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  1. This is a list of all currently banned items on our Minecraft server. Item-Reason Nuke-Bad Security Station-Bypasses protection Chunk/Spot Loader-Lag ic Gate-Bypasses protection World Anchors-Lag Equal Trade wand focus-Bypass protections Staff of Traveling-Bypass protection Sacred Rubber Sapling-Instability Flans bombs:Large,Small,Mills-Bypass protection Carpenters Doors-Instability Book Binder-Lag Blast Resistant ME drive-Instability Deep Dark Portal-Lag Last Millennium Portal-Lag All Imbued Fire-Bad Cardboard Box-Duping Mining Laser-Bypass Protection Sacred Oak Sapling-Lag Mega Rubber Sapling-Lag Matter Cannon-Bypass protection .50 Explosive Ammo-Instability Portable Hole-Bypass protection Mana Storm Charge-Bypass protection Dollies-Duping/Instability Exchangers-Bypass protection Mekanism Teleporter-Chunk Loading World Hole Upgrade-Lag BC Quarry-Lag BC Filler-Lag Ender Crystal-Bypass Protection Shell Constructor-Instability Shell Storage-Instability Mekanism Flamethrower-Bypass protection Slotted book-Bypass protection Crane-Bypass protection Warp Book-Bypass protections All types of Firestone-Bad Dislocation Wand focus-Bypass protection Ender Collector-Duping Traveler's Belt-Instability Filing Cabinet-Duping Market-Duping This list is a work in progress.
  2. RidgeDolphin1 built this amazing build of the USS George Washington. The detail and everything about it is amazing. Check it out ?
  3. I was thinking both new and old users of open computers and computer craft could discuss their code, help each other out, and possibly teach newbies.
  4. Alright, so the service offered is insurance. Basically, if you don't claim something and it is griefed then staff won't replace it but for a price, we are willing to step in and replace it. This also applies to other incidents where stuff bugs out, disappears, etc. Edit: keep in mind payment is with the in-game currency.
  5. What Even is Lag... Everyone hates lag, imagine you’re playing minding your own business when bam! Lag strikes, causing numerous negative effects, like block lag and inventory mess ups. It also slows your machines down making it hard to progress. Thankfully there are steps you, as a player, can take to help lighten your load on the server. Before we get further into the subject of lag, we must first cover the topic of Ticks per Second (TPS). A tick is the base unit of time the game runs on. Everything is driven by the tick and all operations are based on how fast the game ticks. Normally Minecraft runs at a fixed 20 TPS, with each tick taking 0.05 seconds; however, when a computer/server is unable to keep up with the load of the game application, ticks will take longer than 0.05 seconds. Longer ticks mean lower TPS and everything in the game running slower. To learn more about TPS go to the Minecraft page explaining it: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tick All machine operations in Minecraft take extra time to process, this is done in the span of a game tick. The basic concept of reducing lag on the server is to minimize the number of laggy machines you use and to use the necessary ones more efficiently.
  6. Alright, so the first service I am offering to all of you is that you come to me with something you need automated (keep it realistic) and I decide on a price based off how large it will be. If I fail to figure out how to automate it then you get a refund. Edit: payment is with in-game currency.
  7. I was thinking what if we had like an underground fighting ring (run by the people not the server) where once a week people who signed up can compete for a grand prize of some kind (maybe all participants put in X amt of money and that's the prize pool). Just curious if anyone would be down to set this up, bet/watch fights, participate, etc. bet ingame money or items. Not irl
  8. Hello, recently booted up Minecraft after a few-year hiatus and found this 1.7.10 pack server. I really enjoy playing on it, relatively smooth-running compared to most modded servers. however after a few days of play it seems that the server has been white-listed. I am not generally in to forums and do not know if this is the correct place for the post; but this is a request be a part of the white-list, if a donation is required a donation will ensue. Regards, ZackRich12
  9. Hey frens. I have a major problem in the 1.7.10 pack server. It seems the dimension in which I made my home (which I was told was never going to reset) has been reset. I was gone for a few months due to lack of internet and when I came back my house, it's floating island, all my stuff, my tier 5 blood altar, my utterly stable and cool looking infusion altar with rare crimson cult flags, and my custom made wand recharge station that Tristen helped build for me and even supplied the super node for were all simply gone without a trace. It was in the eldritch dimension right around -12000 12000 139. Is there any way I can get this stuff back? It took me months to build and was a labor of love.
  10. Please welcome Tattoogamer to the Minecraft moderators team, He has been a great help on the servers and has supported Minecrafts growth in our community. Congratulations!
  11. Around 12:30 PM -5 GMT, the 1.7.10 Server went down. It has been down for 10 minutes, and we do not know what happened. Many people continued to speak after the plugins failed, and I logged out to await the restart. If there is a rollback, please let everyone know via this post of what you are rolling back to.
  12. Hello fellow players and Admins, I know why i got banned and i know i deserve a punishment, but i'll ask you for a second chance. I know me and my friend messed really bad up but i'm here to apologies to those who i hurt. I'm here for forgiveness. I realisted my mistsake far too late. I swear, i'll never ever steal or grief other claimes anymore. Please give us the chance to show you, that we can be good guys, good players. We can behave but you have to give us the chance to show it you. Please give us a second chance. Think about it. Thanks for reading.
  13. Dear Admins, i know me and my friend did some things that wasn't allowed. My friend did a ticket for the 2 of us but he told me i had to do one by myself. I'm really really sorry about what happed. I don't really know what got over me to do something like that, but i understand know why i got banned. I hope you have mercy with me and forgive me for what i have done. Please give me a socond chance. Please give me the chance to show you that i'm worth a second chance. I'll never ever steal or grief from other players again. Thanks for reading my appeal and i hope you think about it
  14. Okay, so I am jailed in-game. Yes I did the crime and am doing the time. Except I have noticed that while walking around so I do not become A.F.K. I am glitching through the ground and it adds time. So far its added an hour to my sentence. I do not believe this justifiable because I can not go A.F.K. so I do have to move all the time. Doing so has added time making it so at this rate I gain half an hour every five minutes. Please help. Thank you taking the time to read this.
  15. I changed my name on minecraft and my town did not recognize my account and it will not let me open chests,mine blocks, etc , and now my entire house is useless to me and all of my items. I don't know what to do. I would like help to try and fix the issue. My minecraft name is DerpyMonkQ
  16. Jon (the modpack owner and creator) is asking for the players to vote for the mod they'd like to see! Here's the link: http://www.strawpoll.me/10533473
  17. Hello people, Today I had some issues connecting to the server. This is most likely caused by me still using an old URL (that happened to work too). I just wanted to inform you all, in case you have connectivity issues too; I got the message "Can't resolve hostname". I was using: mod-mc-q.xtremeidiots.com The proper address is: mod-mc.xtremeidiots.com:25565 Maybe I am just silly for using some long outdated IP that (finally) got cleaned up... Just a heads-up in case you run into this issue too.
  18. Where is the info on how to start a town or am i missing something? Ive tried searching thru the forums but i am having trouble finding it apparently.
  19. So i got some free time today and was searching for the old texture pack i started a few years/months ago. I will have to start it again from scratch i think, but i managed to get some of the textures back. so this will takes months to accomplish and i may never see the end of the work, but i will try to update it when i can and when i find the time. the goal was to get a texture pack that looks like i want the game to look, most of the packs i tried have horrible light grey stone, at least thats what i think of them. And that was the main reason i started to work on this pack. so it was the first thing i tried to change. then i change a few other stuffs, then the game was updated and they put so many new stuffs in it that i stopped updating this pack. and after that they completely changed the texture pack system and my pack was put aside for good. my pack was first made in 256 pixels. This may change ... we'll see. here is some screenshots i took today with just the stone and gravel texture, but it gives a good idea of what i was looking for.
  20. Looks like it is that time again ladies and gents! We are changing modpacks again to what will hopefully be a more interesting and popular minecraft modpack. The modpack is called The 1.7.10 Pack and can be downloaded from your technic launcher! If anyone has any suggestions concerning promoting this modpack to get a higher population on our minecraft servers feel free to let us know.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Alternate launcher for TPPI also could use technic launcher
  22. 140 downloads

    Launcher for minecraft modded server
  23. 62 downloads

    ATLauncher is the launcher for running XI's DNS Server.
  24. DNS Techpack - Dimensions man.. Updated: (0) Added: (0) Removed: (0) Notes: - Changed dimension ID in compact machines CFG from 9 to 99. Please delete "DIM9" from your save file, or change to "DIM99". IMPORTANT NOTE: These minor updates are to fix small errors and are never intended. Mods update and fix bugs, or I fix something, so they are needed. Sorry about this. This should be the last 'patch' / minor update for this version. Version 7.5.4 is around the corner.
  25. For all of you that want some smoother usage in mc, try this client side mod. It works great with InventoryTweaks and gives you the possibility to do things as Hold-and-Drag to move things from or to inventory. Take a look here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1286379-1-7-10-ssp-smp-mouse-tweaks-2-4-4 Installation for DNS-Techpack: In AT-Launcher, press "Open Folder" In the same buttongroup as you otherwise press play. Drop the jar into mods. And it's done.
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