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  1. you owned that map!!!lolol
  2. rest in peace///
  3. ive only seen 1 server that i play on with the 1.8 and it killed the server ,,no one play there anymore becuse they dont want to install 1.8. Im understanding you cnat play on other servers once you install it?
  4. I cant see him
  5. I was looking for this game and came across this link. Is this game free?
  6. a littel late ,,hahaha but welcome to the clan
  7. Welcome,,,what the name stand for?
  8. Hey welcome to forums and to cod5
  9. so sorry to hear this....
  10. lol
  11. hahahahahahahah but is he a good player????
  13. ok well maybe just come into cod5 and watch for a bit,,,maybe learn something,,,hehehehehehhe cant care of the arm and yes listen to the doc!!!
  14. and it was great to play with you again
  15. yea dust is a big problem i found out