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  1. J3st3r

    Smeg WHO? JK JK Glad your having fun.
  2. J3st3r

    Well said brother and !fu CamelToe lol
  3. J3st3r

    Welcome to the nut house @NG4 About damn time bud.
  4. J3st3r

    Sorry @TargetAnt @NinjaTwist but you have 2 active PB bans. You will need to appeal both of these bans and have the bans removed before we will consider removing the bans that we placed on your 3rd and 4th GUIDs. Here are your 2 PB banned GUIDs. https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-ban-400120.html and https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-ban-395317.html Create an account at pbbans.com and appeal Both of your bans and wait for a response. Good Luck!
  5. J3st3r

    LOL I installed BF1942 and Desert combat mod on my laptop a couple weeks ago. OMG I forgot how fun it is to mow down Bots with the little bird and Frogfoot and well everything lol. I forget how accurate those campy TUBE WHORING BOTS are lmao. Holy hell do I miss those big fucking maps where you can actually use the afterburner on a jet for more than a couple seconds without running out of bounds. The maps are 1/4 that size or smaller in Every game made since then. Even the maps in BF2 were ridiculously small compared to the BF1942 DC maps. Tried to get MOHAA installed on the laptop as well but my CD must have a small burnt spot on it because it will not install. Might try to download a torrent if I can find my CD-Key. The MOHAA and Breakthrough and Spearhead single player was pretty fun. I miss the MOHAA freezetag mod,Prop Hunt and low gravity mods.
  6. J3st3r

    You can not join the Insurgency game server using the Half-Life 2 Insurgency mod. This is the Full Game. https://store.steampowered.com/app/222880/Insurgency/
  7. J3st3r

    Happy Birthday Kissy Kissy @corsicaman
  8. Those were good cards. The R9 280x is a rebadged 7970 and a 7950 is just slightly slower. The best thing is that they will work in the Pro Mac 3.1-5.1 with a bios flash to enable the Apple boot screen. After that you can still get a couple hundred smackers out of it if you sell it on ebay. Finding the correct modified bios can be a pain in the ass but luckily if you flash it with the wrong bios those cards will not brick the card if it has a switchable dual bios.
  9. J3st3r

    I think they are part of the Canadian Invasion task force. Started out with the Geese then they send in Justin Bieber. Just saying, you all could of kept the Bieber. That was just cruel. lol
  10. J3st3r

    lol That was funny as hell. This particular co-worker was 1 of those "know it all" ass wipes that thought he was better than everyone else. The damn thing charged rite at him like a bull and clamped down rite on his sack. You should of seen the dipshit trying to run away with a big goose attached to his crotch. There was 5 other people there including me and our Boss and 1 person from Fish and Game. We were all literally rolling on the ground laughing.
  11. J3st3r

    Deport the bastards. lol When I worked for DER parks and recreation division we would get called out at-least once a week each fall to round up hundreds of those freeloading bastards out of our local state parks and load them into trucks. They shit all over the beaches and picnic tables and pavilions and they will attack people if threatened. We worked with the local Game wardens and Drove the bastards 20 miles down the road and turned them loose in farmers fields. The damn things will bite the shit out of you. One of my dipshit co-workers got bit rite in the nuts. OMG was that funny as hell.
  12. J3st3r

    @Timmah! would make a good Taxi cab driver lol.
  13. Google did the same thing a few months ago and was sending people out checks for $12. Yep 12 whole dollars.



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