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  1. Yea easy, you take two pecks from a bushel, divide by a long ton minus a short ton, add three gills and the answer is in scruples easy to convert to gallons from that you can get us gallons, piece of cake
  2. I liked Imperial measures, bushels were my favourite
  3. Yes Angus you're right but I didn't expect a non biker to stick up for Harleys, they are great bikes but the hype from the company keeps the fable alive, not the machinery that is produced, I think the current Indian line up blow them into the weeds for that style of machine. As I have said many times I'm jealous of the fact you all can shoot so easily, enjoy it, a great sport out of fashion with the do gooders. Used to love Top Shot but not on now over here, especially Brit winning first series, but top admiration went to that big sniper second series I think a great man and a great shot.
  4. If you had to travel the distances you do in USA and Aussie paying UK fuel prices you'd be broke, but a major part of our prices are tax. On the downside you generally have huge engines with auto boxes and poor efficiency. It will hit us petrol heads hard when petrol and diesel are phased out by law, so enjoy it now, electric (or whatever) are not so exciting, at least to me. Petrol is like whisky, made here but cheaper to buy abroad, we mortals never saw any benefits fron North Sea oil. Some areas in country near here are charging £1.43 a litre 2.04 US a litre, don't moan
  5. Off to hospital now, but be prepared later for a sharp pain
  6. Me and my five brothers all meet the dick requirement, unfortunately for us we need to add them together. I got in on the nipple criteria, at least I think so as Rugger called me a 'tit'.
  7. Most of us are more than 12
  8. Sorry Cheesey, you quoted me? I avoid steam like the plague but for different reasons, were you talking to him\her?
  9. Aaaaw don't give up, Try playing to enjoy it, not to win all the time, makes a big difference believe me. I joined this clan because the admins and general set up control the hackers very well, and although they will always be there, they don't last long. No one understands what perverted pleasure they get but hey ho don't let them spoil it for you. I am used to playing with a high ping and so are many others so don't blame lag, we cope ok so you ain't alone. Sounds like you were having a bad day, get back to playing, you'll enjoy it.
  10. Compared to Europe mate it's heaven, at least you have some freedoms left, but yes you'll have to fight the weasels to keep them at some stage. ps still can't find a good book on Gettysburg but at least I understand the battle now
  11. Don't worry about GTA EC, with your background it's understandable, ps you suck at WAW too
  12. So many people visit to walk the wall they've stopped them walking on it, very little left in the east best bits by caw ledge and birdoswald. I only live 30 mins away and know it well, new visitor centre in twice brewed should be great, but as not much visible kids get bored. As a world heritage site the approach they take for visitors is disjointed and not well presented. East Coast's Gettysburg looked a lot better for visitors, they would make a fortune if they constructed a section of the wall with a fort etc.
  13. ??? I gather you didn't bother to read all these posts CC, that is already there, for those in the States read this famous one ps jailed for life is around 8 years