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  1. 8 man squad in last weeks Metal Rain event mode
  2. about fukn time! I haven't been playing much but finally got that solo chicken Dinner!
  3. Get well soon!
  4. wow man, is that lil car like 2x the size of a deer? I hit a deer once in a Ford Escort. I was travelling through Appalacihcola National Forest late at nite. I was doing about 85 when I saw it stopped in the middle of the road. Here is what happened: scared the fuck out of me as the front half went up over the windshield. pretty sure I drove over the bottom half... Glad you are ok!
  5. Texas was showing off his new spiffy outfit tonite... lol
  6. does anyone here use Discord? I am usually in Ts, it works for me.
  7. it's really popular with the kiddos, Barron. That's how they are making their money, purchased items from the parents wallets. And I agree, too cartoony and..... lame IMO. You got further than I did, I uninstalled it while loading the game for the 1st time. I was graphically assaulted by neon colors! lol
  8. Yikes, had no idea! Cancer sucks! Hang in there bro, you got this!
  9. very nice, Frenchi! I am curious though, is that last video the place in France where the naked people dance??? LOLOLOL
  11. Ouch. had mine done about 10 yrs ago for torn labrum. the worst part was sleeping in that damn sling for 6 weeks. even the therapy hell was better than that! Hope you recover well, and soon. what didya get fixed? SLAP repair? rotator cuff?
  12. we all get singled out eventually if you are afk long enough. Considering this is a TEAM GAME, I always give intel, especially right after I die. I continue to do so until I need to do what Crack does.... cant play with an empty bowl!
  13. I am not an XBOX guy, but now I kinda wish I was... lol
  14. Fuck Yeah! Rock on, Bro!
  15. This issue is on the Client side (yours), not the server side. I understand you haven't made any changes, but parts go bad eventually and stuff can go wrong for lots of reasons. My most important question is about your service - Company/type/speed. Wifi, Satellite and 4G signals cause the most problems from my experience. Since the issue was on both of the servers (with different IPs) I think you need to do some troubleshooting to find the cause. I would do what Yac suggested above to start. Run some speed tests on different sites/servers at different times of the day. Call your ISP and have them check your connection/modem. I have had the same service for 5 years and have had the modem/router replaced for issues 3X. They are always on and eventually crap the bed. Once I only had one for a month before they replaced it. Let us know how you do or if you have ????'s