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  1. McGrim

    Great pics and trip looked like a lot of fun minus the citation lol
  2. McGrim

    What better way to say I Love you than with an amazing expensive gift!
  3. McGrim

    RIP Starfire Condolences to family
  4. McGrim

    Hi more than likely its clogged with sludge (slime) best ways to mitigate this problem are the following 1. a little chlorine on a regular scheduled will help keep clean 2. Compressed air blown directly into pipe always works 3. High pressure water hose jet nozzle attached to standard garden hose using a rubber sleave hose section over PVC as a coupling also works well you should see a lot of slime come out somewhere in the yard. 4. They sell a float sensor that goes attached to Tee that prevents the leaking and flooding issues by shutting down AC If you need instructions or pics I can always send them to you
  5. McGrim

    Hey buddy hang in there we always enjoy playing with you! Have they given you any options for eyesight? as we get older, we all go through things don't let that stop you from doing the things you like there's always some time to recover, modify and help you heal you just have to have the will and mentality to move forward. Have you thought of doing Lasik? I had it done and it helped tremendously don't know if you're a candidate for it.
  6. McGrim

    Thanks for the remembrance! Let's never forget the price they have paid to keep us free.
  7. McGrim

    Hope you feel better soon! miss playing with you Doc
  8. McGrim

    I own 2 Drones my favorite is my DJI AIR 2 S great drone, great camera!
  9. McGrim

    Welcome to the Idiots! @Snake Neck Finally Congrats
  10. McGrim

  11. McGrim

    Welcome Snake, at least we know who the bad player is that we are playing with!
  12. McGrim

    Welcome to the forums Nancy! Glad to see you around don't pay any attention to the idiot comments about me it's not true and especially @AthenAcoments! What took you so long to join
  13. McGrim

    You mean @RobMc right?
  14. Hell yeah! Just make sure you cook the meat right! I've heard Argentinians don't know how to grill steaks! lmao
  15. I nominate @Roxy! to handle the BBQ! I definitely would love to go have to check those dates since I have a Destination Wedding to attend along those same days. Looking at my options to be able to attend
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