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  1. BlackRose

    yes i miss #AyaqGuyaq
  2. BlackRose

  3. i see nothing,,hear nothing ,,but as a regular member i guess thats the norm. I do see admins on vietnam server all the time and it is usually full every night so im dont know who you are referring to as i dont play much on the other cod5 server,,just not my style.
  4. somethingn with your internet connection
  5. BlackRose

    thank you!!!
  6. BlackRose

    its a usb i have it plugged into front..everything is updated...
  7. BlackRose

    it want to run cod4 in safe mode..ill check Yac
  8. BlackRose

    now cod5 is not working,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,unexceptable something blah blah and i dont run through steam
  9. just started yesterday,,my game crashed while in a game,,you know where you come back and you still hear ppl talking but not loading...so now when i start cod4,,and only cod4,,it get to setting up game and then just stops,,screen closes no error nothing just closed. I restarted twice comp last night and got it to work,,,ive onlso gone into mods and tried from diff ones but still nothing???? I have checked firewall nothing is out of place. nothing updated on comp.!!!!cod5 works fine punkbuster a is loaded when i look but not punkbusterb???
  10. BlackRose

    Congrates,,,dont think I have ever played with you before....
  11. i have been on and no boiby ever there,,its painball CTF!!!
  12. yes we need another cod5 tourny but no money or anything just taking number one spot!!!!lolol
  13. BlackRose

    there are no other themes??
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