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  1. Angelz

    This is a second undercover video of the abuse at Fair Oak Farms This is the response from the owner/founder of Fair Oak Farms concerning the videos
  2. Angelz

    I call that steak a Freddie Flintstone special LOL It's huge!!!
  3. Young Guns Smokey and the Bandit All the one liners were hilarious.
  4. Angelz

    Here you go Chile...
  5. Angelz

    Ya I know. I did it on purpose because you have been such an arrogant ahole lately to a few people. neener neener neener LOL Yo jerkoff if ya want the finger up ur azz to go away ask me nicely...
  6. Angelz

    So dumb that you can't replace a pic once you trash the old one. Gotta make a new post.
  7. Angelz

    @uncileno How's this? LOL
  8. Angelz

    How's this it's 1080x800
  9. Angelz

    Does anyone know what this characters name is and where he comes from?
  10. Angelz

    When I made that image - the size was 200x200 and the resolution was 300 in photoshop. The image came from an XI server I think. Just out of curiosity, where did you get it from?
  11. Angelz

    So, so cute!!!
  12. Angelz

    Stupid double posting. It is so annoying!!!
  13. Angelz

    There is no where in my post where I show I was judging your city. Fans are not only from one city. Let me rephrase , " Unfortunately SOME of the Raptors fans cheering for Kevin Durant's Achilles injury showed lack of respect and sportsmanship". I edited my post. Is that better? I have no idea who Curry is and would prefer not to. I got that saying back in my high school days. I was an athlete. Was on all the sports teams. Was assistant coach of the boys midget league basketball team. I was approached by the Canadian Women's Pro field hockey team to be a goalie for them (turned it down). I was a trained competitive body builder (was too shy to go on stage). I was also trained in the 80's to be a diva in the WWF as it was known at the time. Not my cup of tea when it came to showing my body in a skimpy outfit in front of 1000's of people. People seem to forget some times that athletes are human. Athletes get hurt, say something in the heat of the moment. Now a days social media will not let you forget a bad day, moment you had as a human being. It's sad actually. No, I do not watch sports of any kind and have not in over 15 years. But I do read/listen to news. I have opinions and I voice those opinions. I do not judge.
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