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  1. Pizza ?, it's a soggy flat bread with tomato and cheese - are you an idiot ???
  2. I'm too frightened to vote pizza or popcorn so no
  3. In these forums commonsense is an illusion 🤣 idiots
  4. RobMc

    Because it is full and an XI member has joined, so the player with least time on the server is redirected
  5. RobMc

    The restrooms they are very clean The servers are a pastors dream But the forums they are like a bog Cos the janitors playing with his knob get to work hxtr, restrooms first, contrails second, priorities man, priorities
  6. Not this old chestnut ?? Actually if they do exist they came from the Templars, long before this. However as I'm bored and you missed my things on ufo's we all reckon here that aliens control us, aliens definitely control you, have you been probed ???
  7. RobMc

    Now I understand lucky Angu5 😈
  8. Love it, here we go again, never a dull moment, I love being an idiot.
  9. RobMc

    Never mind the pc, how do I clean up my life ???
  10. RobMc

    Paying bills the UK way At least one union who will have you out on strike regularly More bosses and executives than workers More bullshit than you can shovel, health and safety, political correctness and forms, make great manure
  11. RobMc

    Well I'd love to fiddle with her ? I think I can remember
  12. Shall we have hxtr give you away and make the speech ??? timmah can cater and ayaq best man ? a real society event, rugger will pronounce the vows. On second thoughts my wife might object, and that scares me too much, it's off.