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  1. Gatorgirl

    COD5 CTF Day

  2. Gatorgirl

    COD4 vs COD5 Freezetag Tourney

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved!!
  4. Gatorgirl

    Congratulations, she's beautiful!!
  5. Just some random house??? Isn't that burglary? LOL
  6. Gatorgirl

    We need people like you to help populate it!
  7. Gatorgirl

    There are 4 people in the ace mod right now...
  8. Gatorgirl

    Bottas was actually in the garage while we were standing there
  9. Gatorgirl

    They are next to each other lol, that was at the US Grand Prix last year, it was AWESOME!
  10. Gatorgirl

    Hey @X-RayXI ready to join TeamLH yet????? I've got a shirt I could loan you!!!
  11. Gatorgirl

  12. Gatorgirl

  13. Gatorgirl

    I knew I didn't like you................. 😜
  14. Gatorgirl

    Seriously though, this is just a GAME. It is a perk in the game that is available to anyone who wants to use it, you included. I understand how someone could be frustrated with a perk like that, but I get frustrated in MW2 with the stupid noobtubes, once again, a perk/equipment choice. Don't let it get you worked up, just relax and enjoy the game, God knows you kill me enough!!! LOL
  15. Gatorgirl

    I agree!! Ban those shotties, When was the last time you saw a green beret carrying a shotgun??? Its a hack. Lol
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