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  1. YACCster

    Depends, who are your friends?
  2. YACCster

    Thanks for playing @baldie and @chewonmysax They all eventually gave up!
  3. YACCster

    Please help fund the Poor Bots, almost all of them are out of money at this table:
  4. YACCster

    Killer Kitty? Katness?
  5. YACCster

    same issue with MS Edge, can't get in at all with firefox. For the rest in case you have this issue where you can login and it freezes / chat doesn't work, it seems to be related to my profile in the poker game, a different xi profile works.
  6. YACCster

    Now this is not working for me, I can login, see a round but once it gets to me the game hangs up permanently. Also the chat is not functioning. This is under Chrome on Windows, also tried a private window.
  7. YACCster

    Couple of odd observations other than the other stuff we've been messaging about 1) The chat window doesn't seem to automatically scroll to the latest message 2) Some of the checkboxes should be radio buttons as they are mutually exclusive, and the checks stay checked after a round?
  8. YACCster

    Howdy, what name(s) were you playing under on those servers?
  9. YACCster

    You'll have to ask @Gatorgirl
  10. YACCster

    it works but only with da Windoze
  11. YACCster

    Can't login! 😑
  12. YACCster

  13. Server seemed to crash/restart after map mp_103candyworld1 4:30pm est 6 rounds in.



    You don't have permission to chat.
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