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  1. Very nice best of luck to you! Be careful don't explain to @RobMc how you make these items he's already at the store looking for the materials !
  2. McGrim

    Rob, did you do poopy in your depends again??? lmaooooo take your meds
  3. McGrim

    Its good if you like this type of Music but there is a transition going on in the USA where a lot of collaboration happening with the Reggaeton and Rap artist as well as other artist including Latin music stars that I believe would benefit your buddy. Have him seek other artist from different backgrounds to come together on a soundtrack with different vibes that would revive the music a bit ( pass it along) ! Good Luck to your buddy from me he has talent just needs tweaking
  4. McGrim

    That's exactly true ! We can always call upon the XI idiot members for advise, laughter, friendship and help ( except @BlackRose ) j/k and they will always lend a hand and more. As you said turn this old puppy on for a few hours and you can vent your troubles away and have a laugh or two...
  5. McGrim

    RIP my condolences We are a tight family here he will be missed ?
  6. McGrim

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day ?
  7. McGrim

    Welcome to our servers have fun Nos
  8. McGrim

    @BigPapaDean You will have to boot in safe mode and remove everything that points to it loading in your system startup etc. I would also try a virus remover sometimes it requires several virus removers to get it all out including some editing and removal. Avast is pretty good SPYBOT Search and Destroy Adware Kaspersky Good Luck
  9. McGrim

    Okay Idiots Rob didn't want me to share these with you he was a little embarrassed about the whole Depends Issue but he says after all its part of life and growing up an Idiot! ?
  10. McGrim

    Gals and Guys you have Rob all wrong! I've known him for years and the only change he's going through is his (depends) it seems he has been soiling them quite often so don't be too hard on the old lad! ?
  11. McGrim

    There is absolutely no excuse! We consider ourselves flexible under certain circumstances but under racism and disregard for rules and disrespect for game admins and fellow players its a NO in my books.
  12. McGrim

    Happy Birthday to all and Thank you as well!
  13. Wow this is a great question I'd have to say Me (grin) lol
  14. McGrim

    Please be patient while we review your account, nickname and ip address. As you are aware there is a world wide crisis and many of us have had to change are routines. Thank you



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