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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. A man of his character is why the term hero should be reserved Rip Gunnery Sergeant Ermey
  3. hi max nice to see you back
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. lake george in upstate ny has some nice stuff and a few old forts. it's also close to the catskill mountains if you like hiking. Lake Placid is there too it was the site of the 80 winter olympics.
  6. folks here are right windows does like putting its own generic video drivers in place of your proprietary driver on updates. So make sure you have the latest driver for your card installed. The only way i can see a tv causing trouble is if the frequency of the tv is to high for your card you have. Some high end tv's run at 240hz. Most monitors are 60hz or 144hz. There are some high end gaming monitors that run at 240hz but they are hundreds of dollars and usually if your buying one of these monitors you already have a killer video card installed. Once you have the right video driver installed there is usually a control panel or software suite that comes with the video driver install. Run the control suite and check the frequency it is running at against the frequency specs of the tv you are using. Make sure the frequencies match. the tv specs That should clear up the BSOD issues barring any hardware type of failures Note: If you are running a monitor and a tv. The card will default to the lowest frequency of the items installed. Example: monitor @ 60hz tv @120hz default output would be 60hz and may cause issues like you are having.
  7. see if you can find anything in event viewer. here is a good guide to use
  8. lets not make multiple posts about the same thing. You other post was answered
  9. That sure is an odd one. We will look at it when we get a chance thanks for the input
  10. the server has been restarted and it is fine now
  11. Happy Birthday Sally
  12. we will discuss it and get back to you
  13. well you got one thing right the second appeal is not smart just like griefing someones base
  14. You were banned for griefing several items at a users base
  15. nostradewmus was working on it all is fine now