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  1. which pond would that be lol
  2. tasty lamb that was hmmmmm
  3. time to put the kettle on ..............
  4. when im not working or gaming or outdoors im making good shit in the kitchen.............. heres a few of my favorites from a corned beef hash, keffe tagine, cantoneese, tai or chinese. ill post a few of my favorite dishes for you guys to drool over..
  5. H-BombUK

    2 meg download speed is shite getting dl speeds of 224kbps taken 2 weeks to download gtav, 66 gig total download, 11 gig to go and connection drops a lot too. bloody bt leave to download pops off after an hour..... soz killingman lol
  6. H-BombUK

    il try not to this time ricko, lol cheers edd and LaRSin good to be back..........
  7. sitting around like a spare spanner atm waiting for 7 addons and hardline and all its addons too on a 2 meg connection sweeeeeeet time we live in
  8. it was great seeing the guys in york with ricko, ed cheers,panda
  9. been a tiring day setting up game configs to get a game working now six game addons to wait for ...oh what fun

  10. hi guys returning after a 4-5 yr break after my rigg going ca-putt and having a motorcycle accident and life changing curcumstances finally got my payout and bought myself na rigg that would do bf4 hardline and bf1 as its the only way to play battlefield is on pc... so im looking to get me tags back, also it was great to goto xi-fest in york the other month where ricko stayed over and we went over on the saturday and met the guys and gals of XI big shout to all they guys ive said hi to all ready ie ricko edd the duck maverick ect catch you all on TS
  11. H-BombUK

    Damage_inc- lmao...eating beans then riding your motor-cicle???...sounds too dangerous 4 me.... too extreme ...prunz seem much safer to keep yourself regular.... lmao
  12. H-BombUK

    interesting combo lol might try that