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  1. From 1842. to 1890. extracts and derivatives of the hemp plant were the second and third most prescribed medicines in the USA. Eli Lilly, Parke-Davis, Squibb, Brothers Smith and other firms produced these medicines.
  2. Jezuz Kryst, they are so neon orange. Do they glow in the dark? How do they feel? How is the sound? How clear is the mic? Nice price though!!
  4. The edit function blows monkey balls lol They will fit your head as you can see in the picture the headset has metal circles above the the headrest and it doesn't matter how far you stretch them they always come back to size. The ear pieces fit snug and comfortable on your ears and you can't hear noises around you. I have never pulled the mic out and everyone can hear me clear as day. The may cost a little more but they last years. I have had my newest ones for 8 years. I will only used these that's how much I like them.
  5. I use SteelSeries Siberia. Clear as day.
  6. Oh Em Gee, elle oh elle he sure makes Canadians proud!!!
  7. It's like a turn on for some people lol I believe it has to do with the level of each persons pain tolerance. For me I got Pegasus on my right shoulder for my first one. Once he started it was like a feeling that I can't describe. lol After an hour it felt numb. Then when he got closer to the edge where there was no muscle it went to a whole new level of pain. It didn't last long though and it gave me a rush. By the time he was done I was wanting more and more lol To me the pain was worth the finished product. My girl friend was going for flowers on her ankle. She now has a 2 inch black line on her ankle for the rest of her life haha
  8. Completed!
  9. Wow, just wow LOL I would not call him and I would delete his number as soon as I heard the message lol
  10. So I was right, it was your ram..... neener neener Jester I am just kidding.
  11. I will only trust G-Skill ram in any of my pc's. Right now I am using G.SKILL Trident Z Series 16GB DDR4 3200 and never any probs. My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming 3 and no probs. My cpu is a AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core and no probs. My monitor, sound card, dvd and blu ray players are all asus and no probs with any of them. Had an issue with the software on my blu ray and asus sent me a cd of the new one. Been great ever since. I am using and will always use w7 ultimate. Coz I think everyone knows I will never ever ever put w10 in any of my pc's.
  12. Not sure if your name came from the tv show. I played around and came up with this. It is not completed. It is just a rough copy.
  13. What colours, theme, picture? Do you want a saying in it?