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  1. Velannia

    Thanks everyone! Also, I'm 23, and it was WAW freezetag. She knew what my goal was coming into the game. Soon the student will become the master.
  2. Velannia

    Yeah, so if you ever wanna stand still, that'd be great.
  3. Velannia

    Hi, I'm Velannia (Veil-ah-nia), or you can just call me Em - whichever's easier. I'm Black Cat's daughter. I just started playing COD about a month ago? But I've only clocked 24 hours in so far, because I've been sick/busy. I'm 24, currently a college student, and I have a three year old. I mostly play fantasy games like Skyrim, or MMOs - my gamertag is taken from my main WoW character. As mom can tell you I'm just a small, quiet nerd who will someday be good enough to shoot her. Look forward to playing with you all.



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