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  1. Angelz

    I can make the background any colour you want. Just google Hex colour codes, pick a colour and let me know the code for the colour. Example:
  2. Windows firewall is on and I allowed the game pass. I do use the windows antivirus. Maybe that why I had no issues with going into the nam server afterwards.
  3. I got this error after I finished downloading the game. I got everything installed. Went into the nam server to get the mod installed. The error does not seem to effect the game at all so far. Does anyone know what it means?
  4. Angelz

    I made this mod for XI teamspeak. It is a client side mod that makes the background black. I have bettyboop in the bottom of mine. The pic dimensions can be no more than 24x67. If you would like a pic let me know and I will make you the url. This is what teamspeak looks like with a black background. xi ts3 mod.zip
  5. Angelz

    In the mail LOL
  6. Angelz

    OK, I trust you. I will give it a shot. I won't stop cursing at it though.
  7. Angelz

    Yes. I ordered it online and then I had it delivered to my house and then I shipped it to the US.
  8. Angelz

    Ok so I went for a nappies and I woke up and my pc had w10 on it. It is gross and I hate it. Nothing good is gonna come from this. Now for all the installing of everything over again. I have already called it a piece of shit many many times.
  9. Angelz

    I'm not liking it one little bit. First issue I have it's back to w7.
  10. Angelz

    They did not sell that there gull dangit!
  11. Angelz

    I just sent friends of mine who live in the US a package of many different kinds of maple products from one of our Maple Farms in Quebec.
  12. Angelz

    I'm using w7 ultimate 64bit right now. I do not know how to test an ssd drive for failures. I did a memory test and it came back with no issues. This is the stress test for my vid card:
  13. Angelz

    Your missing some of the name ideas.
  14. Angelz

    We have a spare computer. The ram was put into for just a little over over 24 hours and no blue screen and the pc was not turned off the entire time. I did all my usual daily stuff plus a few extras and no blue screen.



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