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  1. I smoke it every day and have never rage quit! :-) Now imagine my whining if I DIDNT smoke! lol
  2. nice shots, thanks for sharing! Wrong forum! lol
  3. Very sorry to hear about your accident! I hope your spirits and body are healed quickly!
  4. nice job with the pics! You all obviously had a blast!
  5. I vote for Tampa or Orlando!
  6. I found this online today and couldn't stop LOLing....
  7. It would be helpful if you mentioned the mouse model.... detals are key for troubleshooting. If it is WIreless, try a Wired mouse and see if the issue still exists.
  8. very nice work on that!
  9. good thing you have a Big Azz Truck! Stay safe!
  10. wow, talk about photo shopped...
  11. from what I heard they are just trying to order a pizza...
  12. bisexual, huh?
  13. Good Luck! (PS4 guy here)
  14. Buy Samsung EVO instead of Sandisk You don't need a PRO version, just extra $$$ and you wouldn't notice a performance difference.
  15. RIP Johnny Quest