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  1. we did add extra floors as many folks were making shops. if you do come across one of the shops let us know at the very lest we could block it off so it can't be used. If the last floor runs out then we can talk about replacing. We just don't want to see this guy is out a moth i want his spot kind of stuff. witch does get asked a lot believe it or not. The bottom floor is still almost empty and has a lot of shop warps left. Another idea we been throwing around is a different shop format in a new building. Bigger building like last run with fewer floors and a more open type of building is one possibility. but definitely let one of us know if a shop is out of stock or has an issue and we will help best we can. Discord has a mobil app so you will usually get one of us in a short period of time /r Slacker
  2. FYI I made a procedural error and that increased the time of the review. It had nothing to do with the time the seniors review things. Just so you know why the reply time was extended
  3. your appeal is under review by the senior team. you should have an answer in about 3 days from now.
  4. we discussed it and you will be allowed back on the server try and log in and make sure all is ok
  5. 90 days was the decision and your time is up so you can return to the server
  6. ok you will be good to go in a few mins
  7. we will discuss it and get back to you
  8. we will look into it and get back to you
  9. OK you are un-banned you can return to the server
  10. its best to go to the main page and click on the monkey top left and make an appeal i did a quick search for your name i didn't find anything so make sure your ign at the time of the ban is in the appeal
  11. nmcb12 vet
  12. Welcome to Xi
  13. nope i just wont stoop to your childish level and your attitude has made the ban permanent and no more will come of this appeal either enjoy your pitiful life elsewhere on another server
  14. Welcome to XI 16
  15. well if you took two sec to read why you would have seen it's a temp ban not a perm ban Paste: INFO - Banned: The Ban Hammer has spoken! 27.10 07:49:35 [Server] INFO - Ban expires: 4 days 9 hours 37 minutes so next time you decide to leave 30 + graves at spawn for no reason except being an azz you might just think about it the next one won't be temporary PS: your actions not ours point to who the real azzhole is now dont it