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  1. Sitting-Duc

    Nope. The project is unsupported - somebody would need to do it and nobody has inputted so far. Duc
  2. Sitting-Duc

    I have looked.. all seems to be running. Unsure why it's not picking up stats. Turned it off/on again to see.
  3. Quack Quack lol


    How ya doin bud?

  4. Sitting-Duc

    Even the cat looks stoned....
  5. Sitting-Duc

    That is currently by design
  6. Sitting-Duc

    It's not supposed to yet - I'ts a POC - that thread is about how people want it to work. Once I know that I will make the changes and make it not error and return a less random response. Duc
  7. Sitting-Duc

    Elaborate?.. the thing that hasn't been made doesn't work? It doesn't work as a concept? Help me mind read.
  8. Sitting-Duc

    OK this may be a little premature.. and not everything is working.. but it's back enough to start being interesting to people. I was bugged (abused) at the XI fest that the stats were not there so came back and wrote some friggy code into the portal and got the XlrStats working again through the B3 bots system. The B3 and XlrStats projects have not been supported in a few years so I had a some updating and changes to make it compatible with the latest version of PHP etc. Most of the website features are working but some of the datatables are displaying the wrong data. The server information page and player profile pages look pretty good. The stats are running on our most popular servers for each Call of Duty game. I have added the links to the home page on the left under the GameTracker server list (see image): I will continue looking at the website and trying to figure out why the data tables are buggered (also had to comment out some code to make it work). If you are interested you can look here for my fork: https://github.com/frasermolyneux/xlrstats-web-v3 Hope this appeases some of the more vocal folk... Duc
  9. Sitting-Duc

    Trouble is I can't remember what it was like and I have lost the code
  10. Sitting-Duc

    Great pictures - it's amazing how many of them I am hugging someone.. Duc
  11. Sitting-Duc

    We did, I was the one that set it up - when we moved to NFO it stopped that working. I have managed to get it working again through a different way. If it helps, this is the current code: internal class FuckYouPlugin : IPlugin { private readonly ContextProvider contextProvider; private readonly ILogger logger; public FuckYouPlugin(ILogger logger, ContextProvider contextProvider) { this.logger = logger ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(logger)); this.contextProvider = contextProvider ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(contextProvider)); } public void RegisterEventHandlers(IParser parser) { parser.ChatMessage += Parser_ChatMessage; } private void Parser_ChatMessage(object sender, EventArgs e) { var onChatMessageEventArgs = (OnChatMessageEventArgs) e; if (onChatMessageEventArgs.Name.Contains(">XI<") && onChatMessageEventArgs.Message.Contains("!fu")) { logger.Information($"FuckYou initiated for {onChatMessageEventArgs.Name} ({onChatMessageEventArgs.Guid}) on server {onChatMessageEventArgs.ServerId}"); using (var context = contextProvider.GetContext()) { var server = context.GameServers.Single(s => s.ServerId == onChatMessageEventArgs.ServerId); var rconClient = new RconClient(server.Hostname, server.QueryPort, server.RconPassword); string[] authors = { "Mahesh Chand", "Jeff Prosise", "Dave McCarter", "Allen O'neill", "Monica Rathbun", "Henry He", "Raj Kumar", "Mark Prime", "Rose Tracey", "Mike Crown" }; var rand = new Random(); var index = rand.Next(authors.Length); var responseMessage = $"{onChatMessageEventArgs.Name} likes {authors[index]}"; rconClient.SayCommand(responseMessage); logger.Information($"FuckYou: {responseMessage}"); } } } } Duc
  12. Sitting-Duc

    Hi All, I was pestered at the fest to look at the stats and also the !fu command. Stats are proving difficult however the !fu command has been fairly easy to proof of concept. So the question is - how would you want it to work? Open to ideas:- - List of random insults? - Should we choose a target? e.g. !fu rugger - Limit to XI only? - How should we restrict it's abuse? What's would you like?
  13. Sitting-Duc

    Do you keep logging out? or removing cookies? etc? Duc
  14. Sitting-Duc

    Hi All, Teamspeak is now back up and running but limited to 32 slots. Since 2015 the renewal process has been to submit a ticket and the licence is extended. The majority of the time I remember, I forget every now and then. This time I remembered and put a ticket in! However I never looked at the response assuming it had gone through OK. Apparently the process has now changed and I have had to 'reapply' for the sponsorship licence. That is now in and awaiting their response. I was on the Isle of Wight at a wedding so had to wait for me to get back home. Duc
  15. Sitting-Duc

    Anyone can see any post in the game clubs.. no changes have been made. There have been more posts which may be why you have noticed it. Duc
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