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  1. McGrim

    @RobMcI think you suffer from chickenitis jajaja just kidding buddy I hear you
  2. McGrim

    Rob buddy your slipping! its too late? really? before you use to play day and night!
  3. McGrim

    Add me too please I'd like to embarrass myself again! 🤣🤣
  4. McGrim

  5. McGrim

    You'll need to wait until admins review your ban appeal and apology..
  6. COD4MW Correct????? lol I would be interested I also have several people asking me about a CTF😛
  7. McGrim

    Congrats! She is Beautiful Enjoy her now as she will grow like weeds super fast!
  8. McGrim

    I have always been a Intel I7 guy loves them and never had a issue with them! Yes they are expensive but when paired with the right boards are amazing. I run two different systems both I7s and Asus boards but AMD is good for the money... with that said here is a interesting new article on AMD that just came out recently... https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/217672-analysis-amd-lawsuit-over-false-bulldozer-chip-marketing-is-without-merit
  9. McGrim

    Welcome to the Forums Trismo glad to have you here!
  10. McGrim

    Welcome to the Forums OliKills
  11. McGrim

    Join the Band Wagon! A Message from our President!
  12. McGrim

    It was great! Thanks to all who made this possible great fun! I stuck around for long enough for the ass whooping I got but thanks to Athena I won lol BTW lets do a search and destroy and CTF
  13. McGrim

    DM Team but it was close
  14. McGrim

    Id like to thank all of the idiots who came out today for the tournament especially Blackrose, Athena and Merlin and anyone elso involved in the setup that i may have missed! as always we had alot of laughs... thank you
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