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  1. No, the FCC didn't "kill" the Internet for heaven's sake. Net neutrality is complicated; there are good reasons to support it and good reasons to oppose it. But here's one way to look at it: Were we in Internet hell up until two years ago when the FCC was given authority over the Intenet? Answer: no, we weren't. And so, has anything changed over the past two years? Answer: no, it has not. Therefore, will anything change going forward? I predict not that you will notice. Last point: Since there's very little - if anything - that the government can do right, or that prospers under government control, is it a good thing to keep the FCC's hands off the Internet? Answer: Fucking A it is.
  2. Merry Christmas Rugger. I know it will be a tough one for the family this year.
  3. Once used the same name for my home network.
  4. Yer is hire. When is it U kin start?
  5. Which admin have you paid off so far cause I didn’t get mine?
  6. Hey. FU and the horse you rode in on. I thank you.
  7. I have sex with a member of XI about once a month. Next month, I use the other hand.
  8. If anybody has one to spare, I need a new dick for Christmas. One I’ve got is defective.
  9. Welcome!!!
  10. That changes the map on the server. I thought you meant there was some way to launch the map on your PC and explore it as a single player or some such.