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  1. Very sad news indeed. Rest In Peace, fellow Idiot.
  2. my aunt and uncle have a big green egg and LOVE IT. THAT THING IS THE SHIT! i had some stuffed jalapeno off that thing that were SMOKED.... ER MAH GERD!
  3. we actually use a wood fire grill which doubles as our firepit smoky oaky! steaks off this thing are the best!
  4. wow, thats a sweet grill, even moreso on sale!
  5. Wow, that's a BOAT. She sure was well cared for though. Any luck selling it yet?>
  6. 90 proof? HAH RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! Great job on the server fix btw!
  7. nice. And you even stayed away from WESLEY - good call! lol
  8. we need to add each other in steam for sure. not sure how many can play together tho, as i have only played 1P
  9. grew up near there myself. best beaches in FL among other places. Enjoy!
  10. I know not everything is setup on the new site yet, and it is a work in progress, but could we update this section? In light of recent events it seems to be in order, as well as updating it for previous members who should not be forgotten. Thanks in advance!
  11. OMFG! Time to install! Where;s that CD gotten off to??
  12. Since you have already cleaned and reapplied the thermal paste,I would try another cooler, even if it is air cooling to determine if the watercooler is having issues. I hope it is your cooling solution over your processor! I have the same cooler and love it,m but 100 bux isnt too bad of a hit if need be.
  13. just curious, but was the player a member or non member?
  14. :-( no one is ever there when I check the server. Maybe we should have a server party there this weekend?