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  1. Hey all, okay got this for a present and will be downloading for the next couple hours. but I will be playing. anyone still going at it? I haven't even checked to see if we have a server. But let me know if your playing and what seems to be the biggest need. I usually run medic but am versatile lol. Looking forward to it hopefully the play is as good as it looks on the tele. Plane crashing 101 about to begin!!!!
  2. siDARKde

    sup hotrod, enjoyed playing with you so far. uhhh mean that in a normal way not the weird way everyone just took it as......lol
  3. How is it???? Been debating about getting I was hoping they would redo that old future battlefield 3019 or something with robot walkers and your command ship that game was awesome.
  4. Majbasil how is the new battlefield? Been debating about buying but I do miss battlefield action. vehicles an all.

  5. siDARKde

    So Sad always hoped I would meet him at a comic book show. never did. Heres to you stan. you gave me a whole lot of imagination boost as a kid. I loved the X-Men, spiderman and so many more heroes you developed. May you enjoy your rest with the comic book gods. Excelsior!
  6. I like the intel pocessors they do have the best specs under performance conditions. the amd one just cant top the speed. but to each their own. 8 years and this thing has worked great. Ill take that. like to get 8 good years out of my appliances!
  7. Well I guess the old computer was trying to tell me a few weeks ago when it shut itself down and reset my COD game back to beginning. Well it just did it again but this time It wont do many other normal operations. I am afraid the CPU is DOA. lol Well since all the holiday stuff is going on I actually found a good deal on a new PC. Of course this is a business computer so write off. lol But it won't be here until after the 18th of December and then I need to remember all the crap on installing this ancient game on a new pc. I don't think I will be on until I get the new rig up and running. so I will miss everyone but I WIll be back and with some new processing power. Current pc has i7 gen 1 processor lol new one is i7 7th gen with NVidia 1060 card, and 16gigs of ram so maybe I can play some new stuff!!! WHAT!!!! anyone playing COD WW2???? later
  8. you liked getting whooped and you know it...Athena loved getting facials of overkills claymores....LOL
  9. Pittbullpete, Ov3rkill and siDARKde will be a team. We also have an alternate Thunder just in case.
  10. pittbullpete, ov3rKill and siDARKde. we will be the three dildos...I mean amigos....
  11. Yeah that is awesome WILD. I think this picture of Lou holding the XI sign should be on the front page of the website. we can photo shop something over wilds face but that is awesome.....LOL
  12. siDARKde

    Like angelz said relax first. don't go run off to tech school just because it's something to do. Figure out what you want to do. I hope you and the wife have talked and hopefully she is supportive. Think of what you would enjoy doing. Batting cages might be a bear to set up and run. I know nothing about this but you're talking a lot of overhead to get started. I worked in maintenance for apartments when I left the steel mill. My wife supported me in doing so since it was a massive pay cut. I just couldn't do it anymore. Maintenance was fine basically some electrical and plumbing and painting. I noticed how many bad painters we went through. these guys come in as subcontractors for other painters and whip through an apartment in like 2 hours. 150 to 200 bucks an apartment depending on size. Really subbing as a painter is relatively cheap set up. cost for a paint sprayer, some tools respirator etc. then get your llc and some insurance. that's pretty much for anything you may want to start up. But it's got to be something you will WANT to do. Apartments, houses always need painting. I actually ended up doing bathtub repair. Really simple and almost no overhead. took a good year to get regular business but it's going well now. if all else fails come visit here in Charleston South Carolina area. man this place is booming!!! we have a Volvo manufacturing site opening up soon, Boeing , Mercedes, scout boats, paper plant steel mill aluminum plants. and yeah welding is a huge skill to have. I learned while in the steel mill. never needed math for it but I could weld. its not pretty but it worked. Sorry little longer winded than I wanted to be. bottom line life is short enjoy it and do something you want to. I love being my own boss. scared my wife to death but she likes it now. Peace siDARKde!!!!!!!
  13. siDARKde

    Hey all, okay well I get a chance to go play at a World series of poker event in Cherokee NC. @ smaller tournaments and hotel stay total cost about $1500.00 . I debated about this and well poker won out. But I figure if I win anything of substance or even my cost of trip back then I can still go to Canada. LOL but I am thinking I will wait for the fest till another year. sorry mates really want to hit one. Looks like a ball. especially this one just to mess with queenie, storm, pete, penguin and even roxy. from across the ocean!!! lol well heres to hoping I win some $$$
  14. looks like you drunken Idiots had a lot of fun. Kudos to ya'll bungee jumping. Not happening with this redneck lol.
  15. siDARKde

    Man that sucks, so sorry for your loss. It hurts to lose someone like that. I knew his health wasn't great. I would give him hell about losing toes, he would say FU dark...lol. Cobra sponsored me for XI. He was one hell of an xtream idiot. Loved goofing around and laughing in game with him. It was so much more fun when I would hop on and he was in game. Sad knowing I won't bump into him anymore. but thank you XI and COD for letting me meet him in the first place. RIP brother RIP.