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  1. Hi Everyone, my dealings with Dell computers in the past is that most of their boards are proprietary and use proprietary power supplies. Not sure if this has changed you might want to triple check before hooking anything to it. I could be wrong.
  2. Hi Sven Happy New Year! Thank you for your help if I need something I'll defiantly let you know.
  3. WOW! Thats some beautiful vintage stuff..... Great Story
  4. I drive it to the local car show, Alfa Romeo car rallies or take my daughters out around town on Sundays only.
  5. Wow @monkie that's a very nice car!
  6. Thanks, definitely time and money lol but little by little she's coming together.
  7. Anyone else have vintage cars? Please post pictures would love to see them.
  8. Working on this little beauty 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Done the Following 1. JE Pistons 2. Carillo racing rods. 3. Dual 45 Webbers 4. Coated Performance headers. 5. Speriy Valves Stage 5 Cylinder and Heads 6. Magne Core Ignition System 7. European Spec rally shaft 8. Light Fly wheel and Clutch 9. Stainless Steel 2.5" Exhaust pipes with a Flow master muffler box
  9. I want to wish everyone a Happy New year! I hope everyone has been well, missed you gals and Idiots a lot especially all my fellow admins and mods. I know you all missed me! I've been missing for a while due to some big projects that have basically taken up all my time. Including several big trips with my family to Dominican Republic Bahamas Costa Rica London and Paris for Christmas and New Years I've also embarked on a new hobby that I wanted to do a long time ago restoring and customizing a vintage (1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000). I'll post pictures in the forums of the car for you automotive enthusiasts. Looking forward to getting back into the games
  10. Great pics and trip looked like a lot of fun minus the citation lol
  11. What better way to say I Love you than with an amazing expensive gift!
  12. RIP Starfire Condolences to family
  13. Hi more than likely its clogged with sludge (slime) best ways to mitigate this problem are the following 1. a little chlorine on a regular scheduled will help keep clean 2. Compressed air blown directly into pipe always works 3. High pressure water hose jet nozzle attached to standard garden hose using a rubber sleave hose section over PVC as a coupling also works well you should see a lot of slime come out somewhere in the yard. 4. They sell a float sensor that goes attached to Tee that prevents the leaking and flooding issues by shutting down AC If you need instructions or pics I can always send them to you
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