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  1. Normal is what everyone else is and what you are not (or transpire to be)
  2. Shouldn't we be on Arkona then? It's vacant and on Torn.
  3. piglo

    Hey wonder when this thread will get to page 420? @Crack
  4. 😊 🐷 oink !

  5. piglo

    Oh yeah and that one is on page 404 ^ hey @Crack get prepated for page 420 Shit this was a great film:
  6. piglo

    IKR? Not so sure about this, I mean it's a fantastic idea for @AussieGirl
  7. piglo

    Hope you have a great Birthday!!
  8. Um, sure @YACCster would be good so good he'd be a pain in the ass of all, that fucker. I'm really fond of South Park so I'd recommend @Timmah!
  9. piglo

    I'm in if you can hide me in your luggage!
  10. Got my first XI Medal, super stoked!

  11. piglo

    Very nice but, um, hey you missed someone I think...