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  1. This old lady loves the skulls.
  2. Bahahahhahaha O Em Gee good one!!! LOL
  3. Rifles sound awesome!
  4. Bahahahhaha wow man you crack me up LOL I used to work in an emergency room and one night this dude came in with a vacuum pipe stuck on his penis. He tried to give himself a blow (suck) job. I asked him how Mrs Hoover was doing. LOL He just gave me a look hahahahaha
  5. Day 4 Peek a boo
  6. Nothing pisses me off more than a bunch of uneducated morons trying to put misinformed information into the heads of fellow human beings. MADD Canada will continue to work with lawmakers, police and other stakeholders to promote laws, policies and best practices to help make our roads safer and reduce the tragic deaths and injuries caused by impaired driving. By impaired they mean alcohol/cannabis. This was my response to them: MADD needs to stick to what their initials stand for. Mothers Against DRUNK Drivers or change your initials to MAID Mothers Against Impaired Drivers. You need to be properly educated before you start swinging your clubs. The police are not going to educate you properly. Most of them smoke it as well. There has never been a report of anyone under the influence of cannabis being in an accident or doing any harm to another human being. Legalizing cannabis is NOT going to increase the amount of impaired drivers on the road that there is already. If you smoke one joint it is in your blood for 30 days. So if you drive your car 2 weeks later and you get tested are you going to be over the limit? Most people who use marijuana have been using it for years and it does not have the same effect on them compared to some who just start smoking it. Everyone has a different tolerance level. They have done driving tests with all ages as an experiment (trying to figure out how they could test for impaired driving) for the up and coming legalization of it here in Canada. The cops supplied cannabis and tested 3 people. One who smokes occasionally, one who smokes on week ends and one who smokes daily for medical purposes. This is the video of that test: I am a person who does not believe in the use of drugs. I do not use drugs of any kind for any reason. BUT, in my mind I do not consider weed a drug. It's a plant (herb) and it is natural. The medicinal benefits of it are amazing. I have witnessed what it can do and what it can cure. I am 100% for the legalization of Marijuana and I always will be. The only reason it has not been legalized before is because all these pharmaceutical companies will lose billions of $$$$. They care more for they bank accounts than they do for their fellow human beings. It makes me sick. Fellow Canadian Rick Simpson grows medical cannabis and gives it to people with Cancer for free. He has been doing this for years and it has cured everyone he has given it to. This is a video of his story: Canadian Statistics Cell phone accidents: Distracted driving has actually surpassed drinking and driving as one of the top causes of collisions in Ontario, where it is consistently blamed for 30 per cent of highway accidents. Drunk driver accidents: From MADD LOL I do believe there is false information being given. I argue with the part where you say alcohol and/or drug presence in your system. 614 deaths, or 24.1%, occurred in crashes involving drivers with a positive drug reading. Cannabis was the drug most frequently found. They have not officially started testing anyone for drugs in their system so how can you say that? The only reason that cannabis is being targeted as drug impaired is because of the up and coming legalization of it. Cannabis driver accidents: There are no full proof stats for this. But in my opinion it is not going to be a high percentage because most people who smoke cannabis do not usually drive after using it. << True fact!!! I would like to see all law enforcement employees being tested for DRUG and alcohol on a weekly basis. I think Canadians will be shocked at how many partake in substances of any kind. Police officers also talk on cell phones while driving but like one officer said they are trained to do it correctly?? LOL There is nothing more concerning than walking through a parking lot late at night and seeing two police cars side by side passing a bottle of liquor back and forth. In my younger days there used to be 2 detectives I was friends with. They used to bust kids and take their booze and cannabis and bring it to me and my girlfriend. All while they were on duty!!! On my 25th birthday I was at a house of a reputable Hamilton Ontario figure. Most of the guests were law enforcement, judges, lawyers, doctors etc. On the tables around the house were boxes filled with joints and cocaine. There was lots of alcohol there. Then they all got in their cars and drove home only to wake up and go to work to put people behind bars for doing the same thing they did the night before. EDUCATE yourselves people before you judge anyone!!!
  7. If you use this, "can you run it" it will install a small program into your pc to recognize your mobo, vid card, ram etc. Then type in the box what game you want to play. Then click on Can you run it. It will show you a list of what you have and what the minimum requirements are to play the game. It is really good.
  8. Take the check mark out of the automatically send some system information and page content to google. Then hit advanced.
  9. 24 hours in water and they are showing off their tails... Time for bed and all tucked away...
  10. I shared it on my facebook.
  11. Read the caption below the video...LOL
  12. Oh Em Gee...ROTFLMFAO!!!
  13. Rick Simpson Takes On Big Pharma & Rockefeller Medicine w/ Mnar Muhawesh