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  1. You can't be serious...
  2. Fun Cars n' Coffees at Clarksburg and Potomac MD yesterday:
  3. Another Katie's Casualty, usually they are Ferraris, first McLaren: https://www.facebook.com/fairfaxcountyPD/ "Purchased Friday. Totaled Saturday. This McLaren 720S, costing around $300,000, was destroyed today in Great Falls because of speed. The driver was taken to the hospital with thankfully only non-life threatening injuries. A reminder to slow down, or it could cost you."
  4. and Cars n' Coffee Bethesda, MD:
  5. Katie's Cars n' Coffe, Great Falls, VA:
  6. This has been a good weekend so far: Chrysler Nationals:
  7. Get well Mr. @Dukoo
  8. Love it, @MordBlack Not quite B5 or Grabber Blue, was that the original color?
  9. That one is a bit special and it's actually black, guess there was a bit of pollen out that days. It's kinda slow imho but just over the top in every other manner, more than you ever wanted to know is here: https://starwarsrides.org/death-star-hummer-h1-vader/ https://videos.files.wordpress.com/jQufEpQU/img_5934_dvd.mp4
  10. Nope it's a little company that produces cars from a remote island near Europe, it's called Lotus.
  11. Thank u sir!