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  1. I remember your covid joke (think it was you) I was completely fooled which is rare, I like tying flies too (in trousers), well done buddy
  2. Hey that's an idea, a woke Rob ?????????? No? Never work would it?
  3. Love it buddy, now put your steel helmet on because that remark won't go down well, they think it's just us in the UK, God forbid you remind them of how they got their land. That is truly a great find and glad to see you're not a moonlighter, we have lost so many treasures to those criminals. One of the sad things is for the average person we can only detect metals, imagine if you dug another foot and discovered the skeleton of the man who held it and clues how he died? I have in the past ten years become fascinated by the Romans, especially North of the wall as it is a misconception that they never conquered Scotland, which of course they did following the battle of Mons Graupius. They built huge marching camps and forts all over Scotland especially the borders, wouldn't it be great to discover a Roman in armour? I live North of the wall and when I could looked for the camps, roads and settlements clearly marked on ordnance survey maps. That is when I realised the wall was a back up defence as Roman influence extended way beyond it, I once did a walk with the county archaeologist he really opened my eyes. I look forward to your next finds
  4. I hope Dot hasn't been gossiping ??
  5. It's OURS, we owned the world so it's ours, but cross our palms with silver and we might give you things back (you pay the postage). Got some nice Greek marbles on offer this month.
  6. I've always wanted to collect 'miniatures'
  7. @jointz is our resident lesbian expert especially Tongue and Groove, that boy loves woodwork, good for him too keeps him from drink and drugs
  8. You couldn't be 'hot' even working in a sauna, I was disappointed at Christmas, the two lesbians next door had asked me what I wanted as a present, and they gave me a watch ?
  9. Of course you can my dear, could Rob 'pop your cork' ???? Oh Oh here comes Bio
  10. Come on???? that black patch isn't near big enough is it?
  11. A very serious question and survey that came to me watching several suspicious characters around the toilets in the park this morning, so whatever you are at the moment what would you prefer to return as, I list a few pro's and cons. Secondly what period in history and what occupation would you like to do, me I'd come back as a boy again and as Pablo Escobar, I love zoos. GIRLS Pro's - Sex is easier to get, you are clean and tidy, people don't mock you in makeup Con's - Parking, getting drunk can land you in a heap of trouble, you have to buy makeup BOYS Pro's - No need to bathe every day, picking your nose is viewed as normal, you can lift heavy weights Con's - You constantly worry about the size of your dick, you can't wear dresses or makeup, you worry at being ousted as the worlds best driver INBETWEEN Pro's - You can have sex with everyone, you can wear any clothes, you can choose to wear what you like Con's - Toilet choice, having to speak really gruff or in a falsetto, careful hairstyle choice necessary What would you be?
  12. Sorry to hear that Wayne, but I know you were expecting it, yes I went through all that with my parents and it is not a pleasant thing to do. I don't think I'll be here long this time and hope both you and your family, especially those lovely grandkids have a happy and untroubled life in this troubled world. Sadly as you can see in these forums humour and discussion are being stifled just as it is outside, human beings really have a very low level of intelligence don't they?
  13. Well congratulations @Majbasil for not doing the normal Americans tour of London, Paris etc and going somewhere nice, although it's very quiet and not for some.
  14. OMG Basil, what an opportunity you missed, that's where I've been, monster hunting, if only you'd known I'm sure you'd have shared a sleeping bag, I was on the opposite side of the loch, damn
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