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  1. Slackernet

    all has been taken care of
  2. Slackernet

    to be exact you were banned on may 10th for stealing others items we will discuss this and get back to you Posted May 10 stole a digiminer + extras IGN: jenda200211
  3. Slackernet

    Kitty you will be missed Best of luck to you and if you need anything just dm me anytime
  4. Slackernet

    try making a new profile. this article seems to point to profile corruption as the cause https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hello/windows-10-safe-mode-doesnt-accept-my-password/61b04ab6-b725-4867-b5da-c85d4e4a6151
  5. Slackernet

    I am going to make this real clear A temp ban doesn't need a ban post and is a cool down period for you your builds and resources are stupid big and cause lots of lagg to the server your posting and rants simply piss people off so a word of advice if you want to continue on the XI Server / discord/ website use the temp ban time to chill out and rethink your strategies if you want OP ridiculous sized builds and item amounts do so in single player On the XI Server you will be helped just like everyone else. If that answer isn't to your liking then go elsewhere My opinion witch i can safely say is also the same by most of the minecraft staff is... the red issues stop now or red is not returning to the server / discord/ or the website the choice is yours I can't be anymore clear about this
  6. Slackernet

    hold on a second........ you do know it is not necessary to ban appeal a temp ban correct ? you let the time expire and you are good...that is also why a ban post is not needed..AKA TEMP ban .but since you open Pandora's box might as well clear the air and to be perfectly honest since the whole base thing + the stink you made on discord that got you banned from posting there + your almost unlimited resources you say you have available......AKA why the hell did you even make a stink on discord then.......+ you actions in game is why the hell we are here having this conversation now
  7. Slackernet

    Sorry to say it was put up for a vote and the Ban will stay in place and the appeal is denied. Prior and current actions do not justify a return to the server
  8. Slackernet

    welcome to the team tat
  9. Slackernet

    we will discuss it and get back to you shortly
  10. Slackernet

    the north and south bridge heat sinks never get new material added to them unless a crazy cooling system is added to the case. That info alone is telling me you have electrical surge or heat damage on the main board. if i recall correctly its the south bridge that handles video and by the looks of that display its prob damaged and the board is dying
  11. Slackernet

    from your explanation it is sounding like you are having a main board issue. either the capacitors are failing or the north or south bridge i damaged. Either way it would seem like you need to rebuild a bit. if everything around the main board is replaced its time to look inward. If you post what cpu type and ram type maybe one of us idiots has an extra board laying around that you could use. It's worth a shot ps: don't forget the case / board size ATX MATX are a few examples. The easiest way to tell is just measure the length and width of the board
  12. Slackernet

    reminder don't make multiple appeal posts. tesla has to sign up and make his own appeal one appeal per user
  13. Slackernet

    tesla will have to do the same thing he has to make an appeal and we will review it I was wrong about the second ban. further looking it was just a date mistake between your appeal post and the actual ban post. They were about 6 months apart. That is one of the reasons why the ban was lifted. there was no second ban
  14. Slackernet

    why are you making a new appeal ? this was handled yesterday
  15. Slackernet

    the team discussed it and you will be allowed back to the server. It will be taken care of today. If you have any issues logging in post back here so we can fix it