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  1. You don't 'install' PHP scripts.. they are interpreted by the web server. As @Barron3000 pointed out W3 schools have everything you need for this including a section on PHP It all comes down to web hosting in the end..
  2. say no to iframes!
  3. iframes are bad - don't use them!
  4. Zoom in?
  5. Glad you're still alive
  6. but... why?
  7. Aye - who the fuck made the mistake of letting Milky in!? Amazing to think how much time we have all dedicated to this community. I have commitment issues with all my relationships, except this one
  8. I would rather June so it's spread out from the US one personally
  9. Hello, iam Lara from and like to help your crysis wars server at my system to be online 24/7. Player ask what happen to your server . You have one of the best server in cryserv, sad thing,  your crysis wars server seem to crash verry often . You can see all my servers running 95% because i use a monitoring tool to keep my wars server allways up and running. Please let me know if you like me to help, you can email me to Thanks for your great finaziel support to ! Regards Jürgen alias Lara

  10. Please welcome Tattoogamer to the Minecraft moderators team, He has been a great help on the servers and has supported Minecrafts growth in our community. Congratulations!
  11. If you execute the /pb_myguid command when you are not connected to a Punkbuster enabled server you will get back your local GUID, this is the one you use for LAN parties etc. You need to connect to a Punkbuster enabled server and then execute the command the same as you have been.
  12. Like that is a bit scary.. that's 1200 days right. 3526 episodes.... averaging 2.9 episodes per day. Each episode is an average of 35 - 45 minutes.. so that's 101.5 to 130.5 minutes a day. Fucking scary.
  13. I mean I'm worried about myself right now BUT. That is fucking fantastic value for money... that may episodes for so little money.
  14. Since 23/09/2014 I have watched 3526 episodes/movies.....