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  1. deerejon

    Did you brew enough for EVERYBODY??
  2. deerejon

    I dont see the issue....any of you drive in Jersey?? Looked fine to me....🙄
  3. deerejon

    Tough times Bro....shit turns though....hang tough!!
  4. mp_1078carentan mp_wbridge mp_agx_depot1 mp_algiers mp_bf1942_berlin mp_xi_shima mp_caen_night mp_cav_slated mp_yomi mp_crash_day mp_cw_brecourt_storm mp_cw_hurtgen mp_eindhoven2 mp_gb_atami mp_mohaa_dv mp_silesia mp_tunnels mp_agx_abusimbel mp_breakout mp_contrav2
  5. deerejon

    I almost couldnt help myself
  6. mp_erdingtonoff is in....very nice map!!! Thanks for doesnt look easy!!!
  7. mp_omcbrest_ffa will be replaced with __________(first person to say their favorite map)
  8. Thats the one with the cranes and everyone spawns on top of each other???? I agree this one should come out permanently and I meant to do that....sorry.!!.
  9. Will do...I'll get to it this afternoon.... BTW I googled the map to see a screen shot to refresh my memory and the result for images for the map is full of idiots
  10. Congrats Harry well desereved! Butt kissing done...can i have your old office? Well done!