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  1. RobMc

    You playing the games in compatability mode??
  2. RobMc

    oooooh bitch ! lmfao
  3. RobMc

    Well firstly fckr it wasn't a joke, and we both know it, so FU, I'm not spending hours of my life to keep you in points. There was no apology either, not that I read, dream on.
  4. RobMc

    Aw? we could go 'fishing' together
  5. RobMc

    errrr? I know this is kinda personal buddy, but your house have a bath or shower? if not I'll understand.
  6. RobMc

    I haven't 'manned up' for 20 years ffs - but 'I've dealt with it'
  7. Yo RobMc, I've seen some for trailers but I usually just look for a movie and watch


    1. RobMc


      Ah my boy, you've missed my trenchcoat posts ????

  8. RobMc

    Winters ???????
  9. RobMc

    I'll stick to the back of a darkened cinema in my favourite trenchcoat thank you.
  10. Hey FU @SABRE, don't often play with you but you sound fun , please remember not to kill me or insult my tender side, we'll get on fine. errr @FunStick is what J3st3r says true?
  11. I worry about you at times, this is the slippery slope to 'Wham' ? Timmah's favourites - Last Christmas I baked you a tart
  12. I can picture Pete in a Kaftan, doing the hippy trail, for the younger ones Bread were a group not something with butter. ps they were awful but women seemed to like them? I had to endure their music sometimes, and Motown which was disco music, 'the things you do for love' like walking in the rain ........
  13. RobMc

    Yep, some of those ewes could be floosies



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