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  1. Gatorgirl

    My heartfelt prayers to out to Charlene and family. I got to meet Johnny in Niagara and what a nice man!
  2. Gatorgirl

    Wonderful news!!!! So happy for you!
  3. Who are you again??? Long time no see, glad to have you back.
  4. Happy Birthday my dear, hope it's been great!

    1. moron_6


      thank u sweaty i hope u guys had a great holidays :)

  5. I'm so in shock, just texted with him a few days ago. Dadda was not only a friend but a mentor and I will miss him bunches. @sandradee2 I am so very sorry for your loss.
  6. Gatorgirl

    You two are so cute, hope you had a great day!
  7. Sounds great!! Let me know when you get it set up and I will add it to the calendar!
  8. Happy Birthday

  9. Gatorgirl

    Thank you for your appeal. Please be patient, the banning admin will get back to you soon.
  10. Gatorgirl

    COD5 CTF Day

  11. Gatorgirl

    COD4 vs COD5 Freezetag Tourney

  12. Congratulations! Well deserved!!
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