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  1. Gatorgirl

    Oh my, best wishes for a speedy recovery!!
  2. Gatorgirl

    Here is some advice: Play on our servers and have a good time, make an introduction post in the Introductions forum, participate in the forums by making posts, have patience.
  3. Gatorgirl

    OK, just trying to eliminate possible causes.
  4. Gatorgirl

    Did you just purchase this game? Did you purchase it used?
  5. Gatorgirl

    I'm so sorry you have had this experience on our servers. The mods and admins will certainly be more vigilant in policing this situation.
  6. Gatorgirl

    Oh boom, he is so precious!
  7. Gatorgirl

  8. Gatorgirl

    My friend, please know that Angus and I have you in our prayers! Don't give up, keep fighting!!!
  9. Gatorgirl

    Thank you my dear
  10. Gatorgirl

    @l.inconnu we can not find any ban based on your name or IP Address. Can you get us your GUID so we can do some more checking?
  11. Please Welcome @gemax-cool to the COD5 Moderator Team!
  12. Gatorgirl

    Geez Randall, hope you get better soon!!
  13. Thank you Tron, appreciate your concern for everyone.
  14. Gatorgirl

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!
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