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  1. Housemaid

    will I be able to join the server ever again?
  2. Housemaid

    Also I had heard from a friend that the admins that reviewed my appeal just laughed at it and not taken it serious, I'd like a fair trial not just because they wanted to ban me. I had got a warning from saying the n-word and didn't say it again after. Please take my appeal seriously, even though I can be a funny guy on the server, I will be serious when it comes to this stuff. I am also of Middle-Eastern and African American descent, so I thought that it wouldn't be claimed racist.
  3. Housemaid

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: Xtremeidiots 1.7.10 server When did you get banned?: around 5:05-5:10 December 17th 2018 What was your in-game name?: Housemaidd What is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: I did say some inappropriate stuff, not regarding their anti-racist or anti-gay rules, but I had said some things as a joke and a few people on the server had a laugh including one of the admins (I forget who). I had said to a player that was using the N-word to shut up before we anally rape him. After I had said "we just homies, it aint gay, plus there's nothing wrong with being gay." If i could be put in a discord server/discord call to appeal to the admins rather than talking, I'd very much prefer that. I'd like to get unbanned because I am not a troll and I put too many hours into the server at this point to just stop and get banned. I play un-ironically with a few of my friends (iAudacity, Big_Tuna_, Glyph__, Exparior, Sooploops and AWESOMEDUCKMAN1, all friends that I know IRL). Please refer back to me, my Email is [email protected] and my discord is Housemaid #4645. I'd like to play as soon as possible because I had fun on the server and on the modpack. :)
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