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  1. Can anyone provide me with the CoD 4 Alpha Build 253? I really need it for my rgh. I understand that this is a very exclusive build but I really need it. I have RGLoader on my RGH and I just need this build. I will not supply it to anyone else and this is for modding. If I can get this build that would be awesome. I already have build 328 but I really need 253!! Please contact me asap!! Twitter: adryonic
  2. Curious? I already know whats there. But i actually need it because I can put it to very good use like nobody else. I could revolutionize modding if i got BUILD 253. I just need help. I need the build that UHD Gaming has on his video. If anyone could help thatd be great. Or if you guys could talk to people who have it, I'd like it if you could have them contact me.
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