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  1. THIS is what we found in the recent Event Mode - an ARMORED UAZ!! We got this from a FLARE package drop. SWEEEEET!
  2. nice, what did that set you back?
  3. WE NEED A BONG SMILEY!!! Happy 420!
  4. Well this has been a long time coming. I sure hope they make this happen! 4:20!
  5. this one comes to mind for me...
  6. man, we had a lot of fun with this Event this weekend! too bad it had to end - WAY better then the shotgun mod they had last time. It was a blast playing with a 10 man XI squad. We need to do that again!
  7. not happy with mine this year. barely worth filing for. I didnt owe but not even 100 back in my wallet. not sure what happened but something must have expired in tax relief or something, as nothing changed on my end. same pay, deductions, etc Last year I got back almost 2 grand, this year I was lucky not to get bent over. fucking taxes.... I was gonna buy a new fishing kayak
  8. ah, how the mighty have fallen....
  9. Just played and won (team) my 1st round of the current Event Mode in PUBG. Very Intense! Basicly 10 vs 10 TDM with respawns, plane drop every 45 seconds or so for respawn. our tiny drop zone was School with not quite half of the outer buildings in the adjacent area. 200 points wins the game. You should try this out if you have PUBG. I would LOVE an XI server for this mode of PUBG!
  10. my PS4 = KickinDatAzz I DLed Fortnite for free on PSN, loaded it, SAW WHAT IT WAS ABOUT AND PROMPTLY DELETED IT. I didnt even play a round. Thats some really cartoony bullshit, just like Overwatch - not my jam. I am usually playing PUBG on my PC with the big kids :-)
  11. Frenchi, do not worry, we do not think like this in the US, just a small handful or morons believe this. I was actually hoping this guy would die during the launch, y'know, natural selection and all..... let hope he hasn't spread his DNA around!
  12. nice kit! lol what the deal with the spect view? my replays dont look like that...
  13. lol - we know u dutch have delicate internals!