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  1. BlackRose

  2. BlackRose

    its hard to hear but i got that its about putting up with wildthing!!hahahaha
  3. BlackRose

    what was on the tshirt??
  4. BlackRose

    so hefe does this mean you are going to start playing cod4???
  5. BlackRose

    hahahaha omg i want one!!!hahahaha
  6. BlackRose

    so sorry,,dogs are our kids as well
  7. BlackRose

  8. BlackRose

    im so sorry we could not make it,,,,,,,,all idiots are fun!!!hahahaha
  9. BlackRose

  10. BlackRose

    well knowing you lane,,lolol,,pick some patterns that dont match!!hehehehehehe how about ........it is a tough one,,,do you want personal or other,,,Lane is not used from superman,,but you could go with the louse bit
  11. BlackRose

    i see queenie
  12. BlackRose

    yes so we can shoot you again!!!!!heheheh
  13. BlackRose

    i dont have the comp it came from ,,,maybe i can put in my other comp,,dont think i have any cords left..lool
  14. BlackRose

    i dont know what is on it,,hahaha not porn sorry guys,,,i thought i saw somewhere that you cant open them there is something tioxoc inside,,but i will look at the link thank you. Not giving to anyone as i dont know if all personal stuff is gone!!!
  15. BlackRose

    sorry to hear this...I live in London ontario!!