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  1. AthenA

    Congratulations !
  2. lol Like Merlin mentionned, I also noticed that you didn't have your XI tags on, so that was the problem and an easy fix If you need help, let us know !
  3. Hi @PHUCKITMAN, I was on when you were in spectator earlier and I can assure you that no admin who were on kicked you. You're allowed to stay in spec, unless the server is full. I noticed that you were in "download" mod for a while, though... so maybe that's the reason why you got kicked ? What message were you getting exactly ? Because sometimes, when we're in spec for a long time or downloading a map, you get a message saying something like "You've been disconnect from the server", but if you got kick by someone, the message should be more like "You've been kicked". Let us know so that we can try and help you; you're welcome on the WAW servers or any XI servers and not just COD2 anytime !
  4. AthenA

    Welcome to the forums !
  5. AthenA

    Welcome to the forums !
  6. Somebody probably already told you, but there are 2 maps running twice in the rotation. I think that one of them was mp_cw_hurtgen, but I'll note it down next time so that I know for sure. Again, thank you for everything Merlin; I totally agree with Rose !
  7. AthenA

    Nice "wink" to We're not gonna take it, at 2 mins.
  8. AthenA

    starts at 8:00...
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