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  1. Oh My.... YOU PUT IN THAT NAKED DUDE!!!! Muhahahahaha
  2. There are names in there! Might enlarge the pic a bit.... On Phone they are a little small.
  3. As title says. Had a blast!!! Sorry for the people that couldn`t make it. You really missed something!
  4. Yes it is....
  5. Ok. The entire group!!! And not even a funny face in this picture!!! (Names later)
  6. Just for a starters.... Berlin defenately knows we are here!!!
  7. Only reason i sold my gas grill a couple of years ago. Charcoal for the best meat!
  8. until

    Honestly didnt know....
  9. until

    Oh my..... Pride weekend.... ;-p Going to be fun.... ;-p
  10. Oh by the way. I made a ''XtremeIdiots do Berlin'' whatsapp group. Might come in handy, so if you want in just let one of the others know. Everyone can add people....
  11. Ofc i`m in! But... will be room for more i guess....
  12. Would love to join, but indeed, as the dead bringing Duck said; Thats in the middle of night here.... Don`t count on me.
  13. So sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family!