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  1. BlackRose

    yes still same date
  2. Yes where are the dM players!!!maybe they dont come to the forums
  3. BlackRose

    so this is what we have as of right now..please correct me if your name is on wrong team DM Streetcleaner monkie Sikon Black_Cat13 labob _derXos_ FT Zombie GUMP61 Beest Biotech E-raser Morris SlowFry CrazyGirl AthenA ShaunZAR major-mark63 merlin
  4. BlackRose

    ok I cant edit it for some reason
  5. BlackRose

    we have airshow this weekend as well
  6. BlackRose

    Excellent thank you
  7. BlackRose

    They sign up right here..I this k I stated that above. Yes they need to be registered to add their name here and what team they will play on
  8. BlackRose

    I'm keeping it at thus date...
  9. BlackRose

    please say what team you are in DM or FT
  10. You want to knife your teammates??? Get that knife in someone else's back? We know you do and here is your chance!!! All day September 28 come and show how well you handle that knife on our cod4 ace mod knife and pistol server. ip :28960!! All new map rotation is on the server as well !
  11. BlackRose

    server ip
  12. BlackRose

    I'll bring my spoon...that about as good as I get..hahahah
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