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  1. Promax

    Thanks PeteG, ill try looking into that
  2. Promax

    What and why do we need to have a redirect? How would we go about getting one? Sorry but Donald and myself are trying to do this and have no idea.
  3. Hello all, Some of you may be familiar with me and a few of my friends that play on the Freeze tag server. Anyway.... our group (known as the [1ST]) have rented a [email protected] server for 6 months to try and rekindle some interest in the older games. Currently most play ArmA 3 or the new COD WWII, the issue is only a few of us enjoy the freeze tag (Donald Duck, DrewP and myself). Donald and I are trying to set up the server but can't seem to figure it out. We have the "vanilla" game running properly but would like to put in custom maps, and game types. when we do this it looks like the maps is in the rotation but when we join it says something about server version is different? Would anyone be willing to assist us or give some pointers to fix this? Anyone/everyone is welcome to join our Teamspeak or whatever works the best. Thanks in advance. Pro
  4. Promax

    Haha, I only vaguely remember one, or maybe two ? lol
  5. Promax

    Hey everyone, just registered and wanted to say hello and introduce myself, I've met some of you on the Vietnam freeze tag server.



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