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1 pot gypsy goulash

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I learned this recipe when on holiday in Hungary.




2x tins of peeled and chopped tomatoes

1lb/0.5kg of smoked back bacon (or Canadian bacon)

1x onion - diced

1lb/0.5kg of mushrooms (I use chanterelle and penny bun if I pick them myself, but shop Bought fresh are fine) - sliced

1x whole chicken cut into a dice - leg meat, breast, oyster muscles... Everything. No skin

2x tablespoons of smoked paprika

1x dried chilli (finely chopped)

1 cup of water




Fry off the bacon in a large pot with no oil so that it crisps up and leaves a residue and bit of fat at the bottom of the pan.


Fry onions in the same pan until they're cooked but not crispy and remove


Place water into the pan and scrape up all the bits at the bottom of the pan.


Add in the chicken and mushrooms and allow to simmer for 5 minutes with gentle stirring.


Add in the smoked paprika and chopped tomatoes. Stir vigorously until paprika is distributed.


Add in bacon, onions and dried chilli and simmer for 30 mins. Remove the chilli and chop


Serve with either boiled rice or boiled potatoes.


If you want, you can blend the tomatoes before adding them in to make it thicker. It's a simple recipe but a tasty one :)

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