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  1. It turned out to be a youtube adblocker plus firefox extension that gave me the issue. It's all fixed now.
  2. Sorry you feel that way. I have made only 13 posts in this 6 page thread. Most of which were conversations with noam and myself or me answering quotes/questions directed at me personally. Anyone who knows me knows I will speak the truth about how I feel or think. I have never liked how gamers get ridiculed or out right get called cheaters with no proof in public forums by anyone because they are good. I will defend them always.
  3. When a topic is started in a public thread, it means that everyone has the right to an opinion. Correct me if I am wrong but did this thread start before he was banned? In this thread a video was posted and not all the posters could see or understand what they were looking at or did not care. The name calling and out right calling him a cheater started and it got to me personally. I have never liked seeing an innocent gamer be accused of cheating and then have childish comments being thrown out by full grown adults. Banning someone temporarily or permanently from a server without a justified reason causes issues with everyone. The admins have their section on the forums where no one is allowed to comment. It is between the gamer who was banned and the admin who banned the gamer. This thread has made it to 5 pages now because of the immaturity of most of the comments. If he was banned for being a good player that does not look good for the XI community. That is the last type of comment I would of expected to read from you. I always thought of you as a fair and impartial person. Not wanting a good clean player in your servers is unreasonable to me. Yet there are documented caught cheaters that wear the XI tags that are still members?
  4. It's not hard to get a ban done when many members are whining about being killed a shit load of times. They do not like to die a lot and so they instantly call the gamer a cheater. Some out right call them that in a post (which is also against the rules) but they wear tags so nothing is really done or said to them. If you make a good decision and not fall for the bullshit you will be ok.
  5. They can basically do and say what they want because they are members. Guests do not have the same privileges.
  6. Please watch what you type next. Everyone knows you are not using a scroll wheel to shoot or using cheats. They are just pissed because you kill them constantly and that makes you a target for being called a cheater. In this thread all the posts that are made negatively towards you are made hoping you go over the line and type anger words so they can permanently ban you from all the servers and the website. That's how most roll around here. I have seen this happen on several occasions.
  7. @Crack You make me chuckle!!! LOL hahahaha
  8. I have never had this issue until firefox got installed on my pc. Last time I had firefox was 5 years ago and it caused issues back then to. All my drivers are up to date. I just wiped my pc about about a month ago. I really do not like windows 10. I wish I could put windows 7 back in. Never again!! Nu Uh ewww ewww and ewww. I sold my laptop and my phone only gets used for talk and text. Recent videos. I got rid of firefox and installed my favorite browser and everything works great now.
  9. I tried that and it still did not work. I have always hated Firefox and I do not know why I let my hubby talk me into using it again. It's been nothing but problems since day 1. I just installed my choice of browsers and no issues. So long firefox you suck monkey balls. LOL
  10. My issue started just after the latest firefox update. It also messed up my Bookmark Toolbar. I did try all the fixes but nothing worked. So the last thing im going to try is a roll back to previous version of firefox. If that doesn't work then I am going back to the waterfox browser where I never had any issues.
  11. Oh and btw just in case you didn't catch my first, here's a reminder...LOL
  12. If using a scroll wheel to fire is not against the rules and you will not be banned then why should someone have to post proof? I personally think taking an advantage that others are not doing is lame but to each their own. I play a stock .cfg file and in game options are what the game came with except I had to turn brightness up because it is too damn dark otherwise.
  13. Thank you for telling me your age. It explains a lot. When elders get killed a lot they automatically say the gamer that keeps killing them is cheating in some way. They throw temper tantrums. They do not try to figure out the age of the gamer who kills them a lot and lets face facts here, young gamers are way better than elder gamers.
  14. It is not most. How do you feel about members from all clans not using stock .cfg file?
  15. Not all of them do but they still do not use cheats. A lot of members from all clans do not use stock .cfg either.
  16. I'm 62. It is obvious that you are young. I do not ever accuse anyone of cheating unless they have been caught by an anti cheat program or video. I defend most of the accused by knowing their age or gaming style. Younger gamers have a huge advantage over elder gamers with faster reflexes and better eye sight. Pro gamers I love to play against because they teach me to be better. I have a shit load of respect for them because I have witnessed what they go through in their tournaments and also have seen them get banned from every server they play in.
  17. I love your sarcasm lol I was just curious is all. But I will guess your under 20.
  18. I keep getting this error when I click on Youtube links in posts. Anyone else gets this?
  19. Angelz

    Thank you!!
  20. Angelz

    There is like 12 peeps by the same as you lol Only 1 with pic. Do you have glasses on and a red shirt?
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