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  1. One has to wonder what you were looking for when you found
  2. Olive, c'était très agréable de vous rencontrer finalement. Ces images sont géniales !!!
  3. Wtf are you talking about? If anyone believes this you are truly idiots!!! Lol
  4. Stormy, you and your sweet wife did an amazing job! This was one of the best trips we have ever had. Getting to meet everyone was awesome! There are memories that were made that will never be forgotten (most specifically the remake of Titanic on the Hornblower). I would be locked in a room with you any day, lol!!! Luv you all!!!!
  5. Dang, that thing is huge!!
  6. No we didn't, ran out of time
  7. Here's some pics from the weekend Roxy's friend Ally, Dragon Slayer, Angus, Wild Penguin, Ramistar's wife Roxy Angus and Yaccster Wild Penguin and Hoth Wild Penguin and GG (Hoth and Hunter in background) Hunter Wildthing SittingDuc Bmurda and Chris Stormcrow and Angus Stormcrow and Angus Merlin Larsin Hoth and Wild Penguin Ramistar Roxy Yaccster Olive Wildthing PitbullPete Bosun and Angus UnChileno Spinpuppy The girls and Chile Bosun, Olive, Stormcrow, Roxy Angus, Wildthing, Larsin, Yaccster Wild Penguin and Angus
  8. When people complain about pushing the map the admins should be taking a vote and if more than 50% vote to push the map will be pushed... If this is not happening I'm sorry and I will make sure they are aware of this.
  9. We had such a wonderful time!! Thank you for having us!!!!! Luv you too!!!
  10. Or how the navigate the SUBWAY!!! lmao
  11. Sorry, I don't need a paper
  12. Because it works much better and faster with Tapatalk....:P
  13. New York City? Lots and lots to do....