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  1. Crack

    where ya at fucker??

  2. Hello buddy Are you back? Please say you are we all miss you in our own special ways.

  3. Shit I just noticed I'm Older than you!


  4. Jesus christ I really thought you'd managed to get banned somehow

  5. I would life to die in your care.
  6. Really...???? man that has to be hard on you. Not fun watching people or waiting for people to die.
  7. hxtr

    Crap have not see him in a bit. Happy Birthday Ripple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hxtr

    This is not a very PC post. What about the men that identify as a mother? Happy Mothers and Fathers day.
  9. She is for sure a 8 or a 9 on the dickher scale.
  10. That video was way to short. Where is the rest of it?
  11. hxtr

    Let me see if I can turn a negative into a positive. Oh!!!!!!! Look at the pretty Chemtrials.
  12. hxtr

    I fucking hate the poison the shit I am breasting. I will keep it positive.
  13. hxtr

    Then say what makes you mad and make if funny.
  14. hxtr

    What the fuck was I saying. I plead the old XI rules SAY WHAT IS FUNNY until you are mad.
  15. hxtr

    Trust me you have plenty to say as we Instigate everything in our lives.