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  1. Crusher

    LOL, Hey Dallas! Elvis said you guys went out for steaks and you got yours ground! What the fuck! Eat a big boy steak... I mean, eat a steak like a big boy... I mean... God Damn man! You are a bigg'n... I hope you don't show up at my house angry... Elvis said your cheeseburger looked like a slider in your hand! Awesome, the fact that you got together with Elvis. Safe travels!
  2. Crusher

    Thanks! I have now owned all models of Highlander. My 2006 model was the least liked, but it was a base grade.
  3. She is a beauty! 2018 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum pkg. Everything except Rear seat entertainment. That's what they made iPads for. 7 miles when I picked her up! Drives a bit quieter than my old 2013 Lexus RX350. Take a gander at the pics! Parked her next to her older but still great sister! I am going to love driving her to XI Fest this year!
  4. Crusher

    Thanks dadda2. Didn't see that it was posted here.
  5. Crusher

    OK Sylasas, We will confer with the banning admin and get back to you soon.
  6. Crusher

    Oh shit! That looks nasty. Sorry to hear that.
  7. Crusher

    Well, Sorry to hear about your dad. My families best wishes are out there for a speedy recovery for him.
  8. Crusher

    Happy birthday Belted! So, what are ya? 23, 25? LOL
  9. Crusher

    See! I told you! He has tendencies for sabotage... Gotta watch him closely!
  10. Crusher

    I think what we have learned from this is that WarAngel77 has just used up her 9th life... She is such a troublemaker when she is in the server. I can't begin to think of how many times I have told her to stop shooting me. Not listening to an Admin is cause for booting/banning if the warnings aren't listened to. She has burned her last bridge around this place! I am sick and tired of... Oh, wait... What was that? She is Snoop's wife??? Ummm... Well, I guess I should maybe let her, I mean I guess we should, Ummm, maybe we could umm, maybe excuse her this time and um maybe let her, let her um come back to playing with us... But this is the last time WarAngel77! I really mean it! This could be your final warning!!! Um.. unless there is a warning given in the future, um then, um maybe we could let that one slide too I guess.. Umm.... Sorry Snoop! I didn't mean to ummm.... Be mean to your ummm.. Wife, I mean, I, I, I, I'm Sorry. ( I didn't have any part in the kicking or banning), but whoever did is ummm... I mean... I wish I could ummm... In all seriousness though... I haven't had or heard a single complaint about WarAngel77. She is a pleasure to have in the server, but she needs to be more vocal...In TS, you never hear a word out of her. I am sure the ban will be lifted almost immediately. Snoop, on the other hand......We as admins should look into this character a bit more. My recommendation is:
  11. Crusher

    I love playing the zombie maps on my pc, but bets boring. looking for 2 to 3 more people that would like to play. I have dozens of maps (if I could find a place to store them for you all to download) and then we could go at it 4 at a time. Drop me a line with your name so I can add as a friend, then if you are online, I will send an invite and we can kill some zombies. I add a bit of speed and max ammo when playing. Later!
  12. Crusher

    Ahhhh, Just put an adjust-a-post under it with a 2X8 spanning below and it will be all good. Or, Just frame it in. The wood over that distance will be OK.
  13. Crusher

    That truck is fucking sweet! Nice to have some of you (Crazygirl, Spinpuppy) appreciate the Toyota name brand. (I work for Toyota with Research and Development). Take care of the routine maintenance and that truck will last forever!