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XI 1.7.10 Pack Server Banned Items

Nuke - Bad 
SDX - Bad 
Railcraft Anchors  - Lag 
Sacred Rubber Sapling - Lag 
Carpenters Garage Door - Instability 
Book Binder  - Lag 
Blast Resistant ME Drive - Instability 
Deep Dark Portal - Lag 
Last Millenium Portal - Lag 
All Imbued Fire - Bad 
Mining Laser - Bypasses Protection 
Sacred Oak Sapling - Lag 
Mega Rubber Sapling - Lag 
Exchangers - Bypasses Protection 
Mekanism Teleporter - Lag 
World Hole Upgrade - Lag 
BC Quarry/Filler/Builder - Instability/Lag 
Shell Constructor - Instability 
Shell Storage - Instability 
DefenseTech Mod - Bypasses Protection/Instability 
Portal Gun Mod - Bypasses Protection/Instability 
Flan's Mod - Bypasses Protection/Instability 
Shard of Laputa - Bypasses Protection 
Mekanism Flamethrower  - Bypasses Protection 
All Firestone - Bypasses Protection 
Ender Collector - Duping 
Tinkers Traveler's Armor - Instability 
Routed Firewall Pipe - Duping 
MFR Chunk Loader - Chunk Loading 
Steve's Carts Chunk Loader - Chunk Loading 
Uncrafting Table - Exploiting Mods 
Advanced Mining Turtle - Bypassing Protection 
Mining Turtle - Bypassing Protection 
Portable Hole Wand Focus - Bypassing Protection 
Dislocation Wand Focus - Bypassing Protection 
Rednet Energy Cables - Instability 
Magic Beans - Instability 
Temple Caller - Instability 
Enderium Seeds - Balancing 
Mana/Terrasteel Seeds - Balancing 
Signal Bus(TMechWorks) - Instability


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