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  1. Congrats!!!
  2. Where the hell are your boots??? Aren't your feet all cut up and cold??? Jeeeeeezzzzzzzz LOL
  3. Most definitely LOL hahahahaha
  4. hmmm you really wanna go there ??? hahahhahahhahahhahahahhaha
  5. Grey, black or leopard skin pants with a black camisole. Gotta be comfy!!! LOL hahahaha
  6. Most employees fast food, construction, labor stuff wear uniforms. Steel workers and most company workers wear steel toe boots, no ripped jeans and a form fitting t shirt. Office workers are mostly casual wear. Management and up, those who deal directly with the client usually wear suits, dressy stuff, almost formal LOL most of them look so uncomfortable. I remember one time I had a meeting with a president of this company. I wore a pair of pants, a tunic top and a pair of flat shoes. (so comfy) I walked in and he was fully decked out. I made him take his jacket, vest and tie off. Told him the meeting wouldn't start till he did lol I commented that the meeting went way better after I seen how comfortable he was. I must say he was a little shocked at my request hahahhahaha
  7. Shorts and tank top/tshirt. Gaming at night my jammies of course hahahaha
  8. This is what I meant by ground moving, oh drunk one hahahhahahahhahah I heard it does this daily LOL
  9. @Lane and @everyone She is Canadian. Find Canadian websites so she doesn't have to pay extra for currency exchange, duty, taxes etc.
  10. Measure the length, width and height of box your going to put it in. Then weigh it. You can get a quote from your usps website here Pick the cheapest mailing option which is First Class Package International Service it will prob cost about $10.00 - $15.00
  11. A step up from what you have for $122.06 EVGA Geforce GTX 1050 2GB for $189.99
  12. Yacc, she is Canadian. By the time you do all the exchanges of currency/duty/taxes it will be almost an extra $100 on top of that price.
  13. Very nice!!! Does the ground move under your feet? LOL
  14. WOW, the saliva is pouring outta my mouth and down my chin. You got me all razzed up now, you idiot LOL hahahahhahahah That is one of my favorites. Even when I order a sub it is always Philly cheese steak!!! I want to make a deep dish Philly cheese steak pizza now!!!
  15. This is some game play from the closed alpha. I can't wait for the beta to start.