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  1. Tetragear

    Fear, do you want to go first or shall I? I've been getting excited to wait for you Daemon to self incriminate more by saying you haven't done this for a long time. Also please note that playing on defence doesn't mean you can't spawn camp so don't make baseless claims. Fear nor I do map exploits or spawn camp. Yet another baseless claim you made because you lashed out without thinking. recordings will help clarify that in addition to admin abuse.
  2. Solo Squad queue win last week. Im on TS whenever I play with others if you need a squad or an extra warm body or two.
  3. Tetragear

    As a player, like Fear, who has played Xi servers a great amount of times and continue to use XI TS, I agree. I also think that our word would be taken into greater consideration. As Fear posted via screenshots, those players spawn camped over multiple rounds, thusly breaking your idea of "excessive". I also find it interesting that players that were once under investigation for hacking are now admins. Furthermore players that spawn camp every round on every map with explosives are admins. I haven't touched XI servers for a bit now due to this. I understand that the more senior adms havent been on the XI ins servers that much and thats ok. I am just surprised that nothing is done about it when reported/complained about. And again.... even more surprised that you let them become admins. I would enjoy having a better conversation with a standing senior admin regarding this as the XI servers are completely toxic and despite having put hundreds of my 1500+hrs into them, have too many spawn campers (admins). Funny how they mean the same thing these days.



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