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  1. HarryWeezer

    Didn't vote. I'm holding out for Duke Nukem.
  2. HarryWeezer

    You left?
  3. Thanks Merlin. As usual, please bill Rugger for your time.
  4. HarryWeezer

    Hope for all the best for your lovely daughter. Keep the Faith!
  5. HarryWeezer

    Holy dog shit! Mississippi? Only steers and queers come from Mississippi and I don't see no horns on those Idiots. So that kinda narrows it down.
  6. I used to employ deep penetration. But while your nose and ears grow as you age, other things shrink.
  7. HarryWeezer

    You look like you're pushing 80. Great news Toes. Really happy for you!!!
  8. HarryWeezer

    Over more than a decade I never heard a bad word about Johnny. He was everyone's friend. People like that make - and leave - a greater impression and I miss no one more than Johnny Dos.
  9. HarryWeezer

    I'm from America. Hot dogs.
  10. Do keep in mind that there is a large difference between free speech which contributes to informed debate and understanding, and, the ravings of an idiot as the dictionary describes. (No slight intended; typically, idiots are born, not made.)
  11. HarryWeezer


    Deepest sympathies.
  12. HarryWeezer

    Modern Warfare Voice Chat Bug | Why can't I hear people? – Guide Fall
  13. HarryWeezer

    Good luck Toes.
  14. Just throwing cash at 'em this year until I get that vaccine.
  15. Some of you Idiots will see some bum walking toward you on the sidewalk dressed in rags with shit all over his pants and when he gets to you, give him a hug. Then, like me, some of you Idiots will cross the street before he gets to you because you have no desire to cross paths with someone like that.



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