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  1. Happy Birthday Morris and many more ! I hope you have a great one !
  2. Yes, that would do ! ... if @AyaqGuyaq wants to have a "non-baked" omelett delivered
  3. Keep signing in people ! The more idiots, the more fun ! lol Jon, I don't mean to hijack your post, just bringing back up so more players can join
  4. Happy Birthday again Elvis ! I hope it was a great one and to you !
  5. Sorry to hear this GamerGurl, prayers sent your way.
  6. Thanks Jon, as always : good job ! Though we skipped a map tonight, but just because it's the same map (just a different version) of one that is 2 maps before or maybe just 1 map before. I'll try to note the names down for you tomorrow, unless you remember which ones they were. They're both good maps, but they shouldn't be in the same rotation or they should be separated by more than just 1 or 2 maps. ... If you know what I mean and are still following me
  7. Are you going to pay for the shipping @RobMc ? lol
  8. @WeednFeed I shouldn't have said winterized, but "isolated". So we'll keep the hens, but just let the natural cycle go on (at least in the beginning). We just won't have 3 eggs a day like we did since May @Streetcleaner There's a fan installed on the "ceiling" of the coop to get the humidity out. The rest is completely isolated and I ordered a thermo-timer (however this is called) to control the heating. Even their water will be warmed up (because we can't keep food or water inside the coop during Winter : humidity). I also bought a huge polythen sheet to cover the roof I will add to the coop, in the front, so they can go out and not freeze... and the snow won't get there either Oh... and they will get some freshly cut grass once in a while during Winter too ! ... Yup, you can all laugh at the weed (grass) in my garage freezer
  9. Are you really ? I'd like to try the Sniper server, but I'd like to try the CTF Redline mod too ! lol
  10. Happy Birthdday Phoenix ! I hope you had a great one !
  11. I'd love to play there with you and everybody soon ! And we'll make a tribute for Male in October, so we'll all gather there for him and to have fun like he would've wanted to
  12. Yes @djMot I'm interested in trying it ! I just tried in another post about it (Merlin suggested we fix some time to gather there). Thank you !
  13. It depends, sometimes it's crowded, but earlier than before. I still play there when I see a few people on ! It was my "first love", so I like to go back lol