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  1. You'll have a blast like I had last Monday ! That was my 1st Foo Fighters concert and I must say that if I get the opportunity, I'll go back again ! They give a great show and they have fun playing and acting together and with the crowd... and they just never stop playing, even when they talk lol 3 hours or non-stop good music
  2. Before I leave you alone : Just because I love them so much and that was exactly a year ago, still at the Québec city Summer Fest :
  3. Now, I'm gonna go at the Sum41's show too, just because... the Summer Fest is great and amazing lol
  4. And Alexisonfire replaced Avenged Sevenfold (the singer suffers from a laryngitis) :
  5. A few more discoveries from the Summer Fest as they had to "cover up" after cancellations. Atreyu replaced Bullet for my Valentine...
  6. One of the 1st two parts is a band that I've discovered and liked because they make me think about LedZep
  7. A great concert I assisted to this week, during the Québec Summer Fest :
  8. Like a cherry on top ? lol Happy Birthday "partner" ! I hope you had a great one !
  9. Happy Birthday IceQueen ! I hope you have a great one !
  10. Happy Birthday Expedition !
  11. Congrats LilAcorn !
  12. Or "who's there ?" ... because, of course, the killer's going to tell his name !
  13. Thanks for the news Dukoo and keep us up to date, please. Speedy recovery !