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  1. Cancer is a rat bastard. I have seen it wreak too much devastation in my short lifetime. Keep fighting, stay positive, and know that there are lots of people here thinking about and praying for you all. ~Kickin
  2. wow, looks like you guys will have a blast. I found this nearby... looks amazing https://theoldsilkmill.co.uk/#toplevel #nopassportdammitt
  3. lol - they won't let you out
  4. simple fix for all the issues in the COD4 server: Start playing somethng newer! I have all the respect for anyone admining our servers with the idiots and non idiots on them. PEOPLE..... what a bunch of BASTARDS! lol
  5. sweet! A friend OF MINE in high school did the same to to an El CaMINO. LOL
  6. Enjoy yourself. The weather just got milder here, most of the humidity is gone. It actually feels like fall.
  7. just... WOW. Beautiful country. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Cancer sucks, I lost my Mom to it recently. I am so glad you and your family got to spend this time with him and create those memories. Hope you are doing well, brother!
  8. Not sure how long you have been here, but that shit has been going on for YEARS... lol
  9. LOL I can tell I have been off the servers awhile. Never heard of any of those names before.
  10. LOL Hammer, we know better than to click on your links anymore.
  11. Last time I saw a case like that they ditched the fans and submerged the whole thing in mineral oil LOL
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