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  1. Huh, if only it wasn't self inflicted. It's a damn shame I tell ya. Make Sweeden Great Again!
  2. got me in a rude mood:
  3. Happy Birthday @ROCKAPE
  4. I use Chuck's site http://cruisein.us to track all the events in my area, but most are weekly items, some are monthly some are every other sunday or such stuff.
  5. Found it, the “Super Helpul” , definitely overdue and looks good there in your collection!!
  6. Yeah you should come out man!
  7. This rotation is MEGA EPIC @dadda2, OMG well done sir, you deserve a medal, not sure which one ore the one you don't have but it's deserved!
  8. Wow, this looks just like XiFest doesn't it? Gators and all...
  9. Happy Birthday @bombeczka !!
  10. Very brave of you to post this @BigPapaDean much respect! ✊
  11. Seriously? ROYAL ASSENT TO A BILL The Constitution Act, 1867, states that the approval of the Crown, signified by Royal Assent, is required for any bill to become law after passage by both the Senate and the House of Commons. A version of the bill that is identical to the one passed by the two Houses is approved by a representative of the Crown and is given “the complement and perfection of a law”. There are two ways in which Royal Assent may be granted—through a written procedure and through the traditional ceremony, in which Members of the House of Commons join their Senate colleagues in the Senate Chamber. The Royal Assent Act preserves the traditional ceremony by requiring that it be used twice in each calendar year, including for the first appropriation bill in each session.
  12. royal assent, what the heck is that?
  13. Epic fail BTW.