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  1. AthenA

    I've always loved Panda bears since I went to the National Zoo when I was 15. They're so lovely ! @WldPenguin, did you see the pink penguin on the pic of last year ? Did you adopt this cutie ?
  2. AthenA

    @Timmah! Now I understand why you have to "dance" all the time... to exercise !
  3. AthenA

    Moi, bruté ?! Same here ! This is why I drive a Dogde, but... Caravan
  4. AthenA

  5. AthenA

    @AyaqGuyaq, I remember when you used to sing this song to my Hun @BlackRose on TS and it was nice ! It was when your buddy used to be with you and play, but ... also when YOU used to play Watch it again for your buddy ... may he RIP
  6. This is why I wasn't sure as of which map that was. I only remember asking Merlin if he knew if this map was compatible with the freeze tag mod. It was like a "only grey" city and I don't remember any green cast, so maybe it wasn't Hill and wolfsquare would make sense, but you said that it isn't working with FT, unfortunately. What I'll do is that I'll note down the name of the map we're getting in, next time. This way, I'll know which one will be concerned because of the player size rotation (which is a good idea, btw !). Hill might be the one in which you kept killing me and there was this bug with a frozen unkillable player, @Merlin007 Btw, I know that the maps that can be played on FT have already been ferreted out, but ... there's always some hope out there, for some new maps
  7. AthenA

    And if @Merlin007 set them up : run away ! He's way too dangerous with flame throwers and explosives; that I could notice tonight !
  8. AthenA

  9. Do you know if the map that it right before "Kwalajein" is compatible with the freeze tag mod ? I think that it would be a good freeze tag map...
  10. AthenA

    I searched and it was the 2013 Fest. There's this one post here, including some pictures from it, but I'm sure that @wildthing has an album, as he was there. Here's the album link : https://www.xtremeidiots.com/gallery/category/11-us-fest-2013-lawrenceburg-indiana-us/
  11. AthenA

    Hey, welcome back FunStick !
  12. AthenA


    I know, right ! Looks delicious ! ... and now I'm getting hungry I dared put the money on a Napoléon last year and yet, I'm not disappointed at all ! Though, if you buy a Napoléon, make sure that it's the one made in Canada. You'll have one that will last much longer then. @TheDrimpXI, I'm seeing that you have plenty of looking yummy food... mind if I fly there with @WldPenguin ? ... do penguins fly ? No matter if they do or not, we're flying there
  13. AthenA

    Good luck Toes, good thoughts sent your way !
  14. AthenA

    Welcome Adalya ! You're now a real idiot ! 😋 😇
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