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  1. siDARKde

    Hey guys, I know everyone is bored. If anyone is a toy collector I have an auction going tonight at 8pm est. at Generations of toys group on Facebook. Just join the group and stop by to hear me auction of some toys. it's a lot of fun get to see some old goodies and buy them if you like. Thanks
  2. siDARKde

    Welcome aboard ya dang idiot!!
  3. siDARKde

    hey Kamo, I never knew about star trek. Love the series I would check it out with you if you want.
  4. siDARKde

    Hey to all who stop and read this.? Curiosity question for anyone who knows. Is there anyone here doing online DnD? My son told me there were online Dnd guilds to play in. I remember the old days of that but I haven't played a die game like that in years. Just thought one of y'all might be into it? Just looking for info. Thanks later.
  5. siDARKde

    Ive looked at guild wars 2 but was hoping to get into something with someone. that way we could play from time to time together. Let me know Pain if your gonna load it up. Never played just seen some you tube clips.
  6. siDARKde

    Yeah I like the story stuff better than just the go fetch quests. Want it to mean something. But like Queenie don't have a ton of time really getting burned out on COD. BFV is okay but want something more. Playing around with the old Stonghold crusader 2 anyone mess with that anymore?
  7. siDARKde

    Hello anyone who stops by to read this. I want a MMORPG game. Anyone playing anything? I used to do WOW. not into that anymore. same with the old republic. I like the space ones but really just anything that's freaking interesting and doesn't have me fetching 10 stupid cat tails as a quest. Looked through some upcoming MMORPG but eeeehhh. So I was just curious if anyone here is currently playing anything that they are digging. Later DARK
  8. Hello everybody ?. If you're reading this I wonder if your stalking me or just wanting to get to know me better??? either way is fine with me. Just give me a holler if you need me to crack the curtains a little further apart. ? 

    Fun! that's why I am here. I really enjoy XI. the members are great. So many good people and so many laughs to be had if you just saddle up and dive in. I hope one day to make it to the XI fest. It was close last year in tenn. But of course life got in the way.  


  9. siDARKde

    hell yeah I want them all, damn ayaqGuyaq you got 2 and 4 year member tags.....WTF Been here since 2012 I need me some clan medals 2 4 6....
  10. siDARKde

    Hell yeah now that's what im talking about. still though there are several i'm sure I still deserve.. the shit, the wanker, online whore, battlefield v player, punk and tattoo. lol thanks man its just fun. got to post something every now and then.
  11. siDARKde

    Hey everyone who happens to click onto this link and read my post.? I was just looking at my medals or badges under my sig. I must say after 7 years of membership I am missing quite a few. I'm sure there are some I don't even know about but I was wondering if someone could hook a brother up. or with whom do I need to sleep with to get some frigging attention! I know P!nk and Icequeen and wildpenguine can attest for my much needed ass medal or pervert or....well the list goes on. And what do you mean we don't have an ASS medal! you know how many asses we have in this family!!! lol Seriously I love you all, I enjoy playing with you all especially you ladies.....did I mention creepy medal....lol Thanks All
  12. Hey all, okay got this for a present and will be downloading for the next couple hours. but I will be playing. anyone still going at it? I haven't even checked to see if we have a server. But let me know if your playing and what seems to be the biggest need. I usually run medic but am versatile lol. Looking forward to it hopefully the play is as good as it looks on the tele. Plane crashing 101 about to begin!!!!
  13. siDARKde

    sup hotrod, enjoyed playing with you so far. uhhh mean that in a normal way not the weird way everyone just took it as......lol
  14. How is it???? Been debating about getting I was hoping they would redo that old future battlefield 3019 or something with robot walkers and your command ship that game was awesome.
  15. Majbasil how is the new battlefield? Been debating about buying but I do miss battlefield action. vehicles an all.

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