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  1. Quigybobo

    Thank you. See you in 30 days.
  2. Quigybobo

    As I said. I am sorry and that it will not happen again if given a chance. I await the staff decision. I won't make excuses either. I understand what I did was wrong. I didn't try to hide it because there was no point. Honestly I feel bad enough about what I did. I accept whatever consequences are given out. I also never said that any of what I did was an "accident'. I stated clearly what I had done.
  3. Quigybobo

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: 1.7.10 serverWhen did you get banned?: 9/27/2019 I thinkWhat was your in-game name?: QuigyboboWhat is your game GUID (if known): Why do you think you were banned?: I will be 100% honest about what was done, and the only thing I could think of. When I first started playing on this server I was living with sparky bear. Through whatever, I decided to move and I ended up duping the drives about a month ago. I only did it few times, none of the items were given away to anyone. No one else had access either. Which I know it should of been 0 times. I am not going to make an excuse. My circumstances or how I felt at the time won't change the outcome of what was done. What I did was wrong and I stopped duping though honestly shortly after I moved. I started to do mods legit like botania, and making everything else I had. I am very sorry. It won't happen again if you give me another chance. I came to really enjoy this community. As well that you added a pvp arena which really made me want to stay. Even a discord voice chat with an real apology can be done as well. Please let me know what is going to happen. If you would like to know how it was done I would be happy to show you the process. I would like to continue playing on the server even though I know it probably won't happen. Also reset to 0, so I can prove myself and earn back some trust and talk to the few people I befriended. ALl the mekanism machines I had were given to me/duped from the inital. Itzcoded's name should be on some and sparky's on the other. It'z gave me machines, and sparkys was duped. The drives that were in the back by the door would of been part of the initial dupe as well. The mob spawners and rubber farm, botania were all from me actually going out and collecting flowers with digital miner. Its not hard to do. The cursed earth is from drago's spawners in the nether, which says is allowed to be taken and replaced. The growth pulsers that I was making, was going to be a vampire tower. Again part of the initial. The ME system was donated mostly by drago in my beginning time. If you have any questions I can answer anything you ask I think. Quigybobo
  4. Quigybobo

    Hey! I think that you did a great job on your castle. I look forward to seeing more!
  5. Quigybobo

    I am very interested in this. I would very much like to learn more from people about computer craft and open computers. Coding in general for these mods and how to use them properly. Looking at examples for me really helps, I really want to understand the code and be able to write it. Not just replicate other uses. I hope I posted this in the right place!!!! Quigybobo is my in game name.



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