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  1. JAYsus_NL

    Ik zat in hetzelfde schuitje, maar toen ik alles had samengesteld maar tot de conclusie gekomen dat ik niet zelf ging samenstellen, maar een prebuild ging kopen. Zelfde specs in de prebuild als ik samengesteld had, maar dan ongeveer 800 goedkoper. De grafische kaarten zijn op dit moment idioot duur. Ik heb gekozen voor deze; HP OMEN 30L Daarnaast nog een leuk nieuw schermpje en ik kan er weer 10 jaar tegenaan
  2. JAYsus_NL

    Just for the record.... Kol Mikaelson is MINE!!!!
  3. Im still here.... Somewhere in a dark and grey non XI BF4 server... Don`t like the new COD, but there is where the most old BF players are nowadays....
  4. Love it freak!!!!! I`m going to give this one some love comming winter.
  5. JAYsus_NL

    Nope.... Still don`t like it as much i as did BF4, and thats an understatement ;-p. I hop in every now and again, but after a couple of rounds i`m done....
  6. JAYsus_NL

    Watched them all. Numerous times. Love them!!!!
  7. JAYsus_NL

    I'll be there.... But make it September or so. Still nice weather then....
  8. JAYsus_NL

    Sad days..... He was one of our BF4 breakfast club members and i have spend hours with him on the servers and in TS. Always had a laugh with him... He will truly be missed. RIP Johnny!!!
  9. Sad days.... Nice to have met you once in person Dadda. My deepest condolances to @sandradee2 and loved ones.
  10. Get the chickens out of your ears.......
  11. JAYsus_NL

    I arrive Thursday at 12.30 at BCN, leave Sunday 12.15 from BCN
  12. JAYsus_NL

    You Irish........... ????
  13. JAYsus_NL

    I`ll have to wait with booking flights till next week. As it seemes now i`m flying in from Berlin, while i`m there for work till the 3rd...
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