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    Thanks for your help ?
  2. Hey People, do you finaly give up with crysis wars ? People ask what happen to your Server at cryserv.eu Regards Lara
  3. Hello, just like to know why no wars server available anymore ? Do you give up with it ? Your HRD Maps /Server was something verry special and its Sad thing it's not up and running anymore . Best Regards Lara
  4. Hello, iam Lara from cryserv.eu and like to help your crysis wars server at my system to be online 24/7. Player ask what happen to your server . You have one of the best server in cryserv, sad thing,  your crysis wars server seem to crash verry often . You can see all my servers running 95% because i use a monitoring tool to keep my wars server allways up and running. Please let me know if you like me to help, you can email me to [email protected] Thanks for your great finaziel support to cryserv.eu ! Regards Jürgen alias Lara

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