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  1. This user has created an appeal with the following information. Sent by: Masta Sent on: 13 February 2017 - 05:05 PM Game server: Masta In-game name: Masta Appeal details: I have spoken with staff and they explained to me that what I used to make nether stars was a form of duping as it made nether stars; from virtually no resources.The Item in question would be the"Tome of Alkahestry" which from what I thought you would give it Redstone Then If you crafted it with a resource such as nether stars it would give you more of that resource.The catch was I initially thought that it would automatically get Redstone from my me system. So I tried to automate it with AE2 autocrafting. Which Might I add I am very experienced with. So that I could make more books for later use. The problem is AE2 sometimes doesn't know what items to use and sometimes won't take the things you expect it to take. So I switched to crafters which I had leftover from a previous project that I removed due to it causing tps drop.Last time I used more that 20 crafters and the lag was substantial; therefore I took it down. So I only setup 3 of them which I thought it wouldn't it would lag the server. I'm sorry I didn't think that it would take the server down to 2-1 tps, yesterday before I got off right after I made it, it wasn't that bad. Like I said I'm very sorry for any lag I caused the server, I was never my Intent to cause the server any lag, on the contrary; I try to get rid of the thing that causes the server lag. As of the problem with duping It wasn't my intent to dupe, I was using a mod mostly unknown to (Reliquary), I know what the book did: it consumes Redstone, and you supply it with specific items and it would essentially give you two of them. The book was known to me, but the mechanism of how it uses Redstone. I was unaware of whether it consumed Redstone per item, or you fed it, Redstone, once and it only required that. The issue occurred when I tried to automate it with crafters, It did not consume the Redstone so I presumed that was the way it worked. I had no intent to exploit the bug which I am now aware of. I have played this server for a while and from my standpoint, I have not done any intentional rule breaking or bending. However, I cannot speak for the admins on that front. I would never intentionally do anything that would give me a bad name or possibly harm the server. Like stated before I never meant to break the rules or cause such massive Tps drop and I hope the admins can understand my standpoint and consider unbanning me.As previously stated before I never intended to break the rules in any way And I hope the admins can see my side of the story. I sincerely apologize for duping and for causing the server a lot of lag. If there is any way to can forgive me, that would be great I would hate to lose everything that I have worked for in the last 2-3 months on the Minecraft 1.7.10 pack Xtremeidiots server.
  2. Masta

    No, I thinking of getting the 1TB HHD and a 128GB SSD?
  3. Masta

    @@Sammy Nah I don't really run any big programs, I just mostly Game and simple web browsing and simple word processing for school. I think with 150GB SSD would be enough.
  4. Masta

    @@Sammy I would prefer Windows 10; I'm used to it. And I really like the computer parts that you linked to me but its a bit over my budget, could we maybe remove the CPU liquid cooling and lower the capacity of the SSD to save some money? but other than that it seems the best I've seen.
  5. Masta

    @@hxtr I will take a look at all the components that you suggested to me. Also, do you think I could upgrade this in the future; and that 450W PSU will be enough for the future??
  6. Masta

    @@Sammy I'll wait anyways I have to wait until tax returns anyways.
  7. Masta

    Ohh sorry I didn't see those, I don't want to overclock; I want just a normal ATX Case. For the monitor, I currently an "ASUS VX228H"and I plan to stay with it. I play a lot of games usually anything besides MMO's or RPG's.
  8. Masta

    1. I would prefer to use Intel but i will use AMD as a last resort (just preference) 2.My current computer has Gigabyte, so I will look into Gygabite Motherboard first 3.I don't want to buy a Pre-built computer The point is to build the computer myself. P.s. (the list is for each reply)
  9. Masta

    Ok, so I'll get the GTX 1060 (the one above). OK next is Motherboard, they seem really complicated and I don't want to read a long lecture about Motherboards i.e.- are there any good one that are fairly priced?
  10. Masta

    Ok, so I want a good Computer that won't run me more that 1,000, so First GPU (Most important) I wanted a GTX 960, but there is also a GTX 1050ti, the 960 is about 150-200 and the 1050ti is 100-150. Any suggestion or thing I'm should think about, or anything other suggestions?
  11. Masta

    i wanna Build my own Computer, I know many things but there are a few thing I'm unsure about. If someone has a moment that would be great.
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