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  1. piglo

    This Lo Piggy is sad to see @LilMordjr go, but have fun and kick but!!
  2. piglo

  3. Why you got to repost my shit?
  4. piglo

    Chat in game is for in game topics only imho, if you want to chat about other stuff go to the forums or TS!
  5. Oink Oink!  How you doing down there?

    1. piglo


      I am always fantastic!

  6. piglo

    He's adorable! And going to be quite a big boy. Is that why you named him after @StormCrow? Because he's from Canada and all...
  7. Congrats! and Welcome!!
  8. Let's build it out then, case first, maybe this one?: https://www.newegg.com/pink-jonsbo-mechwarrior-atx-open-frame-chassis/p/2AM-006A-00012?Description=pink case&cm_re=pink_case-_-9SIAGKCAS72927-_-Product&quicklink=true
  9. You all probably just laughed at the Swine Flu, so I'm pretty happy with posting this. Just thinking, we have so many folks here, someone probably already has it, or will get it soon, let us know. Who is going to be officially diagnosed with the first Corona Virus? First person with verifiable gets an XI Critter, will PM them, post here. -Pl
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