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  1. Mmmmm Beer!  

  2. J3st3r

    Not yet. But there are a few good ones out there. https://koolance.com/cpu-ln2-v2-liquid-nitrogen-evaporator-pot https://kingpincooling.com/collections/extreme-pc-cooling They will probably be on Amazon before there on Newegg. Hey you can buy a freezer on Newegg and throw your whole PC in it. lol https://www.newegg.com/Refrigerators/SubCategory/ID-647 Linus from Linus Tech Tips bought a water chiller off of Newegg and adapted it to cool CPUs. Works pretty good. It cools to just above freezing.
  3. J3st3r

    Damn nice system. You might have to back that OC down a tad bit if you populate those other 2 memory slots in the future and you start having problems. Bump up your CPU/NB voltage a bit to compensate if your VRMs are not up to the task. The Z390-F has good VRMs and cooling but you never know. 2 sticks is better than 4 for a rock solid stable overclock. I had my AMD FX 8320 overclocked to 5.4ghz stable with a 2x4gb kit. Water cooled of course. Upgraded to a 4x4gb kit and the highest that I can get it to go was 4.8ghz stable. Currently running at 4.6ghz on all cores. It's stable and still runs cool. Good enough for me. I wanted to see how high it would go and I did have it clocked to 5.7ghz with 1 stick of memory and it was stable but it was getting pretty darn Hot even with 4 140mm 72cfm fans on a 280mm Corsair H115i. Not bad for a $120 3.5ghz base clock chip eh? Yes my cooler cost more than the CPU lol. The FX 8350 still holds the Guinness World Record @ 8.794ghz on nitrogen with 1 2gb stick of memory.
  4. Awe fuck. Yep we're getting desperate. lol
  5. You are GROOT?

  6. J3st3r

    Buy the 1st one. I'll "store it" for ya. lol
  7. Lots of negative reviews on that one on Amazon. PPL saying that you literally have to put your eyeball rite up to the glass to see through it and alot of ppl had problems with 1 of the lenses rattling loose inside of it after use. Some PPL had problems when flipping it and flipping it back it would be misaligned. This is supposed to be pretty decent. People say that it offers 3"-5" eye relief which is better than what they say about the Sightmark. It's $20 more but only 3x. 3x is still good for 100 yards. https://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Optics-Magnifier-Matte-Black/dp/B06VXCFJSF
  8. J3st3r

    Happy Birthday 🎂
  9. J3st3r

    1300 watts RMS? Holy Balls! I think my 1980s Technetics system was 350 watts RMS and I cracked 2 windows in the house with it.
  10. J3st3r

    Awe come on man.
  11. J3st3r

    Road Rash 3D and Jailbreak on the original Playstation lol I still have them but the lazer in my Stealth Mod Chipped playstation died for the 500th time. That game was fun as shit. ROFLMAO! sound effects made it funny as heck
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