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  1. Happy birthday
  2. Hi got this logging on, just happened this morning, if I go back to the page I'm logged on ok, anyone come across this before?? get it signing out too. Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.
  3. He said popular ????????
  4. Happy Birthday to a lovely lady (and a great player), hope Monika sends you a card, (instead of a bullet)
  5. Can't stand that man, never could, he's as bent as a bottle of crisps.
  6. Is this the sensitive side of your nature coming out?? are you going to be gentle in game?? fu Crusher 2, kill you later when my eye gets better.
  7. AFK

    Thats a nice picture of you holding hands, or was the rice burner towing the Harley home lol ?
  8. Wow thanks Sonovabich, without this post I would never have learned who I was descended from, apparently 300,000 years ago my great, great x 100 grandad was on holiday in Jebel Irhoud in Morocco with my Grandma, must have been some wild weekend cos look what popped up only 300,000 years later, lil ol me! They moved to Europe around 50,000 years ago when the local working mens club closed due to lack of water to brew beer, and our family have never looked back, mainly due to a genetic defect affecting our neck muscles. Famous members of our family have included legionnaires (disease), pirates, queens (aka drag acts), murderers, felons, arsonists and con men, however we have had someone truly evil, a politician, but no one speaks of him. Recently I thought of carbon dating some of the wifes yorkshire puddings but common sense prevailed and I fed them to the dog, are there any good vets in Darlington ??
  9. I've posted this one before but it's stiil good - 'my wife has a sea shell tattoed on her inner thigh, if you put your ear to it you can smell the sea '
  10. Solution - get the North Korean Buddhist cheat only $9.99, don't return as a soldier, respawn as a wasp or a cricket, crawl up Spins trouser leg and bite his 'thingy', next time Beers throws a knife at you sting the f...r to death, for the pacifists for only an extra £10, the pacifist butterfly mod is available as an add on, float around the map looking pretty and killing no one, just like Ghostlupus who is testing the mod for me.
  11. Yes lovely lady, put that dress on but don't get drunk in it
  12. Welcome marathon man, next time you see me - run!
  13. Well done and welcome
  14. Hi Ned, well done, about time, hope it spoils your aim lol!
  15. Not sure you read this string 6Toes he's back? with no gold?? Now about this extra toe you've found??