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  1. Loved watching you kill kill kill @Crack teeheehee LOL hahahahahaha
  2. As beautiful as BC is I think I will stay where I am. LOL
  3. No, I am not a racist. I am just getting pissed off at what is being dealt to the citizens of my country. Our government is not thinking of the people when they bring these immigrants in and how it effects us having to deal with all the fucking bullshit they bring with them. It is fine for our government because they go home to their private gated homes (fucking dumb fucks). Oxymoron?? Where did I try to contradict myself?? LOL I am not from British Columbia. I was just mentioning something that happened there. I said we because it is a part of Canada. Screw Alberta I found it so boring I almost fell asleep at the wheel driving through it LOL
  4. 31 men and 1 woman charged with raping young girls in the UK. These sick twisted pieces of shit need to be shot and pissed on.
  5. You need the 1.6 and 1.7 patches. 1.6 patch: 1.7 patch:
  6. Not just Europe that is being invaded with immigrants. The entire world is. I feel that there are going to be a lot of civil wars coming. The citizens anger is building up more and more and it is only a matter of time before they act. Here in British Columbia not so long ago we had a muslim dude do a full on slap on a women and the video showed him laughing afterwards. All she was doing was walking and he approached her and did that. All that went through my mind was how badly I wanted to be there and kick his ass. No one did anything to him probably because he was muslim. I have never been a racist in my entire life but lately I just want to scream at my government and these fucking people that try to change my country.
  7. Me either. I have always been a tactical player.
  8. Because our governments keep allowing them into our countries. They will teach us how to be law abiding upstanding citizens LOL
  9. I am soooooooooo confused!!! LOL@XP
  10. When he said, “It’s blast, man,” and “I played video games before so, you know, I know what I’m doing a little bit.” “I got a lot of people that care about me, and it’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this,” and “I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Never really knew it until now.” I was like wow dude there is only going to be one ending for you. At least he went out on a high! This video by John J Waldron shows him in the air doing his stunts. 1.mp4
  11. Looks like the first one:
  12. I have visualized myself a couple hundred more than I am now just reading and watching his food LOL
  13. I agree but I would not give it to them. Definitely would get them to check it out.
  14. Change your name to Crack420Bitches LOL
  15. @TBB @Unchileno