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  1. Sitting-Duc

    We went over this last time.. however much you offer. I am not sleeping with you.
  2. Sitting-Duc

    And you got the last booking... guess I will stay round the corner lol
  3. Sitting-Duc

    Please try again. I have kicked it.
  4. Please try again. I have kicked it.
  5. Sitting-Duc

  6. Sitting-Duc

    That's down to the theme, wasn't trying to fix that lol. Just the uploading.
  7. Sitting-Duc

    OK I think I have figured out the image uploading error and sorted it. Please have a look and see if that is working as expected. Duc
  8. Sitting-Duc

    Took a little longer than expected.. a system went down at work Looking at it now...
  9. Sitting-Duc

    I need to go to work though.. so will be in 7 hours..
  10. Sitting-Duc

    It's getting there - one more issue to figure out on the uploading though!
  11. Sitting-Duc

  12. Aye the server it's on is having memory issues and fucked over the redirect. I haven't got round to moving it yet. Duc
  13. Sitting-Duc

  14. Sitting-Duc

  15. Sitting-Duc