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  1. Gatorgirl

    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Gatorgirl

    Glad to hear you're doing ok, I was worried when you hadn't posted for so long. Don't be a stranger!!
  3. Gatorgirl

    Yay Cheyenne! Welcome to the family!!!
  4. Gatorgirl

    I can't speak for other games, but in cod4 we will warn you, if you continue we will kick.
  5. Gatorgirl

    I know he was having health problems and I haven't seen him around for a while so I sent him APM the other day and I still haven't heard back from him. Has anyone talked to him lately?
  6. Gatorgirl

    So glad you are ok!!
  7. Gatorgirl

    Welcome to the dark side LOL
  8. Gatorgirl

  9. Gatorgirl

    Best of luck I wish you a speedy recovery!
  10. Gatorgirl

    Happy Birthday CHickie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gatorgirl

    Wait, I thought you were talking about Starla......
  12. Gatorgirl

    Hmmm, @Olive you may need to send me the unedited version............
  13. Gatorgirl

    She read it aloudin the video
  14. Gatorgirl

    Omg lol
  15. Gatorgirl