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  1. YACCster

    Or out and back in again, alternating
  2. YACCster

    Hope you can get back in soon @Graywolf, my score is suffering 🤣
  3. YACCster

    New mid and mid-high ATI stuff coming soon, likely will drive down the older stuff.
  4. YACCster

    PigLo Wheee.mp4
  5. YACCster

    Hang in there Toes, we wish you all the best man!
  6. YACCster

    Funky, We wish you and yours all the best during these difficult times.
  7. YACCster

    Howdy thanks for your ban appeal. I'm one of the banning admins. The ban it's not for your constant odd name changes. It's for your record's association with JFF_Echo who has been banned from our COD5 servers previously. -YACC
  8. Vaild point @WldPenguin a couple of options being bootcamp and needing to restart into windows or a VM with the associated non-hardware direct performance hit especially in graphics performance. Likely the ideal situation would be running a MacOS VM with the older OS that supports 32-bit.
  9. YACCster

    That looks so fantastic. Question is, will you ever take it offroad?
  10. Honestly Peameal bacon was pretty good, and the Poutine fabulous.
  11. So the end result here was he eventually purchased the 'Mac App Store' version of the game, which allowed it to use the mic. No matter any longer because both the Steam and App Store versions which are only 32-bit were yanked because of the next version of MacOS not running 32-bit apps. RIP COD4 on Mac.
  12. YACCster

    get on the server which will load the mod, hit escape go to Controls -> Multiplayer Controls ->Use Streak 1 through 3 deployments.
  13. YACCster

    Welcome to the clan man!
  14. YACCster

    Welcome @caciusclay7 and congratulations!!
  15. YACCster

    Best of luck @7Toes
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