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  1. Graphically the BF series wins......
  2. Same for the EU server...... It`s a shame.....
  3. Damn.. That was not how i imagined him too look like!
  4. Lol... Love these ones!!!!
  5. Welcome back Mate!!!
  6. The biggest and the smallest at the XI EU fest.... Innit @KillingmanXI??? ;-p (JAYsus_NL and KillingmanXI)
  7. Oh My.... YOU PUT IN THAT NAKED DUDE!!!! Muhahahahaha
  8. There are names in there! Might enlarge the pic a bit.... On Phone they are a little small.
  9. GhostLupus jumping a building...
  10. As title says. Had a blast!!! Sorry for the people that couldn`t make it. You really missed something!
  11. Yes it is....
  12. Ok. The entire group!!! And not even a funny face in this picture!!! (Names later)