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  1. Yo Murphy. Delighted to see you on the web site.
  2. Very well done!!! Congratulations.
  3. I'm ignorant of this process but it sounds very cumbersome and seems to be causing recurring problems. Can smarter people than me recommend a permanent fix which would eliminate all of this regular and very tedious work?
  4. Dat's right. We bad!
  5. Typical gamer thinking with the wrong head.
  6. Kind of figured he had no balls.
  7. Thanks for the help Monkie!!
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Only those with a guilty conscience try to point the finger of blame elsewhere. We're on to you Ducky!!!
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
  11. Didn't you used to shoot pool with Minnesota Fats?
  12. Glad to see you back Butthead. Oops, I mean Beavis.