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  1. Angelz

    Thanks to @Sikon_ he has put the finishing touches on this issue. 1. You have to delete your existing sig before you can post a new one. 2. You have to press save after you delete the old sig on the blank page. 3. Post your new sig. w00t w00t teeheehee Again, thanks Sikon!!
  2. Angelz

    What program are you using to make it?
  3. Angelz

    I think it looks great. Is that an outer glow around his head and upper torso? Right there at bottom ^^^^^^^^^ you need to erase that tiny blob of paint lol You got a lot going on in this one. The awesome background is disappearing.
  4. Why? Because I repeated something I read on cbc news/ctv news? I never said anything about the owner of the company. I said the driver blew through a stop sign, killed 16 people and injured 13 people. How is that racist? My thread is about the changes to the driver training in Saskatchewan due to the accident. ???? WOW LOL Your talking jibberish. Are you shit faced? Need another drink? Again, do not associate me with being a racist. I am not, have never and will never be a racist!!!
  5. He blows through a stop sign, kills 16 people and injures 13. Can you honestly think he is innocent? Can you honestly think he is not going to jail? Are you defending him because he is a truck driver? The old saying for years and years is, "Always blame it on the truck driver"? That doesn't wash anymore. Truck drivers make bad mistakes sometimes. The entire world is watching this case just like the donations for the Broncos gofundme were world wide. It will save the tax payers money if (should) he pleads guilty.
  6. Picture 1 shows both stop signs. Picture 2 shows the flashing red light stop sign that he completely ignored. He is going to jail and he will never be able to drive a commercial vehicle again or never be able to drive again.
  7. The amount of the fines towards the owner of the company will probably be no higher than $40,000.00
  8. To get a truckers AZ license out west is easier than in Ontario. Ontario has the most strict truck training in Canada. You can not get a license in Ontario without training. My husband got his AZ in Ontario 35 years ago. He said he wished he had gotten it out west because they hand them out easily and the truckers are not taught properly. He also knows all the laws of trucking in every province of Canada as well as most of the States. Please do not associate me with racism. There is nothing in my post that can be considered racist.
  9. Apparently this truck driver could not read or write english. He had an interpreter for his written test...yep. A person should be able to read, write and speak the countries they live in official language before being allowed a drivers license. His next court date is December 18. The company owner who gave him 2 weeks of training has also been charged. https://globalnews.ca/news/4534370/owner-trucking-company-charged-humboldt-bus-crash/
  10. After the Humboldt Bronco tragedy Saskatchewan has changed their truck driving training. Not so easy anymore... https://globalnews.ca/news/4722603/sask-government-introduces-mandatory-commercial-truck-training/
  11. Still do lub ya bud. But I always take my prizes from the 1st shelf...ALWAYS!! LOL
  12. WOW dude. Did someone give you a wedgie? YOU DO NOT PLAY ON THE SAME TIME ZONE AS ME so blah blah blah you stfu LOL Do you play [email protected]? Have you played with these 2 dudes? They are not in your time zone either. (just saying) I played on your [email protected] server for a year dude!!!
  13. I have not been on my COD 4 server in years. I am not even sure if I still have it listed on the game list still. If I still had COD 4 installed I would check and you could bet your lil ass they would both be invited to play.