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  3. deerejon

    On the phone at work...will do this now...looks like a looonnggg call....hate those.
  4. deerejon

    Yes...I have been away but will get one up tonite...its summer bro...!!
  5. Sorry all....I had an opportunity to slip away a bit...so i did....I promise I'll get the rotation up tonite...swear...lol...
  6. deerejon

    Hahaha....i had to look back at my spelling...I’m not sure the strippers bite though... i only go for the cheeseburgers...!
  7. deerejon

    Ahhh it aint THAT bad, at least from the water. was fishing the south end of manhattan a few hours ago. Thats the verinzano bridge in the fog at about 4 while my wife took my daughter to a very nice lunch and (omg) shopping trip for her birthday. True i wouldn't want to live in the city but i’m close enough to play in it. Its got a lot to see and offer. Couldn't get the stripers to bite but marked a shitload
  8. deerejon

  9. deerejon

    Anybody have this??
  10. deerejon

    Thats why I never want to go to a jury trial, I'll cop a plea....my peers know how to get out of it....lol...
  11. deerejon

    When i was 19 i threw my first summons in the garbage and have never received another. Try it next time!!
  12. deerejon

    Hey Mule...wondered where the hell the heehaw was!!
  13. deerejon

    Welcome to the team....anything you need just holler!!
  14. deerejon

    Sounds hairy everyone was lucky!!!
  15. I forgot all_out is bad spawns will fix it but until then admins please skip if a problem.
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