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  1. OblivionAngel

    Whether they host one or not I don't believe it's up to the community members to be asking about upcoming games or whether XI will have a server in the game.
  2. OblivionAngel

    I don't believe you need to put the number, I don't believe I did, so just be patient and I'm sure the staff will get to it eventually.
  3. OblivionAngel

    Thanks! It took a couple days and the picture I posted as the completed photo isn't quite the finished product, but it was the only screenshot I had and I didn't have time to get on and get a finalized screenshot of it.
  4. OblivionAngel

    This is a build I did for my base, me and my group had always talked about having a castle and so I finally did that for the group and I just thought I would share it with the community, it's not my best work, and I've certainly had a nicer looking base, but this is something I'm proud of. Progress Shots Completed Build
  5. I'll admit, being on the server for a while I had come up with my own little ways to get the T key to work but this is really helpful!
  6. OblivionAngel

    I am very aware of the servers white-list at this point and have applied to be on it, but I am wondering how long it may take to be accepted into the server? And if there is certain days that the staff team go through and look at the list of members who have applied or if its just sporadic and it's just done whenever there is time to go through and list members that are accepted and aren't accepted to be apart of the 1.7.10 server.



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