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  1. Sitting-Duc

    That is one fucked up crazy fucker. Honestly thought that was a fake article at first.
  2. Sitting-Duc

    Update: I started my 'social distancing' on march 24th with high hopes of seizing this as an opportunity to learn and develop myself. Increasingly I have found it hard to remember what I did yesterday, focus on projects and my diet is shockingly bad. Entering my 15th day.. which in reality is not long. I have been on holidays far longer. I have been to the 'small' Tesco twice and 'large' Morrisons yesterday (as a B'Day celebration). I have scarily only gone for a handful of walks and a single bike ride, other than that I have stuck in the house or the garden. I have sunburn from sitting in the sun too long. I am now stocked up to last another two weeks without leaving the property but will have to go out for walks/rides for my sanity I think.
  3. Sitting-Duc

    OK so your issue is a separate issue and unrelated then. Shaun's is because of the install location.
  4. Sitting-Duc

    I'm confused now - when you said 'still not working' - who was it in relation to and was it a question or statement? In any case the file is in the download section.
  5. Sitting-Duc

    It's not working for you @BlackRose? or for @ShaunZAR.
  6. Sitting-Duc

    No clue what it means either.. going to try and break it down: "All it makes !e think about is getting drunk and how much I fucking detest snow." - Pretty sure this means he just doesn't like snow. "I was reading though about how poets the good ones usually come from ugly shitty looking shit like this." - He can read? I guess he likes poetry. And that the good ones come from 'ugly shitty looking shit like this'. I guess that means good poets are from places that snow? Perhaps a recognition that when the weather is snowy more people stay inside and potentially write poetry? "It isn't realistic because the last check from the Netherlands I knew just wanted to take pictures next to statues with any size penis. That and shitty taxedermy." - Right this one has me a little stumped. I think 'check' is 'chick'? If you read it as that he knew a 'chick' from the Netherlands that was interested in history especially statues with a penis visible. The 'chick' apparently also likes taxidermy. Still unsure what isn't realistic though? "Oh and living in Az is paradise." - He comes from Arizona and thinks that is paradise?.. So that's my breakdown.. unsure how accurate it is?
  7. Sitting-Duc

    Nope - I had a power cut which is why XlrStats stopped working. And I couldn't be arsed to get out of bed and resolve it when the power came back on. Duc
  8. Sitting-Duc

    Or not I read demo manager not download manager on the screenshot. Which is it?
  9. Sitting-Duc

    The application has been discontinued.
  10. Sitting-Duc

    Never had it planned, initially Oslo with intentions of travelling North - probably not has high up as you though!
  11. Sitting-Duc

    I was supposed to be going to Norway last week for a holiday, some virus or something came up though. Looks absolutely stunning
  12. Sitting-Duc

    Ah when Brexit was the only thing we had on our minds...
  13. Sitting-Duc

    I weeded my front garden.. no level ups or rewards.. I want a refund.
  14. Sitting-Duc

    Like many others I am taking some forced holiday (and I have to call it holiday for my sanity). I am only 4 days into my isolating from the world, going to be honest I have gone much longer not leaving my house but there is something about being told you can't leave. Needless to say that now I needed a new project to work on. I thought I would share it: https://geo-location.net/ It's a spin-off from something I did ages ago for the XI Portal and will lookup IP addresses and provide a map and data around it etc. I have messed around with Azure functions for the processing, Azure tables for storage and terraform for the deployment. Here are the repos for anyone interested: Website - https://github.com/frasermolyneux/FM.GeoLocation.Web Backend - https://github.com/frasermolyneux/FM.GeoLocation How are you all coping so far? Duc
  15. Sitting-Duc

    Can you confirm your GUID please? (if unsure how to retrieve it then please use Google). Duc
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