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  1. BlackRose

    ok will wait for next post
  2. BlackRose

    pm me details please and we will see what we can get going!
  3. BlackRose

    i dont have camera for my comp,,would have to use my phone..... what app???
  4. BlackRose

    its for members anyways is this not where it would be?
  5. BlackRose

    guess it went better then you expected,,dont kow what the changes are but looks same,,great job duc!!
  6. not sure if eraser sent you message @Merlin,,there is a small map on an island,,everyone spanws together. ppl seem to relaly like this mod,,I think all the diff maps and such,,the sniper has wicked sway on it,,some other weapons do as well so much that thawing ppl comes and goes as the sway takes effect,,lolol
  7. BlackRose

  8. BlackRose

    this is Hxtr field!!!lololol
  9. BlackRose

    Great to see you here,,great team player you are!!!
  10. yes all inout is worth the read,,I would like to see maybe have weapons put as close to what they really should be,,maybe just to try it,,I know some thing like sniper may be set that way as you cant shoot through buildiing and such
  11. ok,,,Have you tried any treatment for this,,I have friend that had this,,ill send you some info in pm if I can find it
  12. this is you?? it did nto say your clan name..lol



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