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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. 15 from the date of the ban 2/25/18
  3. we discussed it and Tattoogamer said you were honest about it and didn't try to make any excuses. That says a lot. so we voted and your back in the server in 15 days. If you can post back here at that time to remind us we will unban you
  4. we will discuss this and get back to you
  5. It all depends on the error you got. minecraft does have auth servers they run to make sure your acct is legit. Once and awhile they have issues and can stop anyone from logging in. the other issue that can possibly happen are: wrong version, not enough ram. and wrong / outdated java version. Also a system that doesnt have at least 4-6gb of ram to use for the game java = java 8 64 bit latest version. you can only have one installed so the default path uses 64 bit only (it just makes life easier) Technic Launcher- our pack uses the technic launcher witch needs about 4gb ram assigned to it Xi Minecraft Server Pack- our pack we use is the1.7.10 pack Minecraft Auth Server Help- to check minecraft auth server availability so in summary a 64 bit operating system with 4-6gb of ram is recommended and bare minimum the latest java 64 bit has to be installed technic launcher with 4gb assigned in the options menu 1.7.10 pack added to launcher ver 97 was the last update about 10 months ago and the server ip added to the muti tab once the game boots up (this can take about 3 min to happen just be patient) with all that in place you should be good to go and log in should be fine. We do not run a whitelist is open to the public if any questions come up let us know.
  6. As in your first appeal we said we would review it. whether it takes 2 min or 2 weeks we will get back to you. So making several appeals did not help your case and did help us make a decision first appeal its our opinion the ban will stay in place and you won't be returning to the server
  7. we will review your ban appeal.and get back to you .group ban appeals do not exist. each user needs to make an appeal and they will be resolved one at a time
  8. we will review this
  9. I'm on gmt -5 i will take take of it in 6 hrs from this posting
  10. fastest way would be to direct message him on discord. or in game when he is on here is the link for the XI Discord
  11. sounds like you got some corruption in the os system files. but if its that old a new build may be just the trick you need to run today's games with much less effort
  12. you did un install all the old video drivers, reboot and install the new drivers for the new card from their website. old drivers on a new card can cause issues
  13. angelz is right the info for each version can be found here
  14. you should have it. do a search for dxdiag once you run it it should give an output and any errors