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  1. Thanks glad to see other car lovers here!
  2. McGrim

    Fuck!!!!!!!! @RobMc is clogged in the bowl again! What a mess!
  3. McGrim

    Fuck!!!!!!!! @RobMc is clogged in the bowl again!
  4. Congratulations ! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/space-force-posts-clip-from-cod-victory-over-uk-and-us-military/ar-BB1ei6EH?ocid=spartanntp
  5. McGrim

    1980s one of the best years for music so much talent in those years many new styles the memories the fun the high school years if I knew then what I know now lol lets take you back!
  6. McGrim

    @DEEJAYKEG what can I say buddy I have enjoyed playing with you for many years I understand your situation, but hey doesn't mean you cant come in and play around with us! Like @Timmah! said you play better than a lot of the idiots here even with your issues I'm not going to name any @[email protected]@[email protected] of the guys as they would probably deny that they stink. lol But hang in there buddy wish you get well soon stay fit eat healthy and most importantly have a positive outlook towards the rest of your life as this is key to getting better. Thank you for all the laughter
  7. McGrim

    Up your alley @RobMc you would love to get surgery
  8. McGrim

    @BlackRose BTW you forgot the COD5 Admin on second set lol
  9. McGrim

    @BlackRose WOW! Thanks Rose! Love them especially the second set lmao you are the best for taking time out to help Thanks BTW let me know if you need help with mastering COD5 I definitely could help you
  10. McGrim

    Welcome ! Enjoy and have fun I know I have had fun killing you a few times in COD5
  11. McGrim

    All kidding aside I am a certified diver got certified in Thailand dove with whale sharks Dive in Miami, Keys, Bahamas and Disney Epcot living seas
  12. McGrim

    @RobMc I dive alot I'm a certified muff diver! have plenty of pictures and video
  13. McGrim

    OMG! Diaper Geriatric at it again @RobMc Though you have a point it is a mooring line not a anchor line. lol
  14. McGrim

    Not if your playing COD online LMAO your not off the grid! Off the grid is completely disconnected
  15. McGrim

    Welcome to the site Dray Enjoy!



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