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  1. RobMc

    Looking forward to the first pizza buddy ?
  2. RobMc

    You MUST be retired by now buddy? have a great time, watch you don't get crabs on the beach, bring your summer frocks it's hot!
  3. RobMc

    Hey buddy, do you really think Facebook is the place for you?? a bit tame I would have thought, knowing you slightly I would have thought a few of the S&M sites on the dark web better. Sorry I made you feel ill, but for only $500 Rob can mail you some snake oil, cures everything known to person (used to be man pre woke) I've had a word with the dealer and he's giving me 2/1 against you getting a friend on Facebook, don't let me down buddy I have a million points resting on this. No cheating by getting your psychiatrist to put a like, nor your prison warder, these are not true friends. On the plus side it's unlikely that you'll have to learn to type, look on the bright side no friends, but your finger ain't sore. Always ready for a consultation Rob
  4. RobMc

    OMG they're all at it now
  5. RobMc

    You're forgiven buddy, that's one I've never even seen let alone tried.
  6. RobMc

    OK buddy one last try I'm struggling with rap The gold chains wrapped round my neck Cause me pain, what the heck? It's not much fun doing rap The idiots all think I'm crap I'll never make an Eminem The Bloody Limey fails again
  7. RobMc


    Thanks buddy now enabled
  8. RobMc

    Absolutely not, all my own work In making rap I do not shirk If you keep telling folks a lie You'll find yourself in a drive by Rappin Rob
  9. RobMc

    Well as I'm not really sure what a rap is I'll try, but no promises By the way love your name Jointz, I thought I was the only one interested in carpentry? good to see a buddy, I'm a dovetail man
  10. OK buddy, even though I detest rap here's my first go, you'll have to add the tune (do they have a tune?) Going downtown for a new drive by To check up on my stash Make sure my girls are on the game And making lots of cash Selling crack or skunks the same to me It makes me lots of money It lets me pimp all my rides and pick up lots of honeys My nights are spent a rapping And getting very high Until the Reapers knocking For I will surely die Dedicated to @jointz who is free to use without copyright
  11. You familiar with these forums Kapt ?????
  12. That is really sad Sammy, whatever happened to walking out or preferably not going? i.e. the individual choosing?
  13. Please don't look at this if you're offended Joe Lycett investigated by police for offending audience member during comedy show (gbnews.uk) We have a great comedian in the UK called Roy Chubby Brown, been watching him for 50 years, he is the bluest of them all, see him on Youtube, the majority of his audiences are women. Now being actually banned from left wing town councils for shows he has performed for decades, freedom of speech only if it's theirs, fight back people, fight back.
  14. You all know how caring to the planet is Green Rob don't you ?, so I had a think about this and a Nobel Prize looms on the horizon :- Renewable energy I read somewhere that animal poop produces methane which is hurting the ozone layer. We need to have a potty training session for all animals to harness this untapped gold, I'll start on the dogs and cats and Wildthing on the lions and tigers. Once we've got them all shitting in harmony into special sewage farms we can tap off this methane, and use it for personkinds (used to be mankinds pre woke) benefit. This methane could power ships and lorries to carry the crops produced by heating green houses full of grain. This grain could then be fed to the animals and the cycle restarted, pure brilliance. So please join Rob Greens save the world campaign by buying one of his 'Who Gives a Shit' T shirts, available soon at a store near you. Also coming soon :- Plastic dung car hood/bonnet ornaments Posters - 'Save the world - stamp on a dung beetle', and 'You talk shit now buy some' Dolls that defecate so little girls can tell Mummy they are saving the world with a sweet smile Dung sauce for that truly Green BBQ party, most appetising and many more items on special offer and the new campaign motto 'A fart a day keeps starvation at bay' I'm on a winner here, especially in these forums
  15. RobMc

    As an obviously deranged psychotic we appreciate that.
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