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  1. Not too shabby Streetcleaner. I see you in game. I have a few old machines running around here, plus constructing new one as we speak. See you in game!
  2. Sorry for your loss, my condolences to you and your family.
  3. Sorry I am late to the party... Welcome to the Clan!
  4. I have changed my name from FU2Crusher to Crusher, this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. Reason being that FU2Crusher was too many characters to then add the ADM suffix to it. I have asked Rockape to drop the FU2 so that I could be able to serve my abilities better and live within the rules.
  5. I hear ya Elvis, Real does some amazing fucking moves in game. Shooting while diving to go prone. Picking up guns and immediately firing and hitting 2 to 3 people. I have the videos of that. But, when you spec him, the amazingly unbelieveable shots are there, you sometimes can see and believe it's possible, not likely to get 2 in one game, but to do it all game... The diving headshots are not there when spec'ing him. The totally awesome shots are not there. He is a pain in my ass when he comes in the server. A very condescending punk from California. He manipulates the game out of normal operating process. We have seen the proof from his own words. I dont trust him. Even if he is on my team, I leave because I can't consider it a fair win. just like having Rasin, Dman, Snoop and Athena on the same team with a bunch of no clan members on the other. (Good players mind you on the losing team). Good fun for the winning team, but pisses off the losers. I just suck it up and enjoy spec'ing/recording him or just leave. He eventually will get bored and move on.
  6. So you're telling me that as head of the Household I shouldn't be working at McDonalds? You mean I can't pay child support for my 15 kids with 5 different women on that type of salary? Who'da thunk it?
  7. Guy by the name of Ninocraycray using Ni%%er in DM server COD5. Dude was saying that he wanted to get banned. Hopefully he got his wish. This is nuts! Luckily, I believe dadda2 from the COD4 ADM's server saved the day again...
  8. Thanks to Sally and dadda2 for helping with that. Video of 13XEleventh posted at youtube. https://youtu.be/hdnzBppKo2o https://youtu.be/ublEfwUwC2c Snapping to target, shooting through walls to kill, but when that doesn't work, running around corners and killing people. Really a cocky kid. within 2 minutes of the game, 13XEleventh had 23 kills. I gotta fix my record button as there were many other movies, but just kept hitting the wrong record key.
  9. Hey there djMot, I was trying to upload, but must be too big of a file.
  10. Thanks much Hunter.
  11. Hi all, I had a question about the WAW server. I tried to join the server today : 19 of 20 spots filled. Shouldn't I be able to join and boot one of the non clan members or at the very least take the 20th of 20 spots? I have the >XI< for my clan tag, but I don't know if I'm doing something else wrong. Thanks.
  12. Hey there Beers and everyone else... I was in the server that night. I booted up fraps, but kept hitting the wrong damn button. After the map with all the hay bales around the outside edge, there was a smaller map with somewhat like 3 buildings on each side and the tall grassy hills on the left and right side or each players map side... I don't know the name of the map, but it's pretty simplisticly made. I spectated this whole map. When this guy was shot and spawned behind the building, he stared at the back of the building (through the brick walls) and you could see his zoom going in and out. ( At least the numbers were going up and down). Then he would move out from behind the building and sight in at the same spot. Miraculously, there was someone there. I think the guys name was something like mickey mouse 12 or some shit. Mouse would kill him. Gunna would do the same thing and try to go back to the same spot. Got shot again. He did this something like 7 or 8 times until he finally got the shot/kill. He sighted in multiple times in the map and miraculously there was another guy in another spot. EVERYWHERE he looked, there was a guy to kill... I have seen 2 worlds fairs and a goat fuck, and this is by far the weirdest thing I have seen.... Saw it all with my own two eyes, but figured I would just put my .02 in... DogYears was straight up.
  13. Welcome, welcome, welcome... Finally, I have been in the clan longer than someone else... Pissy, great shooting with and at ya in the server. Welcome to the clan.
  14. Thanks much! I thought I had seen it in the past, but maybe my fingers were moving faster than my brain.
  15. Just wondering, I would like to add the >XI< to my name, but; 1. Doesn't seem to have enough room. 2. Is there a way to do this without setting XP level to 55 "newbie" status. Thanks for any help you can give.