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  1. can someone point me at some links,,info etc please,,,can you now just take a map and redo it,,with permission of sourse or do you have to have all orginal files still?? I used to make maps and skins and stuff for UT 2k4.
  2. BlackRose

    Thank you for all your hard work,,I know what it is like and Now I preferr to just play,,no more headaches,,hahahahaha But you still have Angus!!HEHEHEHEHEEHEHEH
  3. BlackRose

    Hello sweety!!!!
  4. where would we be without complaints!!lololol
  5. BlackRose

    Hello and welcome
  6. BlackRose

    fuck you pita????
  7. BlackRose

    Happy birthday!!!
  8. BlackRose

    Its been many years I cant even count!!!!! dont change my brother!!!
  9. BlackRose

  10. BlackRose

    what game?
  11. does anyone have any real video,,im trying to decide wether to buy this or not,,i like cod because i just want to go in and kill ppl,,lololol,,i dont want anything like WOW where i have to do all this shit just to get into the game..
  12. how you doing Mule????
  13. BlackRose

    also getting rid of servers not used is the best way to go....quality not quantity!!