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  1. yours looks way better than EastCoast's... wtf is that he posted? lol
  2. Thanks! Already on top of #1 and 3.... learned those early on LOL Still working on #2 - getting pretty good at getting farther past the flight path.
  3. I feel for the both of you. Card prices have done nothing but go up since bitcoin got popular. Fuckers
  4. Now you know how I felt when they brought AZZ in here.. lol Welcome Herbie! (odd for a chick - are you Canadian? :-D )
  5. WOW How the hell did you play on 1.6MBPS anyway? That sounds brutal! Maybe we should put out a call to Idiots local to your area one weekend for a ditch digging party!
  6. XFX FTW!!! One of the best warranties around. How did the both of you manage to blow up your cards? Aren't you running onboard now?
  7. Oh... My... Lord.... LOL Let me guess... Dad's turn watching the kiddos?
  9. someone please throw Timmy down a well. RABBIT 4 LYFE!
  10. LOL I still stand by my point. :-P
  11. There's a lot of fuck in this room..... I wonder why he never responds? lol
  12. I'm amazed at the long range accuracy on the shottys. Definately under rated.
  13. It's official, I am ADDICTED. I have squaded up a few times with you guys (appreciated) but need to do more as a team. I have been all about Solo as I try to learn the maps and best places to kit up. Have gotten to #3 once but no chicken dinner yet.
  14. HBD!