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    !fu @Crack
  2. J3st3r

    Ya it's just a stock photo. Read the listing. They sell ALOT of memory and they have really good feedback.
  3. J3st3r

    I'm Going to grab these for $22.95 shipped. 4x 2gb 5300 667mhz https://www.ebay.com/itm/8GB-DDR2-PC-5300-MEMORY-RAM-DELL-DIMENSION-E310-PRECISION-WORKSTATION-T3400-380/223276085966?hash=item33fc4ab2ce:g:JMUAAOSw7OdcC--b:sc:USPSFirstClass!15554!US!-1:rk:44:pf:0 Seller Guarantees they will work in a dell dimension e310 which is an old Prescott compatible P4 LGA775 machine. Should work in my XPS without any problems. I did put a my old 160gig Intel 320 series Sata 2 SSD in it when I upgraded the SSD in my main computer. And it has a WD Black 640gb storage drive in it for all of my midget porn.
  4. J3st3r

    I might try a 4x 2gb kit of 5300. I did some reading and it Seems like certain memory controllers do not like to run 1.8v DDR2 800 in all 4 slots. I had similar problems with the old VIA chipset boards back in the day. They would run DDR 400 in 2 slots but would only run up to DDR 266 or 333 speeds with all 4 slots populated.
  5. J3st3r

    That's part of the problem that I have with my 2007 Dell XPS 420 which uses DDR2. It says it supports up to 8gb in 2gb max per module and I have a 4x2gb kit but atleast 1 stick is bad. I currently have 4x 1gb sticks of DDR2 800 in it. I have a couple of games on it but I mostly use it for KODI. With a couple dozen plugins it can easily use 4gb+ of memory. Wish it was a DDR3 board. Then I could whack in 2x 4gb sticks or 2x 8gb sticks and be done with it. I hate to part with the damn thing. It cost over $1800 when it was bought new "On Sale" by my aunt. List price was $2479. BTW that's almost 2x what I have in my current PC lol This was a Really FAST, fully loaded computer back in the day. It was almost as fast as the $7000 Alienware Area-51 7500.
  6. J3st3r

    Wonder if something like that would work in my old dell XPS 420? It had a core 2 duo and I upgraded it to a Core 2 Quad Q6600. It does have the Intel X38 Express chipset but Being a Dell it's very limited to what CPU and memory will actually work in it.
  7. J3st3r

    social media enough said. The WORLD would be a MUCH MUCH better place without that bullshit. How many Deaths world wide are contributed to social media daily? I bet it's in the hundreds. Seriously it's become damn near as bad as the Aids epidemic of the 90s. People think that they can say Anything about Anyone without consequences???????? Are we raising a bunch of fucking STUPID motherfuckers or something that they think this is OK? Most if not all School shootings were caused by social media. I can see where this is going. WW3 will start by some asshole that said something about another asshole on social media.
  8. J3st3r

    Welcome @Scarlett get your butt ingame and thaw me
  9. J3st3r

    Welcome JoeCamelToe lol About damn time ya old fart.
  10. J3st3r

    For you @Icequeen Kissy Kissy
  11. J3st3r

    Damnit @Icequeen I had the biggest crush on Roxette and Sheena Easton