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    Its all getting out of hand, @being I never even heard of you of that but judging by how long you have been registered along with your amount of posts they must of all been recently, your obviously annoyed recently as I am The whole Christmas period on the website was riddled with BS shite from @TheHammer @FLDMARSHAL ---- Like wtf its a gaming clan website like fuck off with that shit To top it of we have @KaptCrunch then who is the worst (sorry crunch), ever since you got covid during the year its "globalists, NWO and more" It's all a load of bollocks to be seeing these articles the most popular, I am not gonna respond more but I am sure Crunch will with accusing me of being a globalist puppet or so It never ends...
  2. Barron

    Strange I used to have that CPU myself, whats your GPU? There was new drivers released this week also I had this installed before when I was getting a lot of BSOD's before : https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html It will show you what drivers or system files caused the most recent BSOD, you can then work your way from there to try fix the issue. Saves you a lot of time rather than going through event history Sorry just noticed the 16gb of ram and (7.90gb usable), its more than likely the issue. You need to go into msconfig to change it back to normal Tutorial here: https://appuals.com/windows-10-wont-use-full-ram/
  3. Barron

    Nah...that's just someone who has a good gaming chair that's all
  4. Barron

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. This is currently in discussions with the admin team, we will get back to you shortly
  5. Barron

    That reminded me that I have a steam link here at home which was never used once. I have a 60 inch 4k Samsung tele in the sitting room, I must hook it up with steam link and give it a go one of the days
  6. Barron

    Ah I see, you have a decent display spec so I just couldn't imagine myself gaming close on a desk with a screen more than 27"+ , I'd be more worried about my eyesight than anything
  7. Barron

    You have a 2080ti but yet gaming on a 55" tele......why? Refresh rates are useless on tv's plus if your gaming on a 55 inch do you not find it hard to game?
  8. Barron

    Corsair 110R Midi Ryzen 5 2600 Asrock Fatal1ty AMD B450 Gaming K4 16GB Gskill Ripjaws 2x8 AMD RX 6700XT (ran out of patience for a 3070) its a solid card at the same time Benq Zowie XL LCD 24" 144hz Multiple ssd's/hdd's Logitech gaming mouse/headset along with razer keyboard With all that said above I spent over 800 euro alone on the GPU but I still play fuck all games these days. I suppose its just one of those things if you want something you will pay for it, I still have regrets over that GPU purchase but fuck it
  9. Better to buy directly through origin, as @WSMFreak said by buying the game through steam it automatically opens up origin anyway. I have heard people having issues with BF3/4 in relation to them purchasing them on steam, it's not worth the hassle
  10. Once it doesn't turn out to be fldmarshal continuing his posts I'll be happy
  11. Well I will say one thing with Rob gone, the website will be very quiet for a while with the lack of posts/topics, just like when hxtr left. Shame to you see you leave @RobMc, you had your reasons at the same time so I cant complain in that regard, hope you pop in every now and then man!
  12. Barron

    FFS can this topic be put to an end? On top of everything wtf has the following above got to do with John McAfee's death
  13. this will help the ATI /AMD grarphics user's for Nvidia has shadow play i've tested this with win10 and no hardware of Xbox was used. just play any game from desktop, only need the Xbox side bar loaded with windows. ALT-Winkey-R will start recording press agian will stop or use G-Winkey to open Game Bar. What Painkiller said Kapt, AMD had its own version of Shadowplay several years back called AMD ReLive with zero performance hit similar to Shadowplay. I moved from Nvidia recently and got a 6700XT and had to get used to the new AMD software but it seems its all built in now to the software package. Screenshot below its the default settings as I haven't recorded anything at all yet: I honestly haven't heard many people using the Windows 10 video capture, its been always there but last person I spoke to was using it and was having issues and didn't realise he had an Nvidia card with Shadowplay. Other alternative for people is OBS
  14. No idea I won anything if there was prizes being given out last night until I logged on now. Before any gift cards is being send out can someone PM before they do, it would be much appreciated
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