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  1. thank you everyone!! sorry i did not see this before!!!!!
  2. ty yes im looking for something smaller now as i am not upgrading anythign else
  3. the ram went on my nvidea gtx 570. I dont need a really big card. All i really play is cod 4/5 and i have the new cod ww1.
  4. not any certain game but i do want to play new cod ww2
  5. the ram went on the old card,,,it was a gtx 570. im not upgrading anything else. so what should i get then.?
  6. they are so similar i just dont gt it,,lolol
  8. what about 1 of these i need to know if there is 1 company i should stay away from,,id ont know that zoltan or whatever it is,,never heard of it i have pci-e
  9. i have a big ass cooler master 1000 watts power
  10. CANADIAN!!!!!!! thats out of my price range as well!!!lolololol
  11. my motherboard is sabertooth p67 , i have 16 mb installed memory,,processor3.3 gig intel core i5-2500k
  12. nice pic hope you had a great time!!!
  13. You can do it Mule!!!! ive had so many friends with diff types and they all had diff experiences.
  14. crap see what i dont now is what will go with my mother board..sabertooth something,,,lolol ill get it later
  15. what about thisone