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  1. The function is there since around 2016 maybe even earlier Its included as a default cmd if you update a server to 1.8x. ( cmd is “getss”) most of the servers that are popular on 1.8x use it.
  2. The community / clan i am in is using it at the moment, we have caught over 20 people cheating with this method.
  3. @YACCster Yeah from what i know there are 2 ''anti screenshotting'' methods. First one will basicly show you a black screen on the screenshot, although if you have a blackscreen i guess the person has something to hide. Second one is that they will get notified when they get screenshotted, and will get disconnected instantly when you screenshot the player.
  4. 1.8 patch has some usefull stuff though.. including the ''screenshot'' function Basicly what it does, if you suspect someone from ''cheating'' you can make a screenshot from their screen and see what they see. a example here.
  5. Hello everybody, one of my clanmembers posted this. Maybe it is usefull for u guys, alot of people seem to struggle with this issue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In April Steam reverted COD4 back to 1.6 (from 1.7). If you have auto-updates on, or if you download COD4 from Steam today you will get version 1.6. 1.6 will not allow you to play on most servers, and can also cause other problems too. See Steam change here. Why?: This appears to be related to a pretty severe bug with many Call of Duty games allowing hackers to execute malicious code. More details can be found in this Reddit thread. According to Fraggy over on the CoD4X forums, this exploit is not even possible on CoD4. Prevent:You can set your Steam preferences to not allow updates unless you launch the game (this will work assuming you don't launch through Steam). Tutorial here. Fix: You will need the 1.7 executable file. the CoD4X thread which I assume is legit (not verified).
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