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  1. why not post it here for everyone?
  2. holy....
  3. so sad for us, but he isnt suffering anymore. dementia sucks. RIP Malcolm Young Maybe now ACDC will finally give it up. That tour with Axl singing for them was BS and sad.
  4. -500 points from Slytherin just for posting that asshats picture
  5. I LOVE Low Grav myself, but that was mainly from the old days of playing Star Trek :Elite Force. Not all maps we played were Low Grav, but there were some really fun ones that were. I think it would be fun to put some space maps in and have LG for a day.... not sure how well this would go over on a WaW server tho
  6. LOL that's Epic! sounds like he deserved it.
  7. Happy Birthday, buddy. Hope all is well with you.
  8. seems to be the case since my testing on it yesterday at work. about time they caught up. FF is all I used years ago,m before Chrome became so popular
  9. I agree with the post Stormy. although it has always been allowed, it wasn't a big deal since on most maps it doesn't apply or isn't an issue due to spawn points. another solution would be to remove the offending maps. easy peasy, and no new rules. Just wanna put it out there that the whole "Check your feelings at the door' thing isn't meant as a pass to be an asshat.
  10. Best of luck with all of that! We look forward to seeing you again soon with a new PC!
  11. I did not know about this either. I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard enough when a loved one dies, I am sorry your family had to deal with the way it happened. I saw some pictures online and she was a beautiful girl. Very tragic story. I am glad those responsible were found.
  12. HBD Yaq Master!
  13. Thanks everyone! Just got back from a great weekend just north of us at the river house my girl rented. Very chill and great weather.
  14. damn, they want that cod BAD lol
  15. thoughts and prayers with you and your wife. You got this!