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  1. Sorry all will be back tomorrow and take care of this.....
  2. deerejon

    Its with the greatest respect that I say 🖕
  3. deerejon

    Welcome to XI and remember taunting an Admin after killing them...even your mom, while not prohibited is discouraged...😆😋
  4. deerejon

    Found a bunch of tape from the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ... bicycle distance for me as a kid....$5.00 standing room tickets almost every weekend and all the weed you could smoke... By this show I was out of high school.....
  5. deerejon

    Was at this show!!
  6. Oh wow....how do you break a shoulder blade?? Cripes you'd have to hit something really hard for that.....
  7. Just got over 5 days of the flu....I'll update downloader soon...I'm shot...
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  9. deerejon

    Hey Ray Hey Sugar...tell 'em who we are....RIP Ray