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  1. My conclusion is we live in a simulation and not one of us is in control. hello NSA, CIA and FBI. Go fuck yourself.
  2. For the lazy... just the act of observation the electrons change paths.
  3. hxtr

    Damn I thought I seen this thread. Happy Birthday Larsin. You rock man.. and you rock as well.
  4. hxtr

    Can a Admin lock this thread please? GG changed her mind and will continue being an Admin. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. hxtr

    Happy Birthday Hoth.... have a great day!
  6. hxtr

    I am much better behaved without tags.
  7. hxtr

    I got a PM form dadda a few years ago telling me to apply for my tags again. I thought he was nutz at the time but I entertained his idea. I had to get 80% admin vote at the time.. and I knew that was never going to happen. I forgot the number of percentage but it was well above 80%. Dadda I may not have my tags now but I want to tell you I will never forget that. I love you man. You are a great person. Happy Birthday my friend.
  8. Probed? Is that what they call it today? I thought it was just a bunch of perverts who wanted attention. I did not see your post. Let me do some investigating work.
  9. hxtr

    I get pissed when the phone number for a good time is disconnected. Welcome to the Forum Adalya. We have clean restrooms, clean servers and a dirty forum. I have been slacking on my job.. but I plane to clean shit up soon. Stay tuned.
  10. hxtr

    Absolutely. Let me write for SNL. That would be funny if they did. Instead it sucks Alec Balls.
  11. hxtr

    hahaha it is a pun.
  12. Every war since the French Revolutionary war was controlled by the Illuminati. Have fun leaning real history.
  13. hxtr

    that bitch!!!!!!!
  14. hxtr

    or is that incumming.