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  1. So what are the numbers looking like for confirmed people?
  2. I will be happy to see her! and you I guess
  3. I'm in @Olive may not be though which is sad. But I will be travelling with him the month before so still happy!
  4. Sitting-Duc

    I finished Uni in 2015..
  5. Sitting-Duc

    I thought this was going to be a car rental joke.. disappointing..
  6. Sitting-Duc

    Looks like it was deleted - he found the server in the end though so happy end to the story...
  7. Sitting-Duc

    We cannot give you any help with this as it's not our server..
  8. Sitting-Duc

    I think you have already said in the chat that this was a "death-inc" clan server.. so I would suggest you appeal to them not us.
  9. Sitting-Duc

  10. He asked for his profile/account to be deleted
  11. Sitting-Duc

    I have been using Win 11 since insider beta and haven't had any major issues - have now pushed out to my work/personal devices. No major changes to usability for me. Have got an annoying Intune issue where the device is partially enrolled.
  12. Sitting-Duc

    Are we using the same definition of 'censor'? I for one will never be part of a community that does not censor threats against people or content such as racism, child abuse, physical harm, personal safety, terrorism and many many others. Go to the dark web if you don't want censorship. But alas, this diverges us from the original topic which is around censorship of questionable or objectionable material is it not? it is not a straightforward topic to be driven by a set of predetermined rules and is by nature subjective.
  13. Sitting-Duc

    Nope not a politician Yes being in XI has been on my resume (curriculum vitae over here) - it has surprisingly helped me accelerate my career. But, check above - I posted twice. Once with a longer 'non-politician' response.
  14. Sitting-Duc

    Just to clarify. Yes - part of the moderation of this forum is censorship. We censor certain topics to sections of the forum e.g. politics/nudity. We censor illegal content (yes it gets posted). We censor inflammatory and racist remarks. To think we do not censor is not correct. You can of course disagree with me saying that I believe in "some aspect of" freedom of speech - comical but go for it. Yes I am at fault - my actions are mine. You forget that this community has been built upon the personal feelings and beliefs of many members including my own. And that is how many communities are made and torn down by the alignment and misalignment of those beliefs with others. I am happy where I live thanks The mistake that I consider I have made is posting on the topic after locking, what I said didn't need to be said. I don't believe it was a mistake to lock it though. I have made many worse mistakes in this community.
  15. Sitting-Duc

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