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  1. Angelz

    I'm ready for everything....LOL
  2. The Vatican (Catholics) are worth billions. They have enough money (from the people around the world) to pay for the entire rebuild and they only offer the Vatican’s technical know-how to help rebuild Notre Dame? These donations were made within the first 24 hours. 2 x $200 million euros donations 2 x $100 million euros donations 1 x $50 million euros donations 1 x $20 million euros donations 4 x $10 million euros donations 1 x $9 million euros donations 1 x $2 million euros donations 1 x $1 million euros donations Other donations were made in private. Go France for showing up the Vatican!!!
  3. This is a very sad day indeed. I am just glad no one was hurt.
  4. Angelz

    Well, Ummm, I'm kinda eating some cookies made with purple kush and sour diesel. Want some? LOL
  5. Angelz

    LOL Sorry, I am only into shooter games. I hate role playing and story games.
  6. Angelz

    My point is no video game in the world is sophisticated, in my opinion.
  7. Angelz

    I did not show any disrespect at all. Sorry you took it that way!
  8. Angelz

    That's a lie!! Seriously? Prove it. You have over 700 XI members if all were to donate $1 per month you would not need guests to donate! I have donated a few times for server costs just to be kicked out to an empty server after if I was lucky to get 20 min of play in. Wow sounds more like a bunch of peeps that are full of themselves. It is not random websites. It is major players in the gaming industry! How sophisticated are 10 plus year old games really? LOL COD2 came out in 2005 = 14 years old COD4 came out in 2007 = 12 years old COD 5 came out in 2008 = 11 years old Or they could be a better player plain and simple. Well, I am happy for you. Do you want a medal for it? Yes, cheaters still exist and always will including some of your members who have never been banned for it. I like people like you. I'm being sarcastic coz that is just who I am. Nothing in your post made any sense to me. All I read was jibberish. Definitely not how an admin should govern themselves. You came off to me like you think your better than anyone. You made me think that your an old dude that once you have spoken no one's opinion matters but yours. Self righteous you might say. You need to read others opinions and respect those opinions. We (members and NON members) all have one goal in mind and that is to make XI better than ever. If no one responded then XI wouldn't mean much to them, right?
  9. Angelz

    I have wiped my pc over 20 with w7 and used the same key without any issues. I never registered my copy of w7 with microsoft. Maybe that had something to do with it? I do know one thing and that is no pc of mine present or future will ever have w10 installed, EVER!!! I purchased a laptop and when I turned it on it had w10. Half hour later it was running linux LOL
  10. Angelz

    Does this new google controller come complete with spyware as well?
  11. Angelz

    To know Queenie is to love her. She is one awesome woman!!!
  12. Angelz

    I am a woman and that statement is incorrect...usually that is a mans job to be that way...just read all the posts in this thread...LOL
  13. Angelz

    In this case it is not the millennials that are doing the whining. It is our generation and older. For whatever reason they think that because the same person kills them a few rounds in a row that person is cheating and therefore must be banned. In actual fact they are playing against someone less than half their age (20-30). They need to get over the fact that their reflexes are much slower and their eye sight is not what it used to be. They also need to watch what they type in the forums as they are effecting the entire clan as a whole.
  14. Angelz

    The more I read the responses from the Insurgency admins the more I want to buy that game. You all rock!!!