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  1. Hello my friends sorry for the gap in replying to you all both here and by e mail, due to my limited skills with tablet and android, although I,be swallowed enough tablets. Great news for me, they,be saved my leg, it looks awful, but so do I. Had many ops and skin grafts etc but yesterday with help I stood up, so not too long before I,m back, you might help with my recovery by letting me win, thanks to you all for your support.
  2. Update after 4 cancellations looks like op will go ahead tomorrow, I,m quite enjoying these pretty young girls washing me and rubbing my backside, now been lying on back in one position 21 days looking forward to getting back to you all
  3. Great to hear
  4. ouch hope your healing time is short take care

  5. Brilliant ty
  6. Fantastic news consultant thinks he can save leg morphine pump here I come
  7. Thanks to all you idiots for your support as I lie here on my back for the 10th day without moving, the hardest part. Johnny friends say bike will be written off. One true funny part, as well as stitching things into my jugular etc etc they installed a morphine pump controlled by me, it let's you pump it in yourself when needed, but will not let you overdose. So they told me one or two presses and see what happens, now what would a real idiot do? So I pressed it 20 times and waited.nothing seemed to happen. Then I realised I was in heaven looking down on the ward with angels singing - now only 2 presses.
  8. Do a bit more, left leg completely shattered just like an explosion, will find out next week if Ilose it or not, lying on my back in one position for 9 days now and 7 to go before decision which operation.. Typing on a phone lying on your back is hard so will tell you what happened in bits, all our biker members keep going, I,ll be back if I can, but months of recovery ahead hope to be back killing you son.
  9. Hi my friends, almost got killed last Thursday 1015 but still here doped up on morphine and probably have to do this in bits, my first serious accident in 45 years of non gentle riding at times, the speed and my complete innocence have left me literally shattered. Took my new BMW of 2 weeks out for a ride in Scotland, half an hour out 4 Malaysians in a hired car pulled straight out in front of me, they have since disappeared back to Malaysia.. Hit them at 60 mph, taking me a lot of effort to do this lying on my back more later
  10. Happy birthday
  11. Hi got this logging on, just happened this morning, if I go back to the page I'm logged on ok, anyone come across this before?? get it signing out too. Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
  12. He said popular ????????
  13. Happy Birthday to a lovely lady (and a great player), hope Monika sends you a card, (instead of a bullet)
  14. Can't stand that man, never could, he's as bent as a bottle of crisps.
  15. Is this the sensitive side of your nature coming out?? are you going to be gentle in game?? fu Crusher 2, kill you later when my eye gets better.