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  1. Nakarada

    That is correct! I'll try now
  2. Nakarada

    Is there a fix for me though? Am I able to play ever again, lol? Teleport me to spawn or whatever.
  3. Nakarada

    Edit: I'm 100% sure I'm causing the crashes.
  4. Nakarada

    I'm fairly sure I'm causing these crashes. The server got unstable the second I initiated the launch from the Overworld to Saturn. Then I was able to get back in, and eventually got to Saturn (with multiple crashes in between). Now I've tried waiting for a while, and JonKanon90 is able to play without crashes. The instant I'm logging in the server goes down. I'm kinda stuck here, and would appreciate help! Hopefully you could fix Saturn, and if that's not possible, I'd appreciate getting back to the Overworld ? Cheers, Nakarada92



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