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  1. Slackernet

    yo dogg next time you see a dude pulling his unit 😂
  2. Slackernet

    looking at it now seems about 8 months ago. Do you have any details or info you would like to add to your appeal ?
  3. Slackernet

    many forms of correctness xD https://youtu.be/TSlbEq0roEM
  4. Slackernet

    a hot voil-arina nice find
  5. Slackernet

    yea its temp and it's fixed
  6. Slackernet

    that happens when we are working in it its fixed and open
  7. Slackernet

    ok one of us will be in game soon
  8. Slackernet

    The info above i posted was from a moderator who was in game when you did it and jailed you. Karn is absolutely correct in saying "use a poppet without consent is against our rules" That is all the Proof I need..... You had a chance to explain this and all you got is proof please So I will make this real easy for you your appeal is Denied your jail time is over your new ban is permanent
  9. Slackernet

    doing a bit of checking I was told this is why you are in jail he was tag locking people and killing them through drowning/hurting etc so now it's a matter of you telling the truth about it and what we will decide to do next what say you ?
  10. Slackernet

    so you are jailed and not banned. we will look into as to why you were jailed and get back to you with our decision. this may take a bit so sit tight
  11. Slackernet

    I am not sure about your storage needs but don't make the mistake we did. a few bucks more a month and they offered us a local 1tb hard drive. if you need the room for backups its best to do it up front. we spend a lot of time shuffling files around as we filled the ssd up a few times and it crashed out on us... just a tip from lessons learned xD
  12. Slackernet

    what about upgrading the current dedicated server ? is that an option ? It may be cheaper than running 2 servers
  13. Slackernet

    We have been averaging 25 players at a time lately and yes it is the same world as last you played. So yes it's minecraft and yes there is lagg to be expected. I have been on all weekend and with that many players on at the same time not much can be done. As far as timeouts go there can be several issues that cause that. Most of the time it is a high ping rate caused by the route the isp uses to get to a sever. Try running a traceroute to see if there are any issues along the way. My connection isn't the best, it's comcast residential because that is all that is offered in my area and i only timed out twice this weekend
  14. Slackernet

    idk feed more..or maybe feed from a diff village each night. you can mark different villages in a warp book and just teleport to a new village each night...
  15. Slackernet

    double posting is not the answer.....and we cannot do it for you... check it again and make sure you find the step you are doing wrong...we do not give out levels..they have to be earned correctly like many other players have done......it's not broken or glitched