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  1. HarryWeezer

    Congrats Crunch and Monkie. Go forth and warn/kick/ban.
  2. HarryWeezer

    Glad you're back.
  3. HarryWeezer

    Anybody who wants to ride herd on a bunch idiots is crazier than the lot of them. Congrats.
  4. I was once banned from a surver because I consistently kicked the admin's ass. I imagine Real and Everette get a lot of that. We have administators with many years of experience and we've all spec'd these guys thoroughly. Trust me FBI, they DO NOT cheat and as I said, if you can prove otherwise, have at it. Your prerogative to leave when they come in but most don't and so no, they're not going to empty the server. For that matter, there are members and guests who are not as good as you FBI. Do they quit when you come in?
  5. I know some members leave when highly skilled players like Real and Everette come in, I guess because they know they won't have a chance at winning a map. But that's not a lot of folks, just those who are in it to win - and usually do. And they don't much like it when someone else takes their glory. Bummer. Back in the day I was at or near the top of the list but age slows you down and I seldom win a map anymore. I don't begrudge those who do because they're simply better than me. Thing is, someone is always better than you and if you can't suffer that, maybe you should be doing puzzles in your spare time instead of playing computer games. There are some accusations in here about cheating from people who don't know what they're talking about. Best remember that we have a rule against that and it WILL be enforced in game. If you can't prove it, don't say it.
  6. HarryWeezer

    Congrats! You both now have access to the XI Masturbatorium and Crisco Circle Jerk Arena at Frog Lick, Wisconsin. It's right next door to the XIOF (Xtreme Idiots Old Fucks) Retirement Center - the two are connected by a secret tunnel but don't tell anybody. As the newest additions to the XI Management Team, one of you will have clean-up duties there and since A comes before Y, guess who that is? ALWAYS remember to wear gloves lest any of that gets on you.
  7. HarryWeezer

    What he said.
  8. HarryWeezer

    Works for me.
  9. HarryWeezer

    Pretty damned sad when you axe a cartoon character that is not politically correct. But blame the Simpsons for caving on it.
  10. HarryWeezer