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  1. A great artist
  2. When you love food it's hard not to get bigger, I was never a salad person, I'm about the same weight as you, unfortunately I'm shorter, but do a roaring trade at Christmas
  3. My boy that looks delicious, how come you're not huge? yes the lower the temp and the longer it cooks the more tender the meat. When I worked I used a slow cooker a lot and still use occasionally, only drawback are any vegetables don't get soft enough for me and I never understood why meat was tender and vegetables firm. What I do now is start the cooking process at 180 C for 30 mins, then turn down to 140 C and leave for 5 hrs, lamb especially likes this method.
  4. Tell me how to do it Storm and I'll get you one, I've looked on their site and can't find anything UK specific?? where do I find it? ps you can PM me if you want. I clicked on EU and this is what I see but you'll have to tell me exactly what to order
  5. Poor soul?, we'll get one made but you'll have to wait for Santa, be a good boy until then
  6. Thank God you're still alive !
  7. See Robmc motorcycle accident on forums, self explanatory
  8. Got it, must be because I'm on crutches and IMMOBILE ?
  9. wtf ?? my Nokia 150 can't play this?
  10. Listen, if Ayaq says he's seen one it must be true, he's never lied before , anyway wheres he gone? he's mia again, probably out in the wilds hunting it?
  11. Missed this, on second proof read, should an elder be called Dennis ? not very inspiring to readers, how about Great Bear or Bald Eagle ? we have to make it exciting for them, XI members can be very demanding. I was puzzled about semi auto on the gun, but some research showed me that cowardly politicians had made this law ? How the f..k do they expect you arctic men to feed your families ???? Having witnessed most XI members struggle to hit anything even on full auto, I fear you may need to carry something heavier, as the first round that hits will need to kill. You need to return again this year to get definite proof, set off after the thaw, leave all your worldly possessions and go back to the wilderness.
  12. Aw Harry you've burst our bubble, I still think theres lots of undiscovered creatures in the sea, but few on land, Ayaq is going to get one for XI, don't discourage him, you scared it's a better shot than you?
  13. Angu5 how many toys you got now?
  14. Ayaq this may be very useful indeed and I already picture myself there, freezing my balls off, shivering in fear as you manfully restrain from the normal practices of your fellows of selecting full auto and wiping out the entire population in a five mile radius. Such care for the wildlife is a rarity in the upper 49th, and I have put you forward, along with your president, for the Nobel Peace prize this year. I trust you will accept as I am looking forward to your speech, stay sober, you recall the last one? If you don't recall it perhaps your photographic memory is not what you think it is? This is evident by not remembering whether your sleeping bag companion was called Phil or James, is this what you refer to as 'cracking up?' I worry that the strain of being a great adventurer is getting to you my friend, and recommend seeking help before it is too late. I have done my own reading and that Leopold scope on your gun ain't cheap is it? the hubble telescope is inferior to that. With this in mind remember us mere mortals will wonder why you don't carry a thermal night scope too? If you want advice on shooting the appropriate column in the forums is a wealth of knowledge, although I myself take it 'with a pinch of salt' as their in game performance does not match their imagination. Looking forward to next chapter Rob