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  1. YACCster

    **Searches for the term Ginger** Yep, ok cool video, if he wanted to do something outside the envelope I'd suggest maybe transitioning to Go-Go, Chuck Brown was the bomb and if he would be unique in your area it would explode.
  2. YACCster

    It's about time, welcome @NG4 !!
  3. YACCster

    Thanks for your appeal, the banning admin will be replying here soon.
  4. YACCster

    Try this one: https://globalnews.ca/news/7404242/snl-canada-themed-sketch/
  5. YACCster

    "Live from Montreal, the best parts of Canada and the worst parts of France"
  6. YACCster

    Swap to the gun you want ammo for before buying ammo or collecting ammo from a drop
  7. YACCster

  8. YACCster

    Oinks for Points!
  9. YACCster

    Ok, so being from a different country and all, a place with a name like "Canadian Tire" just makes me wonder all sorts of things when you are buying anything, lets say, hmmm... (<- beers dots here) Not Car Related? That and I didn't click on this link because Canadian and Pot thing thought it was something else all together originally.
  10. YACCster

    Use the quote button at the bottom of a post to specifically reference a person's post on a thread.
  11. YACCster

    Howdy NG4 welcome back to the forums bud!
  12. YACCster

    Oinks for Points!
  13. YACCster

    Y'all know you can include links in this new fangled website, one of my favs is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjLVHOL7Ez9LnaNU5lUGDWg



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