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  1. JonKanon90

    To avoid frustration to others, he will await reply/fix here before trying to re-log.
  2. Hi guys. We try to play now but the server keeps crashing. My friend, Nakarada92, is currently on Saturn, and we believe that may have something to do with the server crashing. He is currently "landing" on Saturn, so there is no setup or anything. We are not sure by any means. But it seems that every time he is logging in, the server crashes. However, I can play fine until he logs in. Maybe it is just a coincidence, maybe not. Any idea what may cause this and why? Would be awesome to have this sorted out - especially if it is the cause of server crash for all. Best, JonKanon90
  3. JonKanon90

    I don't understand the significance of that at all, but that worked! Thank you Slackernet!
  4. Hi guys, Everything has worked smoothly for me for about two weeks (since I first joined the server). However, now I suddenly am unable to login. I have done no tweaks or edits to any folder, mod or anything - but for some reason it says "mod rejections" and list a range of mods. I've included the screenshot. I'm fairly noob, so I don't understand what all these "Mod rejections" entail, nor how I fix it. Please help. EDIT: Just FYI, I play on the "The 1.7.10 Pack v9.8" Best, JonKanon90
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