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  1. Need a plan if Activision turn them off altogether, which by events looking highly likely, would they let anyone else run a master server??
  2. Happy birthday mate
  3. Have a great day mate
  4. From one ex seafarer to another, I'll have a rum tonight on your behalf, Happy Birthday mate.
  5. First part good idea, second part stinks, I would not go to anywhere outside UK, and don't even know yet if I'll get there so FU mate you've just made up my mind to vote!
  6. Hmmm? the choice to vote on does not seem to match the requests by the people i.e. Truro??
  7. Just across the river from Newcastle, you'll probably get a discount for bulk buying, told you there's lots to do ,why these are so popular when the local lasses are so accommodating baffles me?
  8. I think I cracked it, we all stay at home and stock up with goodies, then videoconference at night interspersed with social media during the day, no flights, own bed and cheap - thank me later A true idiot solution leaving everyone happy lol!
  9. I keep meaning to, but so used to Google now it's hard to swap, although I've no doubt some are better, bet most are like me.
  10. I'm laughing at the Dutch, Utrecht and Groningen beautiful ffs?? get out more, try somewhere like Dusseldorf, airport and lots of pubs and restaurants, the Dutch can even walk there lol! Better still Cork in Eire, flights can be reasonable if booked in advance. If it's one of the best nights out in the world (official) with loads to do try Newcastle upon Tyne, loads of night life, great communication links, loads of restaurants, loads of shops, ferry from Holland, flights everywhere and nearby seafront, i.e. something for all. If you like beautiful countryside, castles and history head 20 miles North and you're in it.
  11. I doubt it was a goat, we hear the Darlington lads are fond of sheep?
  12. Wow, another who died young, zombie must be one of the most iconic things to come out of the troubles now hopefully gone forever, rip Dolores.
  13. You'll regret it, you know that ?
  14. The way Angus eats his steaks if I were GG I'd be careful if he ever wants to give you a little nibble anywhere, he'd have a leg off before you knew it, nice shooting both of you.
  15. Didn't realise that was your guilty pleasure Toes? (Extra pair of underpants for me boys in future games so far the ring is intact)