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  1. Crusher

    Lol, I thought they were made by grown men staying in moms basement playin Xbox all the time and not getting a fucking job...
  2. when you go back? I will be gone for a few days.


    1. Crusher


      Hey Lugnut!

      I leave Saturday morning.

      I will be back on 10/19/20

  3. I purchased quite a bit of ammo over the last 2 years. 17K rounds. Most is .223, .22 and .45. Very impressed with your stash though. I have mine all locked up in an ammo locker due to the fact that I have little ones around, plus this way if someone breaks in, they can’t take it and there is no way they can lift the locker or take it up a flight of stairs out of the basement. Weighs wayyyyyyyy more than my fully loaded fridge.
  4. Crusher

    For 1.99 Elvis, it is well worth it!
  5. There is a Raging Judge... Same company, but the frame is almost 1.5 larger/thicker. Can also shoot the 454 Cassul round.
  6. Crusher

    If I remember correctly, you are prisoners on a mining colony. For sport or entertainment, the prisoners fight to the death! In .... The Unreal Tournament! The online community was huge! I was in a clan for 11 years. There are still servers around.
  7. Crusher

    I have soooooo many UT 99 maps. I had my own server for a year and kept all my old clans' maps. I may have some 2K4 maps too! Damn! Now I'm going to have to load that game up and start playing again!
  8. Crusher

    @Merlin, Just some wise words for you my friend.... When talking to a guy, never utter the phrase "Nice Unit"... That's like the old joke... How to clear out a mens bathroom? "Nice Dick!"... ?
  9. At GOG.com, there are free games that all can download. I also see that they are running a special on UT GOTY. This is back from 1999. At only 1.99, that's a hell of a steal! I cannot tell you how many hours, days, weeks, months or years I played only this game. I have them all. 99, 2003, 2004, UT3 and Unreal II. Just thought I would post the site here for you all, in case you wanted to go RETRO sometime... Enjoy! https://www.gog.com/game/unreal_tournament_goty
  10. No problem from me! oh Lucky me! I am at the top of page 7!!!!!!
  11. Holy Crap! Teds of Beverly Hills! A Steakhouse? I spend about 4 months a year out in LA (I'm in Michigan). I am headed out there again in September. I am looking for a great steak restaurant! The sig looks delicious! I am going to check your place out. My local Black Angus in Torrance and The Yard House in L/B have pissed me off for the last time. On the TP9... Damn if it isn't an extremely fun and fine piece of hardware to shoot. I just wish it wasn't 500.00 for 1000 rounds... I have about 1200 rounds to play with, but always want more in reserve.
  12. This thing is a beauty! 9mm, black and tungsten. 20 +1. 2 mags, cleaning kit, removable plate for a micro red dot. It has 3 interchangeable back straps for those with bigger or smaller hands. Definitely not a concealed carry pistol. 5.2 inch. Shoots like a dream.
  13. Crusher

    Finally! After 2 years an update. I still have not shot the M1 Garand. Just too nice. The shotgun took about 75 rounds to break in. Would stove pipe every other shot. I was using RIO birdshot 7.5. I had a gunsmith tell me that I needed to shoot high brass shells through it to make it work properly. Well, after 75 rounds, I can shoot anything through it and it works just fine. Pretty accurate at 10 to 15 yards. I do now realize that the placement of the magazine is just terrible. Looks cool, but for real world shooting, it is just terrible. I should have purchased the AR-12 style shotgun instead. (It looks just like an AR15, but shoots 12 ga. shells).
  14. Hit them as they are running away???? What are you nuts Spinpuppy? If they are running away, they are no longer a threat. We all know from recent events that you just can't shoot someone as they are running away. No matter what they have done or how big of an asshole they are. You don't want to go to jail because of some shitbag. Hey buddy! I know you were just being funny.



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