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  1. Very Cool, love the teddy bear, you need a pig I think!
  2. piglo

    Final Oinktober Challenge posted here:
  3. This is the final Oinktober challenge, post a pic of a Halloween related Pig in or around a costume, or someone in a Pig Costume. Best one will win 300 oinks, Second place 150 oinks, Third place 75 oinks! All will be judged by the Pigs First Oinktober most oinks winner gets a PigLo and an Amazon Gift Card, Second Place wins a PigLo! Good Luck, OINKS! -PigLo
  4. piglo

    Current Oink Totals:
  5. piglo

    So the 'cute pig pix' challenge winners are: Athena Merlin007 24Oz
  6. piglo

    Wow, very nice entries
  7. piglo

    Absolutely Adorbs!
  8. piglo

    Oinktober Challenge for the next 24hours: Post your cutest Pig Pic, Winner gets 100 oinks, 2nd place 50 oinks, 3rd place 25 oinks
  9. piglo

    Oinktober Totals so far:
  10. piglo

    11 days left in Oinktober and we have a few things going on here: 1) An Amazon Gift Card is going in to the mix for the most Oinks for points during Oinktober, it will be directly related to the number of points I have, so as of this moment I have 675,868 points it will be $68 as of the end of this month my point total will be related exactly to the gift card, no less than $68. 2) A second PigLo has been unlocked from the vault, the second most Oink contributing person will get a PigLo sent to them as well. 3) We will be having some special challenges over the final 10 days, the winners of those challenges will get extra oinks! Chat with you tomorrow!
  11. piglo

  12. piglo




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