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  1. Angelz

    I Love P!NK...
  2. Angelz

    It doesn't matter what windows version was used before as it is the users preference. Anyone can wipe any pc with the version they want. It is usually the motherboard and how it was built that does not allow older windows versions. My old motherboard was suppose to use only w10 but a few hacks later w7 worked awesome. The newer high end motherboards only allow w10. No hacks yet for w7 for them. I do believe that motherboard you have will support w7 without any issues.
  3. Angelz

    I only see one issue in that list and it's the first one you listed......why O why ewwww yukkiessssssssss LOL
  4. Angelz

    This one is special LOL
  5. Angelz

    They are all 1920x1080 Hope you like em...
  6. Angelz

    It is doing great. AMD is tha best of the bestest!! The icrap is just that, CRAP!!! LOL In all seriousness I am a die hard AMD fan and will use nothing but AMD.
  7. Angelz

    I found out that it was just the mobo that fried. CPU is still good and it will be kept for a replacement (just in case).
  8. Angelz

    WTF is intel???? All I see is 3 letters of the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be uh huh A...M...D!!!
  9. Angelz

    The States that have legalized it. Can the federal government come in, lay law, charge and arrest people?
  10. Angelz

    I am just wondering if next years xfest will be in Canada? LOL
  11. Angelz

    @Unchileno Love you to 🖕
  12. Angelz

    Just think if the US would legalize pot, how fast the 22 Trillion dolla national debt would be paid off LOL It might even make the peeps happier and calmer. Less violence. Crime rate reduction. etc etc
  13. Angelz

    This thread is starting to become the twin of the "What are you currently listening to" thread hahhhahahahahhahhah
  14. Angelz

    Nope. I live on Vulcan. Spock is my grand daddy LOL
  15. Angelz

    That is my next step. Thanks for the info on that program!!