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  1. KicknDatAzz

    KickinDatAzz#1520 PLUNDERRRRR!!!
  2. I'm addicted to Plunder! Still love LMS but I can't seem to stop playing Plunder. Add me! KickinDatAzz #1520
  3. KicknDatAzz

    I am just south of TSW in the Clearwater area. Here's my 2 cents... I agree with TSW, I would not enjoy living there. I have been to Orlando many times for fun, and even lived/worked there for a little over a month at one point. My main issue there is the traffic, which is horrible at the best of times. And I am not talking about main roads either. I was staying in the northern part of Orlando using secondary roads and side roads to get where I needed to go everyday. AND not during rush hours. I drove all around the perimeter of Orlando. There are just too many people living and vacationing there. Maybe you are used to this from being in CA, or you are a hermit and never leave the house.... There are lots of other places in FL with a reasonable cost of living that are nothing like the craziness they have there.
  4. KicknDatAzz

    Sorry your family is going through this. I hope he has a quick recovery.
  5. KicknDatAzz

    And the mod saga continues..... I've been here since..... well, a long time. Someone is always wanting updates or changes to the mods. I am surprised Sammy even wants to do it anymore... lol You're lucky I don't play FT2 anymore, my hopping would drive you mad. ?
  6. KicknDatAzz

    Yay Pinky! Good for you!
  7. KicknDatAzz

    yup, he has been in PUBG
  8. KicknDatAzz

    I guess that didnt work out too well for Harry's... lol https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-15-uber-eats-free-cod-with-cod-offer-leaves-bad-taste-in-customers-mouths
  9. KicknDatAzz

    COD with your cod? Like Fish n Chips from Harry Ramsden's? Near Manchester, Birmingham, London Victoria? better hurry! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-11-uber-eats-will-deliver-a-free-copy-of-cod-with-your-cod bon apetit ~Kickin
  10. 8 man squad in last weeks Metal Rain event mode
  11. about fukn time! I haven't been playing much but finally got that solo chicken Dinner!
  12. KicknDatAzz

    Get well soon!
  13. KicknDatAzz

    wow man, is that lil car like 2x the size of a deer? I hit a deer once in a Ford Escort. I was travelling through Appalacihcola National Forest late at nite. I was doing about 85 when I saw it stopped in the middle of the road. Here is what happened: scared the fuck out of me as the front half went up over the windshield. pretty sure I drove over the bottom half... Glad you are ok!
  14. Texas was showing off his new spiffy outfit tonite... lol
  15. does anyone here use Discord? I am usually in Ts, it works for me.
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