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  1. McGrim

    Hope lesson learned as we are comprised of many backgrounds and some might take offense if such word is used. Therefore always think of others before you blurp out something offensive to some..
  2. McGrim

    Welcome Phantom your now a official Idiot!
  3. McGrim

    Proof is in the pudding these words are not necessary ever!
  4. McGrim

    Yes what happen to the 3 warnings rule?
  5. McGrim

    Thank you for your thoughts much appreciated! will keep all posted if any other Florida members need help with any aspect of storm preparation please let me know i will try and help.
  6. McGrim

    Thank you for your thoughts much appreciated! will keep all posted
  7. Welcome back Belted ?
  8. McGrim

    What was that??????
  9. Thank you to all ! I feel like Arnold Horsshack
  10. McGrim

    I wear my sunglasses like the song says! at night, during the day in the Idiots page you name it ?
  11. McGrim

    I have new shoes LMAO so be mindful of who you knife! :-) Ill be watching!
  12. McGrim

    Nothing like listening to this ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co6WMzDOh1o
  13. Okay Okay ive know had a chance to think of this alot and my new favorite player is the world class player McGrim
  14. McGrim

    Thank you Labob for your dedication to this Clan
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