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  1. Probably yes, YEARS ago when he was playing good and when he was young ?
  2. Bonne fête RIP !! Je sais que je te l'ai déjà dit, mais je te souhaite une belle journée et surtout, profites-en !!
  3. Hey Seph !! Happy Birthday ! I hope that you had a great one !
  4. Happy Birthday BONNE FÊTE Mr.Crowe !! I deeply hope that you're having a great day and that you're enjoying it ! I'm sending you this before I can send you a real very good Québecer beer
  5. @Hunter yes, we can pick our weapon back, but it's empty... even if it was full when we started thaw our teamate. I agree with Draco and Rose : I don't like it either and sometimes I even stop thawing using the F key and just stand close to my teamate to make sure that I won't pick up an empty weapong on the ground !! lol Thanks for the rotation, looks good yet !
  6. Welcome in the forums ! See you in WAW !
  7. Wow and yummy !! This piece of meat is indeed perfect... Almost With a glass of red wine or a good beer too ! Ok... Now I know what I want for dinner !