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  1. Configure your VoxelMap I have noticed many people both in-game and Discord are having the issue where they die multiple times trying to retrieve their first grave and thus lose the waypoint to that first grave because the default VoxelMap setting will only track and display the most recent deathpoint. Here's how to fix that. 1. Click M to open your map 2. Click Waypoints (bottom left-hand side) 3. Click Options (bottom) 4. Set Deathpoints to All Hotkey fix for AE2 We all went through ripping our T key out of our keyboards and questioning whether it's a hardware or software bug that the letter T never registers when typing in the ME system search bar. Many may have figured out that it's because T is bound to a function and so the key never registers in the ME Terminal if mouse cursor is highlighting over an item. Good news is, there's a better fix. 1. Click E to open your inventory 2. Click Options (bottom left-hand side) 3. Click KeyBindings 4. Click Inventory 5. Set the last option to NONE
  2. I would have no problem with this suggestion. I also would have to agree with NostradewmusXI. It saddens me that we can't update any mod since it's not up for us to do so anyways. This pack is great but is screaming for bug fixes. Hell, OpenComputers has a bug so major it doesn't even communicate properly with AE2 :'[
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