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  1. more pics are out there some on ppl!!!
  2. the ladies have new shirts from the fest!!! just saying!!hehehehe wait angus has one too!!hehehehe
  3. there are too many version of this game,,those ones are infinnate warfare,,not the same right?
  4. ok i have it on steam,,nowi have a brown logo and a green logo,,what the diff?? and how do i get to our server?
  5. i have call of duty and call of duty united offence,,is one of these call of duty 2??
  6. ok cool
  7. i could not fly worhtcrap,,lolol i want to be on ground fighting not flying,,oh well
  8. are ppl still playing and around what time. I have not played for awhile but would like to get back in game.
  9. was playing to day,,i love the zombie mod. Was wondering if there is a post as to how the mod is set up? there seems to be only weapons you can buy. No access to any other things?
  10. i never accept voice mails
  11. never trust any email you dont know,,i delete them,,dont care if i dont know where its comeing from!!
  12. yes but for me it sucks!!lolololol
  13. yes it is and its not my kind of game,,lol
  14. and it sucks..hahaha