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  1. so its middle of winter and more ppl are online,,can we rumble,,,open up to everyone ,,FT
  2. BlackRose

  3. BlackRose

    that did not work,,,bad server command and i have the insurgancy servers showing???
  4. BlackRose

    thank you
  5. BlackRose

    hoe do i open consol?
  6. BlackRose

    how do i find the server?
  7. BlackRose

    i cant find you,,join the XI group and you can find ppl there
  8. BlackRose

    if your in the XI group we are listed there..i play almost every day latly
  9. BlackRose

    oh my I hope you are ok!! we need you in the servers to tell them guys off!!!lolol
  10. BlackRose

    well i got it today,,have no idea how to play.....
  11. BlackRose

  12. BlackRose

  13. BlackRose

    Omg hahahahahhah