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  1. Mupphovsmannen

    Not sure I'll go either if it's in Edinburgh (Pretty sure this will make more people vote for it). Not really the kind of town I would want this kind of event in.
  2. Mupphovsmannen

    I (and many other Sweedes) wouldn't go for a vacation in this city even if it was the last one on Earth. It's really one of the most unsafe cities in Scandinavia. The same day as you posted there was a grenade attack at one of the policestations... Brussels, Budapest and Rome. Three places I strongly vote yes for!
  3. Mupphovsmannen

    I vote Brussels!
  4. Mupphovsmannen

    I thought we always drank?
  5. Mupphovsmannen

    This is not correct. The fact is that no graphicscard use more than 8GB/s of bandwidth on the PCI-E (That's the maximum speed of PCI-E 2.0 x16). So you will still do fine with a PCI-E 2.0 motherboard and a R9-390. I would rather go with a GTX 1060 in your case but you have no need at all to upgrade motherboard and cpu yet.
  6. Mupphovsmannen

    We need one for when the Swedish take over teamspeak too.
  7. Mupphovsmannen

    An 8350 will bottleneck your GPU. That's for sure.
  8. Mupphovsmannen

  9. Mupphovsmannen

    Complete chaos on the back:
  10. Mupphovsmannen

    Best fucking news in a long time. The UK is now allowed to make their own laws again.
  11. Mupphovsmannen

    Thank you for accepting me into this group of Xtreme Idiots, I will try my best to keep the bar as low as possible. I'm guessing that ass Codpiece got me this Finnish medal instead of a Swedish one.
  12. Mupphovsmannen

    You have those letters in the totally wrong order. It's supposed to be "ÅÄÖ"!
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