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  2. J3st3r

    Do you have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 on your motherboard? This is where it plugs in. Rite next to the USB headers on the bottom of the motherboard. This is what the Module looks like. Prices are going up and up the closer we get to the official Win 11 release date. They used to be between $20-$30 but the quality "brand name" ones are $50++ now.
  3. J3st3r

    Do you bite the heads off 1st @Timmah! or go straight to the meaty ass? lol @Timmah! you need to get one of these. They make the cheap Dollar General chicken nuggets taste better than McDonalds McNuggets. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ninja-Foodi-5-in-1-Indoor-Grill-w-4-Quart-Air-Fryer-with-Roast-Bake-Dehydrate/343065081 Don't know how they do it but OMG dude. You can actually taste the chicken and even the slight buttery taste of the breading. Food done in an air fryer taste completely different than food done in a regular oven. Bought this for mom for Christmas last year. She loves it. Definitely worth the price.
  4. J3st3r

    They let me out 4 times. While they were studying me I was studying them to find out what they needed to see to procure my release. They had no idea lol. Clinical psychopath and a bit of sociopath and some other goodies mixed in. Check out part of the definition of a Clinical psychopath. lol
  5. I have a used 2070 super with box for sale if your interested. I will give you 1st dibbs before I make a post


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    2. BUDMAN


      I think that is a hell of a deal right now


    3. BUDMAN
    4. J3st3r


      $350 with shipping? You sure it's not a 2070 Super? Either way I am very interested.

      My Current card has been having problems for the last 8 months. It works ok if I don't update the driver but it's only a matter of time until it zonks out completely.        

  6. Hmmm strange. How does the damage fall off work? It it a distance thing? example I got like 4 head shot indicators and 8-10 regular hit indicators when I shot HMSDaughter in the back of the head from about 60 yards away earlier this evening and she turned around and tubed me. At closer range, say point blank in the face, it will only take maybe 3 bullets out of the P90 to kill. And if a player is running left to right about 30-40 yards away I've shot and hit them 20+++ times and they won't die? Is the HP regen on the DM server on steroids or is there some sort of damage reduced against moving targets?
  7. Have my PC set up with a Local Account. I'm the only one using my PC and I hate typing in passwords to use my own junk. When I 1st installed it I was using the Microsoft account loggin but that is the 1st thing that I changed. I can always switch it back if I need to. Won't loose any of my midget porn either.
  8. Silencers seems to reduce the damage WAY WAY to much especially on the P90 class? It feels like the Silencer is reducing damage by atleast 50%. If you put anything but the Armor penetration perk on it feels like it reduces the damage by ANOTHER 50%. I know this is not Hardcore but trying to shoot a laggy mofo like @major-mark63 lol with these shit weapon stats like? Well your better off trying to shoot yourself in the foot.
  9. J3st3r

    The real question should be? Is it safe to mix battery types in circuit? A regular car battery isn't designed to be drawn down flat and be recharged like a deep cycle battery is capable of doing. Normally a regular car battery will supply all of it's amps in short bursts. The car battery could overheat and when it dies the other battery adjacent to it in circuit will be doing double duty. Something will eventually have to give. Worse case scenario 1 of your batteries could explode. Realistically though since you will be pulling a max of 50amp with an 80lb 24v Minn Kota trolling motor it should be just fine. Just bring a volt meter and keep an eye on battery voltages. If the car battery starts to run low unhook it from circuit asap and get your butt back to shore.
  10. J3st3r

    Threadripper isn't a very good Gaming CPU unless you water cool it and overclock the shit out of it because of thee lower core clock speeds. Your better off going Ryzen. Price wize the 8 core 16 thread 5800x is the best AMD cpu @$393.99. The 12 core 24 thread 5900x is normally around $150 more @$549.99 and it hands down beats every Intel chip currently on the market but these damn resellers keep buying them all up and selling them for upwards of $700. If you can get a 5900X at retail price I would jump on it. The 16 core 32 thread 5950X isn't worth the price unless you are using your PC for Rendering. It has a much lower Core clock than the 5900X. Your going to need a decent quality B550 or X570 motherboard with PCIe 4.0 support to utilize the full potential of a RTX 3090. And atleast 16gb of DDR4 3600 or higher. 3600 is the sweet spot for compatibility and speed with Ryzen chips but you can stick up to 128GB of DDR4 5100 on a good motherboard. Realistically you don't need more than 16gb of memory in any gaming PC. The only way 32gb or more can possibly be used is if you are rendering multiple 4-8K videos or something. Hell I ran 8gb of memory for almost 10 years and I never ran out of memory. Now a days FaceBook can gobble up 5gb+ using Firefox if you flip though a bunch of tabs. Heard it's much much worse using Google Chrome.
  11. J3st3r

    Edited lol Fuck that. I'm never growing up. Being an Adult sucks. BTW these newer Saturday morning Cartoons suck. I want Hong Kong Fuey lol.
  12. J3st3r

    lol Bullshit. Gas prices went up $.45 per gallon the 2nd week Biden was in because he shut down the Keystone XL pipeline project. This effected both the US and Canada gas prices dramatically. Could go into much much much more detail But that is Political and this is not thee place for that sort of crap.
  13. Fucking HACK! Just saying.
  14. J3st3r

    Good god man. If I posted how I really felt about stuff? The government would lock me up in the funny farm again.
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