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    This thread might be a bit late, but I personally don't think you should ban world-class players. If you want an example, use me. I'm ironmantey, and I always play the custom servers that are provided for me to play. I can understand anger upon other players. I can understand if one is too good. I also understand that it can make people think they're ruining the game by being too good, but that's not it. It's that they might be playing a game they enjoy playing such as myself. I always get called out for cheating by using aimbot, teleporting, and other things. I'm honestly just a good player. I always see others better than me, but I wouldn't just call them out for cheating when they're not. I don't consider myself good, though, as I can still be bad sometimes. It's just about luck, honestly. If anyone has any problem with one being too good, I don't think that's really a reason to ban. I just think it's bad when someone calls you out for cheating, like me. I don't think it feels right to be called out on that. I hope that you guys agree on what I personally think about this threat.
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