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  1. RobMc

    Are you Spongebobs creator ?
  2. RobMc

    It was a joke by the way?, I truly don't know how you do it, way beyond me, I was 14 when they landed on the moon with very basic computers and I remember the calculation being shown on the tv to calculate the trajectory to land (in black and white), my God there are some clever people around, why can't these people become politicians??
  3. Your mind must be as filthy as mine to get that ?
  4. RobMc

    Yea well mathematics hasn't come far?, when my sons were at school they were asked to find the square root of X, ffs they were looking for that when I was at school??
  5. I didn't mean Trump at all?, I meant the people you need are the strongest people, that is how nature, and mankind works, the successful people are the strongest and nastiest, Genghis Khan, The Romans before forsaking their legions, the Vikings etc etc they were not nice but their own people prospered, never forget what history teaches you. So forget your niceties, cheap petrol, cheap goods etc vote for the person who keeps your armed forces strong and your borders secure, whoever that is, or you will eventually regret it, and remember placating bullies never ever works in the long term.
  6. True, and it would be a lovely world if not for these, but will it go away - no it won't, every civilisation before us probably thought they would rule forever but they grew fat, greedy and corrupt and someone is ALWAYS ready to take over, like it or not. Therefore the counter argument in voting wisely is not to become weak and allow our particular civilisation to end by voting for the nastiest bastards in your particular country, you may not like them, but they will keep you and your children safe, sad but true.
  7. Is it me ?? or does anyone else see Koi carp swimming in this pretty girls ears ??? ps I keep telling you you're from the midlands not tup north, although tup is rather appropriate for this post, only country types will get this.
  8. So @NaChO is ditched? you two timing beeech, I don't eat common muck like pizzas the butler refuses to serve them.
  9. RobMc

    You speaka da English ?? Sorry don't understand what you mean? What does 'and spammed this shit similar posts' mean? and what does an intel vulnerability have to do with politics? Lost me mate
  10. Wow, you've had a girlfriend ??, careful now, judging by the photo camels don't count naughty boy, one hump or two ?????
  11. Great thoughts and some effort there, yea it does lead to existence and did it begin somewhere or has everything always existed? Fascinating subject and without trying to be controversial was why our forefathers developed religions, to explain it. As we don't understand much about our universe, or even our planet, at the moment, we can only guess, my instincts still lean towards space/time, but I have been wrong before lol.
  12. RobMc

    We would love to kill you, you're a dick, and we hate you sounds much better
  13. RobMc

    Not bad, one mistake, it really doesn't matter, but you paid attention at school go to the top of the class.
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