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  1. HarryWeezer

    Whatever comes of it, you'll overcome. You're a survivor Toes and you'll beat whatever they throw at you. We're ALL behind you!!!
  2. HarryWeezer

    Thinking of you. Let us know soonest.
  3. HarryWeezer

    Hope everything's OK FBI.
  4. HarryWeezer

    Inside every Brit there's an American trying to get out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQnVluC2kEI
  5. Johnny, Angelz and all my Canadian friends, at least you're not related to that "asshole Trudeau" as Nixon called his father. Justin Trudeau is a grand nephew of my third great uncle. (Please keep that to yourself.)
  6. Oh Johnny, what have you done? I like Canada. I grew up across the St. Lawrence River from Prescott, Ontario and spent a lot of time there. All of my ancestors and my wife's ancestors are French Canadian. We grew up eating poutine. My grandfather taught me French. We listened to Canadian radio stations. And I've screwed a lot of Canadian women: the drinking age in Canada in the '60s was 21 and in NY State, 18. So Canadians came to my home town of Ogdensburg, NY to drink and when the girls would miss their rides back home, we'd take them home. All that said, I cannot stand by while my country is put down without throwing some national insults right back at ya, to wit... - For about 8 months of the year you can’t do the simplest of human activites in Canada like going out for a walk, sitting on the patio or on a bench in the park, even opening the window to bring in some fresh air. - If you have a health issue that requires long term care, be prepared to wait a long time if you don't die first. Canadians come to the U.S. for long-term care. - The country is divided and loosely bound together. Quebec doesn’t feel belonging and has never signed the Canadian constitution. - The liberal socialist government is literally in every aspect of a Canadian's life from where they go to school to whether they are eating trans-fat in the restaurants. - Job creation is weak and jobs are hard to find. Finding a job in Canada is like finding a girlfriend. It is a major life event that all your family and friends will be celebrating with you. - By and large, Canadians are fat. Like bears, they need to put on weight to suffer the Canadian winters but while bears sleep the winter months away, Canadians drink the winters months away. - Shopping online sucks. Nothing is shipped to Canada. Many of international brands and manufacturers won't ship anything to most of Canadian provinces. They are limited to local brands and lower quality brands - Computers, electronics, food and gas are expensive. Ridiculous prices everywhere. - Up to a $3,000 difference for a European car brand manufactured in Michigan. Insurance coverage is very expensive with, basic liability $100/month if you're lucky. - Malls and stores close at 5 p.m. on weekends. - There is an absence of famous chains: IHOP, Applebee's, TGI Friday's, Dennys, Taco Bell, etc. - 12% taxes: provincial plus federal. - Wages are low: entry level salary for a fresh graduate is ridiculous. Canada is a country with no jobs for new immigrants, regardless of however suitably qualified they are, young or senior. Even the simple blue-collar jobs are hard to find. - The country does not have a distinct flavor or national identity except in Quebec where they really cherish their language, their history, culture and identity. Otherwise, life in Canada doesn’t really come with a sense of belonging. - Universities/Education: international students who decide to study Canada are sorry but idiots, if you are going to pay $25k a year for tuition, go to an American university. - The country lacks ambition. It doesn’t seek first place economically, technologically, in the military, in politics, arts, education or anything, and it isn’t known or famous for anything special or spectacular except for the CN Tower. - The bank gives you an Interac card but you can't use it online and can't use it internationally. - Expensive fees are everywhere: drivers license is $100/year, change of address $120/year, checking account $5/month, ridiculous condo fees. - Boring cities, nothing to do - No real industry, etc... - Nobody goes to Canada for vacation. HAPPY CANADA DAY, eh?
  7. Slight hesitation when select aim down the site.
  8. HarryWeezer

    Great to see you back.
  9. I have no doubt whatsoever that XI will still be here even bigger, even stronger, 12 years hence. I've been in every admin position in XI over the years and recently stepped down because I felt like it was just my time to do so. I came to XI not long after Rugger and some friends began a COD2 clan with a different approach: no racial remarks but otherwise, anything goes. You could say whatever you wanted. You could swear up a bloody storm and if others didn't like it they were shown the back door. I think there were around 50 members or so then. Today there are nearly 750 active members and 11,775 members of the web site and in that respect, we may be the largest PC gaming clan in the world. Certainly, every train of thought, every type of person, is represented in our ranks and yet, XI thrives, keeping these many different people on the same path while hundreds of other clans are long gone. Why? Because Rugger does nothing , makes no decision, without consulting others, without considering every aspect, and without thinking it through thoroughly. His good decision-making is primarily what has kept XI going and that takes a discipline most of us don't possess. We may make decisions too quickly but Rugger is among those who have a methodical way of looking at choices and follow the same routine in making them. His success is our success and it's been my pleasure to have been part it. He has earned and deserves our highest respect and I hope going forward that members think about that before they react to the decisions that he is reqired to make as clan leader. As Labob said, you might not always agree with a decision from above but for the sake of the clan and out of respect for those who have the burden of making them, you should abide by them and be thankful for what you are a part of. I know I am.
  10. As I recall, the Breakfast Club broke up because when it came his turn to foot the bill, Spinpuppy went to wash his hands and was never seen again.
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