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  1. Im still here.... Somewhere in a dark and grey non XI BF4 server... Don`t like the new COD, but there is where the most old BF players are nowadays....
  2. Love it freak!!!!! I`m going to give this one some love comming winter.
  3. JAYsus_NL

    Nope.... Still don`t like it as much i as did BF4, and thats an understatement ;-p. I hop in every now and again, but after a couple of rounds i`m done....
  4. JAYsus_NL

    Watched them all. Numerous times. Love them!!!!
  5. JAYsus_NL

    I'll be there.... But make it September or so. Still nice weather then....
  6. JAYsus_NL

    Sad days..... He was one of our BF4 breakfast club members and i have spend hours with him on the servers and in TS. Always had a laugh with him... He will truly be missed. RIP Johnny!!!
  7. Sad days.... Nice to have met you once in person Dadda. My deepest condolances to @sandradee2 and loved ones.
  8. Get the chickens out of your ears.......
  9. JAYsus_NL

    I arrive Thursday at 12.30 at BCN, leave Sunday 12.15 from BCN
  10. JAYsus_NL

    You Irish........... ????
  11. JAYsus_NL

    I`ll have to wait with booking flights till next week. As it seemes now i`m flying in from Berlin, while i`m there for work till the 3rd...
  12. JAYsus_NL

    I get about 60 - 65 out of 50 grams of tobacco This my brand
  13. JAYsus_NL

  14. Yay!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboaUgRyO_g @EDD THE DUCK



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