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  1. Sitting-Duc

    Which upgrade? the upgrade of the site did not remove any awards.. it more looks like you have started using this profile instead of your old one... In either case - speak to ROCK
  2. I posted the URL after, got the name wrong it wasn't Daemon but DemonWare. In any case I wasn't discussing publisher or producer but the company behind the master server/authentication. The Treyarch, DemonWare and Infinity Ward companies are owned/subsidiaries of Activision anyway..
  3. Sitting-Duc

    What happens when you delete the file? same error?
  4. I thought it was these guys: https://demonware.net/
  5. Pretty sure it's not Activision that does COD WAW authentication.. thought it was Daemon or something like that?
  6. Sitting-Duc

    Note not all of them were deleted.. just the politically rooted ones..
  7. Sitting-Duc

    Honestly not much has changed.. we now sell tickets to watch the hacked webcams is all so needed to put that in there.
  8. I didn't say no demand. I said the demand is not high. In any case, you may be asked allot but I have not..
  9. There is the ability to download through the portal but takes a while. To answer your question - maybe yes. But really the demand is not high so it's not high up on my list. I'm happy to provide a OneDrive share link if you want?
  10. Sitting-Duc

    Unsure about the specifics of mobile calls but yes that is how allot of encryption works. It is common for the decryption to be stopped once the data is within a 'trusted network'. Certainly that is very common place in IT. Fundamentally though it is now considered best practice (and ultimately now possible) to have encryption at all points including at rest. However the fact remains that data that is encrypted can be decrypted and is therefore never 100% safe.
  11. It was something unrelated to the images (I believe). Should all be good now.
  12. Sitting-Duc

  13. Sitting-Duc

    It's the special chars in the topic title.. the website doesn't mind them but the web server does
  14. Sitting-Duc

    Love that show



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