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  1. Angelz

    Congrats!! Many many more to come.
  2. Angelz

    LOL Let the lack of humor pussies commence hahahahahhaha This is gonna end up in politics section.
  3. Angelz

    Not all are... When I got divorced I told the judge I did not want alimony or child support. I just wanted him out of my life. I raised all 3 of my kids by myself with no help. I never spoke badly of him to my kids ever. The only time he asked for visits was when he got a new girl friend and wanted to show them he was a good dad.
  4. Angelz

    I just thought of this. You just announced this to all XI members. Boy oh boy is she in for some XI fun. She will probably give you back your account. LOL
  5. Maybe this will help...
  6. Log into what account? Here on the forums?
  7. Angelz

    You can get your account back. You still have access to it through your email address all you have to do is change the password and its back to you. Click on forgot password. or Let facebook know what happened.
  8. Angelz

    You are right. I am not a political person nor would I ever add a political statement into a tribute I make. Just so you all know when I see/read senseless acts like this it effects me hard. I get angry and I do shed tears. All I want to do is is recognize the victims. The video was posted for a few hours before it went to political forum. It would of been nicer if someone sent me a pm to ask if the that part could of been removed. It would of saved me from starting this thread asking why. As for the term mass shooting. I posted a video of 2 young girls aged 18 and 10 that were killed and 15 were injured in Toronto, Canada by a man that went on a shooting spree.
  9. Angelz

    I would of did a tribute video for it but there was never a list of all victims. I would never do it a tribute video unless I have all names, would you? If you can find a list of all victims names I will gladly do a tribute video.
  10. Angelz

    I deleted the part out that had the issues with it. tribute.mp4
  11. Angelz

    Thank you for letting me know I will remove that part. I read it when I googled to find the names of the victims. Sorry I should of looked into it further.
  12. Angelz

    How did my video upset you that much to have it put into the politics forum???
  13. Angelz

    I think he may be talking about an option in the sound card that distorts your voice?
  14. Angelz

    Do you mean in game voice chat?
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