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  1. Server 'restart/crash' again: Just started mp_lost hadn't even begun the round EDT: 18:53:31 status 18:53:31 map: mp_lost
  2. YACCster

    Many folks who play insurgency have played COD4. It's definitely more run and gun, less overall strategy. As far as fast paced it depends on the server, map and who's in but can be very much so.
  3. YACCster

    Welcome back to the Forums @BigRedTwit ! Hope you get your COD4 disconnect issues worked out, if you need any help please post or pm we have lots of helpful folks here.
  4. Based on evidence from my HLSW the server restarted late last night (EDT times): 23:55:30 map: mp_fr_pv1 23:55:56 status 23:56:02 status 23:56:08 status 23:56:14 status 23:56:20 status 23:56:26 status 23:56:26 map: mp_broadcast2
  5. @Loader It's Definitely on the Host Side, and it restarts the rotation at the start, all get disconnected.
  6. Yessir, all the times I've seen it's back up at the start of the rotation in less than a minute. Looks like it made it the whole way through the rotation today!
  7. Same as all the others so far: "Server Disconnected"
  8. Server Crash EDT: 14:05:48 map: mp_cth
  9. Server successfully restarted 6:14pm EDT 8/30/19
  10. EDT 11:58:44 map: mp_cargoship Server crash on switch to next map mp_countdown 2x?
  11. YACCster

    Howdy Switch, welcome to the forums. Don’t feel obligated to post to topics just to get you post count up.
  12. YACCster

    Awesome cars @ShaunZAR and very nice pics!!
  13. YACCster

    What, no Bacon?
  14. Howdy , @Sitting-Duc I'm seeing Minecraft posts for the past month or so, I'm not a member of the club, maybe used to be, but not now. How do I get it to stop? -Thanks! YACC
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