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  1. RobMc

    It's a joke lol, I can't find out how to remove the bloody thing, forgot how I put it on
  2. Yea, but no one, including me, has answered Labob's question 'how it all came about?' because I haven't a clue, so tell us what you think xtekk 'you heard all about it' what ffs?
  3. RobMc

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-australia-48632801/miriwoong-the-australian-language-which-barely-anybody-speaks ps get your hair done Aussigirl looks a mess in this photo
  4. No No, it was a group of players (none of them but one members) who knew no other weapon than a riflenade, I tried a few times to play with them but gave up and went elsewhere, spawn nade, spawn nade, you know how it goes, but I certainly did miss that guy who was always there and fun to play with, guess he's moved on. If i want to play and i don't like the look of our server I just play on another, no problem with me.
  5. Well you asked Labob and I'm never shy to comment, from the ordinary members view it is (or was) obvious there were some troubles, but I for one never knew what, and that I suspect is the same for a lot of people. Then the guy who as far as I was concerned was one of the two main admins (with Spin), as until recently that is all anyone saw, and played there hours everyday disappeared, then everyone and his dog was made an Admin and that is who is left playing, I was on once with 5 admins and 2 players. All the regulars are disappearing and it is obvious to a blind man that numbers are down, I personally played on it less due to the constant tubing that was becoming the norm, but that was just me., in a nutshell not the same server that once contained a real good bunch of people who played for fun, the fun died, at least for me, but I do go back when I see the good guys/girls on. What really went on quite frankly I do not care about, it is none of my business, but I am sad to see what has happened, and so I guess are others.
  6. RobMc

    OMG Lady you've got balls, you can't ban Duc.
  7. RobMc

    Neither did 90% of the readers lol, I had to check it, had heard of palpitate, but palpate was new to me, google will start the next war
  8. RobMc

    Ha ha, nearly as funny as the time Corsicaman used Google translate on the shoutbox to tell us the servers were down, took me 10 minutes to figure out what he meant by 'The waiters are not working'
  9. Thats right, saw it in a terrible back street cinema in Baltimore 71/72 ? she was Canadian wasn't she ?, wonder what happened to her ?, may post on here, shes probably a foisty, self opiniated old lady now lol.
  10. Deep Throat, forget the actresses name ? My first 'action movie'
  11. RobMc

    Please take it away from him, the fckrs deadly
  12. RobMc

    Sammy, a fellow believer in democracy, but as for taking the fun out of the game?, fun ?, ffs this is serious shit
  13. RobMc

    Yea theres more wildlife around now my buddy @AyaqGuyaq is slaughtering them in the lower latitudes, he has two ubers now as trophies, guess uber is a local nickname for something like a bigfoot ???
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