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  1. blackcat

    Praying for a fast recovery for you Ron !
  2. blackcat

    Thank you everyone!
  3. blackcat

    lol Looks like it's having a tough time!
  4. blackcat

    Really hated hearing this , Johnny was one of my favorites here for years. Prayers for him and his family. He will be greatly missed.
  5. I hate to hear this, So sorry for his families loss. Prayers for him, his family and his family here. He was well liked by all and he always took time to help me if I needed his help.
  6. blackcat

    that's okay labob, I just bought a new copy..lol Only like the around the 5th time I've bought this game.... not always for myself.. mostly gifts. Thank you anyway!
  7. blackcat

    sorry labob I didn't see it in time. I'm going to try just hooking up my old hard drives to this one and see if I can transfer that way. lol should be interesting if I can. I saved the hard drives from the fire and I might see if those work also.. Thank you!
  8. blackcat

    Oh that's pretty!
  9. blackcat

    @X-RayXI Is it what they call the product code? looks like it is the right amount.
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