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[ APPEAL FORM ] Banned for a joke.

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This user has created an appeal with the following information.


Sent by: alexslayer30

Sent on: 28 January 2017 - 09:52 PM


Game server: Xtreme Idiots 1.7.10 minecraft server.

In-game name: alexslayer30


Appeal details: I've been playing on the 1.7.10 server for quite a while, never broke a rule, never got in trouble. Earlier some one mentioned to not use homophobia, as a joke I said "Kill the gays" ironically. Before I knew it without warning, I got banned. Permanently, for a minor infraction, that was even serious. Not only have I seen people post worse things in chat, there was absolutely NO 0 nada warning and no reason for the ban except the ban hammer has spoken, I've no idea which admin banned me and why, this could possibly not even be the reason I was banned.

This is why I believe I should be unbanned, it was too harsh for what it is and without reason.

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