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  1. heevhu

    Amsterdam is tourist driven. I think the prices would go up. Utrecht is better if we decide for Netherlands. Even has a school of arts, it could be interesting. A historical location would be great Normandy for example. But we could do it inside a castle or a palace... i don't know...
  2. heevhu

    Steam ID: heevhu and it's been really a matter of luck to get a good partner. Bad luck indeed. Can't stand stupid people no more.
  3. heevhu

    lol! not as foreseen! aha! to all you guys, thank you for the warm welcome. sorry for the delay, been pretty busy with homework 2 do. Think i'll search for your cod4 mod now... see you around!
  4. heevhu

    hello world pushing bytes from portugal, gamer for 30 years and always eager to find the best online experience, hard to find these days. After reading a review, i got really motivated to take a peek in here. Games i'd like to try with this community: PUBG, GTA V, MINECRAFT, CoD - WaW, Cod 4... alas, i'm trying PUBG with you first time. Let us see. Hope to have good times with you, people. Take care. See you somewhere beautiful. Happy fraggin' heevhu.



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