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  1. I can not stress this enough.. the redirect will have zero effect on game play, pings, lag, or the like. All it is is a bunch of files on a server - doesn't matter where they are. The only thing it effects is how quickly you can download the map. After that there is no interaction. The redirect move was simply copying the files to New York onto a server and then updating the config on the servers to 'give' the new location to connecting clients. The switch back just updated the config to go back to the server in Canada. Other than the config change the game servers were not touched in any way and the change does not interact with players who are either already in the server or who already have the map downloaded. Unless an issues affects ALL players on a server there is nothing we can do.
  2. TS3

    As has been said you should be downloading the client. You should only need the 32bit version if you are using a 32bit OS.. which is very unlikely. Choose 64bit where possible.
  3. lols
  4. You shouldn't need to run anything in compatibility mode etc. Get rid of the archaic disc and use a (legitimate) downloaded copy.
  5. Teamspeak is now operational again
  6. Teamspeak is now operational again
  7. Teamspeak is now operational again
  8. FU!
  9. Hi All, The XI Downloader has been around a fair while and it's user base is at an all time low. As such I would like to take a look at its future. If you care about it in an way please vote on this poll. Thanks,
  10. Hi All, The Twitch website feature was added a while back at request of a few members who were interested in streaming more - we have had it a while now and generally when you log in there are no active users. I would like to consider changing the feature. If you care can you put a vote on this poll. If nobody cares I will remove it
  11. US XI Fest 2018

    The US Xi Fest for 2018 will be held in Nashville Tennessee on September 27th to September 30th. There is an events discussion here: This event will be kept up to date with the 'official' events on the weekend. If you need any changes made - send a PM.
  12. Locked. One appeal please.
  13. Updated
  14. lol I like that one
  15. You don't 'install' PHP scripts.. they are interpreted by the web server. As @Barron3000 pointed out W3 schools have everything you need for this including a section on PHP It all comes down to web hosting in the end..