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  1. Unfortunately, Iirc Verizon is not doing any new Fios deployment areas. I’d be more than happy to share some of my gigabit fios with @bama and @BurnnBright if I could.
  2. uh oh, does that allow them root access?
  3. Well researched.
  4. RUN AN ETHERNET CABLE for your stand alone gaming rig maybe?
  5. Yep, 100% what I'd expected, was disappointed in this implementation. But...that's what made it so AWESOME!
  6. Ah yes, the ultimate reason we should admit you to our membership...I vote NO!
  7. I'm not sure you can have a great day if you aren't alive.
  8. yeah, isn't he dead?
  9. Words matter and "SINCE" you obviously haven't read the reply I'll paste it here for you: I was the one who banned him for walling. His play was suspicious so I took a look. He was spoting people behind walls. Appeal denied. @Sitting-Duc why isn't this guy site banned at this point?
  10. Wife's Uncle's 'niece', Alecia Beth is a pretty good singer.
  11. Was a 4x now I’m a 2x.
  12. wow, can we set a time for this server to spin up and run for an hour and spin down?