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  1. piglo

    I just checked mine and read it quickly. Thought it said I was a glorious BACON of light for a minute...
  2. piglo

    Got two quad core Xeon 3.46 for $250 upgrading my MacPro soon.
  3. piglo

    if you become a member you'd not have that issue of course.
  4. piglo

    I'll bear that in mind.
  5. piglo

    Pretty sure I'm there if @Olive is going!
  6. piglo

    Hopefully the yellow vest frenzy moves to all of Europe by then?
  7. Thanks for the goat gun @Hawk
  8. piglo

    Yeah it's real: https://io9.gizmodo.com/spider-man-swings-into-the-golden-globes-with-best-anim-1831534137
  9. piglo

    Dos Escrotos?
  10. Happy Birthday!!

    1. RobMc


      Thank you little pink one