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  1. BlackRose

    welcome,,you play ww11 then with Hogan??? what else you play??
  2. i get this when i pick a resolution thats not compatible,,play without changing anything and see if that works
  3. BlackRose

    x ray can you pm me what you would like to see in cod2 please
  4. BlackRose

    Welcome. I have a few things planned coming up just waiting on [email protected] to get server up!!kololol
  5. BlackRose

    Tim Hawk P!nk Sikon BROMODROSYS FunkJosh>XI< Switch-off Wardogs411 Oster loaderXI this is the cod4 team..am i missing anyone?? we had a few extras step in. Want to make sure everyone get their medal anyone have screen shots, mine did not task
  6. BlackRose

  7. BlackRose

    I cant wait till 4 yrs and hubby retires....going to florida or somewhere warm for winter..hate this crap
  8. BlackRose

  9. Nothing new about this..been going on for a long time
  10. BlackRose

    Im sorry for non members that play you cant be awarded a medal,,but we do love having you play in game and will always look forward to this!
  11. BlackRose

    i have many on the go just waiting for rugger!!lol
  12. BlackRose

    screenshots anyone..i cant find mine..lolol
  13. BlackRose

    was great turn out! thank you to all that participated. COD4 will keep the award this time winning 2 out of 3 maps!! medals will be coming in a week or so,,lol
  14. BlackRose

    excellent,,do you have meet a member medal??
  15. BlackRose

    cod5 AthenA Morris ShaunZAR power HudsoN monkie blackrose Magnus_1 Cheyenne Merlin007 cod4 Tim Ranger Hawk P!nk Sikon BROMODROSYS FunkJosh>XI< Switch-off Wardogs411 Oster loaderXI i think switch off is not playing not sure if he has cod5
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