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  1. Sitting-Duc

    The eggs thing 'cracks' me up every time now..
  2. Sitting-Duc

    Updated my machine to W11 today and have been having a little play. As one might expect at this stage really its just the UI changes that are noticeable. Everything is working fine and I am liking the organised settings - that has always annoyed me. Generally the feel is good and I am liking it - looking forward to the next drops. I might also update O365 to the insider as well, undecided though.
  3. Sitting-Duc

    Ah I have always used Pro/Enterprise anyway
  4. Sitting-Duc

    Thought there was some misleading messages around TPM and I can see that the spec page has been updated https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11-specifications In any case.. who doesn't run TPM/BitLocker as standard now anyway?
  5. Sitting-Duc

    Yeah it does look like nothing 'ground breaking' - mainly skin/theme and usability changes. The core of the OS is exactly the same as W10. There is no change to the enterprise management or tooling etc. Either way - I will get the Beta next week and have a play with it!
  6. Sitting-Duc

    Yep looking at what has been released so far they are definitely pushing security and privacy - certainly some systems won't be compatible but ah well
  7. Sitting-Duc

    Not that it helps you but this sort of thing happening should highlight to others the importance of proper password management, two factor authentication and recovery settings. Also simply using the features available for sharing purchases. If you are wanting to share games with a family member you could have used family sharing: https://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing (Google 'Steam share games'). My topical tips would be: You should ideally not share individual accounts with anyone (even your family). Look at resource sharing options within the service
  8. Sitting-Duc

    Have disabled on mobile
  9. Nah it's broken and I've just started a new contract so won't be looking at that stuff for a fair while.
  10. Sitting-Duc

    Ah it's just like when they said .NET Core was the future.. then .NET 5 appeared
  11. Sitting-Duc

    Have I Been Pwned was created by Troy Hunt who is a widely respected and trusted security expert
  12. Sitting-Duc

    I miss guns..



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