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  1. awesome was thinking of him
  2. it was my pleasure chili,,good to help a friend in need!!
  3. its awesome to use,,but not right noi it does not work for me anymore
  4. what is that in EST?
  5. Best of luck my friend and speedy recovery,,we will be seeing you again in game!!
  6. slow version for us old ppl!!lolool
  7. should have been XI against the world!!
  8. well NOT USA!! so I guess imin the big ping group,,but dont have a big ping.Im in,,WHat time is that in Eastern ?
  9. hahahaha
  10. hahahahahhaha
  11. what your mouse zoom and then shits????hehe
  12. ok got you and Ijust changed my name to *BLACKROSE*
  13. i put your name in and it says there is no ne by that name,,im under BlackroseESC