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  1. blackcat

    Ah... yeah, Didn't you know I'm old? Well I guess I could be older, but old enough to been there, done that, so over drama and don't care what others think. That's normally pretty old to get that way. LOL But really I do have a daughter, and she's 25 and she has a daughter that's 4, (Grand baby) that live with me. My daughter is also a gamer (wonder where she got that from?).
  2. blackcat

    My daughter plays it a lot with some of her friends, She wanted me to get it but it didn't seem that exciting to me.
  3. blackcat

    They look fantastic! I cook almost everyday myself and your food always looks great. I do have a air fryer and I might try cooking some in that, you should get one. It saves a lot of time and the results are good! Just for a ex sample I can cook biscuits in mine in 6 to 7 mins, the conventional oven would not even be heated up in that length of time, not even if I used the convectional fan that's in it. So much faster with the air fryer!
  4. blackcat

    I grilled steak tonight also! LOL no pictures tho! I ate it . Fixed a baked potato with butter, grilled bell peppers and homemade ranch and a side salad....YUM
  5. blackcat

    I'm in
  6. blackcat

    Awww, he's sweet and such a good choice! Black cats rule!
  7. blackcat

    Wet a paper towel with warm water and wash his face, he will like that.



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