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Found 5 results

  1. As many are aware, the 1.7.10 pack has an official Discord server which allows individual servers to advertise themselves. What I'd like to bring to light is that they are allowed to do so every 24 hours, and several other servers, (Nexus, SFT, and AGN,) take full advantage of this. I'm aware that the XI server has been advertised there, but it's been long buried and won't be seen by anyone not specifically looking for it. If the XI server does wish to grow, I would highly recommend the administration start posting there. It's good, free publicity, which is something that, as far as I'm aware, this server has little of. -Friendly Neighborhood n2
  2. I spent about 13 hours flying through the Nether trying to find a Ghostwood tree, when I finally found one. I believe I loaded unexplored terrain, even though the Ghostwood is more rare than other trees in the Nether I find it quite unlikely that it would be this rare. From what I can see regarding the mod Natura, which the Ghostwood belongs to, the current version is 2.2.0 ( according the the pack webpage) also named 1.7.10-92.8a1150f. There have been two alpha releases after that, 2.2.1-a1 and 2.2.1a2. The changelog for 2.2.1-a1 states "bug fixes galore!" and for 2.2.1a2 it states "fixes ghostwood issues". The last one is relevant in this case as it was pushed out in response to issues regarding the spawning of Ghostwood trees due to it searching for non-existing blocks. As the version 2.2.1a2 is not in use and with respect to my experience trying to find the tree I assume the issues still exist on the server, hence making Ghostwood trees more rare than they should be according to the config. Due to this I would like to suggest Ghostwood saplings being added to the Admin shop as its rarity is not intended but rather due to faulty coding. Thanks! Link 1: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/natura/files/2254552 Link 2: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/natura/files/2257670 Link 3: https://github.com/progwml6/Natura/issues/192
  3. DarthCuddlefluff

    I have been coming up with things I would like to see on the server since I started and I don't want to pester staff with them so I will just put them here. First things first I think it would be cool to get a sign in the admin shop that removes all warp. I personally like the effects of warp and am sad when they dissipate however I know of many people who end up doing thaum or getting research from someone who regardless of if the dangers are explained to them end up wanting to unlearn their stuff to remove warp, which naturally is impossible. I am not saying it should be cheap, but the ability to do it would help people out and I bet you would hear less about it from players if that were the case. Second I think it would be useful to make a sign that allows you to make super nodes in a jar. Making super nodes is VERY dangerous and can result in people's bases being destroyed as well as all their stuff going missing which kill likely all be ichor stuff if they are looking for a super node. Endgame thaumaturgy requires at least one and they are VERY time consuming to make not to mention the fact that they require a ton of nodes which will then be missing from whatever world they are taken from. Very few people have the ability to make one while many will need at least one. For these reasons I think there should be a sign to buy a super node (which should also not be cheap) at the admin shop. Also there is in fact a command for generating them. Third, and I know this one is talked about a lot, but /market would be nice. It would eliminate the hassle of dealing with physical shops and the economy would flourish. Fourth and I really do not know if this is even possible but if you can find some way to dye armors that normally cannot be dyed that would be nice. The ikami armor being orange never made much sense to me in particular and I want a black version (at a cost of course). In other words, I see a orange armor and I want it painted black. No colors anymore I need it to turn black. Fifth, an announcements tab for the minecraft chat in discord would be nice. Something only admins could post in where things like server changes could be announced before they happen. An example of something good to put on there is the day when the map is expanding and what that will entail. I understand completely if these things cannot happen, but these are some suggestions I have. I will add to this as I come up with more things (and I know there are things I am forgetting). Please add to this if you have any suggestions. Also responces to these by admins would be nice.
  4. This is a special map made for freezetag, perfectly mirrored map, good for close up combat and maybe some sniper spots. The map is made inside a large hangar just like mp_killhouse but way bigger. Boxes are and random objects are placed around to give a urban feeling. Current status of the map: Last bugs and glitches are being fixed, minimap and intro screen still has to be made. It might take a few days untill the map is ready Screenshots: Download link: Will be provided when map is ready
  5. I have not seen any post on this subject, even tho I have heard a lot of people complaining about this (Including myself, as one of the biggest in-game whiners). Is it possible sudden death is made so that in stead of who made the most kills during sudden death, it comes down to which team has the most people alive. Right now it happens very often that a team that was doing poorly before sudden death ends up winning a round, because they killed a few and the last one hides in some bush in the back of the map. Now in my idea that is not how a victory should be procurred. If a team that was losing pretty badly wants to win sudden death, they should make a legendary action. Anyway just a suggestion...



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