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  1. Here are some old ass tits. They still work though.
  2. While you are down there sucking on my dick.. do me a favor and scratch my ass. Be useful noob.
  3. Another tit memorial. My search is on for tit memorial.
  4. Now back to tits... speaking of tits. Why are they so soft and cute? Did WWII have anything to do with it?
  5. I could take that as a personal attack but I am what I eat. Thank you... pussy I am.
  6. You better have two tits before you call me boy.
  7. Funny... women go get fake tits.. we a doctor here that does that.. my question is why don't men just go buy the fake tits and call it a day? Tits are lying all over his practice.. tones of tits.
  8. The only problem with tits is if they are too big. Big tits hurt a good woman's back. If not for the back problem big tits would be a perfect memorial.
  9. If you think about it Tits are a man's memorial. So soft and warm plus great to look at. Tits are great unless it is 113F outside, then keep them hots tits out of my way from me.
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