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  1. You are doing a great job all around, BlackCat!

  2. Thank you Beers for all your hard work and dedication ! And thank you djMot for stepping up to do the rotations!
  3. That all depends on who I'm bending over in front of
  4. lol I can bend over and touch my toes, but I get a little dizzy!
  5. Welcome to the forum!
  6. So sorry for your loss, prayers sent.
  7. Well haha, I finally changed out the power supply and battery tonight. I went to play waw and both times I went in, got a weapon, BAM the whole pc shut down. Now you know I was pissed and if you ever hear a southern country girl say oh hell no, RUN.. Anyway everyone in the house left me alone, didn't wanna be near me in fact. Just in case they said it didn't turn out well.. well that wasn't nice of them. No help at all, not even to hold a light. So I did it myself. Woo Hoo It took me a little over 30 mins to take it out, take out the video card to get to the battery, cleaned the inside of the case, video card, processor, fans and got it all hooked back up and DANG IT .. it worked! so I didn't have to yell dirty words and no one here was in danger! I had to reset the clock lol don't even want to mention what year it thought it was.. Went back into waw and played, I sucked but hey it ran just fine, way quieter and it was like a smooth ride! So thanks y'all for all the advice. I've changed them before along with other parts but it's been ages. I guess once I stuck my hands into it, it came back to me. LOL
  8. LOL well hell, I got my parts Tuesday, and now it wants to start right up. Sooo I haven't replaced them yet. I think it's just messing around with me, or maybe it don't like the thought of me running my hands up in it. hahaha.. Anyway next time it won't start, I'm going in Hands first!
  9. Maybe if I had a meter and the battery wasn't so old I would test. But I know this battery is old so I'm just going to replace it.
  10. I checked to make sure it has the cords I need. The one I bought is the same brand just updated and bigger than what I had. The one that's in it right now I put in myself about lol 6 yrs ago, (yes my pc is old, but so am I) so I'm not worried about hooking it up. While I have the old power supply out, I'm going to clean everything in it really good . Get all the little dust bunnies that hide in the back. Funny thing it started right up this morning!
  11. You have to continually plug it up till it starts. It's a pain in the ass. I ordered a new power supply should be here Tues. It's more wattage that I had anyway and it is a 80 +, just got it on a good deal with one of Amazon's lightening sales for Prime members. I'm replacing the battery also since I know what it is now. I didn't want to take the video card out just to see what the battery is. The battery is back behind the card and it's so so so tight in there. Anyway by Tues evening it should be good to go without crawling under my desk and messing with the plug. It's not blue screening at any time. Once I get it going, it's good. So thank you all for your comments and advice.
  12. I think I'm just going to order a new power supply and upgrade to more watts and a battery if I can figure the battery out lol. Amazon has a special on the thermaltake 700 watts right now for a few more hours for like 40, that's way cheaper than I paid for this one years ago and it's got more watts. Now I have to figure out what type of battery goes in this, are they all standard?
  13. Thanks Merlin, I do have to reset the time sometimes. Like this morning I did. it had lost 11 mins. Which seems to me about the time it took to get it running.
  14. Okay recently my pc is not wanting to start, it started doing this like once a week now it is to the point it's everyday. I have to unplug it and move it around in the power strip or plug it directly in the wall and this takes awhile changing it around then finally it will start. I'm thinking maybe the power supply or the internal battery? I hate to buy a new power supply and it's only the battery. I notice when it's off I look into it and there is no little light on I think there used to be. But I could be wrong. Is there a way to check the power supply or the battery? That way I would know which to order. Any advice is good. Thanks, Blackcat