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  1. Slackernet

    Valentines i never understood why they spelled vagina that way 😆 but ok happy Valentines day
  2. we do understand whats going on and are working on it. making several posts with crazy tags and pings is not going to change a dam thing. make the post and we will get to it as soon as we can STOP THE DAM DRAMA
  3. Slackernet

    sounds more like the upgrade may have gone wrong in some way. Since it only seems to be the internet speed i would check the installed drivers for your internet adapter. microsoft sometimes uses generic drivers and they can cause issues.. using / replacing the generic driver with the manufacturer driver may just fix your issue
  4. Slackernet

    it depends on how long the disconnect is. computers do have a battery backup but it don't last very long. Yes there are battery tenders but 99% of them are a joke and killed by simply opening the door to the car and today's cars the cigarette / power outlets shut off with the car anyways making those batteries even more useless
  5. Slackernet

    engine temp and driving conditions are key to getting the monitors to run. changing a battery or alternator should not have reset them in the first place but it could happen as your case proves that so here is a quick guide to get the monitors to run
  6. Slackernet

    no it did not fix it
  7. Slackernet

    yes there is a fix we can jail you and then unjail you witch places you at spawn thats why i need your in game name or ign exactly with any special cahractors from what i see your ign = Nakarada92 you are jailed
  8. Slackernet

    whats the ign yes it is well known venus and saturn are bugged and are not to be visited we tried many things to fix it. the mod is just broken and 1.7 version is not getting any more updates to fix it so we are stuck with it
  9. Slackernet

    there is one at spawn next to the room with the mystraft portals. look around the second floor you will find it
  10. Slackernet

    thats the wrong version we are still on ver 98 your launcher auto updated to 98b witch was released was week
  11. Slackernet

    all good updates come out from time to time the launcher wants you to run the new stuff as usual we just haven't finished testing the new stuff yet. we will let you know when it's ready to go
  12. Slackernet

    note 98b was just released a week ago you can go back to the correct version on the technic launcher
  13. Slackernet

    you are on the wrong version. The sever is still running ver 98 not 98b we wont update the live server until the new verion is tested to make sure all the updates work with our setup
  14. Slackernet

    well then i will give you the exact same advice i gave you when it was a 3 day ban chill out and drop it and its not going away if anything changes with your second log in while banned situation you will be notified