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  1. BlackRose

  2. BlackRose

    we need to have this on cod4 as well
  3. win 10 is your problem,,hahahaha sorry cant help
  4. BlackRose

    hope to be there but am out of town for family xmas that day..that 2 pm EST time for me,,should be traveling in car,,I can ZOOM from there for a bit,,lolol
  5. BlackRose

    No not me anymore!!!!lolol
  6. BlackRose

    Nice,,now ppl will not think you are a woman..lolool
  7. BlackRose

    Welcome Bamm,,,we need some more women here,,lolo,,god help the guys,,lol
  8. BlackRose

  9. BlackRose

    so sorry Mord,,sending hugs
  10. BlackRose

    you on steam or disc?
  11. we keep building and taking away their land,,they are so cute!!
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