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  1. I have to agree with that. It is rare that we play the stock maps anymore. It's fun to switch it up. The rotations change weekly so if you aren't liking a rotation it won't be long before a new one is put in.
  2. Hope you have a great birthday!
  3. Hey

    Bless her little heart hope all goes well!!
  4. Welcome to the forums!! Great to see you here and in game
  5. oh
  6. This was discussed by the admins in January and it was decided that blocking the doors is legal.
  7. Acemod is our free for all server, be warned the speed is crazy!!!
  8. Welcome!!!
  9. Senior moment huh? LOL
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Welcome to the forums, good to see you here!
  12. Praying for Kathy!!
  13. Welcome to the forums!!
  14. Saw them in Lakeland Florida in the early 90's!! Awesome!!!
  15. I had the Note 7 before they recalled them twice and I absolutely loved it if I had my choice I would go with the Note 8