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  1. AthenA

    Happy Birthday to you two ! 🎂
  2. AthenA

    Happy Birthday !
  3. AthenA

    Hmm... I was waiting for the other 24h challenge, but I guess that it was in US hours, like the dollars
  4. I already tried that @Hunter1948 and I've been told that the NB borders are closed ... sigh ... lol ! Now I'm hungry too and I want some of this apple jelly on this good looking fresh bread !
  5. AthenA

    Happy Birthday Ausi ! ? I hope you have a great one and I hope that you're doing good ! We didn't see you in a long time !
  6. AthenA

    Welcome to the forums, Red !
  7. AthenA

    But my favorite and the cutest ? Here...
  8. AthenA

    Hey @piglo, if you want to visit Québec city after Oinktober, look at this snow; you may see some here ! (for almost 6 whole long months )



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