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  1. That sounds like you have adware or something.. Certainly that is not the behaviour of Google Chrome..
  2. I would put this forward:
  3. As in.. you hit one of these...?
  4. What are the requirements? You need to at least mention some game titles otherwise we can't give good input if he just wants to play candy crush give me the £1000 and I'll build him a £250 PC and deliver it!
  5. sweetwompa_

  6. You've copied these out of a private message which is my nobody else can see them.
  7. nope - I haven't changed anything..
  8. If you find a broken image @KillerKitty then yeah send me the link and I can retrieve it... hopefully...
  9. Yeah so @Labob has hit the nail on the head. Essentially we have a really old file store that was imported from the old site and then merged with a load of inline uploaded images. This has been a really big issue with updating the site and requires me to manually configure the file store after each update. The site developers are releasing frequent updates which makes it harder for me. So.. for the past 4 - 6 months I have been migrating away from that file store and moving the images to a more organised store. With hundreds of thousands of images that has taken a fair bit of time. I am now left with a load of 'bastard' images with no parents. These I have temp disabled to study the impact. It generally on the older posts and some signatures for people who have not updated recently. As to how to proceed. If you could ideally re-upload your signatures then that would be the best issue. Depending on the impact will depend on what I do to fix them.
  10. Absolutely fantastically done @Barron3000 - can't believe how well you popular you have managed to get our Insurgency servers
  11. @2_MANY_BEERS I was responding to Labob saying he was having issues.. To specifically answer your question - I do not know, I would have to look at it first.
  12. Not looked at it in an age but if you're getting username/password issues then perhaps a website update has caused an issue. If you have a confirm what state it's in and give me the results I can look at some options.
  13. Shameless money saving technique.... If you wanna save £15 then use this link... and then book the hotel. Apparently you will get £15 back after your stay.
  14. If you are a 'genius' member on you get 10% off anyway.
  15. lol great regression testing there.. you would think they would test with the most popular server mods..