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  1. J3st3r

    I use an old set of Altec Lansing ACS40 2.1 speakers that came with my old Pentium 133 computer lol.
  2. J3st3r

    Wow that's different but cool. Loved that movie lol.
  3. J3st3r

    lol @Timmah! I know. btw I found another site that has some good midget porn. Want the link?
  4. J3st3r

    OMG @Timmah! you have that to? I have an RSI as well.
  5. J3st3r

    perv lol
  6. J3st3r

    @Timmah! re-sized it for you. lol
  7. J3st3r

    Happy Birthday Idiots.
  8. Ouch Wait untill he gets the Hinney Hinney the next morning.
  9. J3st3r

    lol untill your sack hair catches fire. Heard this one a long long time ago. lol A married man is shopping in a mall for a Christmas present for his wife because he had forgotten to buy it until the day arrived. He walks into a pet store to get a unique and unusual present for his wife. He looks through the categories of animals, but can't find anything, so he asks an assistant if there is anything unique in the store because he needs to find something quick. The assistant thinks for awhile then says,"yes, we have a parrot that can sing Christmas ca
  10. J3st3r

    lol Have a read about BitChute before you believe a single word of that rubbish. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitChute
  11. Haha!  Thanks for the points buddy!  I will most definitely waste it on Blackjack!

    1. GhostfaceJim


      Lost it all in one go on Blackjack!  F My Life!

  12. J3st3r

    Always rocked this song even when my hair was down past my shoulder blades back in the 80s and 90s. I was big into hair metal and black leather lol.
  13. J3st3r

    Kissy Kissy @Icequeen lol



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