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  1. This is just getting overwhelming. Prayers to Barts family.
  2. Gatorgirl

    So sorry @monkie, they are family members for sure. Here is one of my three, Lily.
  3. Gatorgirl

    This is very sad news. Prayers to Bart and his family.
  4. Gatorgirl

    I'm heartbroken, what a nice guy. He'll be missed.
  5. This is where you are wrong. I had a meeting with the head admins and we are in the process of handling your issue. Things don't happen over night, I'm sorry if you think they do. Best of luck in your new servers.
  6. Gatorgirl

    Thank you for your appeal, please be patient and the banning admin will reply.
  7. Gatorgirl

    Well that's it, I'm not going now.... well miss you my dear
  8. Gatorgirl

    So very sorry for your loss
  9. Gatorgirl

    This makes me so sad, he will be missed.
  10. Gatorgirl

    Thank you for your appeal. The admin team will get back to as soon as they can with an answer.
  11. Gatorgirl

    Love it!!!
  12. It's free in the US too, don't know why they charged you @Timmah!....I get my second Moderna on Friday. Hope all goes well, I hear if you have already had COVID the second shot is the worst.
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