod2 Schenk being one of the main ones Glossy another... If you need anything let me know we do have a side server that can be used for testing...Currently we are running the 2.8 mod Some of the newer maps have a ton of features that were unplayable in the past but we have managed by setting our config_mp seta com_hunkMegs "512" found in your players folder... Also feel free to stroll through our download section at maps https://www.xtremeidiots.com/files/category/8-maps/ Thanks in Advance loADER>XI<
  5. Happy Birthday Arti ! Hope its a good one man
  6. Happy Birthday !
  7. Welcome back Roguekill !
  8. Spontaneous combustion maybe and someone decided to add a little note or someone spontaneously set his ass on fire which makes more sense...Who sets themself on fire and lies there flat on there back with there knees in the air (as if on the beach)? No one so rigor had already set in when he was torched..Damn sounds like a new movie in the works
  9. Happy Birthday Pops ! We miss ya so make sure you have a awesome day
  10. Check your hard drive for errors too it may be trying to write in a bad sector
  11. Well said and much respect to you RogueKill for your apology to everyone....
  12. ***UPDATE*** Just got off the phone with Peggy his wife there was another set back they were supposed to move him to a rehab so she went to check the place out and ran some errands only to find out that they can not move him he is still too weak and not transportable...I may try to help out with some of there needs if anyone wishes to know more send me a pm Thank you loADER>XI<
  13. <<<<<-B(o)(o)bies and our fine looking >XI< ladies....Thats what makes us GREAT