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  1. Cookie

    It's integrated GPU/CPU Ryzen 5 3500u
  2. Cookie

    Done all those steps and nothing
  3. Cookie

    Held the fan, I've worked on 100s of laptops without any issue. I've taken the base back off. It lights up the keyboard but the fan spins for a couple of seconds and slows and starts again. Can't get into bios either. Wondering if I should try flashing it?
  4. Cookie

    *****HELP***** I've just cleaned out my laptop, taken the base off, cleaned the fans etc. I had to take the battery out and ram but not I can't get it to boot to windows or bios. Tried hard battery reset and I've checked everything is connected. Any ideas?
  5. Cookie

    Welcome to the family!
  6. Cookie

    Happy birthday everyone!
  7. Cookie

    Merry Christmas all.
  8. Cookie

    Welcome to the clan Kenmen!
  9. Cookie

    Happy birthday!
  10. Cookie

    Happy birthday!
  11. Cookie

    What about a rum raisin cookie?
  12. Cookie

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  13. Cookie

    Happy birthday all!
  14. Cookie

    Happy birthday!
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