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    its not our job to make this game give or buy craft its minecraft go make it
  3. Slackernet

    well if the mod doesn't work as intended there isn't a whole lot that can be done since there is no development on version 1.7 for the last couple of years
  4. Slackernet

    try silk touch on a tinkers tool we know that works
  5. Slackernet

    system specs would be helpful but in general laptops are not that great for gaming. The mobile version of hardware they use is mostly to save power and extend battery life. Yes windows can be customized for gaming but remember if your hardware is weak then no OS customization will help very much here are a couple of places to look for information
  6. Slackernet

    and your argument was only partially correct. those commands are creative mode / op mode paste from the wiki You can turn warp option off in the config file - "Wuss Mode". Thus you will not gain any warp, but also any research that requires warp will be unavailable. Finally, it is possible to resort to "creative/op" commands. The following commands will remove all warp (except from equipment) /tc warp <playername> set 0 TEMP /tc warp <playername> set 0 /tc warp <playername> set 0 PERM so we are not making op available or an option on any mod that has always been our policy so to remove warp you would have to play through or remove the knowledge. do you know how many complains about imbued fire we get because it's disabled but has an easy workaround ????? folks would rather bitch about it then go find the answer online warp is part of the mod and it stays that way. no one is forcing people to do the mod its a choice.
  7. Slackernet

    your ideas are fine but they do not fit what the mod dev intended . The sign you speak of. I looked into it. to remove the warp it also removes the knowledge. So no sign or admin command will work as you thought the ftb wiki explains it like this Warp is a mechanic added by Thaumcraft 4. As the player performs more Research in the Thaumonomicon, they will accrue Warp from topics that are noted to contain "Forbidden Knowledge." Warp may also be acquired when crafting certain items in an Infusion Altar or by being attacked by entities of an eldritch nature. With the more Warp a player attains, the more severe and frequent Warp events will occur super nodes as you explained are end game and need to be earned changing it to buycraft instead of minecraft has proven to make people finish faster, have no challenge, become bored and either quit or just start messing up the server finally we cannot add mods to the pack. the dev creates it and we tweak it to run as best it can tinting armour i do believe ( i could be wrong) would entail adding a mod to the pack that can't be done as every user would then have to add that mod manually to be able to play creating a major hassle to all that play the discord update / announcements I do think is a good idea and should be considered as whitelist signup is there people are on discord first and additional info always is helpful
  8. Slackernet

    make sure the source is correct aka usb sound card hdmi etc etc etc some mic and headsets have software / drivers to install to help them connect correctly in addition to the sound card drivers
  9. Slackernet

    We discussed your ban and 60 days is what we came up with post back here at that time and we will add you back to the server
  10. Slackernet

    go here and check the pins at the top right for a whitelist application
  11. Slackernet

    that mod is riddled with bugs. it is a real POS . its part of the pack so we are stuck with it the mod has issues with....the claims the dims the items the list goes on and on my advice if you choose to play that mod expect losses or just stay away from it all together
  12. Slackernet

    welcome to XI
  13. Slackernet

    see the minecraft help section on the discord info can be found at the top of the page in the "pins" section
  14. Slackernet

    wait and see if a server restart gets rid of it that whole mod is a royal pain in the azz and is riddled with many bugs
  15. Slackernet

    we will discuss it but racism in any form is not tolerated, sign spoken of naming you weapons