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  1. blackcat

    Happy Birthday Dean!
  2. blackcat

    I have not played with you were a admin didn't say something to others that were making remarks about you. If you remember I told them to stop and leave you alone. One got pissed and left, the others stopped then.
  3. blackcat

    Lol yeah, but on a serious note, local schools are closed (no power) and to make things worse yesterday the school system here in Davie county withheld taking the kids home by bus and made parents come get their kids or find their own way home. Never heard of them doing this before and it really made it hard on some I'm sure. All the other local schools had closed yesterday. Guess Davie had to try it. Rowan county still has major roads without working lights, not good at all, they can't drive good down there anyway. And channel 8 news was reporting this morning that 440,000 customers in NC still didn't have power. So considering we do have power and thru the power company we are lucky. I've been out already this morning, it's great outside. Had to go help one of our friends who broke down beside the road, going there I seen creeks way out of their banks and a lot of downed trees, large broken limbs and leaves everywhere. I think today will be a good day to go out later when it dries up some more and put everything back in it's place and blow the leaves away. This storm didn't have as much coverage before it got here like Flo did, but we got more impact from it. lol guess it could have something to do with it was faster and harder.. lol and flo was slower moving.
  4. blackcat

    It wasn't all that bad. A lot of rain and wind today. The day ended good tho. with Sunshine finally!
  5. blackcat

    Yeah over me now, the power keeps fading and coming back.. grrr
  6. blackcat

    Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes here and on FB.
  7. blackcat

    I agree with Merlin.