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  1. BlackRose

    RIP Johnny.. so sorry for the loss
  2. BlackRose

    wow this is old post,,hhehehe
  3. BlackRose

    thats awesome!!!
  4. BlackRose

    i think the year medal are for every 5 yrs,,,,,,,
  5. BlackRose

  6. BlackRose

    make more for what??
  7. no its just say xi and he is not xi,,lolol
  8. check all your sound setting in game,,there is a master sound is it all turned on,,also I think its time to change your sig!!
  9. BlackRose

  10. BlackRose

    if i could find the server....
  11. BlackRose

    Welcome,,what game do you play?
  12. BlackRose

    Welcome what game do you play?
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