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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.


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  2. Crowley

    @NorrisDoesGaming I like the DP with turps and sijn XD have either of them started something else yet?
  3. fightingseabee

    I play as often as I can
  4. Just wondering how many people actually play a lot? I play Rust but have never played Minecraft in my life ever but my kids want me to play so I wanted to learn from a few others.
  5. Slackernet

    on the 1.7 server galacticcraft does not work. It never did especially on venus suggestion......stay away from venus
  6. Me and Ghost_1 were both entering a Venus dungeon when we both crashed and haven't been able to get back into the server for 3 days now. Any suggestions?
  7. n2galaxy

    There's hardly any more to see. That base was never finished.
  8. AlbainJanus

    That is a rather inspiring design for your area, really makes me want to take a look around once its built entirely
  9. AlbainJanus

    tbh the staff have been nothing but great, i have to agree with you on that. every time ive had an issue, or someone else has had an issue there has always been a helpfull reply even if half the time its been "have you checked #welcome yet? ??
  10. fightingseabee

    just noticed i missed the H in thank you admins....... sorry
  11. fightingseabee

    I know i said it last night but wanted to say thank you to all the admins that responded to the trouble we had on 1.7.10. knowing that we have people that care about keeping the environment safe and friendly for everyone and are willing to respond quickly makes this a fun server to play on.?
  12. AlbainJanus

    how bout rather than making one single base, we set up a portal network between different bases, having yours as a network centre. since me and some other people did start naming our bases after countries, why not have an international hub?
  13. if anyone wants to join up with me @MineCrater116 to build epic buildings and live in on big base
  14. RobMc

    I'm fully developed thank you, but some of our members may be interested @Chris springs to mind.
  15. has it ever been considered to make an XI mod pack that way the group would have a little more control over how the pack develops

    The strategy for acquiring the eldritch tab is essentially to get as much warp as possible, as quickly as possible, then wait for a warp event. In order to do this, focus on warp giving research going from Taboo >> Dangerous >> Moderate >> Minor . If this isn't enough, create flesh golems for a cheap warp-giving source, ALWAYS use crimson rites cas warp, and eat zombie brains as well. hope this helps for people who want to get this tab quickly cas warp can be annoying to deal with at times.
  17. dadda2

    your last appeal was in june/ july and it was denied at least give it a bit more time before you launch another one
  18. LadyIngvild

    If this is because you'd like to be considered unbanned, make an official ban appeal like Sparky commented. You create one here; https://www.xtremeidiots.com/forms/16-minecraft-ban-appeal/ If not, thank you for your apologize.
  19. SparkyBearBomb

    wrong forum, go to the ban appeals
  20. Duc_Lucius

    Thanks got Crimson Rights and loged out and back in and it was there . TY
  21. n2galaxy

    Gotta read the crimson rites if you haven't already. To build up warp, find an already-opened eldritch portal and stand in the middle of those flux-lightning things for a bit. They'll max out temporary warp real quick.
  22. Is any one aware of a for sure way or path to unlocking the Eldrich tab ? I have quite abit of warp and insanity but cant make a checker to see how bad it is or the salts to bring it down. The messages where neat at first but now becoming annoying.
  23. Duc_Lucius

    Magic crops Wither seeds and Experience seeds dont seem to be listed as banned items. When I try to craft Either my client crashes. Is this an issue with the pacl or are they actually banned ? Also found same issue with Thaumium seeds
  24. We (hopefully) are still in the pinned list of servers. As you said, we used to advertise but it really wasnt the result you might expect. We can consider it for sure.
  25. As many are aware, the 1.7.10 pack has an official Discord server which allows individual servers to advertise themselves. What I'd like to bring to light is that they are allowed to do so every 24 hours, and several other servers, (Nexus, SFT, and AGN,) take full advantage of this. I'm aware that the XI server has been advertised there, but it's been long buried and won't be seen by anyone not specifically looking for it. If the XI server does wish to grow, I would highly recommend the administration start posting there. It's good, free publicity, which is something that, as far as I'm aware,



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