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  1. HarryWeezer

    Delighted that these outstanding idiots have agreed to give their time and talents to help with keeping our servers enjoyable.
  2. Thanks for the intro. Enjoy our servers!
  3. HarryWeezer

    Well done!
  4. So what to do with 100,000 redead bodies?
  5. Some are making this harder than it is, to wit... DM2 is an open server. Anyone can play on it regardless of skill level provided you follow our primary rules of no racism and no personal attacks. DM1 is a passworded server. We realize that over time everyone will have the password but that's OK because it serves only to allow us to determine who plays there. For instance if you come in and repeatedly clean house and our members and other guests complain about you, we'll ask you to leave and play on DM2. If you don't, you will be banned from all XI servers. Hope this helps.
  6. DM1 is considered a backup server (it runs identical map rotations as DM2) for use in the event a world-class player comes into DM2 and folks don't want that level of competition. It is passworded to prevent that undesirable player from following the crowd, so to speak, if it moves to DM1. Otherwise, any member or guest who regularly plays in DM2 may play in DM1 as they please. The password is: runaway Have a great day Mike!
  7. I expected worse in terms of who would be killed off. And certainly an unexpected outcome. But I thought this GOT's worse episode in terms of direction. I record it and watch the next morning and several times I fast-forwarded this one out of boredom.
  8. HarryWeezer

    WB MoFo
  9. When all is said and done Jon will sit on the Iron Throne. The question is whether his Aunt Daenerys sits with him or whether he kills her because she refuses to give up the throne. The battle against the Walkers is won because Bran takes control of their dead dragon and uses it against them.
  10. Bran saves the world.
  11. HarryWeezer

    Great to hear!!!
  12. HarryWeezer

    Thanks for the intro. Give the DM server a try. Great people there.
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