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  1. McGrim

    I wear my sunglasses like the song says! at night, during the day in the Idiots page you name it 😎
  2. McGrim

    I have new shoes LMAO so be mindful of who you knife! :-) Ill be watching!
  3. McGrim

    Nothing like listening to this ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=co6WMzDOh1o
  4. Okay Okay ive know had a chance to think of this alot and my new favorite player is the world class player McGrim
  5. McGrim

    Thank you Labob for your dedication to this Clan
  6. McGrim

    Yeah When XI Fights!
  7. lol nver mind i found it lol im a true idiot

  8. New XI member making a simple comment! The new server settings suck and to be quite honest I've gotten the same feedback from other members and all the regular morning players that come in on a daily basis for years on end. This is not the server we have enjoyed for countless years just because of some players that rarely play on here. Put it back please before you loose the majority of the regular players that we all have enjoyed laughing with in the morning since the original breakfast club I wont be able to use my new sneakers until its fixed
  9. McGrim

    "Happy Birthday Xtekk
  10. McGrim

    Welcome Zappy! Its Official your a real big idiot! 😂
  11. Never played it but I would give it a try and let you guys kill me <grin> 😝 of course if its still available
  12. McGrim

    My 2 cents into this topic! Guys come on now when I play ( WORLD CLASS PLAYER here ) you guys don't get mad...... 🤣
  13. WEEZER! Congrats buddy! I still think you cant see well let alone Admin lmao
  14. McGrim

    Thanks Fellows! Looking forward to kicking your butts
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