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    Happy belated Birthday OLDMAN ! (or is it @ICEMANXI ? ) I hope you had a great one !
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    Happy Birthday to all of you ! I hope you have a great one ! @McGrim, it's my treat until we can cheer for real again !
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    Happy Birthday guys ! I hope you have a great day ! @ViPRZ
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    Hi Jared ! Welcome officially to the forums and enjoy ! It's always nice to see you in game... but mostly to kill you in game, of course !
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    Happy Birthday Morris ! I hope you have a great day, enjoy !
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  9. Hi Jared, they are the maps where the rooms, so the furnitures and everything around, are huge so that everybody seem to be very short (I guess the "little people" thing). The room "scale" is bigger... but someone who speaks better English than me could explain it better ! We call them the "Rat" maps because they're called "Rats" kitchen, etc. Here's rats kitchen (sorry to "tease" you @Biotech lol) :
  10. AthenA

    Happy Birthday !
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