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  1. Angelz

    I have only been all over the USA when I was younger. I lived in Williamsville and Grand Island for about 2 years between them. Last time I was in the USA was 2 days after 9-11. I will never go back there.
  2. Angelz

    That's great news!!
  3. Angelz


  4. Angelz

    When I was 18 I used to go see Rush in a local bar called Duffys every week end. I had an awesome opportunity of being invited to this bar the night the music industry came to hear them. The next day they were famous world wide. I got to go behind the stage when they played at the Buffalo Aud and I had a great time. The party with them afterward was even better. lol
  5. Angelz

    all done
  6. Angelz

    At the bottom where you type your post you will see choose files... click on it and select where the file (picture) is click on the file (picture) click on the file (picture) click open click submit reply
  7. Angelz

    Don't give up. You came for help and anyone here will do their best to sort all this out for you. One post is not just going to give it a miracle fix. Everyone will post different suggestions for you to try. Eventually someones suggestion is going to be the fix. You just need to be patient and try the suggestions people post. Another suggestion is maybe you could go on teamspeak and get someone to walk you through some suggestions. There is a lot of pc geeks oops I mean whizzes here lol
  8. Angelz

    If your pc is staying on and running but your screen is black it could be a connection issue. Turn your pc off and... Back of tower make sure none of the cables are loose. Back of monitor make sure none of the cables are loose.
  9. Angelz

    My step mother used w3.1 up till 5 years ago LOL She now has w7. I told her never to put w10 in any thing she owns that runs windows. I am looking forward to w7 support being gone. I have never ever trusted microsoft since day 1. The arrogance of that company trying to spy on the entire world. When they forced w10 on all pc's that cost them a few million in lawsuits (not enough to put a dent in their bank account). The latest lawsuit on microsoft is the one that I am hoping hurts them the most. It is going to be in the billions. I am just thankful I had windows auto update turned off. I was so grateful when someone posted the update number that we could delete so that update to w10 would not happen. All the businesses they lost to linux because of w10 made me laugh. The corporate copy of w10 still can not be trusted is why most businesses went to linux. There is nothing on God's green earth that will make me install w10 in my pc. W7 4 EVER!!!
  10. Angelz

    Maybe check to see if the resolution in game is the same as your monitor.
  11. Angelz

    HAPPY 2020 NEW YEAR!!!
  12. Angelz

    I did his original sig. I just made him his new one.
  13. Angelz

    Oh thank God!!
  14. Angelz

    @GhostfaceJim I am hoping I finally figured it out.
  15. Angelz

    @loaderXI I am so hoping I have finally figured it out.
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