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  1. BlackRose

    thank you,,its carved out of a golf ball,,then i painted in the shadows to make it look like a rock..lol
  2. BlackRose

    we have a knife only event comeing up
  3. BlackRose

    it takes off how about 1200 Eastern, 1700 UK and 1800 Europe on Saturdays and Sunday? My ill take note,,, and book them when your gone...hahahahahahahaha
  4. BlackRose

    thanks guys,,we had 10 ppl!!!!!
  5. BlackRose

    so rob what is a good time for you?
  6. also do you have a headset?? make sure it is plugged in,,most cod games dont work now without this
  7. BlackRose

    nice to see you!!!
  8. BlackRose

    never seen earlgrey before but have seen valkrye many times....welcome,,why not use same name ?
  9. BlackRose

    everyone know you already...lolol
  10. BlackRose

    Come join us Saturday may 8th at 2pm EST on our COD5 Bolts only server! Port: 28960 Open to everyone! See you there!!!!
  11. BlackRose

    i will get my first shot next week,,even thought im in a group with an immune desease that will not garanntee I dont get cancer,,which my condition can lead to,,but its ok because the shot will save me from covid..lolol,,yes it a hard decesion to make....
  12. BlackRose

    lesson learn,,the hard way as these usually are,,,,when you meet the right person it will all fall in line...
  13. BlackRose

    i laughed so hard i spit out my coffee!!!hahahahahah
  14. BlackRose




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