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  1. Happy Birthday Dirty!!!! I got you a Chile Sandwich for your birthday!!!!!!!!!
  2. What?? You didn't keep the pink paint???? I love it, looks great!!
  3. I for one would like to see who is speaking and how many people are left on the other team. Otherwise, I'm liking it, Good job guys!!
  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
  6. Happy Birthday!!!
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Welcome to the forums. Membership is by admin invite. There are several things that you must accomplish before membership can be considered: Have read, understand, and agree to abide by the XI Code of Conduct Need to be registered on this site for 1 month Need to have made a minimum of 20 posts on this site (including an introduction post about yourself) Need to have and use a mic in-game (where applicable) It is recommended to have and use Steam, Origin,teamspeak or Discord similar messaging service recommended by the admin of the game you play, and have those Admin added. Your Steam or Origin account names need to be listed on your website profile (if applicable) Must be of at least 18 years of age Your game name and forum names must match Your in-game identity (such as GUID) must not be banned by anti-cheat services such as You must not be in another clan So relax, have fun, get to know everyone and hopefully it won't be long before you get invited.
  9. That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The US >XI< Fest next year will be in Nashville. The dates will be Sept 27-30 2018. More details will be coming as I get things finalized. If your going,tell your work you need those dates off now.
  11. Thank you for your appeal, please be patient while we investigate