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  1. BlackRose

    make sure your mic is plugged in and when you start the game DO NOT choose safe mode,,say no
  2. BlackRose

    have not for so long...
  3. BlackRose

    Hi Nancy,,,I just shot you yesterday!!hahahaha
  4. BlackRose

  5. BlackRose

    we dont run this on our servers
  6. BlackRose

    will was wrong,,but they apparently have a history ,,so...you know this shit comedy is going to happen,,smile let it go,,move on,,talk after
  7. BlackRose

    Update on comp??
  8. BlackRose

  9. BlackRose

  10. BlackRose

    can you tape them to stabalize the wires?? Wireless is not the best for gaming.
  11. BlackRose

    hahaha I try them all!!lol
  12. BlackRose

    lock downs are ending and ppl are getting back to normal life3,,,hope you get to see her soon,,she is adorable!
  13. BlackRose

    t is difference in biggest gambler list and most points???
  14. BlackRose

    why am I always afriad to click your links,,hahahaha
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