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  1. J3st3r

    used to low level format hdds to recover corrupt sectors. After a couple runs you could recover 98%+/- of any old HDD and make it last a few more years. Often you could 100% recover a hdd with bad sectors depending what type of low level format you do. Our local Computer shop used to buy used HDDs in bulk and low level format them and install them in both New and Used PCs that they would sell. They usually lasted 2-4 years which is well out of the range of there warranty periods so they could care less. The shady bastards. You have your Quick low level format that might take a couple of hours, then you have your regular low level format that will take 12+/- hours and then you have your super low level format that could take 4+ days to complete on a 100g hdd. The coating on the older HDD platters was ALOT thicker than they are on the newer HDDs and you could low level format them until the cows come home and it would not hut them.
  2. J3st3r

    @PimpedOutPete I can't believe it but I 100% agree with you? I suffer from ADHD and I have been dealing with it unmediated the best that I can and I am doing quite well. I've been in the system since I was 10 years old. In and out of mental hospitals and group homes and foster care and adolescent care facilities. They had me on all kinds of different prescriptions. Some of them really fucked me up and caused severe depression and an anxiety and severe anger issues. Now I consider myself a kind, caring, selfless person that would not hurt a fly. Ok yes I kill flies. lol I look for ways to help other people before I will help myself. I respect everyone equally unless someone gives me a damn good reason not to. I'll just say that Catholic schooling helped me in ways that no doctors could.
  3. J3st3r

    Buy a $10 bargain bin Walmart logitech stick mic like I have. Mine is probibly 20 years old and still works fine. It might sound like ass but it works. lol
  4. J3st3r

    USB headsets are the devil. Sorry can't help ya other than giving the link for the G Hub software/driver package. It also includes Firmware updates for the USB headsets. https://download01.logi.com/web/ftp/pub/techsupport/gaming/lghub_installer.exe I read on reddit that turning off Noise Removal, (NC) or Noise Canceling solves alot of Mic related problems with those.
  5. J3st3r

    Make 100% sure that it's plugged into the Pink jack and not the Light Blue which is Line In. Hmmmmm. What sound device is your Mic plugged into? It's not a USB thing is it? I'm just using the Realtek onboard sound. Nothing special or fancy but it works reliably. Looks like you have part of a driver install package installed? It's missing some of the control panel features which are included in the manufacturers driver package. If you are using the onboard stuff go to your motherboards manufacturers site and download the newest drivers from there. Do not update to a newer one off of Microsoft or Realtek. Windows Driver updates will mess your shit up pretty good. Some times it even fucks it up so good that it is easier to start over and reinstall windows. Windows Update Driver updates will often overwrite the generic windows drivers. This fucks up any chance of fixing it by using system restore. I have driver updates disabled for windows update because it kept trying to update my sound and Ethernet drivers to the newer ones that Do Not Work with my motherboard. I had 1 hell of a fucking time getting back online after it updated my Lan driver. Had to go into the registry and manually remove everything that had anything to do with Realtek and the Lan drivers which took many Hours to do. Then I installed the driver that came on the cd with my motherboard. Once I did that I was able to connect again and go and download the latest driver from my motherboard manufacturers site. Good word of advice for Drivers. If it works? do NOT update it. Hope your dog or cat didn't eat your Mic and short the sound card out. Had that happen once many years ago. I miss that DFI LanParty NF4 SLI motherboard lol. It was fast as heck compared to most other boards and it had true dual 16x PCIE slots which was quite rare back in 2005/6 when I bought it lol.
  6. J3st3r

    But that is how it starts isn't it? 1st they ban assault rifles then limit magazine sizes on everything else and before long they will want all of our guns. 2nd amendment does not state which weapons we are allowed to have and that is The Point. If Mr.Dumb Fuck keeps threatening China we are going to need everything that we have and more to defend against an invasion. The US is the most heavily armed country in the entire world and not only because of it's Military. 40%+/- of all Americans are also registered gun owners. What is 40% of 329.5 million? Tell me any combined foreign force that could even come close. Might be why we have Never been successfully invaded by any country? 2nd amendment gives us the right bare arms to Defend our country, land, and citizens from forces both Foreign and Domestic. Not trying to get political but the party that is currently in the white house has Always been trying to disarm US citizens since it's parties inception back in 1829. Fuck that POS kid. Hope he rots in hell and Adolf Hitler ass rapes him with a pineapple for all eternity. That fucker was SICK in the Fucking Head. Who in the right fucking mind would even think about harming a child? 19 Children and 2 teachers and his own grandmother are dead not because of what type of gun he was able to buy. He could have and probibly would have done the same thing with a shotgun or deer rifle or pistol or any other type of gun. The big problem is, HOW was a KNOWN Mentally Unstable individual such as he was, able to Purchase any guns? I really think gun laws need to be adjusted to include the following. To purchase a gun, especially an Assault Rifle, you should have to pass a simple Cognitive test (which in most cases will reveal said persons current mental state and awareness) and also be able to pass a thorough Background Check in All states. Persons with Mental illnesses should have that fact stated for Public Record which will Flag during a simple Background check. It can also help if there happens to be some sort of incident involving said person/s so that emergency personal has some idea what they are dealing with.
  7. J3st3r

    Disable Stereo Mix in your Mic settings. And Crank your Mic boost up. Mine goes up to 30db but I have it set to 20db because it was really loud in COD4. Make sure that you have it plugged into the correct jack (It's Usually the Pink jack) and make sure that it is not disabled or Muted.
  8. J3st3r

    If you fuck strange monkeys Please wear a condom. lol
  9. J3st3r

    Midget Porn again.
  10. J3st3r

  11. J3st3r

    I have about 20-25 and Mine are all dirty or sweated up. Some people actually wear there hat collection? lol. I need to wash them but no sense firing up the washing machine for 1 hat. Do not wash them in Hot water and only use mild detergent. A good overnight soak in a bucket in cold water with mild detergent will break most of the dirt, grease and what ever else is on them loose. After they are done in the washer I stretch them over a 1 gallon ice cream bucket and let them air dry. This helps prevent shrinking. If you throw them in the drier the tip of the bill will get all beat up and possibly start fraying and coming apart and the heat of a drier does bad things to most ball cap materials.
  12. J3st3r

  13. J3st3r

    Congrats @TheCheeseyCrusader you man whore. lol Errrrr lol Am I the only one that sees the big ......... HAT ya the Cowboy Hat?
  14. J3st3r

    They have been shipping them with a Corsiar CM series or a decent quality GreatWall 80Plus Gold or an EVGA power supply. I would be more concerned with the cheap and slow DDR4 2400 and the cheap sub $100-$150 Micro ATX motherboards that most of them are shipped with. Who in there rite mind puts a Micro ATX motherboard in a decent quality Mid Tower case that supports a full sized ATX or ITX motherboard? lol
  15. J3st3r

    Buy a decent dual channel memory kit for it if it ships with a single cheap or generic 16gb stick. Cyberpower and alot of the other pre-built pc manufacturers are known for doing that.
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