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  1. Played yesterday and it was a ton of fun.... Beers and his flame thrower was like the 4th of July..... I don't know if my ALTITUDE was the same as the others but I KNOW I was Looking forward to more....
  2. Have you joined the clan in the game?? if so then just open the xi chatbox to see who is on.... As far as clan battles, we had 5 on the other night but no one was able to initiate a clan battle as there was no one of rank present. Or rather we had some qualified to start one but they didn't have the Tier VII ship required to receive the clan battle ships.... My opinion is that everyone should be able to start a clan battle, OR someone who is ranked in the clan with the ability to start one needs to set one up...let us all know when to be there.... Come on us make our presence known!!!!!!
  3. 216k damage with the Kagero? Very nice....I have it but cant use it well yet.... I don't cap screens a lot I forget but I am not sure I ever broke the 100k mark on damage....have unleashed the Kraken a few times though....
  4. Awesome work....
  5. Liar....
  6. I say yes and no all day....depends on the questions
  7. I do...I live in NJ and work in the Bayonne area....but your right on how amazing that no one really knows what this is....
  8. I don't know how, but the password reset email wasn't compromised so I was able to change the password and setup 2 step verification. I then changed all passwords on anything attached, like the email, paypal, steam....everything I could think of that was associated. What happened to me was an update to Assassins Creed Origins occurred and when I went into play the language was Russian or Ukrainine or something....I manged to click every option to find the language and finally got it to English. I thought the update screwed me up. A day or so later same thing...and I noticed a second game started and I knew that wasn't had loaded a cloud save and started his own game but it was an older save than was on my pc so I ended up 4 levels lower, some tough quests no longer completed and about 8000 drachmas of games....and asshole hackers.....
  9. Same it back and now use 2 step verification but I also lost all friends...add me all...!!! deerejon
  10. I don't know what time you play but tell me and I will try to hook up with you....the game is soooo much better with a group.
  11. So anyone know when and how to participate in the next round of clan battles?? It'd be awesome to start getting us a ranking....
  12. I have it and play it....its an awesome game and a huge world to just gets boring playing I stopped...hit me up and we'll meet up in there....
  13. @wahoo4Here ya go....