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    lol looks like he has had a ruff day!
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  3. Letting players chose their team mates would lead to stacked teams and friends playing with only their friends. It is better the way it is. Players get to play with others than just their friends and socialize more. If the teams become to uneven then a admin can move them selves to the other team or another player. Most times the server evens the players out on its own tho.
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    Nice pictures , looks like ones from a futuristic movie. Amazing what mother nature can do.
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    Prayers sent your way.
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    Welcome to XI
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    Welcome to XI Scarlett !
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    Thank you for sharing Mike! Rusty was a cool guy, he made my sig for me that's why I haven't changed it.
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    You will always be Chili for me
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    Well gee wiz, that sounds like just put me out to pasture.
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    Or I could just unplug her from the modem....lalalala...