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  1. AthenA

    Happy Birthday to all of you ! I hope that you have a great one ! 🎂
  2. Thanks Crunchy, I liked it and it was fun !
  3. AthenA

    About time Welcome Daughter and very nice intro btw. It's always been very nice gaming with you ! Thanks for sharing these pics; you're very talented !
  4. AthenA

    Happy Birthday Azzkikr ! I hope you have a great one !
  5. AthenA

    Welcome to XI !
  6. ... I have no words... I've had so many good laughs, times and conversations with him on cod2... he will be missed... RIP Daddy.
  7. AthenA

    I'm really sad to hear that... I'll keep him in my prayers and I'm sending lots of strong thoughts his way !
  8. AthenA

    Why don't you get back in the game, Joe ? 😝
  9. AthenA

    I'm very sorry to hear that. My condoleances FBI.
  10. AthenA

    About time ! Welcome and congrats, you're now a true idiot !