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  1. Je pense à Korn aussi... on verra ! Have fun si tu vas à tous les shows que tu souhaitent ! :)
  2. Nice ! Au Festival d'Été cette année et au centre Vidéotron, on a aussi droit à d'autres super shows !
  3. AthenA

    Benvenuto in the forums and enjoy our servers
  4. AthenA

    I can play cod4 well enough too ! :P
  5. AthenA

    Thank you Rose for the organisation, thank you Merlin for setting up the servers and thanks to everyone who showed up to make this happen. It was fun ! Btw... I still want to be with @P!nk ! :) lol
  6. AthenA

    @BlackRose Some COD4 players may not have the game (COD5), so maybe this is one reason why... but the few who do own it, please join the fun ! :)
  7. Just restarted the server, @Merlin007 and the players said that it was the same map as this afternoon. The server was frozen on the scoreboard at the end of the map (happened in the past, that I can remember). The map is mp_lost_temple
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