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  1. Post the video....
  2. Hope your day is just AWESOME!!! Have a happy birthday!!
  3. Start a topic here....
  4. 1. Josey Wales
  5. Your going the wrong way..... How does he know where we're going??
  6. Very Damascus steel....that's a nice one to carry. I have a pretty good knife collection....and by collection I mean knives I can use not look at. I just picked up this knife sharpener and it puts an incredible edge on them.
  7. I got a good plan going... New Orleans Mar. 11-14 Isle Mujeres Apr. 14 - 21 Never been to NO. but do know to keep my wallet in my front Isle is my favorite repeat.... 3 tacos 2 beers 5 dollars. Barracuda off the beach every night at sunset when the bait runs around the point. very chill and cancun is a ferry ride away for action.
  8. Great picks @JohnnyDos ....forgot about Savoy Brown for a few years there.....nice....
  9. He's already fucked...he was supposed to go into an orbit but they messed up the deployment and now he's headed out past Mars. "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"
  10. Your doing good work the gfm link here...I didn't know about it....
  11. Go stormy!!! Listening live.....
  12. Works here...go get em Storm....
  13. Are we going to get in on any of these battles?? If someone sets up a time I will absolutely be in....lets get up there in the rankings...!!!