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  1. RobMc

    Amazes me how no one had the foresight to store and keep more of these at the end of WW2, and tanks etc etc. I know they're big and require a lot of space, but to scrap 99% of them was a tragedy.
  2. RobMc

    Take some photos for us please.
  3. RobMc

    Best looking dildo ever Boss, recommend lubing first.
  4. Run and gun, Run and Gun, Run and Gun etc etc etc, it's getting very tedious see you next week lol
  5. RobMc

    We expecting rain ????
  6. RobMc

    Spend a lot of time with 'hot chicks' eh ??
  7. RobMc

    There are many members who play under different names, which is a different thing to the above, but should they need tags even on other names?, someone was talking about this last week, we're not talking admins here. The argument he had, which sounded sensible to me, was that no matter which name they used in game it was an insult to the clan not to wear the tags, almost as though you were ashamed to wear them and let others know you were a member. Thought no more about it until someone mentioned it again today, whats the official ruling?, can't find anything on it. signed Rob/David/John/
  8. RobMc

    I actually have wound down on hot things including curries as you can't actually taste anything else, and anyone who drinks Coors light, well? 'Pity The Fool'. They probably think it's beer ?
  9. It is the 2nd French revolution @FRENCHI has been tried and sentenced for constantly dropping his rifle, he has been sentenced to death by madame guillotine, @VHS2 is the executioner. Frenchi is lead to the guillotine, the crowds are screaming 'Defrost, Defrost', ignoring them he gives a little bow and lays his head upon the block, calmly gazing into the basket ready to catch his head. VHS steps up, grabbing the cord to release the blade, 'no respawning this time he croaks, une, deux trois and pulls the cord hard, the blade whistles down and shudders to a halt 6" from Frenchi's neck.
  10. RobMc

    Yea I've wondered about your courts since the OJ Simpson trial ? Ours are not much different at times, where points of law are more important than the blindingly obvious. In fact the current leader of our Labour party is the guy who represented Jimmy Saville and got him off and defended the grooming gangs. I do feel that due to massive costs justice is out of reach for most people and there needs to be more fast track judgements. I also strongly feel that victims of crime need to be compensated directly out of the pockets of the criminals, more of a deterrent than jail, if say they had to pay
  11. RobMc

    Well I used to watch that pawn programme with old Les and my impression was that years ago Chicago had problems. There's been a couple more uk programmes where it has been implied that it was a dangerous place and we see pictures of some of the slum housing. You of course see more than us, but from here it does seem a place to avoid, another good place gone to the dogs. Presume drugs are behind a lot of it, as in so many parts of the world, long past time to make them legal, then if you want to kill yourself off you go, at least the taxpayer gets a bit back from what they cost. These larg
  12. RobMc

    Oh oh, the snowflakes are going to be bitching when they understand this one ?
  13. RobMc

    My name is Rob and I'm hooked on Tabasco Sauceoholics anonymous
  14. RobMc

    The police are constantly in a terrible situation with people like Sammy, although generally in a perfect world he's correct, the world is not perfect is it. They sometimes have milliseconds to make a decision, common sense tells you that is not always the correct decision. You either accept some mistakes are made and have law and order, or don't and have anarchy, your choice. What you do not need is the lunacy of trying soldiers and policemen for murder when doing their job. What happens ?, well either no one becomes a soldier or police officer, or they don't do their job properly. My be
  15. RobMc

    I'd prefer that to Haggis (which I've tried a couple of times) but would need more cheese



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