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  1. Everyone ok?? @Merlin007 We have members and regulars that play from here!
  2. BlackRose

    Im me,,you like me or you dont,,hahahahaha 59 years young representing ONTARIO CANADA!!! so many canadians here! Been gaming for as long as I can remember!
  3. BlackRose

    I dont like you either!!!!!
  4. queeny comp died,,she is fine.
  5. BlackRose

    get some pro biotics in you asap. Yes see a different doctor. Have you tried to elimineate certain foods to see if that helps?
  6. anyone heard anything?? has not been around for awhile....I had his number but lost it......
  7. BlackRose

  8. BlackRose

    hi espo!!
  9. BlackRose

    welcome,,you are great player to play with,,,just keep trying with your english,,and dotn worry about it,,
  10. BlackRose

    thats why i did not do it a second time,,lolol
  11. BlackRose

    thats cool...do you fly them outside at night??
  12. BlackRose

    if you can still read the forums,,then stay and talk. No need to leave!
  13. BlackRose

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