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  1. They're getting too good at Rugby for my liking, really improved in recent years, my family used to live in Buenos Aires during the alternate beef weeks, Angu5 wouldn't have survived for long.
  2. Happy birthday me old mate, hope you got a sore head from the drink!
  3. Have a great day my old mate
  4. Angus?? a good vet would get that back on it's feet ?? you still eat raw meat over there? for a small fee us Brits will send you a lasting gift - fire.
  5. Hey

    Poor little thing, thinking of her, hope everything turns out ok
  6. Yea we might have still owned America??
  7. LOVE AND RESPECT TO ALL ADMINS - it will be on my gravestone Thanks mate back as soon as I can get upstairs, mrs is watching my every move, no chance yet!
  8. I love playing Hammer he has enthusiasm in bucketloads !
  9. I feel I should be writing more than this to you?? Happy birthday my friend
  10. Have a great day my friend
  11. A friend of mine has almost completely recovered from a similar stroke in 6 months, so don't give up hope, wish you both well, us idiots seem to be going through a bad patch.
  12. Miss you Spin and the others terribly, but will be a while before I can get upstairs again, looking forward to the day!!
  13. OK some photos, not for the squeamish, this is 4 months after the accident, looked worse previously right leg is where they took graft. Sorry about my fat ugly legs girls know you thought of me as a stunner. Take too long to describe all injuries, photos give idea, note all muscle and flesh lost above the knee, I still love bikes.
  14. See, we have a purpose in this clan