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  1. Careful you don't strain anything buddy
  2. Yea the enemies are now our friends, and former allies are now our enemies, the moral of the story ? don't fight and die for politicians.
  3. I'm bored so I'll do another :- I only discovered your servers this week and love playing there there are some great guys and gals but for some reason I have been banned. It may be because my score was ten times more than the next player, but there is a reasonable explanation. I was on something called the dark web last week, buying my usual drugs and marital aids when I spotted this advert for 'enhanced gaming skills'. I never thought I needed them until playing Robmc , but he is so fast and skilful I was tempted to whop his ass. This kind Russian gentleman, for a very reasonable two bitcoins, sold me a gaming aid and boy did it change my style. I was really enjoying hearing Rob cry, until I was kicked, I would like to return and play until the c..t is sobbing for mercy? I could see through grass, eavesdrop, fly, go outside the map etc etc and the wallhack was to die for. I do not understand why any player objected to my score, or to my humiliation of Robmc. I think my new aid is why I was banned It was Robs fault for being a crap player
  4. RobMc

    I suffer from uveitis for the last ten years, and I wear specially coated glasses when playing, a thing all you that use a screen a lot should look at. You'll regularly see me leaving after about 1-2 hours max, as I suffer if I don't, but it really pisses me off.
  5. RobMc

    I know but my eyes hurt after a while nowadays, I might miss you 😂
  6. RobMc

    Now be careful, or it's a second verse
  7. RobMc

    As usual too late for me, but I've had a go on the server and it's great.
  8. RobMc

    The teacher with fear in her heart asks little Johnny the question 'What would you like to do when you leave school' ? true to form he replies ' I'd like to be a billionaire drug lord, I'd get me a bitch put her in big apartments in St Tropez and New York, smother her in gold and buy her a Rolls Royce, then I'd shag her five times a day minimum ' The teacher stunned doesn't quite know how to reply, she quickly turns to the next kid ' What would you like to be Susie ? ' she asks ' Johnny's bitch miss ' she replied
  9. Gonna get lunch now but I'll watch this afternoon
  10. There has been a terrible misunderstanding, I think I was wrongly banned yesterday for a personal attack, I love your servers and hope one day to become an idiot. It was on one of your ftag servers Three months ago I bought a female rescue dog who I have since discovered appears to be permanently on heat, I called her Queenie, after our beloved monarch. Yesterday while in game I caught her and the dog next door engaged in what they love most. I reacted hastily, and unfortunately my mic was on, my scream of 'Queenie you bitch stop f.....g with that c..t' may have been misconstrued by some members. It was not meant as a personal attack and I apologise if I accidentally offended any member. I think that is why I was banned It was the dogs fault
  11. I think the trouble began when I swapped my throat mic for a new 'thought mic' I spotted on Amazon, this translates what you are thinking into words, perfect for idle bastards like me. All was going well at first as I adjusted to the new toy, unfortunately quite a few of our lady members joined the game at the same time. I apologise profusely for what you heard, I am not, and have never been a pervert, ask my lawyer. I don't know what came over the mic, those references to parts of your body, baby oils and whips must have come from thought transference from another player. I think that is why I was banned It was the mics fault
  12. Tried it last night but only one other player on, it was good but found weapon selection a bit strange for some reason first game I could only get general weapons, top ones blanked out. But after first game they lit up? Hope to see more people on there this weekend.
  13. RobMc

    Me too I lent my computer to a friend and went to the toilet, when I returned he was telling @wildthing to be quiet and asking @Roxy! if she fancied dinner? this went down so well I then gave him a bottle of vodka as a reward and had a nap. Unfortunately when I awoke things had taken a turn for the worse, he had been on every server, encouraging my African Grey to talk to everyone even @Ghostlupus, he is a bird that was trained in a brothel in Las Vegas who hitched a ride across the Atlantic on a containership. He loves talking to everyone, and was enjoying meeting all the idiots, that was until @monkie joined and said hello, the parrot got all excited and cried 'evening Dave, usual room and girls' . I think this is why I was banned As you can see it was the parrots fault
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