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  1. She sounds like Amy Lee !
  2. Bama, you're the one who welcomed me on and explained nicely to me how the COD4 Freeze Tag server works and I'll always remember that and your patience ! lol But it was a little over 2 years ago so, you "disappeared" after I would like to play again with you and with BB with who I had the chance to play a few times on Ace. You are both missed !
  3. Thanks Merlin !! And the word Cracktivision= lol
  4. Happy birthday my friend ! I wish you a great one with your family ! And if I see you in game tonight I promise to make an effort to not shoot you too many times Seriously, enjoy this day to its fullest !
  5. Happy birthday Bogleg ! I hope you have a great one !!
  6. Happy Birthday LOCO ! I hope you had a great one !
  7. I don't like coffee... (don't hit me with a baseball bat or look at me like if I were an Alien !), but once in a while I'll SO enjoy a French Vanilla Cappuccino from Tim Horton's Yuuuummmy ! lol