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  1. I'll sell you some if you want? have some old five pound paper notes...
  2. Looks like we have had an issue with the server backups filling up the main drive, it's now corrupted the server in some way. I have spoken to @NostradewmusXI and we will have to wait until we get someone who knows how to fix it before the server will be back online.
  3. I bet they just forgot to account for British Summer Time and the call came after the shot...
  4. Would be great if we could get a new batch done at some point. I believe I own one which was generously gifted to me an age back however it was when I was allot thinner than I am now!
  5. website banned /locked
  6. website banned /locked
  7. In the future appeals should be made through here: Thanks, /locked
  8. website banned /locked
  9. website banned. /locked
  10. Please make an appeal using the appropriate form found here: /locked
  11. I love how the default stance on browser security is to ignore the big warning and proceed anyway
  12. Yes @Sonovabich I will be moving all of the game forums over to clubs. It's been hectic at work so only have time at the weekends at the moment for XI website stuff.
  13. Yeah I will be doing that once I have finished moving all the games over to them