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  1. AthenA

    I think we need at least one more admin or two, on COD5 late nights and nights (both NAM and DM2). I used to be able to move people or skip a map after a vote on the NAM server, but not anymore, and last Friday evening we needed one. Also, when I play on the DM server late nights, there's very rarely an admin at that time, but often some players causing problems. Thanks for all the good work Rugger !
  2. AthenA

    Congrats Hunter !
  3. AthenA

    I think that it looks really nice so far and I'm looking forward to play on it ! Thank you for all the time that you're putting on this, I know how long and hard it can be ! So it's much appreciated
  4. 😊 🐷 oink !

  5. AthenA

    We've had a lot since last Friday and it's way too early this year ! I thought that we wouldn't have it early after the great, hot and wonderful Summer that we had.... but, here's a little meme to laugh :
  6. AthenA

    Bonne fête RIP ! J'espère que tu passes une super belle journée ! Profites-en et laisse-toi gâter ! 🎂
  7. AthenA

    Happy Birthday Seph ! I hope you had a great one ! Oh... and here's your birthday cake ! :
  8. AthenA

    Welcome aboard with the idiots !
  9. AthenA

    Happy Birthday Mr.Crowe ! I hope that you had a great one ! Here's the official cheers :
  10. Ok, I didn't want to comment because I agree a little with beer about being mocked (and you have one more reason to mock me, because of my English) But, this thread wasn't started by someone who was accusing someone to be hacking. He even said that he was a very skilled player and he was nice. This thread was started by someone who wanted to know if it's possible to ask Everett to tone it down... But I must admit guys that it's true that when skilled players get on, try to make it to be better and give your very best ! Grab it as an opportunity to not just play the game, but to learn it and pay attention around. Though I can see where the people who are asking to tone it down are coming from, because it does kill the server sometimes and I don't like to see members leaving the game for a reason like that... So... as for them being hackers, I don't think so. I've spectated them both and even when some players couldn't see why he knew a player was in some exact spot, it was possible for me to see it... from where the gunshots were coming from. Like we say in French : "Mes deux cents !"
  11. AthenA

    It isn't about the lyrics at all, but the rythme and all... heard this on the radio today and I liked the "beat" :
  12. AthenA

    Congratulations to you both ! And welcome in the moderators team :)
  13. AthenA

    Guess what ? ... Yup, I was there... lol