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  1. piglo

    If I had a million dollars by BNL.
  2. piglo

    That is a pic from last years crop of critters, for the next week or so you can choose what critter you want, even if you'd like a Pig! Last year they were out of Koalas and Mooseses (Moosen?)
  3. piglo

    If you notice there are a few choices, I'm guessing I know which one @blackcat wants but you others need to choose.
  4. piglo

    Howdy folks, At last Xifest I brought some friends that found homes with a bunch of idiots and others. Wanted to see if there was any interest for extending the ‘adopt an XI critter’ program to this year. Let me know if you might like one, even if you aren’t going to make it to one of this years fests. -PigLo Here are the various critters that should be available, ignore the accessories, notes and of course they will all have some sort of Xi-Tshirt which is TBD for this year:
  5. piglo

    Don’t forget today is the last day!
  6. piglo

    Thanks @Hawk That was sooooo fun!
  7. piglo

    I've got a cool idea, trying to make it real.
  8. piglo

    Only a couple more days left!
  9. piglo

    Be Excellent to each other and party on dudes!
  10. piglo

    Howdy there! Are you related to FireDawg?
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