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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  2. I also looked it up. This is what I got...
  3. Hey, leave Rob's wife out of this.
  4. Rugger, can't thank you enough for jumping in on this. The folks in that server greatly appreciate it.
  5. Ok. All that aside, can we set up Ace Mod as it was when Beers was running it?
  6. Haven't been in COD4 Ace Mod in a bit and was surprised to see you can't jump as high as we used to be able to. Any chance we can get that fixed??
  7. Thanks guys for your help. I really appreciate it. I am up and running with COD5 and COD4 on the new system. There is no way in hell to install the games from Steam and run them that I could find using dozens of suggestions that were more than a decade old. So, it was back to my original discs for both games, which stall on loading them in registering components. I fould an old suggestion that worked. Copy the original disc to a folder on the C drive and install it from there. Why does it work there, and not from the optical drive? Who knows. But it's great to be assurred that I'll be gaming for a few more years and it's great that there are always clan members ready to help. Thanks again!!!
  8. So I have the same, Win11 pro. If you downloaded from Steam, I'm at a loss why it works for you and not for me. Last resort will be to fully uninstall and try again. Here's what I've tried since yesterday, with no luck: 1. - Not a perm fix, but If you want to play without saving your profile: start MP (as admin?) and go to options > multiplayer > cd key, and enter it. - select co-op/single from menu. When it loads create/load a profile. Now you can switch back to MP to play, but your data is lost on exit 2. Step 1: Launch CoDWaW Step 2, press ctrl alt and delete at the same time to open a menu Step 3, Open task manager, Kill CoDWaW Step 4 Launch the game, It should ask you to run in "Safe Mode" Step 5, Run in safe mode Step 6 Create a profile 3. - Under players\profiles, (users, appdata, local, activision\codwaw\players\profiles) delete everything. Create folder HarryWezer and edit active.txt to replace $$$ with HarryWezer. - Right click on steam icon and select run as administrator. Then go to game folder, and right click on codwaw.exe for single player and multiplayer and select run as administrator. -open steam as admin. Then start game NOT from steam, but from game folder, as admin. Now your profile should load. 4. - Port forward to 28960. The ports are 28960 on tcp and udp, and 3074 on udp only. - Launch multiplyer game (NOT from Steam) - Enter CD key in game. Validate it. - Exit game. - Start game again as per above, and create profile.
  9. My mistake, That indeed was a COD5 patch. It was released eight years ago. Would Steam still be selling COD5 without it?
  10. Really appreciate your help with this. I looked at this too, but Steam's version is not putting hyphens in my key. The closest I've come to a fix is reaming the profiles folder to old.profiles, creating a new profiles folder, then creating a folder under that with the ingame I want to use. Then, edited ative.txt to put the player name in that. Launched the game and in multiplayer, it shows me with the name I used but as offline. When I try to go online, it asks for a new profile and whatever I attempt to use, it refuses to create it. What amazes me is that no one has found a fix for this yet that I can discover. I'm sure it's fixable. I'll keep at it.
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