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  1. deerejon

    Not until may 2nd ;/
  2. deerejon

    Nice fish....they are hammering them at the Verinzano now....I fish out of Liberty Harbor and didnt have the right bait cause I was striper fishing at the Statue of Liberty...did rail a nice 25lb'r I'll post it seperate so I dont hijack the post!!
  3. deerejon

    Stay safe.....
  4. deerejon

    Good Job, just delete the part of the video where you ran a red light chasing her...
  5. deerejon

    PS. Not sure cat ears are the look YOUR going for....lol...but if you do a pic would be nice....
  6. deerejon

    I'm pretty sure jacks are better if you have a good sound card....I tried usb but couldnt use the features of the sound card with them so went to jacked headset....
  7. deerejon

    Totally Agree.....
  8. deerejon

    This got my thinking about my milk crates in the garage storage.....pulled one down and started looking....opened Frampton Comes ALive and found some seeds and a pack of club rolling papers....
  9. deerejon

    Are the numbers really that important? Does it matter that they die from preexisting conditions that the virus exploited? If i have a heart condition that I take meds for everyday for years (i dont but) and I'm walking to the store and get mugged....the situation stresses me out and I die of a heart attack....well the mugger didnt kill me, I had a heart attack. But if I was never mugged I might have lived for 15 more years...so who cares what killed me? I dont I'm dead. I think thats the point...maybe this highly contagious viurs wont kill YOU...but you may give it to me or your wife, mom, gandma....its the mugger and numbers dont mean much really when you get right down to it. But I also agree we cant isolated forever and need to be out...if people are smart and respectful, but I see to many fools and really its always the fools who ruin it for the rest of us... So..my governor (called us knuckleheads-arrogant asshole) and most of the government is getting a little too militant in my opinion but the minute we're allowed to do anything the fools come out....and ruin it all over again.... Opinions are like arseholes...we all got one and most of em stink so with that in mind here is my opinion. Wear a mask...it may not be the be all end all but it shows we care. Social distance....dont walk up on peeps anymore...give em their 6'....may not help buit it shows we're listening and care. Dont grab EVERY steak on the shelf....take what you need. We need to get out fishing, bowling, beach, golf, etc....but if we dont practice safe guidelines the ones that run Das Amerika will never slack off.
  10. deerejon

  11. deerejon

    Never saw that vid @Marauder-CDN ....Nice!!
  12. deerejon

    Not only my Doctor but my friend....I too am sorry for your past experiences but this guy was nothing but concerned, no matter what was going on.... http://newjersey.news12.com/story/42028013/community-remembers-beloved-nutley-doctor-who-died-from-covid19
  13. deerejon

    Sorry for the loss.....
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