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Found 4 results

  1. siDARKde

    Hello anyone who stops by to read this. I want a MMORPG game. Anyone playing anything? I used to do WOW. not into that anymore. same with the old republic. I like the space ones but really just anything that's freaking interesting and doesn't have me fetching 10 stupid cat tails as a quest. Looked through some upcoming MMORPG but eeeehhh. So I was just curious if anyone here is currently playing anything that they are digging. Later DARK
  2. siDARKde

    Hey everyone who happens to click onto this link and read my post.? I was just looking at my medals or badges under my sig. I must say after 7 years of membership I am missing quite a few. I'm sure there are some I don't even know about but I was wondering if someone could hook a brother up. or with whom do I need to sleep with to get some frigging attention! I know P!nk and Icequeen and wildpenguine can attest for my much needed ass medal or pervert or....well the list goes on. And what do you mean we don't have an ASS medal! you know how many asses we have in this family!!! lol Seriously I love you all, I enjoy playing with you all especially you ladies.....did I mention creepy medal....lol Thanks All
  3. Hey all, okay got this for a present and will be downloading for the next couple hours. but I will be playing. anyone still going at it? I haven't even checked to see if we have a server. But let me know if your playing and what seems to be the biggest need. I usually run medic but am versatile lol. Looking forward to it hopefully the play is as good as it looks on the tele. Plane crashing 101 about to begin!!!!
  4. Well I guess the old computer was trying to tell me a few weeks ago when it shut itself down and reset my COD game back to beginning. Well it just did it again but this time It wont do many other normal operations. I am afraid the CPU is DOA. lol Well since all the holiday stuff is going on I actually found a good deal on a new PC. Of course this is a business computer so write off. lol But it won't be here until after the 18th of December and then I need to remember all the crap on installing this ancient game on a new pc. I don't think I will be on until I get the new rig up and running. so I will miss everyone but I WIll be back and with some new processing power. Current pc has i7 gen 1 processor lol new one is i7 7th gen with NVidia 1060 card, and 16gigs of ram so maybe I can play some new stuff!!! WHAT!!!! anyone playing COD WW2???? later
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