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  1. RobMc

    ah dear boy, I don't smoke but am considering doing so as my opponents are now leaving me for dead and I need something akin to nitrous oxide to boost my reactions. Only this week I have been outpaced by LarSin and J3st3r, made to catch c4 parcels by Beers, shot and knifed by Rocket, I dread what Chile and Budman have in store. I think my reactions need sharpening after the winter. The ultimate put down would be getting shot by Scotex, but theres more chance of winning the lottery than that. So this morning I'm getting a go faster stripe on the scooter and buying 80 ah batteries, catch me if you can girls, better buy some goggles too eh? ps luv ya too, in a manly non gay kinda way
  2. RobMc

    Merci ma petite jambe de grenouilles française, en remerciement, nous voudrions envoyer à nos amis français les meilleures destinations pour les touristes français à visiter / installer, profitez-en. Bradford/Sunderland/Hull/Middlesborough/Birkenhead/Salford and Blackburn Welcome
  3. RobMc

    fucking ninja pussy lol
  4. RobMc

    When the SHTF, I have a box of wet wipes, I'm ready boy.
  5. RobMc

    You can always camp in the toilets ?? 🤣
  6. RobMc

    Looks like @EastCoast50 giving one of his world renowned ' how to aim' classes to @McGrim ???
  7. Very sad to see this magnificent piece of history go up in flames, watching it on tv it looks bad.
  8. Not while I was there, I thought he'd come, must have been washing his hair ?
  9. How about 2 or 3 of the maps being knife only, is that possible ??, it was great but after an hour and a half I'm exhausted, loved it.
  10. RobMc

    Queenie darling, I have a feeling I'll regret this but wtf is an 'anal party ' ??? No on second thoughts don't answer, I'm eating breakfast
  11. RobMc

    WARNING This is a repeat
  12. RobMc

    Hey, now I'd like to defend my brother Ham, it's obvious that anyone who wonders why he can't see satellites through a $5 telescope (let alone the other side of the street) has greater expectations in life than the rest of us? We should all chip in to an account I've set up (pm me) and I'll buy him a $1000 scope, you all love a happy Hammer, you know it makes sense.
  13. RobMc

    What's a hooker ?? is that a person who misses the toss in that baseball game that imitates our girls game rounders ?? We have a great game called cricket, fast and exciting with players in positions like silly mid off, I'm sure I recall aunty Millicent used to be a hooker, mummy said she made mats, it must have paid well judging by her clothes, and her boyfriends drove flash cars. Mummy used to keep daddy from seeing her, I thought she was nice, and those funny balloons in her bag were welcome at parties.
  14. RobMc

    That's my boy
  15. RobMc

    Wow, you got a direct line to God ?? news to me didn't see announcement but if true thank you Labob