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  1. YACCster

    See that is real commitment right there, way to go P!nk !!
  2. YACCster

    No the macOS version is by a different company. Also it is 32 bit and won’t run under 10.15. I use VMware fusion and win 10.
  3. YACCster

    I think this is fantastic, heck Flights are getting cheaper by the day, we definitely would come over once @P!nk gets this all planned out!!
  4. YACCster

    Nicely said @Ruggerxi, Definitely hope everyone is doing ok and hope to see you all in the servers. -YACC
  5. YACCster

    He’s going to be a big one, this was at 5 months my parent’s female:
  6. YACCster

    And for @Ruggerxi I can't unhear this now:
  7. YACCster

    When @P1nh3ad arrives: Because he used to be Gomez
  8. YACCster

    When @P!nk comes in:
  9. YACCster

    When @El_Terrible arrives, and btw FU!
  10. YACCster

    In theory your ban was lifted already have you tried to reconnect recently, if so what is the error you get and can you submit a screenshot? Ban Lifted: 7/20/2013 5:57:36 PM
  11. Thought this was interesting, sorry if this was posted already: https://ncov2019.live
  12. It’s pinned, because Many people can’t seem to get into our servers after installing the stock versions.
  13. YACCster

    The ban was put in place by me and lifted. The concern was for a rate in excess of what the stock game allows.
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