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  1. Done!
  2. Added you on Steam!
  3. That's great! Thank you so much! I'll add you later on today. Thanks again!
  4. Server procon layer gives an error in Fragnet. Can`t even restart it. Need @B-Murda for this!
  5. Ok. done then and thank you!
  6. You read the dislosure? Every link you click can change your profile it says.... Was up for a key, but i like my privacy....
  7. I won`t let myself be used for that....!!! JAYsus will certainly be there if it`s in Brussels. Not sure if i have to cross the pond; Expences will be higher then and just like some other people last couple of months have been a disaster on that matter......
  8. And please.... only vote if you are really attending!!!
  9. @EDD THE DUCK Can most certainly add a poll to the opening post can you????
  10. Brussels sounds good and affordable. Good to get to for the UK guys, good for the Dutch guys and even for the French and German guys. Timewise i suggest late June early July. Read about getting to Budapest being expensive. No idea to book it as a citytrip with flight, hotel and breakfast included? That`s how i found a couple of cheap ones.....
  11. Thanks all!
  12. Thanks all!!! Was good!
  13. Koning Pils it is!!! Nice one Jeroen!
  14. True and oh so true!!!!
  15. I saw something from the game. Looks great! I bought 4, might aswell buy this one!