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  1. McGrim

    Happy Bday Iceman
  2. McGrim

    3 Days...... you guys must be using the pony express with O gauge girl driving the wagon wow over here you have your results in less than 30 min lol
  3. McGrim

    Damm... Ill skip the O's
  4. McGrim

    Awww sorry to hear Daughter I know how your feeling been there...... True friends always by your side and never a grudge they are the best. I have three dogs myself that i love very much sorry for your loss
  5. McGrim

    You sure it wasn't the midget porn?? and the splash on the keyboards???????
  6. McGrim

    I don't know but I would say fear he always runs from the women players must be fear LMAO
  7. McGrim

    That sucks! I use some APCs and so far have had no issues and we get massive strikes here.... most I've lost are some inkjet printers one time that were not on the APC
  8. McGrim

    Get well soon buddy! Hope you didn't catch it from those HO size Girlfriends @TBB was talking about
  9. McGrim

    Cool what type of locomotives?? How much were you thinking?
  10. McGrim

    These Hotwheels are pretty new to my collection bought them because I love old European sports cars
  11. McGrim

    That's a beautiful one.... Oh yeah good old hard steel Tonkas I loved those trucks had almost every king and they were built tuff.... todays Tonkas are plastic LOL
  12. McGrim

    I have some nice ones that I have saved and collected since I was young
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