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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. We will take it under consideration.🤥
  2. Crusher

    Here is a picture of my morning when I was in Indiana. Reprogramming Highlanders before they go out to the customers.
  3. Crusher

    Hey there BlackRose, Need? Do we really need anything? I purchased these firearms because: 1. To protect my family. 2. To teach my children how to be responsible with and around firearms. 3. My children love to go shooting. 4. I wanted to own a piece of history. (And thinking that my rifle could have been on the battlefield spilling blood!) 5. Holding that Springfield M1 Garand, gives me a whole new respect for the soldiers that carried that rifle into battle. Here is the little 22lr that my girls shoot. Looks like an AR... It is a Smith and Wesson AR15-22. And my new Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum with 500 rounds. What a blast to shoot! 4669A28A-AA33-477B-AD87-11D066FB2CA3.MOV
  4. Crusher

    I have not had the chance to shoot them yet as I am in Boston this week. off to Hawaii on 11/11/18 for a week next. Then, I will be off for vacation 1.5 months. I should be able to squeeze a few rounds off by then. Elvis, the stock has been replaced (not original), but it is gorgeous. I think I may have a case made to display this one....
  5. Damn, sorry I missed XI fest, by having to make an emergency trip to Indiana and then to Texas a week later and then Maryland a week after that, but.... All the OT allowed me to pick up 2 beautiful firearms! The fist is a Panzer Arms bullpup 12 gauge shotgun. Came with cleaning kit, sights and 2-5 round magazines. The second is an absolutely beautiful Springfield Armory M1 Garand. (maunfactured January 1943). Hated to miss the fest, but allowed me to obtain 2 fantastic firearms.
  6. Crusher

    LOL, Hey Dallas! Elvis said you guys went out for steaks and you got yours ground! What the fuck! Eat a big boy steak... I mean, eat a steak like a big boy... I mean... God Damn man! You are a bigg'n... I hope you don't show up at my house angry... Elvis said your cheeseburger looked like a slider in your hand! Awesome, the fact that you got together with Elvis. Safe travels!
  7. Crusher

    Thanks! I have now owned all models of Highlander. My 2006 model was the least liked, but it was a base grade.
  8. She is a beauty! 2018 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum pkg. Everything except Rear seat entertainment. That's what they made iPads for. 7 miles when I picked her up! Drives a bit quieter than my old 2013 Lexus RX350. Take a gander at the pics! Parked her next to her older but still great sister! I am going to love driving her to XI Fest this year!
  9. Crusher

    Thanks dadda2. Didn't see that it was posted here.
  10. Crusher

    OK Sylasas, We will confer with the banning admin and get back to you soon.
  11. Crusher

    Oh shit! That looks nasty. Sorry to hear that.
  12. Crusher

    Well, Sorry to hear about your dad. My families best wishes are out there for a speedy recovery for him.
  13. Crusher

    Happy birthday Belted! So, what are ya? 23, 25? LOL