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  1. Barron

    I would show you mine but my current CPU doesn't support Windows 7 In anyhow the performance rating on Windows 7 became obsolete about 10 years ago, they couldn't keep up with the new hardware becoming more and more improved down the years. Better off just to post your PC specs instead
  2. Barron

    Yeah like stick around like sourtap and browse through topics/posts giving the emoji to people on topics he dislikes
  3. Barron

    It's great that we don't speak the simplified version isn't it?
  4. Barron

    Nice! were you waiting long for it to arrive?
  5. Barron

    A Steam Deck? Nice one! How you finding it so far?
  6. Barron

    Mouse sensitivity is too high for most games or is it just me? I know they are only arcade games and there's not much settings etc, and I just cant be bothered changing mouse DPI for a web browser game @Bamm don't worry I am 1 stroke behind you in the mini golf game in leader board, I'll take your place soon
  7. Barron

    Yeah it's multiplayer only, it came out after the return of castle wolfenstein pretty much, but it was well ahead of its time in 2003. Still hundreds playing it today and plenty of clan servers, its on the old quake engine so there is a lot of modded servers too. I don't know how I used to play it 12/13 years ago fine, when I'm playing it now I'm fucking useless at it
  8. It has been always still being active with servers primarily with bots, the bots were real intelligent for their time they actually played the objectives and such. You could still download it today off their website for free. There is still lots of active servers and such. I last properly played the game like 14/15 years ago but since Microsoft bought Bethesda they released it on steam too. : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1873030/Wolfenstein_Enemy_Territory/ Just curious did many of you's play it back in the day?
  9. Cant believe no one yet as mentioned this yet - a live boot of linux is all you need It's the best method of accessing files without an OS, you can boot linux via USB/CD and grab the files (unless the drive is encrypted then that's an issue)
  10. Barron

    I got it going out Paddy's day over here not too long ago, I only had 3 beers out in town and went home, woke up the following morning and I knew something was off. Sore throat and coughing up lots of phlegm etc Turned out my father who I was with at the time has it too after (he was boosted I was not), he was worse off than me I'll tell you that. I had 1/2 days flu symptoms and it eased off, thank god it was the omicron wave and not the other wave. This wave is mild asf but obviously people react differently to it. Pfizer pre-trial docs that were released to the public , it wasn't 95% effective as they said against covid it was actually only 12% for the first week during the pre-clinical trials, not one media organization speaking about it. I am not sounding like a conspiracy nut or such but its out there, I took the poison myself, just annoyed asf
  11. Barron

    I'm a bit late to the show but Jesus, nice one Lee!, Delighted and fair play to you! Congrats!
  12. Barron

    Angel we have decided to remove your ban, keep in mind this is your last warning. If it happens again, your ban will stay.
  13. Barron

    Thanks for the appeal, I will discuss this with the admin team and we will get back to you.
  14. Barron

    It's his choice to be vaccinated or not, there's no point downgrading unvaccinated people as it discriminates and causes division as it has the past 2 years. The pandemic is looking like ending for the time being as country's are easing all restrictions and such, it doesn't matter if vaccinated or not, anyone can catch covid, end of story. Let's not turn this topic into the more infamous one recently...
  15. Barron

    Its all getting out of hand, @being I never even heard of you of that but judging by how long you have been registered along with your amount of posts they must of all been recently, your obviously annoyed recently as I am The whole Christmas period on the website was riddled with BS shite from @TheHammer @FLDMARSHAL ---- Like wtf its a gaming clan website like fuck off with that shit To top it of we have @KaptCrunch then who is the worst (sorry crunch), ever since you got covid during the year its "globalists, NWO and more" It's all a load of bollocks to be seeing these articles the most popular, I am not gonna respond more but I am sure Crunch will with accusing me of being a globalist puppet or so It never ends...
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