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  1. BlackRose

    omg I love that pic..lolol
  2. BlackRose

    my hubby ran one of these,,,
  3. BlackRose

    So far these are the teams Witches blackrose ShinyAbsol Brimmy Lovyan blackcat wldpenguin roxy Ausigirl Ghouls wolverine babyback TheDrimpXI FunkyJosh>XI< kenmen joedoe wardogs zombie
  4. BlackRose

    welcome to forums,,check out our cod5 servers as well
  5. ok maybe when ou have time we can get on ts i have maps i need to know what mod they are for
  6. Thank you. I'm also wanting to look at maps for mods we dont run
  7. BlackRose

  8. and I thought it was about ou,,,,,,,damn
  9. we need them listed for what mod they are for..that would help
  10. BlackRose

    yes thats why I said to call them,,it was on there end,,sometimes it hppens
  11. I want to look at some maps I dont remember what they are,,they are not on our redirect



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