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  1. Crusher

    For those that have seen my past post, I had a 2021 Toyota Tacoma. Well, April 16th of this year, my wife totaled it. I had ordered a twin truck for myself. Well, in July, the back-up truck arrived (2022 Tacoma) and I gave that to my daughter to drive so she could take her mother around as needed. I then ordered another back-up truck (2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro). This bad mamma-jamma is loaded with every option available. It finally arrived!!!! While I wish it was another child (I loved it when they were so little), at 50 years old, I don't know if I could take another one. Wife is 8 years older than I and she couldn't deal with it either.
  2. Big news a comin'. New baby! Stay tuned!
  3. Wait!!! What the hell did I miss? Was I in a coma? Elvis kicked my ass in Contra? When the fuck did this happen? I’ll have to go thru my pics and post a screen shot of this asskick’n. You be in game Saturday, cause I’ve been gone a week and that will be your only advantage! I’m gonna squash you Elvis!
  4. I'll start it off with mine. Eat that Elvis!
  5. Crusher

    Some games, play through a round then the window closes (game either crashes or closes).
  6. Crusher

  7. Crusher

    It's OK, He's the limo driver!
  8. Crusher

    I'm locking this thread as this ban is not on any of our COD5 servers.
  9. Crusher

    Husk395, I have checked all your aliases and related players on our COD5 servers. I even looked at your IP's. There is no ban on any COD5 servers on >XI<. I don't know what to tell you. Last I saw, you were in one of our servers 7/10/2022. The data shows this. There aren't any bans for you here.
  10. Pac-Man,

    Edd the Duck says he removed the ban in TS.

    You should be good to go for TS.

  11. i dont think they have a apeal process


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