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  1. deerejon

    The afternoons are picking up again, like Blackcat says and we're getting some new blood too...I play more afternoons for an hour or two with them more often than not. Besides, I'm not thinking the Ftag server is on the chopping block.
  2. I dont see how or why they are controlling the weather, its freaking gray in NJ and nice days are scattered at best...why would they worsen the weather?? And food supply? Burger King just offered 10 chicken nuggets for a dollar...I dont see the correlation. I'm only being slightly sarcastic, I really dont understand the a. reason if its true and b. what leads people to believe its true.
  3. As far as the Ftag server, as I said I only heard about this yesterday? This morning? I forget we're working on it in this post...stay tuned for updates...
  4. deerejon

    If you get it give me a holler...its most awesome MP.
  5. deerejon

    Black Friday Sale...$20.00 https://store.ubi.com/us/search?cgid=bf-ghost-recon&ncid=120-2723---1-pbrl-38-58-blackfriday-deals-web-VG--17-2-7-1118-4----_WC___blackfriday-deals-web-VG_ID67837
  6. Its been a while Hxtr...what are chemtrails again??
  7. deerejon

    Welcome !!!
  8. deerejon

    Someone will be back to you shortly....give us some time to look into it....
  9. deerejon

    XteKK is correct...this is the cod4 ban appeal section....you should go to the cod5 one...!!
  10. deerejon

    Thats the weird part....this was on my primary work machine and aside from here and occasional youtube I dont download anything. Anyhow seems fine now so thanks again!!
  11. deerejon

    So...I followed almost everyones advice....safe mode, clear cache, uninstall symantec, ran some of the suggested programs, looked clean, unistalled them and installed Trend Micro, which my work subscription has room on so its the paid one, ran that and that came up clean too.... Thanks to all of you!!!!!
  12. Someone knows what they're doing....that was it...But I cant understand why it didnt cause an issue las....NM I edited it out then restarted and accp jumped maps...it prob never rotated there again for the night... It WAS the next map in rotation.... mp_agxdepot1 is NOT mp_agx_depot1 Silly game....
  13. yes i edited out chateau and the rotation ran fine.....I'm going to play it in rotations on the test server....its too awesome to lose...