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  1. Gatorgirl

    Thank you for your appeal. The senor admins will discuss and get back to you.
  2. Gatorgirl

    Oh my dear, I am so happy for you!!
  3. Gatorgirl

  4. Gatorgirl

    COD5 Public Scrim TDM

  5. Gatorgirl

    Scary Scrim III

  6. Gatorgirl

    COD4 Paintball Domination

  7. Gatorgirl

  8. Gatorgirl

    Thank you for your appeal. Please be patient, the banning admin will reply to your appeal.
  9. Gatorgirl

    There has been some question lately about what is and is not allowed regarding streaming of our games and teamspeak. The senior admin team has discussed this topic and has decided the following: Streaming of our game servers is allowed. The person doing the streaming does not need to get permission from the players in the game to do the streaming. Streaming of our teamspeak servers is prohibited except for the channel that has been set up for streaming under Misc Channels (Stream One).
  10. Gatorgirl

    #44 baby!!
  11. Gatorgirl

  12. Gatorgirl


  13. Gatorgirl

    Welcome back!
  14. Gatorgirl

    Oh my, do what the doctor's say, hope you get better soon!
  15. Gatorgirl

    How do you get better soon Elvis PS don't tell anybody in the media you spoke to your dad on the phone he was positive and now you have it or that will be the new thing on the news lol



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