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  1. BlackRose

    so sorry to hear...
  2. BlackRose

    agreed..there is not a perm ban from 1 incedent
  3. I liked that he put his BIG ASS face on trailer,,can it get any bigger,,hahahahahahahahaha,,but its not about him!!hahahah
  4. BlackRose

    Welcome,,glad you found our amazing servers!!! Which game do you play??
    • One Right Answer
    • 4 minutes
    • 9 Questions
    • 2 Players
    Test your knowledge on Famous PPl
  5. BlackRose

    Test your knowledge

    • One Right Answer
    • 4 minutes
    • 9 Questions
    • 1 Player
    Test your knowledge
  6. BlackRose

    More random stuff

    • One Right Answer
    • 4 minutes
    • 11 Questions
    • 4 Players
    test your kowledge
  7. BlackRose

    Random stuff again

    • One Right Answer
    • 4 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 2 Players
    Test your knowledge!
  8. BlackRose

    Random Stuff

    • One Right Answer
    • 4 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 1 Player
    THis will test your knowledge of randon shit!!
  9. BlackRose

    I think you posted this in wrong chat!!lol
  10. BlackRose

    I have many times,,it funny how you can buy say fabric with mickey mouse on it,,make something and sell it,,but if you painted mickey and sold it they want their money,,,but I see ppl doing this stuff all the imte,,no one cares,,they want their items,,lolol I have had t-shirts printed with stuff on them
  11. BlackRose

    no for me as well cant cross border and have alreadt set vacation plans
  12. BlackRose

    we have lots



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