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  1. Good Morning,

    I was talking to you in the game, and you politely warned me about a complaint.
    Thank you very much for the warning, and advice.

    I would like to clarify the condition before dropping the subject.

    Playing COD4, I killed a player, then backed into the corner of the map against the wall to reload and survey the map. The player I'd just killed spawned behind me and shot me.

    Yes, I did type, Hacker, and yes, I did get upset, but I forgot about it and moved on.

    I apologize, and will try to improve.


    Gary Evans

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    2. McGrim


      Gary, I received another complaint from you and I also read some of the chat logs. You are on a the edge of being banned I suggest you cool it off from harassing the players and be nice and enjoy the game just a friendly warning. 

    3. GaryEvans
    4. McGrim


      Not trying to flex power but there are to many complaints coming in about your behavior in game play and enjoy the game joke around with the players we are here to have fun ! 

  2. Beers, I think it's working. YEsssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!! I found this article and tried it: on windows 10 this worked for me: right click on mp executable (also sp) properties compatibility tab select disable full screen optimization Not sure why, but it seems to work. I'll go in there now, and let you knife me in the back! Thanks Everyone Gary
  3. Beers, Thanks. When i launch xi_mw2_dm, it downloads the map, then crashes to the desktop as a minimized icon. I've deleted the mod, and let the game reload it. It loads the mod again, then the map, then still crashes. If I play a standard server with no mods, I can play v1.7... If I try a server with mods, it crashes. I've also emptied out my config_mp file deleting all entries except for my resolution. No luck there either. I've deleted the game, and re-installed it multiple times, no luck. I purchased the game via steam years ago and steam updated to v1.8. I found on your website the v1.7 exe file and can play v1.7, but something is still not right. I've tried compatibility, game mode off (never used that), and running as admin. If you know of a source to purchase a version 1.7 CD, I'd be willing to buy that and try it. Amazon has some but doesn't say it it's v1.7, and I'd be suspicious about a used s/n on their games. Thanks for trying to find answers for me EVERYONE!!!! Gary
  4. No, I'm running v1.7 just fine, and have 1 monitor. If I join a standard game server, it runs, only when I join a modded server does it crash. Thanks, Gary
  5. Yes, Thanks, it loads up the maps, minimizes to the icon on the bottom, and I have to Ctl Alt Del and bring up the task manager to kill it. Otherwise nothing works. Gary
  6. All, I have a new system, windows 10 home with Nvidis 3080 graphic card. I have cod4 on steam and tried to join. Initially it said wrong version 1.7 I downloaded the 1.7 version and tried that and can make that work. However, If I join the XI DM server, the mod downloads, and crashes my PC. If i try other servers in the internet, it works fine. It must be a problem with the mod or my config_mp file. Would someone look into this to help me be able to play COD4 DM again. Thanks, Gary Evans config_mp.cfg
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