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  1. AthenA

    Happy birthday to all of you !
  2. Thank you for all the good work Merlin; 5 new rotations !
  3. AthenA

    Get better soon Toes !
  4. Thank you Skuzy ! I'll try to play it tonight, but maybe only tomorrow too as I'm coming back from a fishing trip
  5. AthenA

    Happy Birthday to all of you, I hope you have a great one ! @rexbowan I'll be nicer in game !
  6. AthenA

    Happy Birthday ! I hope you have a great one !
  7. AthenA

    Happy Birthday !
  8. AthenA

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one !
  9. AthenA

    I completely agree with her @Painsponge . Don't drop your tags for this. You're also always on having fun and playing COD2, yet you have to go and try the COD4 MW2 DM that is alike or one of the DM servers in COD5 (but I think that you don't own COD5). You're a lot around and you contribute by doing just that and it's fine
  10. AthenA

    Happy Birthday to all of you !
  11. It's not confirmed yet, but I might go at my mom's (finally !) for an outdoor dinner. I guess that it'll depend on the weather I'm going to stop by after though, if there are still some people around ... what am I saying, of course there will be !
  12. AthenA

    Happy Birthday !
  13. Congratulations Cooper and welcome !



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