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  1. Angelz

    I personally hate rap but I shared it on my facebook to try to help out.
  2. Angelz

    Because he is so full of shit I wanted to make him shit himself to see if he would hate less.
  3. Angelz

    He is a cutie for sure!
  4. Angelz

    When the toilet paper started disappearing in my city I was at Canadian Tire and they had 3 isles of it. I purchased 3 bags of 48 rolls for my house and my 2 married daughters. I asked my son to go over and get an extra bag the next morning just for back up and all those bags were gone. No more toilet paper of any kind left. When the toilet paper was finally re-stalked a few months later my son went to Canadian Tire to get some other stuff and he heard a man at the return counter arguing because he was trying to return a shit load of toilet paper he purchased when it was a war to find it. The girl said well maybe next time try not to purchase so much and learn to share. LOL I don't know why people go into panic mode and buy up toilet paper, facial tissue etc, it's so dumb. The bag of 48 rolls I got lasted me until they re-stalked the shelves. I purchased a case of 50 boxes of facial tissues from Amazon the same day and I still have a bunch left now. I have 2 pantries, stand up freezer and a fridge w/freezer and only when I hear of a major snow storm coming that may or may not close my city do I stalk up on extra food and water.
  5. Angelz

    Do you have a physical disk of COD [email protected] or is it from steam? What version of w10 do you have ( home, pro, etc )?
  6. Angelz

    To show hidden files and folders in w10 Right click on desktop and click on Personalize In the box at the top type in hidden files and folders A drop down box will show Click on show hidden files and folders Select the View tab at the top You will see a folder called hidden files and folders Click in the circle beside show hidden files and folders or drives Click apply Click ok
  7. Angelz

    Click save when the pop up boxes for Malwarebytes and trend micro show up. Do the 14 day trial of Malwarebytes first: https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/sem/ca/index-dSC=en.html Do Trend Micro online scan second: https://go.trendmicro.com/housecall8/r2/HousecallLauncher64.exe Here is the page to explain step by step for Malwarebytes: https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/13669-hacktool-win32-keygen
  8. Angelz

    Nice to see her laughing after all the crying she did...
  9. Angelz

    If we could see her profile it would probably make her lips look like baboons ass.
  10. Angelz

    Her ultimate goal is to have the "biggest lips in the world" So far she has had 20 rounds of lip filler injections to look like a human doll.
  11. Kerid Crater Lake in Iceland, known as "The eye of the world"



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