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  1. I spent about 13 hours flying through the Nether trying to find a Ghostwood tree, when I finally found one. I believe I loaded unexplored terrain, even though the Ghostwood is more rare than other trees in the Nether I find it quite unlikely that it would be this rare. From what I can see regarding the mod Natura, which the Ghostwood belongs to, the current version is 2.2.0 ( according the the pack webpage) also named 1.7.10-92.8a1150f. There have been two alpha releases after that, 2.2.1-a1 and 2.2.1a2. The changelog for 2.2.1-a1 states "bug fixes galore!" and for 2.2.1a2 it states "fixes ghostwood issues". The last one is relevant in this case as it was pushed out in response to issues regarding the spawning of Ghostwood trees due to it searching for non-existing blocks. As the version 2.2.1a2 is not in use and with respect to my experience trying to find the tree I assume the issues still exist on the server, hence making Ghostwood trees more rare than they should be according to the config. Due to this I would like to suggest Ghostwood saplings being added to the Admin shop as its rarity is not intended but rather due to faulty coding. Thanks! Link 1: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/natura/files/2254552 Link 2: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/natura/files/2257670 Link 3: https://github.com/progwml6/Natura/issues/192
  2. Swedish_Medic

    From what I've found exploring around and having an eye on chat what you state is not what happens. I do not remember exactly what the number of blocks you start with on the server, but as default it seem to be set to 100 blocks. In order to claim 1 chunk you'll be claiming 256 blocks. What I suggest is to increase the amount of blocks you start of with, I'm not really interested in the blocks you acquire through playtime. I do not see why the starting set of blocks need to be so limited. I do not see why the ability to prevent your builds from being griefed and your items stolen, should be dependant on your playtime. Regarding playtime, one of the features of GriefPrevention is to not reward idling with blocks, so unless this has been changed being AFK will add nothing to the block count. Now Minecraft is a game with a lot of young people. With this there are two possible issues. Many young people will have parents who limit their ability to play on the server for a longer time, and so also the chance to be afk (if that now turns out to generate blocks). These young people might also have a lesser ability to see the lack of blocks as a limiting factor. Rather than being limited by the lack of blocks they can protect, they keep building what they want to have built. Now sure, it's their fault to build more than they can protect, but do we really need to set them up for it? People want to build castles, houses with a stable, pathways between buildings while others are perfectly fine within a chunk. The very limited blocks you start with do in my opinion seem to lead to griefable property rather than an interest for economy.
  3. Swedish_Medic

    Might it be an idea to increase the default set of claimblocks you get once you join the server? The overworld isn't that small that it seem to pose a direct issue and I believe it could prevent griefing further. Now sure some people are lazy, but there seem to be quite a few players who run into wishing to expand their base but are out of claimblocks hence expand without claiming.
  4. Swedish_Medic

    People generally don't seem to care about price they sell at. All they want is to sell something, they don't think through the "costs" of creating those items or the maximum possible value. This leading to out of stock shops as they can't support those prices. So even though magical crops make resource production easy, a lot of people simply do not understand economics.
  5. Swedish_Medic

    I can definitely see the issue with people wanting another person's portal spot due to inactivity. I do however understand that feeling as well, as few people are willing to search through floors of portals and likely give up after no luck scanning the first floor. If your portal isn't among the first ten portals, your chances are slim. I think the idea of another design of the shop portals area might have positive impact. I also had a thought about a sort of central board that might be more manageable, then again I don't know much about permissions or modding ability nor how much work is reasonable to put on you simply to keep the shops alive. But I was thinking that instead of having a sort of live feed about what each shop sells it might work with a simple "ranking" system. I thought that a central board might have tiers where it places shops depending on how many items they sell. Giving each portal a number might make it easier to find. I added an image of a quick excel sketch of what I was thinking. Maybe there could be a hopper or such by it where you could drop a note if you expanded your shop.
  6. Sup dawgs! It's really great that there are player shops on the server. Currently there are four floors with player shops at /warp shops. These floors have multiple portals to different player shops, so plenty of shops to choose between. However, some of the players owning these shops are no longer active. Just on the top floor, the floor you come to when using the warp, there are players who have been offline for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months and so on. This is quite an issue. The only way to know whether a shop is useful or not is to go to it, and most likely you'll start on the floor you teleport to. It becomes a huge time waste for people to have to teleport to a shop, then back to the warp and then into next shop. Seeing to the fact of the issue of restocking your shop when you're not online for three months, maybe the portal access at /warp shops (especially the first floor) should be blocked or removed for those inactive for a longer period of time. Another thing that would be useful would be a feature to see what a shop contains before going there, like some big board in the centre of /warp shops or right outside each portal. Now I understand this is probably quite hard to do, seeing to permission issues for a user to only describe their shop or lots of work on the admins and moderators to do this for them as well as keeping up with changes. But it's a thought of a feature that would be very helpful if someone had a functional way of implementing it. I don't know the process behind the scenes, what you can or cannot do. But I'd like to present my thoughts about this anyhow, then it's of course up to you as admins to decide if it can/should be implemented. Thank you!
  7. Swedish_Medic

    Okay. I think I need to be more clear when I'm not serious in the future. I just made statues of all you admins on my lawn, not that you were the ones to have done it. Wanted to share the beauty. The beacons shouldn't be loaded as they're outside the reach of the anchors. The AE2 stuff is just temporary to check of the achievements. They'll be removed as soon as that's done.
  8. It seems as the admins had a party on my lawn... I'm quite sure Gondor dug up part of it as well
  9. Swedish_Medic

    I've honestly read enough from Mr. Mercola to know that he likes to use his Dr. title while spewing pseudoscientific nonsense. He also likes to inprint answers in his readers with information by stating questions, which there are no answers to but only assumptions. However, having spent some time withing hospital care. At least in Sweden vaccination for health professionals were never a question of keeping ourselves safe per se. Instead the fear is that of the ~5 days it can take before you develop symptoms of the flu, while still being able to infect others. Therefor being a carrier of the virus and infecting patients with weak immune system. Now, is vaccination against the flu necessary for the general population, no. That's probably just a waste of money. In the end I don't think the influenza vaccination protects from half of the possible and actual infections. For people with weak immune system, soreness or skin irritation may be worth possibly avoiding death. People above 65 stand for about 90% of the deaths related to influenza, so those should probably take the chance with the vaccine.